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11/9/23 Texas Democrats Want Ceasefire with Hamas

-A group of House Democrats want Joe Biden to call for a ceasefire in Israel-Hamas War

-Eight die in human smuggling car crash

-Chief Justice of Texas Supreme Court has to resign

A group of Democrats in the Texas Legislature are calling for a ceasefire, as Israel fights back against attacks from Hamas.

In a letter to Texas Democrat Party Chairman Gilbert Hinojosa, Democrat State Reps. Ron Reynolds (Houston), John Bryant (Dallas), Terry Meza (Irving), and Ana-Marie Ramos (Richardson) asked the state party to urge President Joe Biden to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas War.

“It is our moral and humanitarian obligation to advocate for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. A ceasefire is the first step towards bringing about the much-needed calm that can pave the way for dialogue and peaceful resolution,” the lawmakers wrote.

“For generations, the Palestinian people have endured the hardships of occupation, and it is incumbent upon us to reaffirm our commitment to a sovereign Palestinian state living harmoniously alongside Israel. We must actively facilitate the resumption of negotiations and dialogue,” they continued.

Meanwhile, Texas has taken numerous steps to show support for Israel since the start of the conflict over a month ago, when hundreds of Israelis were kidnapped or killed by Hamas.

Gov. Greg Abbott distributed over $4 million in grants to 31 Jewish organizations that will support physical security enhancements and other security measures. Two days after the conflict began, Abbott issued an Executive Order preventing “every state agency from purchasing goods produced in or exported from the Gaza Strip, and from any organization or state actor with ties to Hamas.”

And just last week, Abbott visited Israel with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt.

“Texas has always, and will always, support Israel and the Israeli people,” said Abbott.

Hinojosa has not responded to the lawmakers’ request.


Eight people have died as a result of a major car crash caused by a suspected human smuggler attempting to evade police.

On Wednesday morning, a suspected human smuggler driving an SUV full of illegal aliens hit another car head-on while trying to evade Zavala County Sheriff’s officers in Batesville, Texas.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety. Lt. Christopher Olivarez, the suspected human smuggler was driving eastbound and attempting to pass a truck tractor-semitrailer in a no-passing zone. The other car driving westbound was hit head-on, and upon impact, the vehicle was engulfed in flames, killing the two occupants.

As a result, two Americans from Georgia, five illegal aliens from Honduras, and the human smuggler from Houston died.

Last summer, one of the deadliest human smuggling cases in modern history took place near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. More than 40 illegal aliens were found dead in an abandoned tractor-trailer. Later, it was revealed that the death toll had risen to more than 50 deaths.


The chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court will be forced to retire next year, after voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to raise the state’s mandatory retirement age for justices and judges.

Proposition 13—which would have raised the retirement age from 75 to 79—was voted down on Tuesday’s constitutional amendment election with 63 percent of voters opposing the measure.

All 13 other proposed amendments were approved.

While many may speculate as to the reasons why the proposal failed, the practical effect will shake up the state’s highest civil court—the Texas Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, who was first elected to the court in 1998, will turn 75 next year.

Hecht was re-elected in 2020 to a six-year term.

Because of the mandatory retirement age, Hecht must resign next year, leaving open a position to be appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott.


5/24/24 More Trouble at the Border

- DPS arrests 57 illegal aliens for criminal trespass in the Normandy area. - North Texas teacher arrested for assaulting 4-year-old child. - Texas sues Ticketmaster for monopolization of live entertainment industry.

5/23/24 TLR Spending Big to Help Incumbents

- Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC spends to save incumbents. - Abbott joins fellow Republican Governors in opposing World Health Organization Treaty. - Update from RPT Convention.