Texas Minute
Texas Minute
4.21.2023: Happy San Jacinto Day!


5.10.2023: Summer blackouts, and election integrity.

Texas May See Rolling Blackouts This Summer… Texas Republicans Avoid Fox News Following Tucker Carlson’s Dismissal… GOP Priority Legislation to Protect Elections ‘At Risk’… House Unanimously Expels Slaton for ‘Predatory Behavior’… Drag Show Targeting Children to Take Place in Sherman…

4.24.2023: Parents want say in school psyc evals, and lawmakers could be poised to fail children.

Parents Back Opt-in Requirement for Schools to Psychologically Survey Students… Patrick Lauds Senate’s Efforts to End ‘Woke Policies’ in Higher Education… Lawmaker Calls for the Texas Legislature to ‘Properly Resolve’ Child Gender Mutilation… North Texas Teacher, Wrestling Coach Arrested for ‘Improper Relationship’ With Student… Lewisville ISD Teacher Faces 99 Years for Sexual Assault of 10-year-old Student…

4.21.2023: Happy San Jacinto Day!

Senators Discuss Building a Border Wall… NY DEM Applauds Texan Opposing Border Security… Texas Senate Advances DEI Ban in State Universities… San Antonio May Decriminalize Abortion And Other Crimes… Psychologist Pushes Radical Gender Theory in Texas School Without Parental Consent…

4.19.2023: Dan Patrick is ready to force a special session, and some Republicans are trying to make it easier for property tax burdens to get heavier.

Liberal Billionaire George Soros Funds Movement to Rid El Paso of Reliable Energy… Dan Patrick Says He Can ‘Create’ Special Session if Priorities Are Killed in House… Texas Lawmakers Push for Weaker School Bond Ballot Transparency Thousands of Illegal Aliens Attempt to Evade Border Patrol in March… COVID-19 Vaccine Freedom Act Approved by Senate…

4.13.2023: Human smuggling, crony gambling, and LBTQ attacks.

LGBTQ Activists Slur Lawmakers for Trying to Protect Texas Kids… American Citizens Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Aliens… SCOTX Conservative Draws Primary Challenge… Venue Won’t Host ‘All-ages’ Drag Shows… Understanding the costs of gambling…

3.31.2023: Democrats flee detransitioner testimony, and Cruz blasts Mayorkas.

Democrat’s Senior Staff Resigns… Ted Cruz Blasts US Homeland Security Secretary… Texas GOP Chairman Says House is ‘Adversarial’ to Republican Voters… Lawmaker Hopes to Protect Texas Electric Grid From EMP Attack… Democrats Leave House Committee Before Detransitioner Can Testify…

Texas Minute: 2/14/2023

Taxpayers’ will pay for Paxton’s apology, another Texas teacher is busted, Chinese nationals are crossing into the U.S. illegally, and the Senate’s priorities are unveiled.

Texas Minute: 2/13/2023

A Texan is now banned from Russia… guess who is heading criminal justice in the House… food is a national security issue… and illegal aliens could be getting driver’s licenses in Texas.

Texas Minute: 2/10/2023

Seven school administrators arrested, Tarrant County takes on voter fraud, Harris County is worse than thought, and Gonzales has been censured.

Texas Minute: 2/9/2023

Prosper gets worse, DEI is discrimination, and illegal aliens are getting some big benefits.

Texas Minute: 2/8/2023

Abortion pills, education if , bureaucratic overreach, and a late State of the Union.

Texas Minute: 2/7/2023

There’s a plan to ban TikTok, property taxes could be eliminated, the power grid isn’t fixed, and the House is just standing around for now.

Texas Minute: 2/6/2023

A school board rejects CRT, a defense lawyer has gone MIA on the public dime, and a legislator is using the session to stay out of jail. Literally.

Texas Minute: 2/3/2023

Abbott’s ESA push, DeSantis fundraises in Texas, and a corrupt tax scheme could be making a comeback.

Texas Minute: 2/2/2023

Renewable energy fails, activists offer Abbott suggestions, a joyriding administers flies free, and CRT could be banned.

Texas Minute: 2/1/2023

Texas now has a border czar, a school district has dumped its controversial sex ed materials, and lawmakers are calling on school districts to abandoned the Texas Association of School boards.

Texas Minute: 1/31/2023

Will the power stay on this week? Will Big Tech be forced to pay for censorship? Will Biden reimburse Texas?

Texas Minute: 01/30/2023

A north Texas school official was arrested for indecency with a child, illegal border crossings are at an all-time high, an Austin teacher is accused of forcing kids to simulate sex, and a legislator wants to stop state bureaucrats from making more than the governor.

Texas Minute: 01/27/2023

Texans are afraid they are going to lose their homes. That story, and more, in the Texas Minute for Friday, January 27, 2023.

Texas Minute: 01/26/2023

Drag shows, school choice, rogue prosecutors… and a border lawsuit. All that and more in the Texas Minute for January 26, 2023.