-Reports Indicate No Change in Illegal Crossings After Biden Order

Texas Sues Biden Administration to Block Revival of Obama-era Overtime Pay Regulation

-Tyler ISD Embraces ‘Civil Disobedience’ Against Title IX Changes


6/17/24 Politically Motivated Lawfare in Texas

- Texas Supreme Court to review decision permitting ‘lawfare’ against Attorney General. - TLR targets free speech law ahead of Legislative Session. - Dallas City Council approves resolution condemning Border Security Legislation.

6/14/24 House Leadership’s Latest Trick

- New House pledge ignores a ban on Democrat chairs. - Texas’ #1 most wanted illegal alien captured. - STAAR results show State schools are failing Texas students.

6/13/24 It’s Time to Dismantle DEI

- Texas Congressman files ‘Dismantle DEI Act’. - MS-13 gang leader arrested in Texas. - Texas joins lawsuit against new Federal Rule advantaging foreigners in US Agriculture.

6/12/24 ‘Pride Month’ is Disgusting

- Arlington LGBT event featured explicit sexual content in front of minors. - Texas Tech pledges greater oversight following Drag Queen seminar. - Texas sues Biden Administration over rule forcing Doctors to perform Gender Mutilation procedures.