Daily Headlines
Daily Headlines
9/7/2023 While Paxton’s Suspended, Judge Halts Border Buoy Barriers


-The impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton continues, with more witnesses repeating the same years-old allegations
-A federal judge says Texas must remove the border buoy barriers it has placed in the Rio Grande River
-The most liberal Republican in the Texas House says he’s running again


9/20/23 Republicans Wants Dade Phelan Gone

-More counties across the state are supporting the censure of House Speaker Dade Phelan. -Harris County makes itself a “sanctuary” for vile books. -A North Texas “church” is funding out-of-state travel for child gender mutilation.

9/19/23 Dade Phelan Needs to Be a Man

-A state lawmaker asks Abbott to expand the special session call, adding 11 more priorities. -Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says it’s time for Dade Phelan to be a man and apologize for impeachment sham. -Texas A&M outlines DEI prohibition going forward.

09/18/23 What's Next After Impeachment

-A divide has grown bigger between the Texas House and Senate following AG Ken Paxton's acquittal on all impeachment charges. -One of the impeachment ringleaders faces backlash in his own district. -Another government school employee was involved in an alleged sexual assault on a student.