Daily Headlines
Daily Headlines
9/8/2023 Bombshell Admission in Paxton Impeachment Trial


-A “whistleblower” admits he reported Attorney General Ken Paxton to the FBI with no evidence.
-Biden administration may require illegal aliens to stay in Texas
-New poll shows Trump leading in Texas


2/29/24 John Cornyn Wants a Promotion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB9f8Uv3g0A – Sen. John Cornyn announces run for Senate Majority Leader. – Federal Court blocks Texas’ new border security law. – Teacher sentenced to 131 years in prison.

2/28/24 Major Drug Bust at the Border

  – Six tons of meth seized at Eagle Pass crossing. – Fort Worth ISD approves abstinence-only sex education. – AG Ken Paxton wins case lawsuit challenging $1.7 trillion spending […]