On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Bianca Gracia graduated from St. Mary’s University degree in Public Justice with a minor in Legal Studies. She has spent the past fifteen years serving as a community organizer and homeschool mom. She has two children and is married to an Army Veteran and current Sergeant of Police and she’s running in HD 128.

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One of the advantages of Elon Musk taking over Twitter and turning it into x is that now we can engage in an online debate with some of our political adversaries. And we can start pushing back as conservatives on these platforms. Now it wasn’t worth sticking it out and fighting and playing by their rules. As we all came to find out, their rules were designed to make sure that our point of view was suppressed. So now you get these you get these folks on Twitter that needs to at least get some pushback now. But there there’s a couple of these high profile, what I call astroturf kids, and these are young kids pushing Biden. 

Now it is my considered opinion because these these kids have what 237,000 followers something like that. They are astroturf. They’re created by the Democrats socialists by the propagandists. And they’re probably given a significant chunk of money, although I don’t care really enough to investigate to find out what’s really behind these people. Because, frankly, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter. 

But the reason I bring them up is this, these, these kids are not unique. We saw what happened in the 1960s, when so called kids started making political change. Without knowing exactly what was going on in the world. These, these kids don’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground, which is why they can back Joe Biden, these kids don’t know and understand or have the experience or the wisdom to be able to recognize the folly of what they’re actually pushing. They just don’t get it. 

So I let me let me I reached out to one of these kids, and who was just suspended off of x. And then now he’s back saying, now you can continue harassing people half your age. And I said, Wait a minute, you’re getting out there claiming to be a representative of the youth. And then all of a sudden you you want to whine and complain when people give you pushback. So I wrote what does age have to do with anything? 

The reason you push communism and collectivism is because you lack the wisdom and experience not to mention the proper upbringing to recognize the terror and death your vacuousness leads to you are, what history calls a useful idiot. Any is. 

And I said Lastly, your condition isn’t unique to your age. The party you support is dedicated to the eradication of limited constitutional government in the installation of totalitarian rule by an elite few. There are extraordinary young people fighting them who are not as weak minded as you appear to be. 

So look, I I think it’s important to push back on these on these mind numbed robots because a as I said, they’re astroturf B they do have sway over the younger generation as it were. And we’ve got to start pushing back and being the adults in the room can’t rely on Democrats anymore to be adults in the room so we conservatives have to be and say look young man, you really don’t know What the hell you’re talking about? 

Prime example. This is these kids are probably learning in gov Ed, that we are a democracy in the United States. No, we are not a democracy or a republic in these United States. 

“Democracy is a form of government based upon the principle of majority rule, period and the discussion. Now, that’s not very complicated. majority rule. It’s easy to understand, easy to sell to the masses. And I might add, deadly. For example, what you call a lynch mob? That’s majority rule.”

Yeah, it is. And frankly, the lynch mobs up, let me tap history, once again. You’ve got the lynch mobs that were the creation of the Democrat Party, as you know, the Democrat Party ruled the Jim Crow South, as you know, the Democrats were fighting to keep slavery in these once United States, as you know, the Democrats are the spot that they voted against the Civil Rights Act, a greater percentage of, of Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act, and then did the Republican Party. 

As you know, the home of anti semitism in America is the Democrat Party, anything that divides us, that’s where you can find the Democrat Party. Now, as far as majority rule, this is, this is why you have so many leftists out there trying to get rid of the Electoral College and go to a straight democracy, that way, they can run roughshod over all of your rights that are guaranteed you under the Constitution, the founding fathers created a representative Republic, US. 

“There’s only one dissenting vote, and he’s at the end of the rope. That’s pure democracy in action. I’m gonna wait a minute, you say the majority should rule Yes, but not to the extent of destroying the rights of the minority. And now ladies and gentlemen, we are no longer describing a democracy, we are speaking of the Republic, a republic is a limited democracy. It’s a form of government, based upon the principle of limited majority rule, limited so that the minority, even a minority of one can be protected against the whims and passions of the majority. And how do you protect the minority from the majority? You write down a set of rules on a piece of paper, you say this, we can do that we cannot. At the top of the paper, you write the word constitution. And then everyone agrees to follow the rules, no matter what the temptation, and when you’re finished, you created a constitutional republic.”

Which is exactly what we are. And you know, what we we used to be the envy of the world because we adhere to that. But since we’ve subscribed to mob rule, that all goes out the window. You know, I, the youth have been abandoned in the state of Texas by the Texas House, the Texas House has done its very best to make sure that parental school choice and education freedom does not take root in Texas, making sure we remain among the divisive knuckle dragging states in our union, rather than joining the majority, the 32 other states that have parental school choice, and education freedom, and you can thank so called Republicans 21 of them who deserve to be replaced, not to mention their advocacy for bastardizing our system of of laws, like for example, abusing the impeachment process, and pitching a sitting Attorney General, because they didn’t like him. 

But they conducted all of their impeachment inquiries and under the cover of darkness, and didn’t put any of their so called witnesses, which turned out to be co conspirators didn’t put any of them under oath, so they could secure the impeachment, hoping they’d be able to bully the people 4.2 million of us into getting rid of our Attorney General and overturning an election. Sadly, too many of these so called Republicans have adopted the language have adopted the tactics and of course, the knowledge, the knowledge base of some of these know nothing kids on x and Twitter. And now the move is on to replace these so called Republicans with actual conservatives, and one of the individuals challenging one of the worst of them coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks want to welcome Bianca Gracia graduated from St. Mary’s University degree in Public Justice with a minor in Legal Studies. She has spent the past 15 years serving as a community organizer and homeschool mom Good on you. She has two children and is married to an Army veteran, current sergeant of police she is running in HD 128 Bianca, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Well, thank you so much, Chris, for having me. 

Well, let’s let’s start with the obvious Briscoe Cain is the current individual sitting in that seat. And I would say that for a while there, Mr. Kane was a a staunch conservative, but over the last smell this last session really didn’t accord himself well, what are some of the problems you had with what he’s done? 

So I’m actually gonna listen to being an impeachment manager over Ken Paxton, his case was the icing on the top, I think I will tell you that since March, I had several of some precinct chairs, local leaders, people that were calling me to try to recruit me to run or get me to get there, we’re trying to say, hey, you know, we need you to run, they were not satisfied. I think at the time, you know, he wasn’t getting things done. People were upset with what was going on in the current legislation. And they were mad about the whole Democrat member appointing democratic chairs to committees. He didn’t do anything to fight against that. And then he left the building, I was actually there. So he, they all left the building, actually, because that’s what Dade Phelan told him to do. You know, leave a building, don’t listen to your constituents to listen to these people. They’re crazy. And so, you know, we a lot of us took off, you know, some people took off of work and they took off their work, busy work schedules. And in went off to Austin to help do that. So we had a shirt made. So no Democrat tears with the Latinos for America first big logo in the back. And our voices were not heard. So there was a lot of obsession, you know, just the border. Listen, I’ve been an advocate of the border security. So the border, you know, we, I’ve been advocating and trying to bring light to what was happening at the border, since, you know, Joe Biden took a resident over there at the White House. So I knew that those things were not being addressed. I believe at the end of the session, we had 187 bills or 182 is 180 something, but I want to say 287 bills that the Republican Party championed, you know, in one of these things to get passed on they were all killed. Well, you know, what, the way I look at it is, you know, Briscoe has been, you know, prided himself on being some staunch conservative, but anybody can get any lawyer can get a pen and paper, write it, you know, conservative bill, but they know that’s not going to pass and they don’t even fight for it anymore, because they know it’s gonna get killed at the committee. It’s all a game shenanigans, you know, and so it just was one thing after another after another after another, you know, our border wasn’t more secure, but then they were running around telling people we’ve secured the border. No, you haven’t. All you’ve done is spend, you know, what are they now at $5 billion. And the border is not 5 billion more secure. 

Right, the largest largest increase in Texas. government spending that we’ve seen in our history. Yes, there was a rather large tax cut for us. But a massive amount of government spending. It was like they had to buy off the big spenders, the big Democrats, whether they be whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats, the big Democrats in the in the house just to give us our money back. It did seem kind of a rather unfair trade, didn’t it? 

That’s right. That’s right. So so yeah, I mean, Chris, you know, this this whole, you know, it’s just one thing after another. And so, of course, when the whole Ken Paxton, you know, trial came because he was running around the district, that district was very mad. You know, what are you doing? Why would you impeach Ken Paxton, one of our staunch conservative fighters in this whole movement? Why would you do that? Oh, no, we’ve got the evidence. Wait, we’re gonna hear they haven’t everybody just calm down. We’ve got evidence. Now he’s an attorney. Okay. So I don’t know what what attorney goes to court. 

Okay. Hold on. Let me stop you there because this, this is one of the biggest bugaboos I have because a lot of these so called Republican so called attorneys, they saw the way this impeachment process was conducted, they intentionally intentionally made sure that all of the witnesses that now we know were co conspirators that all the witnesses were never put under oath, that is contrary to where the way past impeachments had been done. They did it in there under the cloak of darkness with Obama and left wing lawyers, which new course hasn’t been done in the past. And they did it. Basically, they did a 48 hour impeachment process, which is taken months and deliberation, open deliberation, open deliberation in the past. And for Briscoe, Cain or anybody else to say, well, it for lawyers to sit there and say, oh, yeah, it’s perfectly normal to launch an impeachment against a guy or a gal and not put anybody under oath. No attorney, is that stupid? So it had to be willful. Right, Bianca? 

That’s right. That’s right. And he can’t he got a lot of pressure from the district people in the district very upset. We have a very conservative district. And in so His excuse was, wait, wait, wait, we’ve got the evidence. And then and then he started to kind of change his tune and saying, you know, hey, well, we don’t really our job in the house was not to really listen to anything. We just what our job was to vote to send it over to the Senate so they could hear it. I’m like, what Corker crap. Is that, and then and then now, there’s so much yes, yes, absolutely. So then now, what he’s running around telling people is he’s now running around telling people well, my hand was twisted. Your hand was twisted, then you don’t belong in office. Because when you cave and your arm was twisted, so yeah, that’s his excuse now. And so, you know, in looking at listen to grassroot priorities, hold up a phone and go. 

Look, my arm was twisted. So let’s, let’s look at that for a minute. So Dade Phelan his left wing lieutenants, go to Briscoe, Cain and say, You’re not gonna get any of your conservative bills passed? If you defy us on this. Wait a minute, all the conservative bills were dying already. So what exactly was they? Were they holding over? Briscoes? Head? 

Good, a good question. It’s a good question. But because I believe in term limits, I think it’s time to go I think he has served his time. I believe he’s gone from conservative to rank to slightly conservative, and the only people that are trying to steal save him are people like Texas values so far, and the young Republicans who are trying to say he’s the most conservative person in the house, which is a no, also another lie. And so you know, my thing was, I was a little shocked to see Texas values come out and endorse him. And I thought, well, what kind of values did you have? Because you didn’t, you didn’t come out, and you know, fight the government when they shut our churches down. In fact, you know, we had to do it here in Houston, one of my pastor, you know, one of my pastor Sandy Garcia, over, you know, Church of love. She and other Pastor Maldonado, and one other individual actually stood up and had Jared Woodfill that helped them fight to keep their churches open. Where was Briscoe? Cain at this time? You know, he says that he stands with with our faith leaders in the faith community, where were you when you allowed that to happen? You know, and none of our house members did anything to call Abbott or to say we need a special session. They have the rules in their favor where they could have said, Hey, someone from the house could have said we need to go into an emergency, you know, you know, session to address all these things going on during COVID No, they didn’t. They just played good little boys and girls and stayed home and did exactly what they were told to do. And instead, you know, the grassroots. You know, we sat here and had to be pretty much imprisoned in our homes. We couldn’t go to the grocery store without somebody harassing us. Sir, anywhere, you know, wear your mask wearing a mask. I was like lose like, you know, people just coming after you and it was the one of the worst times and people should know these these elected officials are actually relying on people to have a short term memory. But let me tell you something we have knocked on a close to I said over, we’re close to $3,000 already. And I can tell you that across my district already, through five precincts that we’ve been through, it is an overwhelmingly amount of people that have already said, We’re gonna vote for you. They say who you run against, I say Brisco County, they’re like, give me your Give me your we’re here to have our vote. We can’t stand that guy. Yeah. And I’m like, wow, I didn’t. I didn’t realize that it was that bad. No, it is getting to hear talk, talking to the people voted a voter. Chris, it’s very apparent how people they just have not been satisfied with this leadership have not been satisfied with local elected officials are telling me that he’s done nothing for our district. They actually have had to go to Democrats for help. You never had to suck it up and go to a Democrat for help or something locally because they can’t even go to him because he won’t help them and won’t talk to them and is totally has completely ignored them. 

Well, they know that’s the hallmark of the Dade Phelan. Republicans those who have loyalty to him. They they really despise their own voters. They look at you as such a hinderance and annoyance that they have to actually pay attention to you people vra Bianca Garcia is our guest right now folks Latinos for Trump and she is running in HD 128 against Briscoe, Cain. You know what not Briscoe is not the only one several of these so called conservatives sat silently while Dade Phelan, Dustin burrows, and Todd Hunter killed a common sense bill that say hey, look, it’s not a good idea to kill or to, to allow Communist China more than Russia. Or, or the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran to buy land in the United States in Texas, adjacent to our farms, by farmland or adjacent to our military installations because that compromises our food supply and national security and Dade Phelan, killed it. Dustin burrows killed that common sense Senate Bill, Todd Hunter killed it. And Briscoe Cain and others sat silently while they did it. 

And actually, you know, the when this whole invasion, I called it an invasion at the border. When it started, you know, the numbers started coming out in March of 2021. I had ranchers and and you know, just people from West Texas that were calling me because they knew that I had a platform and I was being very outspoken. They were like, You need to help us. They brought to my attention that at what was it 80,000 acres had been sold near the Air Force Base out in the Del Rio area. And it was a Communist Chinese party person through a third party, right that had bought this land. And so they wanted me to bring light to it. And I started talking about and people were like, What are you talking about? They pretty much shushed me for a while until they, I guess, did more due diligence, and other people started to speak about it. And all of a sudden, you know, people like Senator Donna Campbell started to go, wait, what’s going on over here, Chipotle started to put attention to it. And so you know, and so, it’s insane, to go back and think about, you know, what, how they have voted against Texans, you know, and our rights and our sovereignty and our security and our public safety, and how they have allowed communists to buy land in our state terrorists. So common and terrorist rushes, the cartels, whatever the cartels, offering three times three times the amount of what the land is worth. So, you know, we’re, we’re in it on attack, not just in the United States, but we are an attack here in the state of Texas. And we need bold, strong, you know, unwavering, relentless leaders, we’re not going to cave in and go and do the right thing, you know, for the state of Texas for Texans and get common sense solutions back to the table and get, you know, this this government back running and up in business and fight back against the tyrannical government, not just at the national level, but at the local level. 

No. And you know, and let me let me ask you that because look, yeah, let’s just say that, that your campaign goes swimmingly and you defeat Briscoe, Cain, who I think you’ve established, is is not very effective. So let’s, let’s say you win. Now I’m going to I’ve asked all the candidates that I’ve interviewed on this, I’ve asked them this question, because the a lot of freshmen have told me they get the talk, and I’m not sure if you’re aware. Oh, yeah, I’ve heard it from going up. I heard friends. Yeah, well, right. But this talk is on the house side because the Senate doesn’t really get it. I might not I’m not sure if Don did he serve in the house it because he made he served in the Senate. Yeah. He said he got it from Yeah, he got it from Dan Patrick. Well, we got to talk. Well, well did really well. This is not the talk. This is not the same talk then because the, okay, this is not the same talk. The talk you’re going to get in the house, from the leadership, the Dade Phelan, leadership talk is going to be the following. They’re going to sit you down, they’re going to say, look, Bianca, I know, I want you to forget everything you promised her constituents. That that that’s the campaign this is now this, this is now the Texas House. And in the Texas House, we’re all a fraternity. We’re not We’re not a legislature. We’re a fraternity. So you can’t go on Chris Salcedo shows anymore on Newsmax on his radio show. And you can’t trash Democrats. You can’t do that anymore. You’ve got to work with them. You’ve got to be Jean congenial with them. And, and there’ll be no there’ll be none of this conservative nonsense. By the way, the Democrats will call you a Nazi. And we’ll call you all this kind of stuff. That’s okay. You’ve got to sit down and take it because you’re in the majority but you cannot respond. And you cannot attack Democrats, when when Dustin burrows or whoever the lieutenant’s the Dade Phelan and sends out if it if they feel it him survives this because his polling is in the toilet because of what he’s done to us. But whoever the if they elect another speaker with Democrat votes, that’s the talk you’re gonna get. So you tell me how you’re gonna respond. 

Well, Chris, that’s a great I love this question. I love it. Well, they’re in for a rude awakening with Bianca Gracia in office. And let me tell you why. At St. Mary’s, you know, I never joined a sorority. I was friends with all the sororities, I was a little sister in a fraternity never in part of a group I’ve always my parents raised me to be independent, an independent, strong woman who could take care of herself if I never got married, right. But luckily for me, I did. But I did. I did. But my dad said, you’re gonna know how to change your oil and change a tire in your car, you know, on your car, when you leave this house, right. And so luckily for me, though, I did get married. But here’s the deal. So I’m not looking to belong to a fraternity not looking to go to office to become part of anything to be honest. And the other thing is, what they’re going to be in a rude awakening for is that I came from the grassroots. In 2016, I became a precinct chair. I presiding judge over my precinct did all of the you know I worked all of my elections. I’ve, you know, pretty much hired people to work my elections. You know, the county here in Harris County, who’s run by Democrats calls me instead of the Republican Party for help when they can’t find workers for their polling locations, because they know that I have a good wealth of network and I can find them Spanish speakers, I can find them students, I can find them homeschooling students to get people in their polling locations. And so therefore, you know, I sat on the resolutions committee, I’ve sought sat on the committee’s I’ve been a state delegate since 2018 2020 2022. I was I was voted in as a national delegate in 2020. To number one delicate so here’s the thing, Chris, is what I’m gonna wrap it up with, because I come from the grassroots because I’ve sat in those resolution committees, there’s nothing more important to me than sitting and getting our platform for the Republican Party pass house. So I’m not looking to go in there and make friends with people. You know, I’m going to be I will be cordial. I’m not going to, you know, be crazy or anything. I know about all those things, because I know how to do those things. But you’re not going to arm you know, arm wrestle me or try to tell me that I have to do anything you’re telling me to do. I’m going in there to take care of my district and the state of Texas and my district has already told me my district has already told me they are forgotten. They some of the people we knocked on their doors that are voters don’t even know who Briscoe Cain is. I’m like, but you’ve been voting. Well, guess what? Because no one has challenged him. No one has challenged him because they are afraid because he has all this money. He has all this backing. But now I know why he sided with over 80 lobby groups. You know, 39%, almost 40% of the time, you know, he changed his vote this year alone. 90 statements of vote change. Okay. And, you know, what are these changes? Oh, I meant to vote this way. Oh, I didn’t mean to vote that way. Oh, I was away from my desk. Oh, I was in the restroom. You think after being there for terms, Chris, that you know the drill by you know, you know what, that term? 

You know what that is? They want to be able to say they’re on both sides. They want to be able to say well, I voted but then I get I didn’t. He wants to have it on both sides. And that’s can have can’t have your cake and eat it too anymore. You can’t do that. That’s wishy washy and that that’s a bunch of again, a bunch of BS. So what I’m hearing is you’re going to tell those who say you’ve got to be kind into socialist and Marxist. And you’ve got to you got to ingratiate yourself yourself to them, you’re going to tell them no, you’re going to represent your district. And that that’s just that. Okay. 

That’s just that. Will you know what I’m good at is holding Democrats accountable? Because listen in the state of Texas, the Democrats have elected 27. Hispanics of compared to five Hispanics representing on the conservative end in the state of Texas. So my question to the Republican Party in Texas, I asked Matt Rinoa do this. Why should I, as a conservative, you know, Latina? Why should I allow the Republican Party to get away with letting these elected officials on the other side message to our communities, because we don’t stand for that we are conservative to the core. And you want to know this, Chris, we are conservative to the core, there’s no Hispanic I don’t talk to that says that they are all for aborting their babies. There’s no conservative Hispanic person that tells me that they want their children to be read to you by drag queens and in a classroom, or that they want porn, you know, books in the classrooms. There’s no Hispanic that does that. Listen, they are, we are conservative people, we’re hardworking people. This country has been built on our backs. We’ve been fighting for freedom and liberty from the beginning, from the Alamo to the battle Golia to the battles on the siento we were there at the forefront fighting for freedom and liberty from the very beginning. And why should we stop now? So I my message will be you know what? Democrats? No, I’m not gonna vote with you. You’re gonna vote with me on my conservative principles, because you know, what I’m gonna call you out to your communities. And then once they see that there is conservative Hispanics, minorities that are speaking up for God given rights and defending our Constitution the way we should. And we have a backbone to stand up for we believe believe and they’re going to come over to our side. And that’s why you’re seeing this Hispanics all flip now in the RGB, Oh, yeah. All the way to Kingsville saying, hey, you know what, I’m not a Democrat anymore. That’s right, because I’ve held you accountable. And now you are accountable to the people that you represent, you know, at the end of the day, that you don’t believe in these things, and neither does your community. 

It’s also an accountability. Yes. But also the fact that Democrats are actively destroying Latino communities by the open, illegal immigration waves after waves right way that’s coming in. So that I tend to I know, a lot of Latinos take that personally. Last question I have for you. And it’s this is a relatively simple one. There has been a lot and you already mentioned at once there’s consternation over over Democrats choosing the Republican Speaker, what will you do if you’re elected to make sure that practice stops that only the Republican caucus chooses the Republican Speaker in the majority in the Texas House? 

Well, we’re gonna have to sit there and make sure that you know, I am, I am very hopeful. And I’m optimistic that this next election in 2020, for this primary election, I believe that we’re going to clean the slate of all these swamp creatures now that have been comfortable in Austin for several terms, I think we’re going to get a whole new batch of leadership. And within the leadership, we are going to have to sit down and have some serious discussions, and choose the best person that has come from a grassroots perspective, not from a silver spoon. But from a grassroots perspective, who understands the legislative priorities for the state of Texas and for the Republican Party. And we’re going to have to make sure that we get that person in to represent and lead us into start passing conservative bills out of the house, regardless, because we are the majority, and we’ve been the majority. And you’re telling me we can’t pass bills. So yeah, we’re gonna have to you have a serious discussion. And so, you know, I’m not like I said, I’m not here to play games, I’m not going to be you know, they’re not going to easily sway me, someone told me because they said, you know, Bianca, we have studied you for seven years, and you haven’t been bought, they can’t corrupt you, you know, they’ve tried to silence you. And the more that they’ve done that, you know, you just get stronger, you get more, you know, more well known now, you know, you become have a national platform. So now all they can do is try to ignore you like you don’t exist. I’m like, Well, my constituents don’t ignore me. They know who I am. They recognize me when I’m going to the door. They know my name, they know my stance. And now it’s time for me to go and fight for them and bring real, you know, solutions to back to my district or bring resources to my district and make sure that they’re not forgotten anymore. And we’re very conservative district and we need to reflect that, you know, as well as fight for Texas. Amen. Yeah, Chris, I’m not I’m not going to be playing games. I want to make sure that we get a staunch conservative, not someone who will you know, they can play well with the Democrats and uh, well, you know, there are people who are born with a silver spoon in You know, and that’s great and dandy but not gonna happen under my not with me, Chris.

The measure of any good Republican is how much and how well, they protect us from Democrats. And that’s, that’s my philosophy on life and it sounds like you’ll, you’ll do a bang up job. Bianca gracias her name, folks. She’s running in House District 128. If folks want to support your efforts, where can they go? 

So Chris, they can go to Bianca for Texas with an fo r texas.com. They can follow me on any social media at Bianca for Texas. And so I Yeah, listen, we need all the help that we can get to this guy’s not going to go down easily. And he’s going to depend on Dade Phelan to you know, roll his bank account, he’s going to actually probably depend on me, Milton as well, who’s already making calls, trying to tell people to stay away from me or not, you know, not show up to my events because they’re trying to arm wrestle people over here. So you know what, I need the grassroots to really show that they knew leadership and they want strong, bold, unwavering leadership in the Texas House next year. 

Best of luck, Bianca, thanks for being here on the Salcedo story podcast. 

Thank you so much, Chris, for having me. Matt. 

There’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor friends, visit a couple of websites Texas scorecard.com. If you want to track down the efforts in the primary season of conservatives to replace these pro Democrat Republicans who deliver for the Democrat Socialist Party rather than their own voters, then go to Texas scorecard they’ll keep you posted as to how that’s going. I think the magic number is 1111 of these lieutenants of Dade feeling gone day feeling himself gone out of the Texas House may yield the proper results for the state of Texas. Also go to Chris saucedo.com CHR is Sal ce do.com That’s where you find me the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio kids, and it’s simulcast on getter on rumble and on Newsmax too. And then television later that afternoon on Newsmax one, you can find the Chris Saucedo show, four o’clock Eastern until five till we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there. My friends.

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On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Bryan Leib is a Republican Congressional Candidate in Florida's 25th Congressional District against far-left loon, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He is endorsed by Richard Grenell, Congressman Byron Donalds, Congressman Cory Mills, Texas Congressman Pat Fallon, Florida State Rep Randy Fine. He is former executive director of Iranian Americans for Liberty and former Newsmax contributor and current columnist.

Your Rights Are Under Attack... Do YOU Care?

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Laura Lee Prather heads the First Amendment practice at Haynes Boone, LLP and is recognized nationally and internationally as a fearless freedom of expression advocate. She was awarded The American Lawyer’s inaugural Tony Mauro Media Lawyer Award for her tireless and successful efforts advocating for legislation to strengthen First Amendment rights.