The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
A Natural Fit

Texas Scorecard is pleased to announce the addition of The Luke Macias Show to our already robust stable of top of the line podcast offerings! Luke Macias is a “full spectrum conservative” Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most liberty-minded public servants across the state.

Luke’s dedication to the pursuit of liberty makes him and his show a natural fit within the Texas Scorecard family.

Texas Scorecard’s brand promise that guides all that we do is:

  • Never personal.
  • Always trustworthy, with the facts in context.
  • Relentlessly pro-citizen, unabashedly pro-liberty.
  • Pursuing our heritage of self-governance.
  • Inspiring, without venting.

News, politics, and special guests with a Texas twist. That’s the goal of the Luke Macias Show. Our nation and state are at a crossroads, and if you’re not informed, you’re not equipped to make the change our community needs.