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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Americans Shouldn't Be Forced To Fund Democrat's Corrupt Government

Guy Reschenthaler is a Pennsylvania congressman, member of the house appropriations committee and house rules committee. He’s also a former U.S. Navy jag officer.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai
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I don’t know of anybody who says it was all the bee’s knees, I don’t think the debt ceiling deal recognized the fundamental role that the House of Representatives plays in the Constitution, and plays in the role of what type of money we’re supposed to spend in this country. The House of Representatives controls that all all the spending bills originate inside of the United States House of Representatives. So I believe that power of the purse should have been more respected. Now I granted I know the excuses that the Republicans control one half of 1/3 of the federal government. But guess what the judicial branch has no say in this and the executive branch is full of a bunch of dumbass Marxists who have not done a thing to to reverse this trajectory that we are on this debt bomb trajectory that we’re on. So and by the way, none of those other branches of government are the House of Representatives, which the Constitution imbues with the power of the purse. Why? Because it is most responsible to the people, because those people stand for election every two years. So that’s why the founding fathers in their wisdom imbued the House of Representatives with the power of the purse. And I don’t believe that power was rightfully exercised, or as rightly exercised, I should say, in the debt ceiling deal. It wasn’t good. There was nothing good about this deal. Let me give an example. We started off with Kevin McCarthy, saying, Look, this is where we want it. We gotta go. We got to trim $5 trillion off of our overspending not not cut, overspending, just trim, reduce the rate of overspending by $5 trillion. And do that over 10 years. So it was a modest step. And then he said, we’re gonna do this deal for just one year. So the presidential candidates will have an ability to weigh in on the campaign trail about the dangers of profligate spending, we’ll be able to have this debate, we’ll be able to raise the awareness to the American people that their government has been irresponsibly and fecklessly spending us into an early grave. But guess what? None of that happened. None of that happened. Kevin McCarthy did a deal with Beijing Biden. And here’s what we got 00 reductions in the rate of spending. In fact, next year, we have solidified, and we have codified the Republicans that we the Republicans have codified Joe Biden’s unacceptable, profligate dangerous spending. And that’s your one. You’re saying? Well, that’s just your one. Well, then we’ll get another bite at the apple during the presidential season. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, folks. The deal was two years. And you know what they did in the second year, it was bad enough saying, Hey, we’re gonna bless all of your overspending already. Beijing, Biden, the Republicans said, what we’re not we’re not not only gonna do that, but in the second year, we are going to increase your irresponsible rate of spending by 1%. So, for those, for those who said this was an all a compromise or a victory. I don’t think compromise means what you think it means. And it was by no means a victory, no means of victory. Now, look, I am going to have a frank and open and honest discussion with a member of Congress who I like A member of Congress who I trust, a member of Congress who I believe, understands and knows the dangers of what has been happening to this country. He’s a former JAG officer. So he understands the malfeasance of the Department of injustice in the FBI. He knows what they’ve been doing is wrong. He knows about the dangers of out of control spending, and he knows about the dark designs of Communist China, on our country. So I’m and I think he voted for the debt ceiling deal. And so I’m going to ask him point blank point by point by point, how the hell is any of this a good deal? Because as you can hear, I definitely have a point of view. But I’m going to remain open minded, if he may come up with something I had not considered. But man, folks, I don’t know, every way I look at this. It’s a bad deal. And by the way, I’m not the only one. Conservatives have been staging their own little coup, they have been throwing a monkey wrench into how government operates and not allowing routine bills to pass out of retaliation for all of this. So apparently, I’m not the only one who has an issue or two with the debt ceiling deal. We’ll deal with it next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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He represents a district in Pennsylvania. He sits on the House Appropriations Committee and House Rules Committee. He’s also a former US Navy JAG officer and Congressman, welcome back. Good. Thanks for having me on as always. Now, I want to go over something with you first. All right. I’d like to review what we know about the conduct of the Department of injustice and the FBI. All right, this is what we know. We know that even though the FBI had evidence that that Hillary Clinton committed crimes. They use their influence there at the FBI to stop all investigations, all prosecutions. We also know that according to the Durham report, that the FBI had no evidence of any crimes surrounding Donald Trump, when they launched crossfire hurricane the investigation that intentionally undermined the presidency of Donald Trump. We know that the FBI buried and slow walked revelations of the seriousness of the Hunter Biden laptop. We know that the DOJ pressured the IRS to fire a team that was looking into Hunter Biden’s alleged law breaking with his finances. We also know the FBI is refusing to turn over an unclassified document, something called an FD 1023. That outlines a criminal influence peddling scheme launched by Joe Biden, where he sold out our nation’s policies for foreign cash. Congress has lost control of the DOJ and the FBI. Is that not a fact? Congressman Russian Thaller? Oh, it’s absolutely true. I mean, they need to be reined in. And we should also look at perhaps taking the FBI and breaking it apart into six or seven different entities, it’s already divided into I believe, six departments right now. I would argue that each one of those departments should be a standalone agency, there’s a lot of reasons for that it would be a lot easier to appropriate funds would be easier to have oversight over them. And you don’t have this mission creep. We’re now that everything the FBI does have has this tinge of a counterterrorism to it. That’s inappropriate. So I think one thing that we can do is do that we should at a minimum stop them from getting this huge office complex. They want to build right outside of DC up bigger than the Pentagon. Why do they need that? Especially when you have tons of vacant federal buildings because these unelected career bureaucrats are still working from home. But we’re getting back to the FBI and oversight. During the 1970s. The CIA was going all over the world assassinating people, and we had robust oversight and investigation and we brought the CIA under control. It’s time we do so with FBI but we can start by forcing them to comply with congressional subpoenas. People should have the answer for the cover up on Hunter Biden. Comey should have to answer for reverse crossfire hurricane, for example, for deciding not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and for moving forward with the investigation of Trump, when they knew the information that was leading to that investigation was based on false pretext that was coming from the DNC and in a row, former mis officer. So that’s just the start of what we can do. But yeah, absolutely. The FBI and the DOJ are totally out of control their political actors made their tools of the left at this point. Absolutely. They are. And they know they’ve broken the law. And that’s why they’re, they’re tripling down and they’re they’re basically emboldened me and telling Congress, no, we’re not going to turn over this information, because they’re all trying to keep their their butts out of jail. They know they broke the law. They know they interfered in America’s elections in 2016, and 2020. And they want to do it again, they want to choose America’s leaders in this. So you and I, Congressman agree the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and other alphabet agencies, they need to be defunded, they need to be ripped down and they need to be redesigned. I agree with everything you said on the redesign, to restore Americans constitutional constitutional protections, because we we need to be protected from these rogue agencies. Here’s the problem. And the debt ceiling deal, Republicans voted for giving these agencies rewarding them with increased funding from the American people from the American taxpayer, the very same taxpayer that these agencies are victimizing. Why was that done? But that’s partially true. Partially partially not explain it. So what we did with the Fiscal Responsibility Act is we we did cut $2.1 trillion from the budget over six years, and we tap to grow that 1% for discretionary spending. The devil will be the devil was always in the details. And the details are going to be sorted out during the appropriations process. I’m on the Appropriations Committee. I can tell you that just yesterday, we were having a meeting. And the meeting was how we’re going to appropriate funds away from the woke agenda that les has, how are we going to shift it away from the FBI and in and other agencies? For example, how are we going to make sure that the FBI doesn’t get this? FBI like this domestic pentagon? Outside is this huge building outside of DC? So we’re already talking about making sure that we’re funding Republican and conservative? Well, I I know you’re talking about congressmen, I’m like, interrupt. I know you’re talking about it. Yeah. And, but And that seems to be a lot of what Republicans are doing is a lot of talking. Let me just push back. You and I both no one understand legislative language. You and I both know and understand that the 2.1 trillion and forecast, not not cuts. They are trimming and the overspending you have reduced the rate of overspending the government has done. But again, it’s not even there. Because you and I both know the legislative language that says you shall cut or sorry, reduce overspending by $2.1 trillion, is not there. As you said, there’s a whole bunch of processes that has to happen. And there is nothing that mandates that the Congress of the United States reduce overspending by $2.1 trillion, nothing in that debt ceiling deal mandates that drug reduction in spending, it means that the Republicans have to hold the line and I’m sorry, the Republicans are divided right now as your own caucus is launching many revolts according to Newsmax trying to torpedo just normal everyday procedural votes out of retaliation for what they perceive was a complete cave on the debt ceiling. Yeah, let me let me just go back to the debt ceiling talk. But I wish that this were a more conservative package. It’s not as strong as I would have liked it to have been. There’s no There’s no doubt about. However, we got to remember that we have a Democrat controlled Senate. We also have Republicans in the Senate that voted no one that’s not because it wasn’t conservative enough. They were arguing that we should have spent more money. They wanted more military funding, they wanted more money. They wanted special funding for Ukraine and other pet projects. And we just said no, it’s always Republican. But we were dealing with that we also have a president who wanted to have a clean debt ceiling. So we control one half of 1/3 of government right now. This wasn’t perfect. Not all we wanted, but Elise is in a step in the right direction. It is, I believe, the largest reduction in government spending that we’ve ever had in common Well, if it’s if it’s right, if it’s followed through on and you and I know the devils in those details, because we’re gonna get to in my lifetime, since I have been alive government has never spent less the following year than it did the previous year. Since I’ve been alive. I am 52 years old. So the government never does that the net The government never spends less money. So unless it’s mandated, and you know, the term mandatory spending, which is also itself a fallacy, because no future Congress can be bound by a past Congress, but we’re told always we have to spend all this money because it’s mandatory spending. There are no mandatory spending reductions in the debt ceiling deal. And you can you and I agree with that there are no mandatory reductions in spending in the debt ceiling deal. That is true, correct? No, no, you’re right. You’re right about that. Okay, so just just going back to so I was going to move to the second point. And that’s that, we got to remember that we still control the appropriations process. And so in the meetings I had yesterday, we’re talking about going under the budget cap level that we set to there’s an appetite to do that. But you’re right, if you look at the vast majority of the budget right now is, is non discretionary, basic mandatory spending, and that Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security interest on our debt payment, there’s no one that’s out there saying that we that we should take away Social Security and Medicare, that this is not going to happen, what we need to do is we need to grow the economy, so that we have enough money to fulfill the obligations we made to seniors. Now, when you look at the rest of the budget, that’s all discretionary spending, discretionary spending, all goes through appropriations, the mandatory spending all goes through the Ways and Means Committee. So on appropriations, we’ve got to now look at making sure that defense and the VA is fully funded. But then we’ve got to cut in other places. I’ll give you a great example. There’s $400 million, we have going to China to help with their disease control center, the place where I believe the virus originated from we talked about that at nauseam over the last few years. But why are we getting $400 million to China a year this is the second largest GDP in the world. Why are we giving money the Palestinian Authority, which they’re turning around in funding the pay to slay program where if you’re a terrorist, and you get you get killed in a line of terrorism, then your family gets taken care of that money should be going to Israel we should get money to Taiwan, we shouldn’t be funding these rogue regimes and adversaries of the United States in Israel. Actually, some of the ways in reality check me right where I wanted to go. By the way, Congressman guy, Russian dollar, our guest right now from Pennsylvania, folks, here’s your colleague, Congressman, Ralph Norman, sounding the alarm on Beijing Biden, the Democrats, they want to as you know, they want to hand over our sovereignty to the World Health Organization, which is a puppet organization for Communist China. The American people fund through our tax dollars, the World Health Organization, they want. The Democrats want to hand over the power for the World Health Organization congressmen to declare a health emergency. And that means we lose our rights to assemble, we lose our rights to protest, we lose our rights, to not have something injected into our arm that we don’t want to have injected into our arm. This is what the Democrats want to do to Watson. Here’s your colleague, Congressman Norman, on my show yesterday, listen. Well, it’s not legal. It’s got to come before Congress. But as he is just doing in so many ways with executive order, he’s attempting to make a treaty with a communist run country that is controlling the World Health Organization, organization. Tedros Dr. Tedros, who’s not a doctor is just a mouthpiece for the CCP and for us to cede our sovereignty, it doesn’t surprise me that Joe Biden is doing this he ceding our sovereignty with immigration. This flooding our country with to the tune of 500 million now. No telling how many, we can’t let him do that. Frank Gaffney has done a great job of highlighting that other ask Kevin McCarthy to defend the 700 million United States does not need to be a part of an organization that’s controlled by China. China is not our friend. Yeah. So $700 million, and that could have been included in the debt ceiling deal, but wasn’t congressman, because, as you and I both know, that’s where the Republicans had their leverage that those debts. That’s what they call must pass bill. And I think a lot of Americans are going mad when there are must pass bills. The Democrats never shy away from attaching stuff their priorities. Why do you think the Republicans shy away from attaching their priorities to must pass bills? Let me just say I agree with everything Ross Norman said in his interview, I’m a very good friend of Raph Norman, I agree with him on that front. And I had bill actually to defund the World Health Organization in the last Congress. I’m very supportive of it in this Congress. And before I answer your question, we so every nation gets a set amount and the W H. O, based on our GDP the United States voluntarily paid for into the World Health Organization at a minimum, the voluntary payment over our assessment that needs to end because just what Rob was saying is correct. The World Health Organization on a lot of these international organizations, just pair it that Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese despite not funding them, the love of the United States us. They have more power and influence because we too often look the other way. And we don’t play hardball. The Chinese clearly are. Now in terms of defunding the World Health Organization, the debt ceiling, what it did is it that cap is top line numbers for our budget. It’s now the appropriations process, and I’m on the state board off subcommittee, my subcommittee oversees it. It’s up to us to then have bills within the appropriations process to defund the World Health Organization to take money away from from from the center controls in, in China, for example, that’s all going to be hashed out at the appropriations level. So yes, and no, it wasn’t the top line number was addressed in the in the framework for the dexus. It’s up to the appropriations process to do that. And Laos, Norman and Chip Roy and the others during the speaker’s battle, they wanted to have what’s called regular order. regular order is when you have the committees of jurisdiction, having amendment an amendment process in subcommittee meetings and in committee meeting, and then putting that on the floor for a vote. Oh, you mean the wrap up what you mean regular order, which Senator Mitch McConnell and Senators John Cornyn and 16 other Republicans abandoned? He made that that that regular order when when they did their omnibus, their cancerous omnibus bill that prevented us from sending any money to protect our borders, that fully funded, fully funded all of Joe Biden’s malfeasance all the DOJ and FBI is malfeasance for a couple of years. You mean, just like that? So I know, I understand. Well, I’m not just I’m not defending. I’m not defending the omnibus opposite. So yeah, we need that we need to have regular order. So what what the freedom Congress wanted a more conservative members, like myself wanted was we wanted these bills to go through the committee process. So we weren’t jammed up by the Senate or the Democrats having to deal in having a given up or down vote? Well, we want these bills to go through appropriate, we want them to go through the appropriate committees, we want to have segments that are being offered on them, because we want all the members to be part of the legislative process, folks. Congressman, let me let me just explain to folks what a regular order is, folks, regular order is you get 12 appropriations bills that are generated under the Constitution and the House of Representatives 12 appropriations bills that are debated, that are crafted, all spending originates in the house representatives and it goes over to the Senate, they work they hash everything out and they do it. They segment out in the appropriate committees, as the congressman is talking about, and they and that’s how you allegedly are supposed to get our budget under control. We haven’t been doing that. Since Mitch McConnell and his loser leftist Republicans have been in charge over there on the Senate or had had a say in the Senate. They have been doing none of this. And that’s why we’re up to $32 trillion in overspending in this country. But that’s what the congressman is advocating, we get back to and Congressman rational dollar I agree with you. And let me tell you about something else. I agree with you on HR 616 15 Congress’s attempt to block up banning gas stoves, I think, I think it’s stupid to ban gas stoves, HR 277, the REINS Act, which would require congressional approval, if any of these alphabet agencies folks, like the EPA, impose $100 million worth of pain on the American people, Congress, we get a review of that rule, HR 288 Separation of Powers Act, which you know, for all of you Democrats out there that are recent products of Gov. Ed, you have no idea what the hell separation of powers is. But trust me, it’s in the Constitution. It’s what’s led to the success of this country for so many years. So congressman, those are great bills. I love each and every one of those ideas. And they should but see you and I both know, the house will debate those when when your conservative wing isn’t torpedoing everything because they’re angry. But you’ll debate those, you’ll pass those, then they’ll die in the Senate. And if by some miracle, they don’t die in the Senate, they get it to Joe Biden’s office, he’s going to veto them. So basically, because again, this goes back to my original conversation that I wanted to have with you about when you have the leverage. The Republicans have the leverage, they don’t use it. These are just the all these bills are great, but they’re all virtue signaling bills, which will go nowhere. True. Crazy. Crazy. Chris, I love you. I’m a big fan. But you got to remember, we didn’t have as much leverage as you think we had it. The reason is because there’s a thing called a discharge. Let me just explain it. There’s what’s called a discharge petition. So the minority party can put for any party, you can put forth a discharge petition on a particular bill, if you get 218 Members of Congress to sign that, that circumvents that majority leader who typically controls which bills are running and that goes immediately to the floor. To my knowledge all the Democrats sign edition charter petition on a clean debt ceiling increase our more moderate members, guys from places like New York, New Jersey districts that Biden won in California and elsewhere by 13 plus point, those guys were ready to sign that discharge petition. They were they were very close. So you had that as a threat, you also had a threat that Schumer would put together a clean debt ceiling increase, or a very watered down version of limited grow at send it to us and jam us with it. So I think that we are overstating how much leverage the Republicans in Congress actually had, and how close we were to having moderate break or senators, Republican senators send us a clean debt ceiling. In the beginning, because all in all, I wish, I wish the Fiscal Responsibility Act would have been much more conservative, but we got to live in reality and going going back to the to making Biden detailed, those are the last has done a great job since the 1960s. Having slow incremental change, when they can have a lot of change, they take it but when they when they can only get a limited when they take it, we need to do that as Republicans. So a great example here is know if we have Joe Biden vetoing something, okay, that’s great. You either we’re gonna win or lose, either he’s gonna sign a Republican bill into law, or he’s going to veto it. And then we have an arrow to shoot at him in a presidential campaign in 2024. Also, if we have these bills in the house, even if they don’t get run in the Senate, then we can come back in the next Congress. And when we’re whipping bills, we can say, Mr. Lawmaker you voted last year for the REINS Act, you’re gonna vote for that again this year, aren’t you? And of course, they’re gonna say yes, because they’re already on record voting for it. So it makes moving legislation much easier in future years. So I wish we could have wide sweeping changes. But until we have a Republican in the White House or Republican controlled Senate, with both conservative conservative leadership in the Senate, and Republicans maintaining control in the house, we’re gonna have to take the small wins that we can get. I’m only got about a minute left. Has it? Has it occurred to the Republican majority in the House, that the other side is not playing by the rules anymore? I mean, everything that you and I have talked about the extra constitutional activities of Joe Biden, the criminal activities that are alleged of Joe Biden and his family, the criminal the criminal activities of the DOJ and the FBI, that they’re covering up and that they have undertaken themselves, falsely predicated investigations, has it occurred to the Republican Party, that the people you talk to that the other side doesn’t treasure or value the Constitution in our mutual compact, and they are working like hell to make sure that they don’t play by the rules, and that they get they seize power? And they take it? Has it occurred? Anybody that you have conversations with? It? Certainly, it occurred to me. And you know, I’ve always said when the Democrats changed the rules, we can’t take the proverbial high road and play the old rules. We’ve got to play by the rules that we’ve now set and then beat them at their rule. So for example, when they start to go after former president, maybe we should be going after Hillary Clinton, when they start going out to people like Roger Stone and others, maybe we start to go after people like Tony and Fauci. So we can’t continue, we can expect to win if it were not engaged in the same momentum that the Democrats are in. So we need to take their momentum, the same pace that they’re using the same tactics and use it against them. There’s a great book and I’ll end on this because I know we were up against a break. Saul Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals. That was about how the Democrats would take power and maintain power. It was from the 1960s to I’d argue, the end of the Obama administration, it’s now our turn to take that book and use the tactics and strategy the left is used against us against the last that’s the only way we’re going to do that. And we’re not radicals, we’re actually patriots those who believe in the Constitution, those who want to keep the Constitution in place. My friend, Congressman Girish and Thaller, Pennsylvania congressman, he sits on Appropriations. He sits on the House Rules Committee, and have any served our country in uniform former Navy JAG officer, I appreciate the time you always carve out for us and the frank conversations, man, I appreciate it. Hey, all the time, Chris, take care that puts a wrap on this Salcedo store podcast. Do me and yourself a big favor a couple of websites I want you to check out number one, Texas, Texas That’s real journalism. Folks. You don’t get that in many places today real journalism, digging for the story, enterprising journalism that gets you information that will benefit you and your family’s life Knowledge is power. Also visit if you will, Chris That’s where you track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast with TNT Radio dot live TNT Radio dot Live, by the way that’s also simulcast on getter and rumble. And if television is more your style, tune in with Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV four o’clock in the afternoon until five, Monday through Friday. Until we visit again my friends remember this, a societies worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government, or rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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