The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Americans Wrongly Think We Are A "Democracy," THANKS GOV-ED!

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Mark Meckler is the President of the Convention of States Foundation & Convention of States Action (COSA), the Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots, and is now directing attention to the Democrat’s lawless border with


Texas vs Left-wing Smut

Bonnie Wallace was sued in April 2022 for removing porn and other harmful content from the children’s section of the Llano County Library. Since then, she’s traveled to over 100 communities […]

Big Tech, Net-Positive or Net-Negative?

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Daniel Cochrane is a Senior Research Associate in the Tech Policy Center at The Heritage Foundation. He develops and advances policy to rein in tech […]

Lawfare Is Out Of Control

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Former Acting Attorney General under President Trump, Matthew Whitaker. Transcribed by Probably heard the term lawfare. And some of you might might be questioning […]