The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Are Biden & His Foreign Pals Plunging Us Into WWIII?

Congressman Tim Burchett is a Conservative who serves the 2nd congressional district of Tennessee. He serves on the House oversight, foreign affairs and Transportation committees.

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you know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question should be respectful of me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre.

I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he had more podcast.

Buy at $1 for every email I’ve received from frustrated Republican voters who were actually conservatives, saying, man, what when one of the Republicans going to do something they had already impeached Trump By now the first time we’re well on their way to impeaching him for a second time when the Democrats held power in the house. What is taking the Republicans so long? And I think it’s a fair question. When I asked Republicans about this, they say that they are being methodical and they don’t want to give the Democrats any wiggle room whatsoever to be able to weasel out of this. So that any impeachment of Beijing Biden will be will be iron clad and that the Democrats will be forced to vote in the affirmative for it, folks. I I just think that’s just utter nonsense. The Democrat Party would sell their own mothers up the river for power. So the idea that they’re going to Oh, look at this overwhelming evidence of Beijing Biden’s corruption, and we’re all of a sudden going to vote with Republicans. I just think that’s just silly. It’s asinine. I. I don’t think that’s going to happen. So many people say the Democrats didn’t care whether or not they were going to get a conviction inside the Senate. They did it so they could have the line twice impeached Trump because they hate him so much. So there’s a there’s a perception problem I believe the Republicans have, which is they are loathed to stand up to the damage being done to this country into their own constituents by Democrat socialists. Let me give you a Babylon B headline now Look, I I am not as as down on speaker Kevin McCarthy as many other people are many other conservatives are. I will say that I’m still trying to figure out what where he is politically and whether or not he is committed to protecting us or not. I I still believe the jury’s out there but Babylon B, I think hits on this perception problem of the Republican Party that I spoke of. Here’s the headline from the satire website. McCarthy says 783rd impeachable offense by Biden will be the last straw. Let me just read a couple of stances. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did not mince words following revelations this month of Biden family corruption from whistleblowers in the government and a forceful statement, he assured constituents that if Biden commits several 100 More impeachable offenses, that will be the last straw. That’s right. Once Biden has committed at least 783 egregious acts of corruption, we will cut him off, said McCarthy. We the American people cannot stand for this kind of unchecked criminality in the White House. Now, remember, this is Babylon B. It’s a satire website. But I think that they touch on a lot of conservative frustrations that say, how many tons of bricks have to fall on Republicans heads before they go? Yeah, it’s time we’ve got we’ve got to impeach this guy. We’ve got to impeach Kamala Harris, who’s probably the most unqualified person for her position. And that’s saying a lie with Barack Obama and Beijing Biden walking around. So I think it also explains the frustrations that many conservatives have with the so called Republicans running in the GOP primary. Asa Hutchinson, which, sorry, he just signals surrender caucus, Chris Christie surrender caucus, my Mike Pence surrender caucus will herd, a former Texas Congressman, here’s what he told a Lincoln dinner in Iowa. Listen, listen to this.

Donald Trump is not running for president to represent the people that voted for him in 2016 and 2020. Donald Trump is running to stay out of prison. And if we elect

I know, I know. I know. I know. I know. Listen, I know the truth. The truth is hard.

But if we elect Donald Trump, we are willingly giving Joe Biden four more years in the White House. And America can’t handle that.

Yeah, you know that this is a a willful ignorance on will hurds part of what exactly these indictments are all about. Nobody sees any substance, very little substance. And any of these any of these indictments, President Trump did nothing that any other former president has done. And actually he did less than current presidents slash former vice presidents have done. Joe Biden has been stealing classified information from this country since his time as senator, yet, we don’t hear such language about Joe Biden from Will Hurd or from Chris Christie, or from the aforementioned individuals who are more inclined to go along to get along who who place a premium on getting along with Democrats over delivering for their constituents and protecting their constituents from those said, Democrats. I think we’ll heard basically saying that President Trump’s can’t trying to keep himself out of prison. That’s why he’s running for president is is a grotesque interpretation of what is happening here. And it shows me that that will hurt is completely unqualified for the position if he can understand the weaponization of government against his own political party against those who disagree with Marxists and socialists. Then Will Hurd has no business being in government much less anywhere near the presidency. Coming up a member of Congress who has gotten my respect because he doesn’t mince words. It’s difficult these days to find a conservative who is a Republican who doesn’t hold back on what he thinks and actually gives it to you straight without these poll tested, politically tested responses. Congressman Tim Burchett, up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you. Not the government

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you know a country that is immoral unjust country doesn’t do to its citizens what the Democrats are doing to us. If you have if you have a prompting of the conscience. That’s what morality is all about. It’s a prompting of conscience. And it’s the reason why communists and so soulless can do whatever they want to to their people, they have no morality. And Democrats share that same mindset, by and large in this country. Congressman Tim Burchett. He’s a conservative who serves the second congressional district in Tennessee. He serves on the House Oversight foreign affairs and transportation committees, sir, welcome.

Right. Thank you for having me on there, sir. It’s

a pleasure. Let’s talk I have a lot of things I want to discuss with you. Joe Biden has called up 3000 troops. As you know, the US Navy is deploying F 30 fives and a destroyer to the Persian Gulf. And they’re they’re saying they’re prepping for some sort of conflict inside of the Persian Gulf, according to the Military Times and others. Putin is declared parts of Poland actually belong to Mother Russia. And you know, the problem with that, because Poland is part of NATO and Putin stooges now based in Belarus, the Wagner group, they are amassing on Poland’s border. Congressman, it feels an awful lot like like we’re being maneuvered or positioned into into being a world war. What do you think?

Well, I couldn’t agree with you more, I think the bumbling by this White House is just throwing us further and further down this rabbit hole 114 billion unchecked dollars to Ukraine. You know, if you you know, history, it kind of reminds me a little bit of Vietnam, Vietnam, we first we sent the money, then they stole it. And we sent the armament. And they said, Well, we’re not advanced enough to handle this though. We started sending advisors. And then, and then we had to start sending our boys over there. And then they sent home body bags, and very much afraid, you know, you’ve got to country, Russia, we’ve allowed the media to hype this thing up. And in doing so, you know, Russia’s GDP is somewhere between Canada’s and France is that thing, they’re not the superpower. That they that they’re they they want to work. And then on top of that, you have all these I call them war pimps in Congress that just can’t get enough of us, and you’re not you ought to do is look at some of their financial look at some of their financial disclosures and their stock holdings. Because a lot of them are, it’s amazing when we send our missile defense system over there. You know, we had to replenish our own, which was a multibillion dollar enterprise in itself. And lo and behold, several key members of stock in that both party, and we’ve got to, we’ve got to start calling it out. And this is, and I’m, traditionally I’m more of a hawk than anything but I but were in the United States Constitution that says we need to protect the border of Ukraine when we won’t even protect our own southern border.

Amen to that. Amen to that, you know, there was a rumor floating around. And I don’t know if you’ve if your office has made an inquiry into it or not, Congressman, but a lot of folks are speculating, as you know, there was a I think it was a $6 billion. That was some sort of somehow misplaced. And all of a sudden, we saw that the Wagner group tried to allegedly depose of Vladimir Putin, then they stopped, they stopped and then they and they relocated to Belarus, it turns out, they’ve been in Putin’s back pocket this entire time, and some are speculated the Americans fell for the CIA fell for it financed the Wagner group for this coup, they took the money, and now they’re using it to stage up and maybe launch an invasion of Poland. What do you know about that? If anything?

I’ve heard the rumors. I can’t verify any of that. But I’ll tell you this. If military intelligence is a whole lot like Congressional Ethics, this, I think it’s a myth. You know, and I hate to say that I am in Congress, but it is very apparent to me that, that we are not, again, the war pimps are pushing us down this path. And what in the world are we doing over there? And why I remember when we got into it, you know what that number? Of course, America was the number one financial supporter of this thing. But you know, the number two was I don’t know. Estonia. I can’t even find Estonia on a map. Wow. You know, it’s Europe war. And we’re getting drug into it. And then when you know you command the NATO it aspect of it and all this other stuff. It’s just a I mean, it reeks of a of just you know, that industrial I know, as in higher ed a different name. I call it the industrial war complex and more as our business and business is very good right now.

Well, I’ll tell you what, and then how far does this benefit Joe Biden’s war at home as more and more evidence is coming out that he sold out our country for or foreign cash. And that’s what I wanted to get into the fact that maybe Democrats would take us to war, just so that we would stop looking at what they have been doing to us. Permanent Washington with knows no bounds, as you said no ethics there to escape culpability Biden’s ft 1023. The latest on this the latest ft 1023. He illegally coerced Burisma that the document says into into a $10 million bribery scheme, the oligarch who was forced into making this payment to Joe Biden into his his crackhead son says that he’s got tapes to prove it. And, Congressman, we have Joe Biden on tape fulfilling allegedly this agreement. I want you to listen to this. Here it is.

They walk out express consent nice and I’m not gonna we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said I said call him. I said I’m telling you not getting the billion dollars. I said you’re not getting the billion I’m gonna be leaving here. I think it was what six hours I look guys, I’m leaving in six hours. And the prosecutors not fired you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a got fired.

So congressman, you and I both know that President Trump was impeached for allegedly withholding congressionally approved funds. And Joe Biden just admitted he did the same. But but this this seems to be in fulfillment of an agreement that is alleged in the ft 2010 23. What’s your reaction,

sir? Well, you remember the steel dossier was just a rumor or it was not was not verified. And they impeach Trump over that. And then you have this, again, claiming it’s not verified and they won’t even they won’t even the Democrats won’t even allow it to be brought up. The problem we have everybody keeps I get letters from educated people or emails saying, When is the Republican party going to, you know, going to charge the Biden’s? Well, we can’t charge him. Technically, with anything. All we can do is impeach. And then of course, the Senate got less, they won’t do anything. So I think what you’re going to see is, we’re just going to keep bringing this up and to the American public to the Justice Department. We shame the Justice Department because this is a complete travesty. You have a President of the United States, who was then Vice President taking $10 million dollars from from a corrupt corrupt Energy Group. And then they just and they hire is like you said his crackhead son who has no credentials other than I guess maybe local strip clubs. He it’s just It’s pathetic. And our Justice Department Shame on them. They the ones great FBI is now just a, it’s it’s gonna go down in history is is just another corrupt alphabet agency from Washington. And that is exactly what they’ve done. And you know, the sad truth is I know a lot of retired FBI agents, some of the finest people and that I’ve ever met patriotic Americans, they started they fought in combat, quiet. Just very, very quiet, humble people that served our great nation. And you have a lot of agents now who are very much in that same category. But that higher up group at the Justice Department at the IRS and all these outfit I you know, Congress has got to get some gut, because we are we’re technically this government checkbook. And in the bank account, of course, the American public, we got to start using, and I don’t know the term there’s, I’m sure if some of your legal listeners would know. But there’s a there’s a specific law where we can target specific areas. And I’m gonna start addressing that with our leadership. When are we going to start addressing that are cutting off this certain areas of funding, because they are allowing Atlas a Chinese communist balloon, literally 1800 technology, I know brands burst the continental United States. And then they said they couldn’t shoot it down over Montana. The former head of the CIA under Obama and his chief of staff that we should have shot it down when it came over the Aleutian Islands. Yes. As a Democrat, yeah. And that serve in Congress with his son who is also a Democrat, and then they shoot it down off the coast of Myrtle Beach, because they said they’re afraid it would land on somebody in Montana. There are more people that work in the, in the in the Department of Defense, they live in the state of Montana, and then they shoot off the coast of Myrtle Beach, where you know, you’re more likely to hit some guy with a mullet in a tie that day shirt that says I’m with stupid, you know, on a shrimp boat, you know what in the world and then we allow and then we’ve got these generals making excuses for this. We are complex this and that. And I’m not some tinfoil hat nut here. I’m just telling you, we’re completely compromised. When you say The millions and millions of dollars and it’s something else. the Biden family startup had too much coffee. I’m kind of jacked. The the Biden crime family was asleep during when they were at mob school during money laundering class, right? Because you can easily find, I think it’s 2120 or 21, LLCs. And bank accounts. And they always say, well, Trump did this. Trump did that. Well, Trump was telling, he passed steak, and gaudy ties that were made in China. That was that was their business, and they did it. And they that was, you know, whatever. But they had they had a product that they sold, the only product they’re selling right now is implement into our White House. And if I was a Democrat, I would be looking for another candidate. This guy in here’s what they’re gonna do. Here’s what they’re gonna do. You watch and everybody’s gonna roll their eyes. They’re gonna say, I can’t believe that Redneck congressman from Tennessee said this. But when it comes down to it, they’re going to use Biden’s mental capacity as his defense. And he’ll walk.

Oh, sure. Oh, sure. And by the way, folks, Congressman Tim Burchett is our guest right now second district, and Tennessee and Congressman, you unloaded a whole bunch of stuff there. And I think the word you were looking for, it wasn’t the legal term of art, but it was the general concept of accountability. And that’s to your Republican leadership. Friends, I would say the Democrats impeach President Trump twice, knowing they couldn’t get a conviction in the Senate, but they did it. So he would have that branding on him, impeached, impeached. So I think that Turnabout is fair play, if they actually paid a price for their malfeasance, the Democrats might pull back. That same thing goes for the FBI and the DOJ, and this goes goes back to your discussion about funding. These people continue to get paid, and they continue to get unchallenged power. Because, frankly, when Republicans get power, they don’t know how to wield it and say what you want to buy the Democrats yet? Well, that’s it.

There’s so much a part of the swamp. They’ve been in the system for Sadad GM long, and that’s why Trump was such a threat to them all. And unfortunately, you know, it is just so big, that you cannot, you’ve got to bring people in that sort of nervous system. And if he were to do it all over again, I suspect he gets somebody like Jim Jordan or somebody to be his chief of staff, and they go through their like, like grant through Richmond, they wouldn’t, you know, they clean it up. But, you know, we don’t have a time machine and unfortunately, that that’s not accessible right now.

Now, I want to I want to get to the accountability as my last question. But as you also know, the Democrats lacking in morality, as we have been outlining, the Democrats lacking in morality, they would even be reduced to attacking one of their own if it got in the way of their their collection of absolute power. We saw an astonishment the Democrats at a at a hearing against censorship. They tried to censor RFK, Jr. and then congressman, after Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, actually detailed the illegal activity of Hunter Biden, this was the take of the left wingers in the Congress and left wingers in the press. Listen to this.

I know you saw the disgusting moment in the hearing when Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed those nude photos of Hunter Biden, obviously we’re not going to show them here on this program, but her Republican colleagues have not condemned her for it. And we know that she has been named calling she uses profanities. What do you make up this new standard of decorum in the GOP controlled House? I mean, this is the party that claims to be the party of family values and decency.

Yeah, so they’re not going to condemn his buying of prostitutes his drug, his inappropriate, but it’s it’s your Republicans fault, Congressman, for pointing out his debauchery what say you?

Well, I sat next to Marjorie during all that. And she said Burchett he said, I’m gonna show some pictures if you need to get up and leave and I just did why, you know, I don’t know. And I and I started to get some text. I couldn’t see the pictures, because I was sitting right beside her and I kept getting texts from friends of mine. I have up seen those pictures yet. But yeah, that is the truth. He violated the man act. He used he used he wrote it off prostitution. And I guess it probably drug used. I’m not sure he joined a sex club and tried to study it was tried to write it off on his his taxes. I don’t know. I guess if he entertains some of his father’s business associates, maybe that’s a legal deduction. But you know, it’s Listen, Bill Clinton in the White House. That’s when we took the gloves off. This thing is, nobody’s surprised. They’re just upset because that was off the Hunter Biden laptop that they got, how many? How many so called intelligence experts to say that it was Russian collusion. And now where the hell are those people? Why are we not calling them up? In pointing them out and ask why isn’t? Why isn’t the legacy media putting a mic in every one of those jokers faces and saying, Hey, what do you think about me? And you said it was Russian collusion, you call us an election to go the other way? What do you think about it? Now? This thing is so deep. And I’ll tell you, I’m a labor of this. And I’m sorry, I’m preaching. I have a, I have an altar call and, and we’ll we’ll pass the offering. But this is what happens when 20 million, so called evangelical Christians decided to stay home on election day, you got to put so many points on the board, they cannot do it. That’s why this Justice Department is overrun. That’s why when President Trump you might not like from I don’t care. He’s he’s been good to me. And he says my name correctly. He, when he said during the State of the Union address, America will never be a socialist nation in over half the United States. Congress refused to applaud that, that should have been the story. And and Or that should have been the headline. But this is what’s going on. The media is against us. The Swamp is against us. In the only thing left? Are these folks out there that hang on to a thread of what this country used to be and marksman?

That’s the last question I have for you. That’s because what you’re talking about 20 million evangelicals who stayed home and didn’t go out and vote. It is it is my opinion that the Republican Party must give them something to vote for. And this is going to be a pretty simple question. As you know, 20 of your fellow Republicans voted to protect Adam Schiff from accountability. You know, 18, Senate GOP people voted for that betrayal that stabbing in the back of the American people known as the omnibus, which Among its many lack of virtues, denied funding to secure the southern border. Do you think that the modern day GOP is inclined or even capable of protecting Americans from this current class of socialists and Marxists who run the Democrat party?

I don’t think so. But I think the American people are in it. They’ll hold us accountable if they will. But they’re, don’t vote for these knuckleheads get you another get, you know, there’s plenty of conservative folks out there running for office. You know, we have we have, you know, the stereotype of this old white man, we’ve got black man, we’ve got we have folks of different minorities that are justice, conservative and are preaching the gospel, man, they are laying it out there. And there’s there’s nobody stronger in Congress, this traditional thing is gone. We got to find the people that don’t just check a box like this. This is White House does. With all the unicorns I got out there running every every man wearing a dress and whatever, you know, find the people that fit your values and vote for him and then hold them accountable.

Amen. Amen. I

don’t agree with you got a First Amendment, my uncle died fighting for that my dad killed people. So we can have this, this, this, you and I can have this conversation because I’ll tell you what the AOC is and the rest of them get control and she’s my friend. But she’s a friendly Marxist. Let’s see as a Marxist. If they get control of this thing. It’s over your way of life, the way you worship your schools. Everything is over. If private property ownership. You know, you’re gonna have to check a box before you can grab in your car that they’ll control. And it’s just just go down the list. And we’re getting and listen, they’re not taking it from us. We’re giving it to them.

True, true enough, folks. Now you know why Congressman Tim Burton’s become one of our favorites here on the Salcedo storm podcast, sir, appreciate the visit. Come back soon. Thank you, brother. Keep bracing the truth. Because we can do nothing else here on the Salcedo storm podcast friends. Do me a favor. Truth is as a couple of websites you need to make part of your regular everyday perusal habits. Go to Texas to keep track of what’s happening in the great state of Texas, all the news that’s fit to print and investigative journalism to their Texas Also check out Chris You can track us down on all of our social media hookups on Newsmax TV every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five and on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas for conservative talk radio until we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. What could

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