The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Back From Vacation

Chris talks about how vaction inspired him to stay in the fight against left-wing extremism.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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Get loose when you bought a sick baby do your best to lose dark and bold from community coffee look for it at your local grocery or community You know the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him. I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he got a score podcast. back from vacation and oppo first off interest of full disclosure, Sean Chasteen. And I we were not on a vacation together but we just happen to be vacationing in the same state in the state of Colorado. And Shawn is currently driving back from his excursion to Colorado and I’m not sure he’s going to be able to make it here for the show behind the show. While I called him up he was on the road is probably going to be spent. So it may just be you and me solo for this first podcast back from vacation. And I want to detail some of the things that happened to me on on vacation. And if you guys have especially you guys are fishermen out there, maybe you might have some expertise, you can jump on email and let me know about what I’m going to be talking about. But before I get to any of that stuff, lots of stuff in the political world happening while I was gone, including more revelations about Beijing Biden’s cokehead son. I’ll save that for later in the week. But there’s some other headlines on the cultural front that I thought were important to note. Andy know who you all know as a as a gay man. But he is a journalist. And he reports on the violence of Antifa which is supposed to be anti fascists, but they’re so called anti fascists who behave as fascists. And here’s what Andy no writes in the post millennial, a Portland Antifa member who spent years in prison for a child sex crime conviction pleaded guilty this morning to stabbing a black conservative live streamer during the 2020. BLM Antifa riots. Let that sink in for a minute. Here you have a known child’s sex offender, part of Antifa this is who the left embraces, of course. And then this guy stabbed the white guy stabbed a black man a black conservative during the Antifa riots. And what are we told about leftists left wingers? Oh, they’re so tolerant. They’re so loving and it’s really the conservatives who are the racists? Uh huh. Blake, David Hampi. HMPE, age 46 pleaded guilty in a sweetheart deal to felony second degree attempted assault should have been attempted murder. He will serve no prison time, instead getting those three years of probation. How about that? It’s the Hunter Biden treatment. If you’re a leftist if you’re an anti American Kook slap on the wrist. Now, other issues, the nation’s first elected transgender State Representative arrested on child porn charges. A former New Hampshire state representative and the nation’s first trans as gender identifying state lawmaker was arrested by police this week, charged for allegedly disturbed distributing child pornography. Stacy, Marie Lawton, a Democrat socialist, who previously resigned twice from the New Hampshire State House is now facing four counts of distributing sexually explicit images of children. Lawton was born Barry Charles Lawton, Jr. Yes, folks depravity, depravity on full display on and many fronts here and one story courtesy of the daily wire now to The Daily Caller, another headline which you all might find fascinating. Now what are we told the left, they are so benevolent, they don’t want to harm anybody, they just want to be left alone, we are told. And if all of you evil right wingers, you religious zealots out there, we’ll just leave them alone. Everything would be fun. activists in the New York City drag March, Friday can be heard chanting, quote, we’re coming for your children and quote, we’re, we’re here. We’re queer. We’re coming for your children. Given my my friends, these are the same people that were saying, Well, you know, we have no, we have no designs on your kids. We’re just trying to be who we are. We we don’t want to take our gay lifestyle and, and press it on young minds. We don’t want to do that inside of Gov Ed, which is what they’re exactly what they’re doing. And now they’re saying the quiet part out loud. Why? Because they can. Yeah, okay, so there you go. We’re here. We’re clear. We’re not going shopping. We’re coming for your children. Yeah, that’s who these people are. And I really think we got to take them at their word. And I don’t believe they ought to have access to school curriculums. I don’t believe that I have access to taxpayer funded money, don’t believe that have access to children anywhere. Because sex of any kind, heterosexual homosexual is, is inappropriate. For children. It simply is now the same freaks the same nutballs they can’t seem to answer basic biological questions. Here is Senator Ted Cruz, the only conservative senator from the state of Texas, asking a witness, as Riley Gaines was testifying to protect women’s sports saying, Look, you ought to stop biological men from competing in women’s sports. Listen to this exchange a Ted Cruz had with an activist who can’t seem to answer a basic fundamental question. If the question is about trans women, I’m just asking, is there a difference between women and men? My what I can say is that the NCAA has rules in place. They’ve had rules in place for the last decade and win this competition. I’m gonna try. It was very clear. You believe there’s a difference between women and men? It’s a yes, no question is do you believe there’s a difference? I think that we’re talking about this case within so I’m asking a question. Do you believe there’s a difference between women and men? Most people could answer this very simply. I’m curious if you’re willing to do so. Oh, absolutely. I’m just putting into the context of is that a yes ation that we’re having? I think that there are definitions related. Is that is that I’m trying to get a yes or no, I’m not trying to get get a speech. Is there a difference between women and men? I think that there are definitions for biological science. So you’re not answering that. Let me ask you this question then. Why do women’s sports exist? If you can’t define a difference between women and men? Why not abolish women’s sports and just tell little girls to swim with little boys and see who wins? I’m simply saying that, that sex my question gender, I have a great value. I mean, Senator, I’ll tell you, Miss Robinson, please answer the question. I’m asking you. Absolutely. Why do women’s sports exist? I think that there’s so many positive benefits to sports. But why have a separate category for women? If there’s no difference between women and men, why to have women’s sports, I’m saying that there’s a difference between sex and gender and that the NCAA has rules in place, which they have for the last decade term. And I would like to enter late to record an article from Duke Duke law, called comparing athletic performances for the best elite women to boys and men. Never. Except the left wings, premises, my friends, and the left doesn’t want to accept reality. The left has been instructed whenever you get up in front of a senator like Ted Cruz, don’t you just you just say your own talking points never answer their questions directly. So which Which begs the question, why would you get up in front of Congress and claim to have any values value to the society when you can’t even defend your own positions when you can’t even answer a direct question? Because the supposition is, Oh, you shouldn’t be asking that question. Should, Senator that’s that’s what she’s going for. But I don’t want to answer the questions you’re positing because it’s grounded in reality. And I’m trying to push fantasy folks, we have more on the show behind the show let you know what happened on vacation, and how it actually informed me about the trouble we’re in, in this country plus some questions about fishing their way back. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? Well, what if you’re under 65 and need quality affordable health coverage American medical plan specializes in under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays at the doctor and no deductible on all outpatient services including surgeries, you pick your doctors and hospitals, there are private plans and roll anytime and they’re 30 to 60%. Less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans. They have a customized plan, manage and chosen by you, not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Saucedo, join his fight, tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. The establishment media is out of touch with the real things real Texans care about real news for real Texans. That’s what Texas scorecard does every day, learn more and subscribe for free, Texas So while on vacation, I did a couple of things. First off, I was doing a great deal of off roading in a vehicle called a side by side for those of you don’t know what a side by side is, is basically a two seater as the name indicates side by side. ATV All Terrain Vehicle kind of like a quad. But you got two people. It’s kinda like a dune buggy like a little dune buggy. But this was a very modern version of it had a lot of fun, got dirty, got really, really dirty. But I had to haul this thing up to up to where I was staying in the state of Colorado. And folks, I’m stopping off at gas stations. And here we are, at a time summer hadn’t even begun. And I’m looking at gas prices $4 A gallon for gasoline. Here we go again. I’m thinking to myself, Man alive. Last November last year, folks, when it got up to $5 a gallon on average around the country. That was Beijing Biden setting a record for the most cost for gasoline in American history. And here we go again, with here we the OPEC nations are saying well, we’re not going to we’re going to cut production, we’re not going to produce as much, you know, Russia needs to make a lot of money off their oil and Beijing Biden is doing his best to make sure that Russia can charge a premium to finance their war effort while he claims to be opposing Russia. It’s just, it’s just sickening. And I want you to ask yourself a question. As you’re going to fill up your tank. Do you think that Beijing Biden is sweating at all? Or any of these members of Congress are sweating it at all? Do you think the energy companies they think they’re sweating it? No. Do you think the green energy companies that they’re sweating it? No, you are, you’re getting harmed by all of this. So every single time I had to fill up my tank, and because I was hauling, it was more, it just made me seive at this on necessary attack. On the all of the above approach, the all of the above approach when it comes to energy means every bit of energy that we can get our hands on, whether it be so called green or whether it be reliable thermal energy, you know, a diverse portfolio is going to make it so we don’t have all of our eggs in one basket. Speaking of which, it is hotter than hell. When I got back into the state of Texas, it is hot. And here we go again, with having to ration our power consumption. Because the Texas legislature didn’t do its job, didn’t secure the grid didn’t protect the grid and didn’t increase energy supply. They now they did. They did provide some sort of incentive program for those to develop thermal natural gas, reliable generation here in Texas, but they didn’t mandate anything. They just dangle the carrot out there low cost loans, which is good luck competing with Barack Hussein Obama’s free money coming in. So here we are folks facing triple digits. It’s the exact opposite of Snowmageddon and the possibility of running out of energy again, and in triple digit heat, you know that there are going to be a lot more people dying because of that. I guess. 250 Texans dying and extreme cold weren’t enough for the Texas Legislature to act. Oh no. We’re gonna have to go through a summer where we lose air conditioning and people are sweltering and and people are dying at a greater rates, maybe maybe the Texas Legislature will get up off its ass and actually do something about it. So that’s my, my diatribe on on. on energy, I just here we go again with another summer of having to pay out the nose and electricity prices because of inflation because of the lack of energy diversity. And here we go again with record money out of our pockets and reaching everybody else but us just terrible, just unacceptable, just unnecessary. So there’s that I also did some fishing. When I was in Colorado and I I’m a big proponent of man’s efforts to make sure there’s a plentiful fish supply in the wild now that our numbers have grown to a degree to where we’re consuming more than nature is reproducing, recreationally going up and you know, doing fishing or those who fish commercially. So I’m a big proponent of this this system, which is hatcheries, breeding more, more fish, and then dumping them in for sport and, and then replenishing the legs. I don’t want to you to take what I’m about ready to say as a criticism of that program. I’m a big supporter of the states that have these natural resources, keeping them going because it’s good, it’s good for tourism, it’s good for sportsmen spending money, it’s good for the environment, to make sure that there’s a replenishment of native species. And man is, is doing an admirable job here. Now, that being said, I went to a reservoir where they had just stocked fish. And it was a massively huge reservoir. And they did their dump and and then all of a sudden couple hours later I start catching fish. But these fish are what we would call pan fryers. I mean half pound at best half pound at that’s a good one. Most of them were smaller than that. And then these things have been raised mostly on power bait for those of you don’t know what power bait is, it’s a it’s a nutrient that is that is given to these fish. And they also make bait for hooks called power bait and so these fish are conditioned. Oh, dinnertime right. So they were so hungry, these fish, they were swallowing my line hole and I couldn’t get a D hooker down into the fish sufficiently to save the fish’s life. Because they had swallowed the bait hole the hook was in their stomach, so I couldn’t get it out without doing damage to the fish. So as I was trying to extract my hook and evidence invariably I would be killing fish that I would have if I could have safely extracted the, the the hook without doing any damage to the fish, I wouldn’t let them go. Because they were so dang small. And by the way, there’s a there’s an environmental reason for that what I just described because I they deserve to be out there and growing bigger and and you know repopulating, reproducing, God willing. But you know, every fish you get, you got to clean, you got to clean and that’s that falls to daddy. To do that I regardless of who’s catching the fish, guess what, I’m the one doing the cleaning. So I didn’t want to quote unquote waste a cleaning on fish that were so small that would be you’d struggle to make a meal out of just out of one of them. You didn’t have two or three of them to make a meal. So anyhow, I just I didn’t see the wisdom of releasing such small fish. I don’t I don’t get it enough. Somebody has dropped me an email and let me know if there is wisdom in that. Maybe to feed bigger fish. Okay. But the chances of these shouldn’t they have just stayed in the hatchery another year gotten a little bigger half year gotten a little bigger. That way, they’d be worse worth the catch. Maybe if they weren’t so small. People could extract more hooks safely from them. And it just got to be annoying because they were you could tell it was folks every single time I would cast I was getting hit, boom, boom, boom. And so I was reeling them in. And then here’s another here’s another problem problem. See, I was hitting my limit. Too fast. I was like, Gosh, darn it. I don’t want to I don’t want to hit my limit. I had all day to spend the lake. We had packed lunches and we were gonna stay out there. So it was it was it was hitting the so fast that I was quickly getting to my limit, I would I haven’t had to call it a day. So we noodled out something in the end, we we switched from bait to something called the cast master, which is a lower. And at that point when I started casting in, they would hit it. They were hitting it from behind because I was reeling in. And then most of the fish fish I was catching, I was hooking their lips so I could safely de hook and they were and I let them go. So I was able to salvage most of my day, but that really, that really bugged me. Now I was fishing with my father in law who, who reeled in some some really beautiful fish he he got at least a three pounder, a rainbow trout, three pounder, at least, then he reeled in something I had never seen before. And I, I guess this thing is a hybrid between a Brookie trout and a brown trout. And they call it a tiger trout. And I think that’s what he when he pulled into Tiger trout. Now these things are born sterile, so they can’t reproduce. They are their mixes between, as I said, a rookie and a brown. So and it’s amazingly huge fish. I was like, wow, that is that that was at least four pounds. And then and another leg. My father in law pulls in, and he did something with this bait. To get this done. He aged chicken allowed chicken to spoil basically, which is dangerous for humans to touch, and to ingest. But I guess it’s great for stink bait when you’re going for bottom feeders like catfish and he reeled in a catfish. Folks, I’m not lying to you, this was at least at least a five pounder. So my father in law had a great fishing trip. And don’t get me wrong, I did too. I just didn’t get that big fight that I was looking for on the on the other end of the line. So and then, you know, we spent some time, you know, doing the doing the hiking and all that kind of stuff, which is, you know, there are places in Colorado folks are absolutely beautiful. And you understand what we conservatives are fighting for when you get out among nature. And you’re like, wow, we really do need to preserve this land. Because of the communists and the socialists get their hands on it, they’ll just, they’ll just like they’re doing with those countries with lithium and, and all their minerals, they’ll they’ll strip them dry. That’s what these left us are all about. So if you want an inspiration to fight, get out there and get on vacation and say, Man, I’d love the ability for my kids, my grandkids, kids and future generations, to be able to see nature to be able to have the wherewithal and the money to actually go on vacation every once in a while. It’s a part of Americana, I think we ought to we ought to preserve. And that’s why another reason why we fight so hard in the conservative movement. That’s gonna do it, folks, the show behind the show, Sean Chasteen. Hopefully he’s back by then next week, we’ll rejoin us, and then we’ll put on a proper show behind the show. But until then, visit a couple of websites for me, will you please. The first one is Texas That’s Texas. All the news. It’s big in Texas. And if it’s big in Texas, they will have it and it’s gonna be big in Texas. That means it’s going to impact the rest of you around America. Also check out the Chris Salcedo show and the Sausalito storm podcast presence on the web at Chris CHR is Sal You can drop me an email and voicemail there and check out where the Chris Saucedo shows live on radio and TV. Until we visit again, my friends remember this, a societies worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government or other by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the people who stay safe out there, my friends, owning a business comes with pressure. There’s a limit to what I can do and still keep employees engaged. Fortunately, there’s Insperity they put 30 plus years of HR experience to work to help me with hiring, training, HR administration and compliance while giving my employees competitive benefit options. 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