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Biblical Care of the Earth and People – A Conversation with Cal Beisner

Too many conservatives and evangelicals have given into the false allure of socialism to fix our problems. On this week’s Liberty Cafe, Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance explains how a biblical perspective on economics and public policy provides better outcomes for people and the planet.


Episode 153: Texas’ School Choice Fiasco

Last Friday, the Texas House of Representatives killed an effort to bring school choice to Texans. On this week’s Liberty Café, Bill talks about why killing the proposal was actually […]

Centralization of Power in Texas Government

Last week Texans voted to increase state spending by $13.8 billion. This week on the Liberty Cafe, Bill looks at how this will centralize power in Texas government at the […]

Corporate Welfare on the Texas Ballot

On November 7, Texans will vote whether to spend $13.8 billion of taxpayer money. On this week’s Liberty Cafe, Bill examines how Texas corporations are doing all they can to […]