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Some of you have found the Salcedo store podcast outside of the state of Texas. You’re not going to know the name likely that I’m about ready to say although she has been making some national news, but I’m going to tell you who she is and why she’s important and why the walls appear to be closing in on this leftist. Her name is Lena Hidalgo, and we call her loony Lina Hidalgo. 

We’ve been calling her that since she acquired political office. As stated this woman is a leftist. And she’s crooked. She’s incredibly crooked. And she has been responsible. And this is where the rest of you might become interested. She is responsible almost single handedly for the destructive and crooked elections that Harris County have had to endure now for a couple of elections. In one election because of a hire that she made somebody by the name of Longoria that we had 10,000 Texans who had their votes, completely nullified. 

It was a primary election. And 6000 of them were Democrats that shows you how sick these puppies are. They’ll even screw over their own political party to do what they do this this bag of malfeasance and elections. Also in that same election, 4000 Republicans lost their voice in government, so Longoria was out. And then they brought in somebody who was far worse with a track record of being far worse and far more crooked. 

And he administered the 2022 midterm elections in Harris County. What you all have to know is, is that there have been never as many election challenges in Harris County history I don’t even think in Texas history then has with this one election. And it’s because it was so damn crooked. And even the Secretary of State of Texas has come out with preliminary findings, saying that Harris County was a corrupt and crooked enterprise when it came to their elections. 

It seems despite myriad requests, it seems despite having plenty of ballots on hand, that certain precincts and Republican election judges were saying that the shortages just happened to be the lion’s share of them happened to be in Republican precincts. 

Now, Jay Nelson, the Secretary of State of Texas issued preliminary findings, as I mentioned, about what happened, and here’s what she said. Harris County clearly had multiple failures, conducting the election and violated election law for eliminating or estimating needed ballot paper. Mistakes like these led to a poorly executed election, which left many Harris County residents frustrated and may have prevented them from voting. 

It is important to talk about these issues now in order to address them before the 2024 election cycle. They’re not you issues, Madam Secretary, these are the issues the essential issues to American liberty, the right to choose our own elected officials and officials in Harris County administering elections did not make it so the voice of the people could be heard adequately and it and it resulted in people’s voices not being recorded in the vote. And that is a betrayal. 

That is, that should be a permanent expulsion from government from anybody found guilty of doing such a thing. Now, that leads us back to lunatic Lina Hidalgo. This woman is now under another investigation aside from all the corruption she’s been alleged to have conducted. She she did this press conference while you this was using a state funded resource, her state funded account and she attacked a woman by the name of Kim Ogg, who is the District Attorney in Harris County who was a Democrat, but a Democrat who’s not bat guano crazy, and a Democrat that you will hear who is standing in the way of these, these regressive, they call themselves progressive, but they’re really regressive socialists Marxists, trying to use government to abuse our people. Lunatics like Lena Hidalgo. Listen to her statement. 

“This comes out in the middle of now her re election. And when that’s not going well for her, she’s up for election March 5. And I happen to know her opponent, Shawn tear. He is a well respected, very experienced, strong opponent, who not only just released a poll showing that he’s ahead, but he has severely outraised her. I literally spent the day yesterday before this stuff was leaked, working on the endorsement of him on Monday. In response, she does what she always does, which is to use her office for her political gain and her political benefit.”

Yeah, it’s exactly what Looney Lena is doing right now, in this press conference. She’s using county resources to launch an attack against Kim. Org. She’s doing the very thing that she’s accusing Kim. Org of doing. It’s It’s astonishing. It’s breathtaking. And now, the Texas Rangers have opened an investigation on lunatic Lena Hidalgo. On top of the other investigations she’s already finding ourselves under. 

And what the takeaway on this is, folks, is you hire a Democrat, you vote for a Democrat, you are voting for corruption, nine times out of 10 It’s, it’s it is one of the surest bets out there. You’re gonna you’re gonna throw that dice, and nine times out of 10 You’re gonna hit if you’re voting Democrat, you’re hitting corruption, because that’s who these people are. You will find a lot of these stories at Texas scorecard.com. And the Texas scorecard not only doing the day of reporting, they’re also doing a lot of investigative journalism. And that comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Let’s talk to investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard Robert Montoya he is back with some more investigative series and an article he’s been working on. What’s up, man? Glad to have you back and uh, Merry Christmas. 

Merry Christmas to you, Chris and all your listeners. 

So let’s talk about is this are you gonna talk about the article first or the series? First, it’s up to you. 

Now let’s go ahead and dive into the article. So this month to my teammates, Kristin Stanciu and Quinn Sullivan. They put together an article called infiltration, Communist China in the University of Texas. And this one covers our Chinese Communist Party actors have infiltrated the University of Texas System, something I’m sure you’ll be interested in. 

Well, you’ve done you’ve done a series on this already, haven’t you? 

Well, this one dives a little bit deeper, we have been talking about multiple infiltrations that the CCP has made in Texas, including education, but it seems like as we keep looking into it, we keep finding just more and more and more, like, let’s go ahead and start with this. First one off the bat. In 2017, we found that the Galveston National Library law Laboratory, which is run by the University of Texas Medical Board, they signed an agreement with the Wuhan Institute of virology. Yes, that is the Wuhan Institute of virology that many are accused of being a source of SARS, cov. Two or COVID-19, whichever you prefer to call it. 

Right. And I even the disgraced FBI director says it is likely a lab leak from that facility. 

Yes. And so you’ll Imagine your listeners will be very concerned by the fact that in this agreement, they agreed to exchange, quote, virus resources. And the documents we reviewed, we found that UT sent Wuhan a strain of the deadly Heartland virus and two different strains of the Zika virus. Now, yes, now that is like totally shocking to consider everything has come out about Wuhan since then. Now this agreement is supposed to expire this year. 2023. And it’s been widely reported the university said, you know, they wouldn’t renew it. We asked you to board of regents you know, are you still going to not renew it, but they’ve not responded to us? 

Goodness, you know, giving Communist China lethal pathogens. It’s kind of like giving Charles Manson a machete or, or Charles Manson a fully automatic weapon. It’s, it’s insane, isn’t it? 

It is insane. And it kind of shows a disconnect between those in the elitist circles and reality why in the world, they would continue to operate this way when for many years, it’s been clear, China’s a threat. is bewildering to me. But this is not the only connection we found. We came upon an April 2020 letter from the US Department of Education to the University of Texas. This is water came out there. They were opening investigation because they were served concerned. The university was under reporting foreign gifts and contracts. Wuhan was one of these but they also requested records of gifts and contracts between the University of Texas and 15 different Chinese universities. Now we looked at the examinees universities and when he found that five of them earned a rating of medium or high risk from the Australian strategic policy institute. Who are they? Well, they’re an organization that published a database that ranks Chinese universities their threat level based on their involvement in defense research for the CCP. 

And so that was so they’re saying so that the people that analyze the threats posed by China and their and their so called outreach around the world with direct connections to the Chinese military. So they’re saying this organization was pretty high up. 

There’s Yeah, these five these universities, they said, Look, these guys have these guys of warning flags beware. But those weren’t the only ones they said be aware of that we found even more connections between UT and universities in China. University of Texas has 12 different partner universities in China, eight of which were rated as medium risk or higher. Let’s go ahead and start with one Singh Kwok University. That is Chinese president Xi Jin pings alma mater. They’ve been linked to cyber attacks on the Alaska State Government and no surprise, they were earned a rating of being very high risk. And another one was John University of Science and Technology. They are also rated very high risk due to quote, its number of defense laboratories and close links to China’s defense industry on quote. 

Wow, so I guess the logical question is how Whose job is it to oversee these these affiliations between government and Texas? And of course, these these universities have connections to government, then I think I think these universities do take public funding, correct me if I’m wrong University of Texas does have public funding, correct? 

Correct. Yes. So ours, we can tell both federal and state. 

Yeah, who the hell is is overseeing these organizations saying, I don’t think it’s a good idea that you’d be doing deals with, in essence, the Communist Chinese military? 

Well, ultimately the people who are accountable for how your state universities, what’s going on, there are the Board of Regents they’re like a board of directors for companies, and the University of Texas has won the university Chancellor’s accountable to them for university operations. In fact, I can read off to you rattle off the names of each board member if you like, please. Alright, so the chairman for the Regents of the University of Texas is Kevin Lt. Yeah, Vice Chairman Janice Longoria. Vice Chairman James Weaver, Christina crane, Robert gaunt, Jody Giles, Dr. Nolan Perez, Stewart Steadman and Kelsey Warren. Now, we’ve reached out to them about this. And by the way, there’s more connections we found at the University of Texas, I’m just giving the highlights. But we reached out to each board member about this, we’ve not heard anything back. But if your listeners want to contact them, they can. Their email address is for B as in Bob. O is an ocean. Rs in Robert, at you t system.edu. That’s ut as in Texas system.edu. 

Okay, I think it’s important that folks reach out. And I guess the last question I have on this before we move on, is was was Scorecard able to determine whether or not any of these people who are on this board had their bank account swell courtesy of Chinese money? Do we know?

That is something we do not yet know at this time? We do not know yet at this time. But right now, when it comes to the Board of Regents, I think the quick credit question that needs to be asked is What does it take for board to act? We’re seeing all these threats from China they’re becoming more aggressive. What’s it going to take for them to act to defend their students and their university and faculty from and our state and nation from these threatening connections. 

True True and you know what? I can’t I can’t say that there’s a Chinese connection. But I I know that the a lot of folks who are Texas scorecard, interested parties and what’s going on over at a&m as they are high hiring a man who has an association with a guy who’s very sympathetic to Communist China, Barack Obama, as their as their head honcho over there at a&m. He’s a finalist. And he is really big into this diversity, inclusion, equity, the DI program. So though I think we have a lot of problems at institutions of higher learning air quotes, higher learning in Texas that need to be explored. Kudos to the Texas scorecard for continuing to dig now, what is the second series that you’re working on? 

Well, the second series, which we launched November 27, myself and Kristin, he worked on this, it’s called Abbott’s appointments. Now, Governor Greg Abbott, as we’ve looked, has made political appointments of those who have bad ideology, question Will cop presents, or those connected to the status Bush family. Now, Chris, I’m sure he knows multiple times during the impeachment trial of Ken Paxton. The Bush name kind of kept coming up. Do you remember that? 

I do. I do. It was it was quite a little theme, wasn’t it? 

Yes, it was. I mean, we learned that George P. Bush reactivated his law license the same day, Paxson was hit with allegations by staff members. So that’s a coincidence. Yes, go ahead. Yeah. Staff members who report at PAX in the FBI were represented by Johnny Sutton, who was then Governor George W. Bush’s criminal justice policy director. Oh, and Sutton is a partner of the Ashcroft law firm. That would be John Ashcroft. Right. See a former US Attorney General under President George W. Bush. Well, as Robert was former wasn’t he wasn’t he running DHS to? No, I don’t believe he was I believe he was just Attorney General. I think it was Tom Ridge. He ran home ranch. That’s right. Tom Ridge was the first DHS Secretary. Correct. Now, you know, both coming up this many times. I mean, that’s, that raises a question about just how involved should anyone affiliated wishes be in In our state government, not to mention the fact that at the ballot box Texans keep apparently saying no more bushes. Yeah, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed stay at the bushes. Yes, yeah. Now Bush did come up a third time. And this is where avid kind of got looped in. Do you call during a cross examination? Ryan Vassar, the former Deputy Attorney General under Paxton, he admitted that he had a to do list. He was one of the self proclaimed whistleblowers. 

Yeah, the to do list right after he admitted that they went to the FBI with no evidence of a crime right after he did that. Yes. Correct. Yeah. Now third item on that list, was to discuss their plans with Louis science, who at the time was Abbott’s chief of staff but also calling the Austin American Statesman sands have been appointed by former President George HW Bush, to the US Department of State. Here again, we have another bush connection, but this time, you also get looped in the governor’s office. So that led us to go okay, we start looking through how many how deep is the bush infiltration of avid and just to your listeners. Now, let’s look at his current Chief of Staff gardener pate. He wants served as their response director of policy when he was Speaker The House bond and seems be pretty friendly with the bushes. And he also remember April 2020, during the government shutdowns response to the virus when adequate is open Texas StrikeForce that we never heard from again, you remember that? 

I remember. Yes. 

Yeah. Well, three of the appointments I haven’t made Don Evans, Adriana Cruz and Dr. Mark McClellan to that force. All had ties to Bush world. And in October 2023. Recent appointment added me Darren Jaynes, to the Texas Board of architectural examiners. He’s the president nonprofit, where George W. Bush and his wife are honorary chairs. So for length of time you keep finding bushes and Abbott appointments. 

Well, you know what, let’s it’s also remember the reason why can pass and finds himself under the guns and the minute he won is because he dared to win. It didn’t genuflect or bend the knee or kiss the ring of the bushes, the Karl Rove bushes, he dared to run against a bush selected Attorney General and beat him and the attorney general’s race. So the bushes have had it out for Paxton, from the very beginning. And many people like me speculate and this is speculation that the bushes are behind this, this legal trouble that Ken Paxton finds himself in since almost the very beginning, that the charges that were initially filed have been dropped. And it’s taken, what eight or nine years for him to have his day in court, because the other side keeps on trying to rig the trial. And Paxton keeps on saying no. And I’m not gonna let you rig it. I’m going to be an affair. I’m going to get a fair hearing over what you guys are accusing me of doing. And, and that’s why it’s taken so long. It’s finally I think, gonna go to court and get resolved. But a lot of those initial charges that were filed Mr. Montoya, I know yet, you know, have been dropped. So I’m very leery of the bush rove infiltration here in the state of Texas. But let’s give Governor Abbott some credit to because he is also because some of these Bush friendly type left wing Republicans who thwarted it parental school choice and education freedom, Governor Abbott, as promised is now endorsing against them. 

Correct? I mean, yes, Governor Abbott, he should be credited for the fact that he has been making a lot of wonderful moves more towards conservatism and freedom far more than I think we’ve seen that a time in his during his administration. So he has made a number of great choices. But of course, I believe Texas should also know there’s still more work to be done. Let’s move on to some of his other appointments. Because we also investigated, you know, appointees made of people with questionable ideology. Let’s look at July 2023. Now we know Governor Abbott has come out against diversity, equity inclusion, that horrible ideology. 

Yeah. So the diversity inclusion equity agenda dye the dye agenda? Yes, correct. Well, July 2023, he appointed Kathleen Wu and Jill gesture to the Texas Woman’s University’s Board of Regents. But in the 2014 interview with a Texas law book that profiled whoo airport that she had served two years as the diversity inclusion chair for the US Tennis Association. And as for Miss jester in August 2022, she shared to establish media reports attacking former President Trump now, of these two individuals, we went to Abbott’s office we have Ask them about this. They have not replied to us. But it’s kind of interesting how Abbott has said I use against di di e and yet appoint someone who used to do di e work somewhere else. 

Right. And again, I’d be interested in knowing what their current position on on die is. And if they’re, if they are continuing in their current capacities to implement the die program, which, of course, is is systematic injustice, the social justice dynamic, which is being pushed inside of universities? What else did you find? 

Well, in August 2023, there was another Abbott appointment that he made this was to the Texas Diabetes Council. The man’s name is John TriCity, the third. Now what’s interesting about him is in February 2023, this is all this year, Trish shiddhi on social media attacked, a commentary published by a local newspaper in Midland attacted for attempting to cause alarm, to protect children from sexually objectionable content, reportedly at the Midland Public Library. So basically, it’s coming out against attempts to protect kids from dangerous sexual ideology, materials. And in May, he shared a poster, a book author who also opposed efforts to protect children from these materials. And on surprisingly, there is another bush world connection here. He’s the Executive Director of the literacy coalition, the Permian Basin, which houses something called the Laura Bush, ladies for literacy project. And this is another matter where we have yet to hear back from Abbott. 

Okay, so. So this, this individual that you’re describing, what position again, remind me what position that they currently hold? 

Sure, yes, he is currently appointed to the Texas Diabetes council at a point there August 2023. Okay, the posts I’m referring to where he said, quote, We must continue to speak out against these types of accusations. He’s talking about the accusations that there’s preferred content and Midland Public Library. Free, that’s a, it’s clear, he’s on the wrong side of the cultural war that was made in February 2023. So this is not like 10 or 20 years ago. 

Sure, sure. And what did it did he cite any evidence that that suggested that the that that library didn’t have any of of what many would classify pornography books being marketed in it? 

All he did, when we looked at the social media posts, he tagged the council those who definitely are also on the wrong side of this cultural war, he tagged freedom fighters, tag Banned Books Week. And you also use the hashtag censorship, which we’ve seen, you know, similar attacks by those trying to fight against protecting kids from sexually objectified objectionable materials. 

Yeah. You know what, I think if you’re out there advocating for the right of people to peddle pornography, and sexually objectionable materials to children, I don’t think that’s what that free speech means. I don’t think that’s what it means. Because if most people do that they’re becoming they get arrested, because they’re in violation of the law. Why is it permissible for government agencies to do it? 

That’s a very good question. And it’s really shocking to see this, you know, there was a time where we were about law and order, and we expected the government to take action against such actions. Now, it just seems like too many in government are trying to do the opposite to nor instead push these kinds of actions, that it’s perfectly justifiable. When any sane person in our nation in our culture says no, this is wrong. 

What’s the name of the series? 

Name a series is Abbott’s appointments. There’s parts one and two. Again, we look at points by Governor Abbott appointees who have connections to the status Bush family, and we also look at appointments he’s made that of individuals have by that ideology question, we’ll call but it’s all kinds of issues. 

All right. Robert Montoya, he’s an investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard, sir, always appreciate the update. 

Thank you very much, Chris. 

Lots of investigative journalism going on over at Texas scorecard folks and they’ve got so much stuff going on. You really got to check in every single day at Texas scorecard.com. Also check in at Chris saucedo.com That’s where you’ll find me and that’s changing everyday to not the website but our shows on AM 700k SCV that’s morning talk radio simulcast with gettering rumble and Newsmax two. Then later in the afternoon we go to TV on Newsmax one, four o’clock until five Eastern till we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. The worth is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe out there, my friends. 

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