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Chip Roy Blasts The Democrat's Illegal Immigration Campaign

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Congressman Chip Roy is the effective conservative who represents the 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas. He serves on the House Judiciary, Rules, and Budget Committees and is the Policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus.

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It’s kind of hard to know where our government’s loyalties lie these days. Because to be quite frank, our government is committed to bending or breaking the law to basically enslave us. This is a move worthy of Communist China, a move worthy of the Soviet Union of Castro’s Cuba of Maduro is Venezuela. But it is not. 

It is not a move worthy of these once great United States. The government has abandoned adherence to the Constitution and limits the Constitution places on that government. Because those limitations stop them from doing what they’ve been doing does. Case in point, the border, the border is an in your face the government saying, oh, under the guise of prosecutorial discretion, we are going to ignore the rule of law. 

We’re going to let every Tom Dick and Harry from every foreign national foreign nation to come into this country, virtually unabated. We’ve got 7 million plus illegal aliens of the last two and a half years into this country, to 2.12 point 2 million illegal aliens into this country that are known God aways. 

And for those of you don’t know the definition of unknown god away is most of these people showing up at the border are just saying here. We’re here for the amnesty, which by the way 90%, upward of 90% of them don’t qualify for, but they’re just going to be led into the country by Beijing, Biden, the Democrats never to be heard from again. Okay, and the Democrats will then work on giving them the vote. The folks who run away the folks who try to avoid detection, the the evil bastards who are trying to not be detected, for whatever reason they’re here. Those are the people that really should scare you. 2 million of them. Over 2 million people have gained access to the United States and we have no idea who they are. 

I’m talking about radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, Narco terrorists, talking about foreign military, Ms. 13 gang members or any other international gang that is out there to kill to harm American citizens and the Democrats couldn’t care less frankly, the Republicans couldn’t care less, because the republican party out there for all of their moaning and complaining have done nothing, nothing to stop one illegal alien from getting access to the United States. 

It’s led to some pretty comical situations to like, for example, Massachusetts, the left wing nutcases up in Massachusetts recently declaring a state of emergency because of all the illegal aliens that are burdening them. Now, up there in the state of Massachusetts. Same thing with New York City. These are all sanctuary city, left wing states or municipalities that say, Oh, we love illegal immigration until it comes to their neighborhoods. And I’ve got to tell you, folks, the paltry number of illegal aliens that make it up to Massachusetts, the paltry number, then make it up to New York are enough to break those wimps. 

They’re breaking under basically a daily total at Eagle Pass Texas, a daily total across most of the southern border that is cursed by the Biden regime that Texas has to deal with. Now, it hasn’t always been this way, my friends. This is William Jefferson Clinton back when he was occupying the Oval Office, he was an actual president and actual Democrat president. As much as we disagreed with him. He still didn’t believe in sacrificing the rule of law. And our country here is William Jefferson Clinton, decrying everything that Beijing Biden is doing to us right now 

“To our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens.” 

Do you guys hear the terminology tell me the name of one Democrat socialist today, who isn’t constrained by political correctness and not calling these people who they are individuals who entered our country without permission illegal aliens. 

“In the budget, I will present to you we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace, as recommended by the commission headed by former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws” 

Really, how the Democrat Party and their accomplices inside the GOP have forgotten that part. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, legal immigrants, because we’re a nation of laws. And those laws are being shredded right now before our very eyes. And the American people have not begun to realize the damage that is coming their way because of this. The people of Texas know and understand that Latino communities along the Texas border they no one understand the price that is to be paid. 

“It is wrong and ultimately self defeating, for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years. And we must do more to stop”

And as far as law breaking goes and as far as the bastardization of the rule of law goes. It isn’t just the borders, the Democrats are sacrificing. Have you seen what’s been going on with all these indictments during a political campaign of President Donald Trump being launched by his political opponents? The Banana Republic our country is descending into what’s here to four has never been acceptable will have also lasting ramifications. 

Talk more about that coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today you all know that Beijing Biden is on another vacation. His time in Delaware on the beach there was daunting, so exhausting he had to go to take another vacation taxpayer funded to Lake Tahoe. 

Meanwhile, Maui has been burnt to a crisp when Joe Biden was confronted with this natural disaster. The sitting occupier of the Oval Office had a very terse response. It was no comment No comment. Let me get this right now. 

There’s a natural disaster impacting a Democrat state voters who voted for you and your responses. No comment. I, folks, and of course the biased press just faints. Oh, he’s so wonderful. Oh, I love him so much. 

Let me bring in Congressman chip Roy. He is an effective conservative, who represents the 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas. He serves on the House Judiciary rules and budget committees. And as a policy Chair of the reform Freedom Caucus House Freedom Caucus, I should say, Hey, man, welcome back. 

Chris, good to be on man. 

Hope you’re doing well. Doing well. You know, first off our, our fellow citizens, our countrymen in Hawaii, I wanted to get you to respond to that. And not only that, but Joe Biden’s response of no comment. 

Well, first of all, you know, we’re obviously praying for the people lie and what they’re going through is is painful. Tulsi Gabbard is a friend I gave her a holler, to check in and you know, look at, obviously, you can’t even put into words what we’re experiencing. Obviously, the President United States should be concerned about this. The whole country is. But you know, look, there’s just kind of more of the same out of this administration. They’re more interested, more interested in political posturing and preening and pushing a radical leftist agenda than actually trying to pull this country together to stand up for her people.

You know, and all the vacationing is really taking its toll on Joe Biden. He just, it’s exhausting to be on vacation. I know. So let me let me ask you about the other headline out there another Trump indictment, it seems that each one of these folks, every single time they launch an indictment, especially in the state level, they’re like, Oh, how can we be even more absurd than the previous indictment? Now, I know that you’re a DeSantis backer, but I also know you stand for the rule of law. What’s your take on what Georgia has done? 

Yeah, well, let me address that first point really quickly. Right. I mean, you know, primaries are a good thing. And I am fully supportive of Governor DeSantis. But you know, I was affirm and full backer of the America first agenda and President Trump and what we’re seeing happen right now, what we’re seeing unfold is, you know, people use the term two tiered system of justice. I mean, look, it’s worse than that. I mean, a two tiered system of justice would seem to imply that, you know, well, that there’s even justice going on. I mean, the Justice Department is supposed to be at a national level, be working on, you know, rooting out criminal activity, for example, how about human trafficking, sex trafficking, fentanyl trafficking. How about the absolute danger that’s occurring and coordinated levels across our country, in looting and robbing in organized networks across the entire country? Look, they’re not focused on doing their job to preserve our, our security and safety on our streets and in our communities. Right, their fundamental responsibility. Remember that government was formed to secure the blessings of liberty. And the Department of Justice is not doing that. The Department of Justice is spending more time targeting political witch hunts, going after a former president going after Mark halka father in Philadelphia, going after Scott Smith, a father in Loudoun County, Virginia, they’re doing their damn job to root out criminal activity to stop fentanyl from killing Americans to stop the scourge of human trafficking. That is now on steroids because of wide open borders. Because Alejandro Mayorkas and President Biden refused to do their job. And it is high time we stopped funding a government that is at war with the American people and fundamentally at war with the people of Texas. I stand with Governor Abbott, trying to secure the border. I stand with all Americans across this country who are not just ashamed, but are afraid of a Department of Justice that is politicized, that is up ending the rule of law as we speak, and we have a duty to do something about it. And that is my message to House Republicans get off your ass and use the power of the purse to stop funding a radicalized tyrannized government that is at war with the American people. 

I want to talk to you about the the funding of our government and what we were told during the debt ceiling, so called negotiations such as they were and and also the omnibus spending bill which the the contemptible John Cornyn actually voted in the affirmative for and I want to get to the dollars and cents. Just one more thing about the political headlines that I want to move into that real substantive stuff, you know, Georgia’s da, I believe she’s had this, this so called indictment written for the last two years and she released it, as they all did, to be politically time to harm President Trump to make sure that America first never returns to the Oval Office. So we found evidence of this when it ended up on the Fulton County The website before the grand jury had even voted, I mean, this does stink to high heaven to you, doesn’t it? Congressman? 

I mean, of course, I mean, the way it was rolled out, which is somewhere between a clown show, and clearly purposeful. And and and the fact is right. I mean, this is what you’ve got, right? Remember the juror that was impaneled, it was all over CNN last year. They’re trying to get the president and she was a guy. Isn’t this fun? Right? I mean, like they are, they are viewing this almost like their own form of a reality TV show. Right? They mock President Trump for being, quote, a reality TV show host. I mean, forgetting a lot of the other stuff he’s done, but very engaging in this, like, it’s some sort of game. But actually the people behind the scenes, all of the people that are funding and driving this from the radical left, they know it’s not a game. They are working specifically to dismantle the American dream to dismantle everything that made this country great in terms of the rule of law, in terms of personal responsibility in terms of the blessings of liberty, and living free. They are dismantling it as we speak. And that’s what we’re seeing unfold. And people say, Well, check, you know, but you were, you know, you voted for the electors in January of 2021. And, you know, you’ve had some issues with with the Trump administration. Yeah. Yeah. I’m always honest, when I disagree with folks both sides of the aisle, and I’ve never shied away from it, and I never will. But I will not shy away right now from the recognition that when you have the indictment of a president in New York, on a complete sham on something, the federal government even passed over for a local da to pursue politically, something that may turn it into an election law violation for whatever was going on with the payment that that that allegedly went to stormy Daniels. That’s insane. Right? To have this, this federal government going out for indicting the former president for behavior that was clearly something that was also engaged in in some form or fashion with democratic principles, including the vice president who had formation sitting in his garage. The two, the two tiered system of justice is on full display. 


And then you see it unfold right now in Georgia. And you see it on a debate about how to handle the electors in January. And now they want to prosecute a former president, basically, persecution by prosecution, and the American people are tired of it. 

Amen to that Congressman chip Roy, as our guest votes 21st congressional district here in the great state of Texas. Let’s move on, I got to admit, there was part of me that the jaw dropped. And then again, I said to myself, self, why why are you so surprised at this? We, we were told, hey, you know what, as we’re always told by Republicans Next time, we’re going to fight we were told about that in the omnibus bill, we were told about that, on the debt ceiling negotiation. And now I’m hearing they’re floating up his idea, you know, what, instead of doing what we call regular order 12 spending bills that go over to the Senate and then get sent to the White House for signature. We’re going to do another continuing resolution. Because Congress, is that incompetent, even regardless of who’s running it? What is your take on the floating of the idea of another continuing resolution. 

Nonstarter and anybody that is of the belief that moving forward with a three month continuing resolution or or a two month continue our solution that would fund government at last year’s bloated levels continue to fund this department Homeland Security continue to fund this Department of Justice continue to fund this woke Department of Defense that is destroying recruiting and the morale of our military and making us weak compared to China. If you think it is a good idea to do that for even a scintilla second. You’re insane, putting aside that this is the regular playbook that will enable the uni party to come together in December, right before Christmas that did exactly what occurred last year, when the Senate had 17 Republican side with Democrats to screw over the American people with continued inflationary spending that funds a bloated, tyrannical government that is weaponized against the people. We know this. So let me just say it is a non starter, I will use every tool I have at my disposal to stop a continuing resolution structured that way. And, frankly, to fight any effort to continue to fund this government with radical reforms for border security at the Department of Justice at the Department of Defense at a minimum. And we frankly need to be as we said earlier this year, which was abandoned in the debt ceiling deal, a failure of a debt ceiling deal which has now resulted in another one point $6 trillion of funding. Yep. Since Memorial Day of debt, I should say, we should be spending at pre COVID levels. That was our demand that remains our demand. And I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have a statement coming out from the Freedom Caucus pretty soon. That basically lays out what I just said. But regardless, that’s my position, and I’m not moving off of it. 

Well, the common sense reforms that are needed are the guardrails that protect we the people from this out of control, left wing, Marxist government, and a lot of Marxists I’m afraid have taken over. Inside that government. You mentioned the omnibus, and it was that omnibus was so bad that one of our senators, a guy named John Cornyn, he actually enthusiastically voted for it even though there was a provision. Congressman, as you well know, there was a provision that forbade didn’t just not fund it, but forbade that any money go to stopping rampant, uncontrolled illegal immigration is a matter of fact, they specified the only money you can spend is to facilitate more illegal immigration into the United States. And John Cornyn enthusiastically supported that. And that has led to headlines like this, the state of Mexico tried to accuse the state of Texas, of being responsible because of these floating border barriers of a dead body. In the Rio Grande, a couple of dead bodies in the Rio Grande, it was fake news. But all the left wing degenerates, who say, Well, if it’s bad news for Republicans, we’re going to report it come hell or high water and whether the facts back it up or not. They bought hook, line and sinker, this propaganda from the Mexican government, which has been taken over by Narco terrorists. And they put it out there and it was complete fake news. Your response, sir? 

Well, first of all, do you have anybody and the left and this administration trying to defend the current state of affairs at the border is a slap in the face to the little girl sitting in a stash house in Fort Worth, Texas right now getting raped because of their policies, purposely, purposely losing using that little girl as a political pawn? Because that’s the truth. Right? And you say, well, well, chip that just the, you know, Hollywood, kind of fictionalized account in the, you know, sound of freedom. First of all, sound of freedom was based on a true story. I mean, fictionalized probably around the margins, as you do with all movies like that. But what is not something that was made into a movie is the opinion that was released by Reed O’Connor, a federal judge in Fort Worth just a couple of months ago, basically, where he had to upward depart from the guidelines, because the Department of Justice wasn’t asking for enough penalty for the individuals involved who are employed by cartels, who are holding for ransom, a little girl and her mother sending a message to a guy who came here illegally. Yes, who was in Baltimore, who was being told, you will give us $23,000, or we’re going to rape your little girl that’s happening right now. And all of these NGOs, all these Catholic Charities, all of these so called Christian groups, patting themselves on the back and all these leftist for how great they are, you own that. And we as a people, as a country, should stop it. And we, as a Republican Congress should put our entire careers and our entire ownership of the House of Representatives on the line to stop funding that smirking son of a bitch, I’ll add on my orcas, who is the Secretary of Homeland Security and shouldn’t be not only should it be impeached, the entire organization should have funding withheld until we stop what’s happening at the border. And until the godless losers in Washington, recognize that we’re supposed to use the power of the purse to stop it. We’re not going to get changed. 

All right, I’ve got one last question for you. And I, by the way, don’t forget and that in that cabal of leftist you mentioned, the biased press that is all too willing for for supporting Democrats to ignore the suffering of hundreds of 1000s of children being sold into sex slavery, even according to whistleblower testimony, being delivered by our own government into slavery into this country, the press, it should be ashamed of themselves. Last thing, when fake conservatives in the Texas House and their leadership their killed bills that would have stopped, for example, Texas land from being sold to America’s enemies, like Russia, China and Iran, when you found out that those very same people actually put the kibosh on a Texas border patrol to try to get some handle and protect Texas, when you found out those same people did that. What was your reaction? 

Well, I mean, the truth is, and I want to stay for a second before I speak truth about it, that while I think we could be a little more aggressive, I do believe that what Governor Abbott is trying to do down at the border, putting in these barriers in the Rio Grande, deploying DPS. We’ve spent $10 billion on the federal government’s than miaa. I just want to be very clear that every one of the DPS troopers all of the Texans down there sacrificing to try to hold the line. God bless you, you’re doing something the federal government is refusing to do. But unfortunately, we need to go even farther. And we have to go even farther, because the federal government’s failing to do its duty. And let’s just be clear, Texas is not as strong as Texans like to say it is. There’s a reason a lot of people have been flocking to Florida. There’s a reason that Texas has been looking at the tail lights of Florida now for several years. And that reason is that we’ve had leadership in Florida, in the legislature there combined with the governor saying To hell with all this crap, we’re going to change things in Texas needs to follow that model. We need to change things. We need to reclaim schools for parents, we need to reclaim our streets from criminals. We need to secure the border when the federal government won’t. We need to cut taxes permanently. And for a long time, yes, we got a big tax cut. But how much will that really impact every Texan? We’ll see. And now we want to see whether school choice will happen in a special session or you go look, it is time for Texas to be as strong as we always say it is. And one last point. Look, I support Governor DeSantis for a reason. And we can all agree to disagree. But I want someone who’s willing to break glass and to change things and he took on Disney and he won by a million and a half votes in Florida. 62% of Hispanic voters 50% of single female voters. He has taken on the establishment takes on the swamp takes on corporate cronyism, cut taxes, create growth. That’s what this country needs. And we need to be able to win again as a people. And I want the House of Representatives to remember that our job is to create an environment for either President Trump or DeSantis to be able to win again and win. That’s got to start now. We can’t wait 18 months to reclaim our rightful position as American. 

Right. I can tell you this congressman, the conservative movement is tired of hearing from Republicans so called leaders. Oh, we’re gonna fight the next time. We’re gonna fight the next time. Sure. Your Congressman chip Roy, the 21st congressional district here in the great state of Texas. Always appreciate the leadership and the time. 

Thanks, man. You take care 

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