The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Chip Roy Tackles The Left's Jew-Hating Problem

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Congressman Chip Roy is the effective conservative who represents the 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas. He serves on the House Judiciary, Rules, and Budget Committees and is the Policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus.

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Gotta be real honest with your kids. I am having a real hard time getting getting beyond the Republicans insistence on continuing to fund everything the Democrat Party is doing to us. The profligate overspending that is happening in this government is unprecedented. We’ve never seen overspending like this. It’s led many of us to believe there’s something they’re not telling us. Right? 

It’s so bad, and it’s so in your face, and it makes so much doesn’t make any sense. For example, what would cut what would cause a conservative Republican to say, hey, you know what, yeah, I see what Joe Biden is doing with all of all of this money to bring in millions and millions and millions of illegal aliens, but I’m gonna fund it anyway. Because what? Because Because Why? 

Why do you believe a government agency and this in this case, Department of Homeland Security that is turning its back on the rule of law? Why do you think that agency ought to be supported? What about this, this rule from the FCC, just in time for the election folks, the Biden, FCC is taking over the internet and implementing the diversity inclusion equity agenda, the DIE agenda, I’m not exactly sure what this is going to hold. 

But I don’t think it’s going to be good for free speech, because they’re going to be out there policing the internet. And if you don’t fall in line with the Democrats way of looking at things, ie in this lens of diversity, inclusion, equity, which is just really a cancerous, destructive, divisive policy. If you don’t do that, then you lose your privileges on the internet, you lose the ability to market your business, or speak over the internet on social media platforms. It’s crazy. 

What What about this, this initiative by Joe Biden to institute the War Powers Act. He says through the War Powers Act, to facilitate the production of electric heat pumps, he wants to replace, highly efficient, highly effective gas heaters. That heats your home. And with a clean, abundant and inexpensive natural gas, he wants to replace it with a heat pump, which is far less efficient, which by the way, doesn’t function very well in in sub freezing temperatures. I think you could get to zero, a lot of these heat pumps stopped functioning. 

And if Joe Biden doesn’t have the good sense of the wherewithal to make sure that you have a backup. And by the way, folks that this happened in Texas, when Democrats ran Texas, they did deal with contractors, because the electric companies were sick and tired of when the winner would roll around. All of a sudden their electricity rates would drop because everybody was using natural gas heaters to heat their homes. And they were using natural gas fireplaces to light light the night for them in some places, you know, romantic fireside chats and such. So it really ate into their bottom line. 

So they the electric companies paid off Democrats and they came up with a policy and tax Next is to basically incentivize new builders building new construction to put in heat pumps. But not even the Democrats back then in the 90s, were as callous as to sacrifice our people’s lives to when the temperature got below freezing or below zero. They said, You’ve got to have a natural gas backup, in case your heat pump stops functioning. 

I don’t know that Joe Biden is doing that. I think he might just let us all you know, die in colder temperatures, because he’s so desirous to kill an entire industry. Now it’s all these moves that has been a Beijing Biden’s regime on the defensive. I want you guys to listen to a soundbite is James Rosen, asking the regime Korean Jean Luc Picard asking her Hey, all these poll numbers for Biden, they really suck. And and how are you? Are you going to say that the American people are just all wrong in seeing all of your Marxism and left wing extremism, you’re thinking they’re all wrong. 

“But polls that show that the electorate at large, and also significant majorities within the Democratic party believe that the President is too old. The polls that show the American people and also students significant majorities within the Democratic Party don’t want him to run again. And the polls that show his handling of the economy, foreign policy, all of these dismal polls, his job approval ratings, does the White House have any basis to challenge the accuracy of that polling? I never we never Chuck. I’m not challenging the accuracy here. That’s not what I’m doing. What I’m saying to you is that, you know, we’re not going to change the minds of Americans, I get that Americans are going to feel how they feel. And we’re going to respect that. And I’ve said that many times from here. Many times, I said that moments ago. What I can tell you is what our perspective is. What I can tell you is how we see things, right?”

It’s all about them. We don’t care about what the American folks who said it out loud, we don’t care what the American people think we’re not going to change their minds. It’s about us. That’s how the Democrat Party looks at government. And then Republicans say yeah, we’re gonna fund all that. Really. Let’s talk about it next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Congressman Chip Roy is the effective conservative or represents the 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas serves on the House Judiciary rules and budget committees. And as a policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman, welcome back. 

Chris. Great to be on. I hope you’re doing well. 

And right back at you sir. Hey, look, I got a series of headlines. I want to read to you because I think I think they tell a story. I read them to your colleague, Marjorie Taylor Greene so I want to run them by you. First headline from the Karl Rove Never Trump Network. From Fox Biden hands China big win with military deal experts say incredibly poor decision. This of course, is Joe Biden giving in one of America’s few advantages. over China, which is artificial intelligence. And Joe Biden wants to tie our hands behind our back to give China a sporting chance. Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon, the Biden regime, mulling approval of fresh $10 billion for the number one state sponsor of Iran. So as you know, Iran will be able to free up more money for its terrorist operations to kill Jews and kill Westerners. Speaking of Jews, the State Department 40 departments inside the State Department are rebelling against Joe Biden because of his stance, giving lip service and support to Israel. And many of them in the State Department are accusing Israel of war crimes. And then the Democrats vote just last night to kill aid to Israel that was funded by cutting one of the most unworthy and reviled agencies in the federal government, the IRS to do so. What story do all those headlines tell you, Congressman? 

Well, first of all, I want to say Marjorie’s a friend and she did a good job with moving forward the impeachment articles on I’ll have her my orchids, which unfortunately, eight Republicans blocked. Sometimes we disagree. Obviously, we disagreed a little bit on how to get to the center of rashidah to leave, but we got it done a week or two ago. And on this point. The fact of the matter is you have two stories. Okay. One is the obvious story about Democrats who would rather side with our enemies than side with the United States. You’ve got an administration and Democrats who are perfectly fine choose the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service over Israel and America’s national security interest. also willing to continue to fund Iran who we know is funding the death, destruction, murder, slaughter of Jews, including putting babies and ovens and side with our enemies and all too happy to fund China, particularly with the so called inflation Reduction Act subsidies that are empowering China over us and destroying American energy. These are all things we know, Democrats do not care about our sovereignty, security or American exceptionalism. They want to destroy it. But here’s the problem. The second headline that’s not popping off the page is that Republicans are complicit. The Republicans are funding it. The Republicans just last night, passed a monster, so called continuing resolution that will continue to fund all of this horse crap, including the United Nation. Why do you think Rasheeda to leave and Alexandria Ocasio Cortes and the squad and Hakeem Jeffries and Chuck Schumer, and Jaya Paul, who said, Oh, this is great. I’m glad we’re getting a continuing resolution to 2023 levels. Why do you think they supported it? Because it’s fun Hamas? Well, you know, is it funds our enemy? 

Congressman, I let me let me just get to that. Because I mean, you’re you’re going exactly where I wanted to go with the interview because Bill molygen, who is a fine journalist. He, he tweeted the following out the GOP controlled House in the last 24 hours, resolution to impeach DHS Secretary my orcas killed and referred to Committee. So Republicans, and this is this is where he stops. This is me adding some commentary. So those Republicans can talk more, and millions more illegal aliens can pour into the United States, apparently with a support now the Republican Party. And now and back to Bill molygen, clean car pass to continue funding government until 2024. No spending cuts, more Dems voted for it than the GOP. Let me ask you. If if Republicans claim to oppose the anti American Left wing agenda that the Democrat Party has been has been tearing up here the last three years? Why do they continue to fund it, sir? 

Well, this is the $64 billion question right? Not date myself and say 64,000 Because here’s the deal. Republicans campaign against all of these things. Right? You know it, I know it, you go see it. A campaign against deficit spending, they campaign against debt, they campaign against open borders, they campaign against Iran, and for Israel, they campaign, you know, to end wokeness and hate gay campaign against all of these things. But then when push comes to shove, they’ve got every excuse under the sun as to why they’re going to support it. Let’s be very clear. 127 Republicans out of the house yesterday, voted to continue Nancy Pelosi spending levels in priority than the speaker led it. I told the speaker on the floor yesterday, this is strikes one and two. Okay. This was a massive swing and a miss. And I think at least twice over in terms of its impact. And he has no more wiggle room. Okay. He’s got to go do what he was put in office to do. Otherwise, you know, we’re gonna have to go figure out another plan because we can’t wait any longer. We have spent a year fundamentally trying to transform the house and in many ways, I want your listeners not to be too despondent. In many ways. We’ve extracted massive change. It has some good things strong border security bill. We’ve passed seven appropriations bills which we haven’t done it yours. We got several others that we could pass but the appropriators are kind of fighting back. It’s like the Empire Strikes Back, you know and Star Wars. The appropriators, the establishment, the town and fighting back. How dare you cut spending? How dare you try to take power away from the power brokers. Now we had the old speakers by now now speaker Johnson says he’s a good man. He’s a friend. But you know what? Being a good man and being a friend. That’s not enough. It’s time when you need a country to be led. And we need to go fight and House Republicans need to fight he keeps saying we’re gonna fight. But I’m tired of promises. 

I know. Well, that’s deliver love that that’s been the message from the Republican Party for the last two decades. Oh, the time to fight will be later Paul Ryan gave us that that pile of manure, Mitch McConnell has been has been spewing that pile of manure for decades. It’s never it’s always a promise for the future. Look, Congressman, Chip Roy is our guest right now, folks, 21st congressional district here in the great state of Texas. Let’s just talk about the speaker’s fight what the Republicans have done with a full year in control of the House of Representatives. I think that speaker expecting speaker Johnson, he’s had what, three, four weeks to get to get going. I think that today, Kevin McCarthy would be would be Speaker of the House today, if he had complied with the law and pass those 12 appropriations bills by June 30. As is required by law and then handed over to Chuck Schumer, if Chuck Schumer wants to shut down the government let him if Joe Biden wants to shut down the government let him but the reason why we’re here is because Republicans adopted a Democrat work ethic, which is Hey, our work isn’t done. Let’s go on August recess. Doesn’t that have to change? Congressman? 

Yes, it does. But here’s what I’m saying. The the purpose of what we do has to change. So we’ve been in DC for 10 weeks, Chris 10, straight weeks. I’ve barely seen my wife and kids over the last three months. I’m not complaining. So do our our men in uniform go a whole year, you know, without seeing them. But but we’re not accomplishing anything. I mean, we’re moving the needle behind closed doors, but nobody in America cares about that crap. It’s like, oh, the iceberg in front of the Titanic, did you, you know, move the steering one degree or 20 degrees, right? We’ve got to actually avoid the iceberg. That means we got to have a mission to go accomplish it and get it done. Now, I know Mike’s only been on the job for 17 days. But I don’t really care. Right? When you’re storming the beaches at Normandy, and your commanding officer goes down, and the next man is off, he doesn’t get a honeymoon to sit around and do a friggin focus group. Like get your crap together. And let’s go leave. We got to charge the hill for the American people who sent us here to charge it. And what that means, actually cut spending, actually secure the border, actually stand up and fight to get us fully out of Ukraine, or certainly minimize the hell out of it until we can get fully out. So my point is, there are things we know you want to accomplish. And I just want to accomplish one of them. Just give me one thing we can go well, you go to a car on the floor and tell me to vote for it. And you literally have only two Democrats vote against it. In what universe? Is that a good bill? If every Democrat votes for it except for to me, it’s a good Republican bill. 

What good is and you took me right where I wanted to go, Congressman, because back to Bill molygen. He also texted the day before he said text from the GOP source quote, impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas is literally the lowest hanging fruit, and we are effing it up. He said, some of these people want to have endless hearings and do nothing. He’s talking about Republicans now. I can’t see how we can’t deliver one damn win and quote, and that is that is the legacy of the Republican Party. They’re not interested in delivering for their voters. They’re interested in ingratiating themselves to the Democrats and their destructive and cancerous agenda. And I think that whoever this source is for Bill molygen said it right. Republicans are incapable of delivering for their voters that that is true, correct? 

Yeah, I mean, everything you just said it’s funny that quote from Bill, I texted bill because I saw it and I said a bunch of my colleagues are going oh, that was you wasn’t? No, that one wasn’t me. It sounds a lot like me, would have said exactly that. I have some guesses as to who it is, but it wasn’t me. Look, Bill does do a fantastic job. I think you know, there’s a lot of issues that box man Bill does a great job covering this on the border. It really truly does in any new North st universe he would deserve metals and condemnation or you know ever commendation in the in the world of media for what he’s doing exposing the wide open borders the dangerous do Americans have fentanyl all of the things? But but all of those things that to your point. I just I gotta be honest I want to make sure all your listeners are hearing what I’m saying. Because, look, I was sitting in my office with my staff on the edge of being a little despondent and I don’t get that way very often. Yeah. Because I’m so frustrated about what just happened. We go through all this stuff, we get another speaker. And we went through the whole process. And then this is what we did. And then yesterday, when 95 Republicans voted no, now I wanted to be a majority. I wanted to be more. I’m very disappointed. It wasn’t more. But 95 Oddly, is actually the high watermark we’ve ever had, in a republican conference rebelling against the leadership spending position. We never really often have that. We’re building the momentum. People are starting to wake up, but But starting to wake up is no good. Right? We are on fire. It’s like waking up and going, Oh, great. We’ll get the extinguisher in a year or two. And that’s going to be too late. Well, so we’re trying to light a fire and after yesterday, we’re going to hit it hard. And we’re going to make sure it’s very clear, but we expect that a mike and I’m not afraid of shutdowns I’m not afraid of using the leverage we need. I’m not afraid of killing Ukraine spending I’m not killed, afraid of killing a FISA extension. Until we get what we need. We have got to do what we were sent here to do. And I’m not waiting until January of 2025. Don’t want to wait to save my country. And so that’s what we’re gonna keep trying to do. 

Last question and it’s centered on the border because I know you’ve been you’ve been excellent exemplary on on your stances on the US Mexico border. Let’s leave aside for a moment that the Biden regime and the Democrat party’s policies in the border are completely wiping out Latino communities in Texas we just interviewed on on Newsmax yesterday, we just interviewed individuals who had been down to the border, seeing the impact on Latino communities being completely wiped out by Democrat policies. Their services are completely overrun. Their their crime rate is through the roof. The cartels have taken over. The the Biden regime has ceded control of the of Texas, to the cartels. So let’s leave that aside. Let’s just focus on the 8 million illegal aliens that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party has ushered in Alejandro Mayorkas has has ushered in. And a certain percentage, we don’t know exactly how many because millions of them and I’m gonna say this again. Millions of them are not vetted. We have no idea who they are and why they’re here. There’s going to be just the law of averages, there’s going to be a certain percentage of people who came in to do bad things, whether it be for the military, whether it be Narco terrorists, whether it be your rank and file Hamas style radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorist. Did those eight republicans who voted with Democrats to protect Alejandro my orcas one of the architects of of this dynamic? If there is an attack on the homeland? Do they not also have blood on their hands, sir? 

Well, I need to be very clear. You go back two years ago, and I laid out the report to impeach my workers because I talked about earlier on. And it’s critically important that people understand that it is in fact a high crime and misdemeanor for the Secretary of Homeland Security or to refuse to do his job to secure the homeland. And in doing so endanger the American people directly through fentanyl are dangerous cartel members and gang. Through all of the destruction we sought to Texans, as I know you will afford it on who lost their lives to Hispanic Texans, American citizens who died because you had a smuggler run into him in a disastrous car accident. And then all of the migrants in the car were killed. And to your point, we are in danger as a country. And I will say it this way, those who are not holding this administration accountable. I’m on all those occasions we can focus our ire on those eight. But the fact is, the people who are not letting us get to the end of this, which is get rid of my orcas and to force change at the border by using the power of the purse. They own it. Okay, I gotta be honest, 127 who voted to fund the government without extracting changes, they own it all. I’m not saying we can get everything we want. I was willing to accept a crappy spending level. If I can, for some change, get some spending cuts, and set up for a DHS showdown last week. And I told the speaker that like I’ll eat some freaking crap sandwiches. If I know I can get something we need to get because I’m not trying to get it all at once because I know the dynamic right but get something 127 Republicans are gonna roll over and let the administration continue to screw the people we represent. Why are you in office? 

Exactly. Just one win would be nice. Right now. The Republican Party inside the house has zero wins, zero wins that had been made law to protect us from Democrats, which is the measure of any good Republican protecting the country from Democrats. Congressman chip Roy 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas, sir appreciate the time. 

God bless, Chris. 

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