On This Salcedo Storm Podcast: Mark Lee Dickson serves as a Director with Right to Life of East Texas and the founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative. Mark Lee Dickson is a God-fearing, Texas-born-and-raised, pro-life activist who fights for the rights of all human beings from conception till natural death.

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Folks, it’s been two years now since Roe vs. Wade has been overturned up some interesting outstanding issues surrounding this number one. A lot of folks wondering what this would do to the pro life movement with the pro life movement lose a little gusto lose a little energy after winning such a monumental victory. The other thing let’s let’s not forget the doctor’s decision was leaked. The Supreme Court and folks are trying to still get to the bottom of who leaked it or at least we are but the people in charge. Like Chief Justice John Roberts is saying oh, we just couldn’t find out even though there’s only a select amount of people that had access to that decision. Just can’t find out. 

I suspect it was a left wingers office and Chief Justice John Roberts wanting to protect Democrats and and their malign activities. He just decided he wasn’t going to reveal which Democrat office did it. Now speaking of malign activities, that’s all we’ve seen from the socialist Democrats ever since Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, these people are full blown psychotics to the point to where they’re cheerleading the slaughter of children in the womb. 

And they’re pledging to take your money, your dollars, and then and then divert it against your will to the abortion of children. Like for example, the federal government right now this is what Tommy Tuberville was standing for so long, the federal government is now transporting soldiers and their families to go get abortions and using your taxpayer dollars to do it out of states where abortion is regulated in the states where it’s not where the Nazi esque practice of abortion on demand is practiced inside these left wing states, and where conservative states place reasonable restrictions standing up for the citizens inside the womb, their rights. 

Now, I mentioned that’s just some of the depravity the left has been undertaking. It gets even worse. This is from Project Veritas. Missouri lawmakers had long suspected that girls were being trafficked out of the state by Planned Parenthood, the butcher shop. Our undercover video provided the tangible evidence they are now using to demand accountability for the abortion giants, illegal activities. 

Folks, it turns out, Project Veritas uncovered Planned Parenthood the butcher shop, a an organization that gets federal taxpayer dollars sent to it was illegally transporting miners over state line to get abortions. As a result of Project Veritas is reporting state senators are now calling for defunding and the prosecution of the butcher shop Planned Parenthood on January 24 2024. Project Veritas provided crucial testimony about our recent Planned Parenthood investigation to the Missouri Senate. While abortion is prohibited by law in Missouri. This does not stop Planned Parenthood from providing every necessity for minor age girls to be transported across state lines for an abortion in neighboring Kansas. 

Now I’m going to play an excerpt from their investigation for you. Keep in mind, Planned Parenthood, the butcher shop, the organization that Democrats and shore get half a billion of your taxpayer dollars every year. is undertaking illegal transport of minor children across state lines to get abortions. I mean, the illegality just Just is massive here. So listen to this exchange that was captured by Project Veritas on undercover video. Listen. 

“How old is she? She’s 13. He says her parents don’t know. Yeah, yeah. So we don’t do one here. Yeah, we don’t know what I’m sorry. It’s illegal. But we do have, I can give you a packet of the two locations that do it in Kansas. They have people that will come pick them up. For the whole thing. Yes, I will call them and tell them what the situation is.”

They’re gonna help you. I’m always in Planned Parenthood. Doesn’t matter if the school agrees or not. We say that she was at the doctor. And we can, we can cut off our letterhead. So it doesn’t say where she lives. Yeah. So we can we can cut up our lead head so it doesn’t say where she is. So there. So here is Planned Parenthood, the butcher shop, coordinating, and underground, any illegal underground to usher young girls minor aged girls without their parents consent across state lines to get abortions. And now, the lawmakers in the state of Missouri, they want prosecution. They want to defund Planned Parenthood for their illegal activities. 

Frankly, folks, somebody should be going to jail for this. Here at home in Texas. The pro life movement is robust, and it is growing and it is enjoying some success. Actually a lot of success in changing hearts and minds. We’ll talk about this expand our conversation next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks I want to welcome onto the program Mark Lee Dixon he serves as a director with right to life of East Texas and the founder of the sanctuary cities for the unborn initiative. Mr. Dixon is a God fearing Texas born and raised pro life activist who fights for the rights of all human beings from conception until natural death. Mr. Dixon, great to meet you. 

Hey, great to be here again. Okay, sir. Let’s talk about some some things going on in the pro life movement, which are significant and you know what before we start in Texas, let’s start with the national movement you and Bishop Stickland were Strickland I should say. We’re out there at the March for Life at the US Capitol I’m first off general perception This is the second year since that stupidly decided Roe v Wade was overturned. 

So what was it like out there was was it less attended or people losing enthusiasm after the big battle was won? Or just just tell me what you saw? You know, people are more excited now than ever to stand for life because We’re seeing that the battle is so important that the fight is not over. And the numbers were dampened a little bit due to the weather. But it was such an amazing sight to see in the midst of really cold temperatures and a lot of snow, people were still showing up 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of people wanting to march for life, it’s great, you know, and I’m glad to see the the Catholic bishop who is under attack from arguably the most left wing, pro communist Pope, that the Catholic Church has ever been. 

And I’m a Sir, I’m a practicing Catholic, just so you know, that we’ve ever been cursed with, it is nice to see that those who are standing for the sanctity of life, unapologetically are rallying behind the cause in the Catholic Church, to stand with our fellow Americans and fellow Christians and those who who value life. Absolutely. And it was so great to, to join him there and in DC and to be able to stand by there, both me and him, have been people are trying to cancel us. I got sued for saying Abortion is murder. And he got removed from from his diocese. I believe because of standing for for life. 

Right. And it’s something that Pope Francis apparently or those who are running his inner circle can’t stand for anymore. This this unapologetic stance the Catholic Church has taken for 2000 years, all of a sudden it’s taboo. For some reason, I believe it’s political. So let’s let’s talk about back back here at home, the latest stat I’ve been able to see because of the Texas heartbeat Bill was 10,000 Babies saved and that was in summer of last year. Have you seen any updated numbers on that? You know, there are there are several reports to been given. 

We know a whole lot more lives have been saved. And so we rejoice in the effectiveness of the laws of Texas, that they are really making a difference. Of course, the fight in Texas not over because we’ve got people going to New Mexico for abortions. And so now the battle is on abortion trafficking. And we’re seeing many communities look at what they can do to combat that horrible practice of abortion trafficking. In Missouri. There was a recent case where Planned Parenthood was was caught an undercover video sting from I think it was Project Veritas that did this. And now they’re their state government is getting involved. Planned Parenthood was caught on tape arranging for the transport of underage girls who were pregnant, across state lines to get abortions. 

That breaks so many dang laws I can’t even count. But it shows you the depravity and the evil of the other side, doesn’t it? Absolutely. And just last week, Oklahoma and Tennessee legislators expressed the desire to bring forth legislation that would combat abortion trafficking of minors. And just today I was talking to Representative Dustin burrows, and I would tell him him the importance of you know, we can’t just fight this at the local level. We need state legislation. And I do believe that we are going to see in 2025 some legislation being brought forth that actually says no, you can’t take a miner across state lines for the purpose of abortion. Yeah, I thought that was already illegal. I didn’t think it was legal to transport a child who was not your own. across state lines. I think there’s already that’s already a law that they’re already in breach of. But the fact that that Planned Parenthood, the butcher shop would be arranging such things, and they’re caught on tape doing it. 

I think there’s fertile ground for the state of Texas to go after Planned Parenthood and make sure they’re not doing similar depravity here, folks, we’re having a talk with Mark Lee Dixon. He serves as the director with right to life of East Texas, and he’s the founder of the sanctuary cities for the unborn initiative. How’s that going? As far as I know, there are several high profile cities here in Texas who have adopted the sanctuary city for the unborn banner. How many have done so and what are your targeted cities to to pressure them to stand up for life? So right Now we have 50 cities and five counties here in Texas that have stood up. The largest city is Lubbock, Texas. But we also have cities like Odessa and Abilene and San Angelo, and then small ones, like Wasco, calm and Colorado city and accurately Texas, all wanting to do their part to stand up and be a voice for the voiceless. 

What do you think cities like, oh, I don’t know, Fort Worth, don’t want to get involved in being sanctuaries for the unborn. Why don’t cities like Houston or Austin? Why don’t they want to be involved in being sanctuaries for our unborn citizens to make sure our unborn citizens past six weeks, actually are able to be born and have a right to life? Well, you know, a lot of times it’s the leadership, you know, the mayor of Houston, he is someone that he was against the heartbeat act, he was against the human life Protection Act, which is from the point of conception here in Texas, against all these different laws. And, and he was, he was someone that was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. And so of course, if you have leadership that is anti life, it’s going to be hard to get an ordinance passed and in those communities, but even in communities where we have conservative pro life leadership in the city of Amarillo right now we are, that’s one of the cities that we’re working on. 

And Amarillo is a city where there’s been some misinformation that we’ve had to address. There’s been a lot of pushback, but we’re seeing that when the misinformation is addressed. Everyone sees that there’s loopholes in our state laws that we’ve got to close, right that abortion trafficking is happening on the roads of our community, our communities, and so we’re trying to close those loopholes. We’re saying that this private enforcement mechanism right now, the one that is in the Texas heartbeat Act, is only from the point of detectable heartbeat, we want to make sure that’s extended to the point of conception in all our pro life laws. In fact, it’s actually Republican Party of Texas party platform to make sure that all our pro life laws has this private enforcement mechanism that allows citizens to file lawsuits against those who are violating these laws. And the reason that’s so important, is because at one time in Texas, we had strong laws from the point of conception that outlawed abortion, but the good old boys network didn’t enforce those laws. 

And so we need to, you know, cause many levels enforcement to make sure that abortion doesn’t come back to Texas. Well, it’s a laudable goal, and and you’re doing God’s work on Earth, I believe and, and, and pushing it and it’s seeing some tangible results. North Texas City, recognizing January as the sanctity of life month, is the city of Rolette proclaiming that in the finest tradition of Ronald Reagan, in his declaration of the national sanctity of human life day, they’re doing an entire month up there. And that’s, that’s a nice crowning jewel for you and your movement, isn’t it? Well, you know, I’m always encouraged when cities say that they want to stand for life. And it’s, this is the culture we live in. We live in a culture that for so long, we’ve got a culture of death and destruction. And we are seeing people, people stand up and say, We want to be a culture of life. 

And of course, recognizing sanctity of life month is a big deal for a city. And when I saw that headline, it was very encouraging. But of course, we just got to make sure that our statements do not just end with statements, but they turn into two actions. I’d really, I’d really hope that the city of Rowlett would move forward with considering legislation like Lubbock County, and Dawson County and Odessa and so many other communities have in making sure that the roads of their communities cannot be used for the purpose of abortion trafficking, that we shut down these abortion industries and every single way that we can because those unborn human beings, they’re, they’re human beings made in the image of God and it’s time that we start treating them as such, right And just imagine and if God or humanity doesn’t mean anything to those who may be left leaning out there listening to this podcast, consider this, since Roe v. Wade was stupidly decided, on the on this insane basis that women had a right to slaughter their child in the womb at have some right of privacy, which of course, just saying it out loud makes it sound insane. 

But that’s exactly what they ruled 66 million babies paid with their lives for that stupidity. Can you imagine? What 66 million more American taxpayers could be doing? To to benefit everything in this country? From your tax base to? How many Einsteins? Or how many? How many geniuses did they gotta boarded before we were able to realize their full potential. So to all you left wingers out there that don’t have a belief in God and His creation, consider that just on a very practical human level. Last thing I have for you, Mark is this. There are Republicans who who say, Well, you know, it’s a nice concept, you know, pro life and all but you know, my, my wife or my daughter, I’m constantly getting harangued, to change my pro life position, and this is just one of those issues we ought to be abandoning. Because it just doesn’t do us any good politically. We need. It doesn’t doesn’t bring us together with the voters we need to win. What would your advice be to those Republicans? 

My advice would be to treat unborn human beings with the dignity and respect that they deserve. You know, I’m hearing all across the nation. Some people say that we need to change our messaging. The people who are saying we need to change our messaging, usually are people that are pandering to the moderates and Democrats, we need to stand firm because America is waking up. There are people all across America, that they’re wanting to see the end of abortion, not just in their own state, but in the entire nation. You know, at one time in history, we had slave states, and we have free states. And no one living today in their right mind, would look back and say that was a great idea. It was a great idea to leave it to the states. Yep. No. Today, we are looking back and we’re saying, man, we’re that’s a horrible idea. And we’re glad that we’re living in America today where slavery is abolished in all 50 states. We are living in a transition period where the reign of roe is gone. 

And now we’ve got to look forward to what are we doing? We have abortion states, and we have non abortion states. And in 50 years, people are gonna be looking back saying I can’t believe they did that. Yeah. You know, you know what I liked the way you phrased it, Mark, that we we were under the tyranny of Roe. They took the debate out of our hands now that we have the debate now that you’ve rightly pointed out we’ve got the debate going on abortion states and, and non abortion states. Let’s have that debate. And by God, let’s win it. Yes. Right. And I think we can see the end of abortion, all 50 states. And I believe personally, that we can see that within five years. You know, the pro life movement right now is stronger than it’s ever been. And we are winning strategy, we have a way to see the end of abortion in America. It just takes everyone doing their part. Part of that is making sure that we get someone in the White House that is going to stand for life. 

And right now looks like there’s only one person who can get in there that can actually make a difference. And that is Donald J. Trump. Very true. Know that we know that this Biden administration is running on the platform of the restoration of Roe. And so this really is a present presidential election, most important one of our lifetimes, as we always say, but it really is true that this is a choice between life and death. And if we get Donald J Trump in the White House, I believe that this is someone who could enforce the Comstock Act, which was passed in 1873 prohibits the Melling and receiving abortion inducing drugs. It’s a de facto ban on abortion Heritage Foundation in their project 2025. That’s what they’re recommending. If President Trump gets into office and enforces the Comstock Act, then that would actually shut down every single abortion industry in America and California and New York. everywhere. And so we can’t win this. We’ve just got to stand for life. And the same way it was before. We’ve got to start treating human beings as human beings made in the image of God. And we can see the abolition of abortion in our lifetime. Well, uh, definitely pivoting away from a man who is a fake Catholic. If we can just take this conversation full circle. Joe Biden is a fake Catholic, he doesn’t live by the tenets of, of his faith and his imposition and direct contradiction of his faith is is revealing about what kind of man or if you can even call that a man? What kind of man he is. Mark Lee Dixon serves as the director with right to life of East Texas and is the founder of the sanctuary cities for the unborn initiative, sir, appreciate the good work you’re doing. Thanks for the visit. 

Okay, thank you. That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit two websites Texas scorecard.com and Chris salcedo.com When you’re at Texas scorecard.com You can check out the efforts here in Texas to stand up for the right to life to defend our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. So all right there also go to Chris salcedo.com That’s where you find me the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on getter rumble and Newsmax to also find the Chris Saucedo show exclusively on television in the afternoons, four o’clock until five Eastern Monday through Friday, till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay vigilant out there, my friends 

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