Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard
'Cleanup' Bills & Budget Debate Prep
There are 40 days left in the Texas legislative session.
Texas House of Representatives:
  • Convenes at 10 a.m.
  • Considering 44 bills total; 15 of them for the first time (CALENDAR)
  • HB 8 – State Rep. Leo Pacheco (D–San Antonio) – Directs TCOLE to adopt a standard and requires the electronic transfer of law enforcement employment records (Speaker Phelan priority)
  • HB 1525 – State Rep. Dan Huberty (R–Humble) – “Cleanup” bill for omnibus school finance bill from 86th Legislative Session
  • HB 3376 – State Rep. Morgan Meyer (R–Dallas) – Property tax “disaster loophole” fix in wake of property tax reform bill from 86th Legislative Session
  • HB 1441 – State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R–Tyler) – Asset forfeiture reform, shifting of the burden of proof
  • The House Democrat Caucus was originally scheduled to hold a press conference this morning to lay out their priorities in the House version of state budget (SB 1). This press conference was canceled, and the caucus will instead meet tomorrow (4/22) and focus on Medicaid expansion.
Texas Senate:
  • Convenes at 1 p.m.
  • Several bills have the ability to be brought up (INTENT CALENDAR)
  • SB 22 – State Sen. Drew Springer (R–Muenster) – First Responders Pandemic Care Act would make default presumption that first responder ailments were caused by COVID-19 (or any other disease by which a declared emergency by governor exists) for benefits and claims purposes


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