The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Chris and Sean talk about the movies, gas prices, and yes…cocaine at the Biden White House.

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I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he score podcast I wanted to go see sound of freedom this weekend but I had a prior engagement couldn’t get out of it. But and a lot of people went and saw this movie folks and Hollywood is livid. They are so angry that Americans wanted to go see a film about a about a problem that needs our attention instead of partaking in their their woke offering from Walt Disney. So Americans chose against the left and they despise us for it and they’re having a conniption fit, which I guess I’m okay with but other things happened this weekend. I thought were of note, I’m sick and tired of having lawlessness embraced and having those who adhere to the law being punished. Let me give an example of this. This is from where is this ws b t v City of South Fulton Mayor released on bond after arrest. SOUTH FULTON COUNTY that’s in Atlanta, Georgia. My friends and the mayor there was arrested. Yes, the mayor now what? What was what was the charge that this Democrat of course you know, he was a Democrat. What could he have possibly been charged with? The Mayor of the City of South Fulton is facing charges after a Saturday morning arrest. Mayor Killeen come out was taken into custody on Saturday, later being released from custody around 8pm After receiving $11,000 bond, according to Fulton County Jail records come out was charged with criminal trespass and first degree burglary. Democrats say vote for us. We’re the party of buy in for the criminal. And there are stories like this. Greg Abbott being sued by a small business owner what is Greg Abbott doing? Well, he’s putting buoys that are not able to be climbed over in the in the Rio Grande to stop the massive waves of illegal aliens coming across that river. Governor Greg Abbott faces a lawsuit from a local business owner after installing buoys in the Rio Grande River on Friday. appies canoe and kayak team owner Jesse Fuentes filed a lawsuit hours after the buoys were deployed in the river, alleging his company will be unable to conduct tours and canoe and kayak says in sessions and Eagle Pass because of the installation of these buoys, which he claims will result in eminent and irreparable harm. Okay. Does. So wait a minute, you must have the entire river to navigate your kayaks. Oh, or maybe this is just a ploy to stop the state of Texas from getting in the way of Beijing Biden’s illegal immigration push. I’m just sick and tired of people doing the right thing. Getting getting a whole bunch of guff and I’m sick and tired of people who do the wrong thing, getting accolades and getting up boosted by the Democrats. There may be some breaks in that dam. As you guys know, cocaine was found at the White House this last week. Can’t believe it. And because the cocaine was found, all of a sudden, some of the more traditional media outlets that would normally be inclined to cover for Democrats aren’t means they got they probably and I had an interesting conversation about this with Kimberly Gill. of oil. She alleged this and so did Rob Carson my buddy from from Newsmax that now that the, the Democrats no longer need Joe Biden they know how much of a goof he is he’s mentally incompetent. And he even when he did have all of his marbles, he was one of the biggest boobs in American politics. Now they’re telling him it’s time to go. They leaked classified information, documents that he was in possession of now they’re not covering for him and with cocaine being found at the White House. And now Maureen Dowd, Maureen Dowd, big left wing apologist at the New York Times she comes out with a piece saying it’s seven grandchildren. Mr. President, she says because Beijing Biden refuses to acknowledge a grandchild that he has innocent, innocent four year old little girl that that his son tried to abandon after he knocked up a woman out of out of wedlock. And now all Grandpa Joe wants nothing to do with her. That’s great. That great job Joe punishing a little girl because your son couldn’t keep it in his pants, folks, we have a visit with Shan Shan staying on the way we call it the show behind the show on the Salcedo store podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? Well, what if you’re under 65 and need quality affordable health coverage American medical plan specializes in under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays at the doctor and no deductible on all outpatient services including surgeries, you pick your doctors and hospitals. 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Learn more and subscribe for free, Texas folkstyle for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chasteen is with us once again ahead of the workweek Glad to have you back buddy. Hey man, how are you doing? Well and I’m hoping that you had a good fourth my fourth was okay we kind of grilled chilled out but it was no big deal. How about you? The week was so bizarre just because the fourth kind of fell in the middle of the week you know and and nobody was on the roads and nobody was at work. It was just a weird week and manage seemed to drag on and on and on. But as far as the fourth went, I worked came home and it from the heat pretty much that was about it. Yeah. You know what in from the week, I said to my team over Newsmax, literally my executive producer I said on Wednesday. Oh my gosh, it feels like it should be Friday already because it felt like we actually worked two weeks because the Fourth of July fell even though I work straight through just like you did Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday. So everybody was kind of in this holiday mode and I felt like it already worked a week by the time Wednesday had gotten through it was yeah, it was a weird Yeah, it was. It was bizarre so I did my did my side hustle yesterday. Yeah. And had to fill up on the way in was 296 gallon. Now before it goes oh my gosh, that’s incredible. Just remember that when I took office it was $1.79 So don’t fall into that trap that this is so great. But it is better than it has been As of late, so it was two to 98 a gallon tunity I drove by the same gas station this morning on the way back from picking up groceries. And it was 329. How the hell does that happen? 30? Well, actually, I don’t know. I mean, it’s just it’s ridiculous. The gas stations don’t make hardly any money off the gas. I know that it’s price gouging. You know, how was that? Well, is it not? I know exactly what happened. See, now first off, you’re right about the gas stations, they clear about one to two cents per gallon for their for their take. Now, to the oil companies. There was an announcement about three weeks ago, that Russia and Saudi Arabia, they’re all cutting back on oil production. Why? Because they want to help finance Russia’s war, right. So Russia is selling oil everybody else except for us. And so when that when they cut oil production by a million barrels a day, which is what they did? Well, this is all speculation. It drives the price up. And that’s how it goes up, boom. 30 cents overnight, just like that. Oh, that’s ridiculous, man. I mean, it’s only 24 Get here any quicker because I don’t know that. I mean, depending on who the nominee is for the Republicans. I don’t know that Biden’s gonna win again. And I’m just praying that if it is a Republican that gets in there that they’ll do something about that, like maybe drill baby drill? Because it’s just I mean, how do you go from being energy independent from selling your oil? Because you have too much to now it goes up 30 cents overnight. Tell policy, man, how come there? How come? There’s no refineries being built in the last 30 years? I mean, it’s just the whole thing is just so frustrating. When it’s something that you can’t do without? No, and you can modify your schedule a little bit, you know, you’d save a little bit, save a little bit there. But it doesn’t even matter what the price is because you’re going to have to buy it. Yeah. And then where do you? Where’s your race coming from? You know, where’s more money coming from the pay for all this? And you know, you get the sense. They don’t give a rat’s they don’t care. Everybody’s paying, everybody’s playing a different game. And last in the equation is yours and my bottom line? And yeah, you’re right, the prices were dropping. But now, just when they were struggling, because the economy, the US economy is, is slowing down significantly. So as the prices start to drop, demand is dropping. And so Oh, well, what are we going to do? Well, because the world is heading into recession as as the United States and they they have to cut production. So then keep those prices jacked up. Nevermind that people are losing their jobs, people won’t be able to make ends meet. Even if you do have work. You’re working two or three jobs just to make those ends meet. It’s just it’s a it’s a vicious cycle that we were getting out of it. In the Trump years. We were getting out of it. And we were making money hand over fist in particular, Texas. And now it’s poof, poof, you mentioned them to see that bumbling idiot touting me as Biden. nomics. Oh, yeah. Biden omics, NBC, it was Chuck Todd, I saw a graphic, NBC now, you know, when NBC turns on you, you know, it’s a problem. You had Chuck Todd saying that 34% According to polling, only 34% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. Yeah, I there’s been a lot of speculation that, especially now with the cocaine found in the White House. That we’ll talk about that in a sec. But yeah, you know, the really trying to force him out because you do see the tide changing in the media, and reporting negative stuff on Biden, and you see more and more reports about age and and stuff like that. So it just kind of makes you wonder, will some you know, will the beat the big October surprise, will it be to Biden’s out for some reason? You know, maybe because he took $40 million from China. And then they’ll drop somebody in at the last minute. Who doesn’t have the primary who doesn’t do anything like that’s Gavin Newsom everybody knows it’s Gavin Newsom. Gavin Newsom. Michelle Obama. Yeah. Well, you know, that makes me very nervous that, that say Trump is the nominee. Is that? Is is Newsom gonna be attractive enough to the Hausfrau in the suburbs? You know? Wait Newsom is gonna escape it nobody in California likes Newsom, but even though they’re gonna vote for him even though their lives, they’re in an S hole out there, even though their life sucks they’re gonna vote for him. But you know I this I think that you’re on to something that with the classified documents with the Hunter Biden revelations with all this stuff. Kimberly Guilfoyle came on my Newsmax show and basically said, this is a Democrat on Democrat thing. They’re sending the signal to Joe Biden, and we’ll get to the cocaine here in a minute that it’s time to go. I saw Bill Kristol, who is a is now a fake conservative Bill Kristol coming out saying it’s time for you to go. And take your bow. And we’ll all applaud you as you head out the door because you got rid of evil Trump, Bill Kristol, the former the former conservative, who’s been a just a disgrace. So now even he can’t stand a look at him anymore. No, I can’t either. I cannot. Well, okay, so you brought it up? Let’s talk about coke at the White House. I mean, first off, I gotta wonder whether or not Eric Clapton’s track is seeing more buys, he must be making a fortune off of it. Right, I hope. I hope the JJ Cale estate is because he wrote it and had the first hit with it. And I’m hoping he’s getting a little kickback to you know, from this, but yeah, the most irritating and frustrating thing about this is that they know who did it. Right. And they’re just not telling us because you cannot tell me that if that was ricin or anthrax or something, we wouldn’t have known three minutes later. Absolutely. who it was, if it was an assassination. It was Yeah, right. If it can be traced back to a pro Trump person or a conservative person, we know in a lickety split, but by the way, I gotta I gotta tell the podcast because there’s been an evolution on this. And this, that this is a cover up and the the way, you know, it’s a cover up the the number one red flag is the ever changing story. First, it was in the library with the lead pipe and Colonel Mustard did it then and move to these, these areas where they give tours, you know, it could have been any Tom, Dick or Harry dropping off a baggie of cocaine in the White House. But of course, it could never have been a Democrat, and it could never have been anybody with the last name Biden, then then finally, NBC delivering the bad news. No, this was on the same level that the Situation Room is on and only people that are credentialed can access this area. And the only way you can get a bag of cocaine is if you’re not screened, and the only people not getting screened or Cabinet members and family members. And that’s it. Yeah. And that’s it. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, you know, of course, everybody jokes. Oh, it must have been hunters. Well, it dang, Mel, well, may have been honors. Yeah, because only the lucky said only the family in cabinet are the ones who who don’t go through the regular screenings that every other person goes through every other person, Jake Sullivan, that this piece upon skim over the weekend tried to suggest that it was because the the Situation Room is apparently under construction, that it was, by the way to the situation room as high tech, all this kind of stuff in there. And basically, he’s trying to throw the construction workers on on the job under the bus. If I’m surprised we haven’t heard from these guys. Because if I’m that construction worker, the only the only reason they’re probably silent is because they have government contracts. And they know that they can’t say anything in defense of themselves, or else they would lose the contracts. But the the idea you’re gonna blame some construction worker for leaving a dime bag or another I guess they don’t call them dime bags of its cocaine. I have no I have no idea what the hell they call them. But anyway, but the idea that you’re gonna try to blame somebody else. Anybody else other than the most likely suspect? You’re right. They just like the Supreme Court. They know exactly who did it. And it’s this game in Washington, whether you’re the chief justice of the Supreme Court, whether you’re this, this degenerate White House, whether you’re the FBI, DOJ, the game is Democrats are crooks. Democrats suck and we can’t let the American people know just how degenerate and morally bereft these people are. So we’re going to use their money to protect these criminals. And by the way, can we say that this is criminal, you can’t first off cocaine Zhi Li though and you certainly can’t bring it into the White House. That’s a criminal act. Right. Right. Absolutely. And the thing that really pisses me off, I can understand the political nature. Well, I mean, I, I understand it, I don’t certainly don’t approve of it, of the political nature of the DOJ and all the other crap that’s been going on with them, covering for the bike. And even though justice is supposed to be blind, it’s ridiculous what they’ve done to Trump, it’s ridiculous what they haven’t done to bite. But you would think that the Secret Service is above everything. Because all they’re there to do is protect I know. And if they’re not now they’re, they’re protecting the images, not their physical bodies, you know, right, because I can guarantee you whoever is in charge of the Secret Service knows who did this. It is a full time job to clean up after Democrat illegality. But that’s what you and I are paying now. All of these government agencies now, including, if you can believe it, the Secret Service is now dedicated to cleaning up Democrat illegality, so that we don’t find out it’s just like you said, pisses me off? And I am. Yeah, totally pisses me off. And that’s just I don’t know, that seems like a level that wouldn’t be breached, you know what I mean? But everything else has been meant, dude, we had we had Adam Schiff, wandering this country for four years, claiming he had true proof of Trump, Russia collusion. And there’s, of course, Durham says, well, there was never any evidence. So so there so there’s Adam Schiff, knowingly weaponizing intelligence, the Intelligence Committee Against his political opponents in an area were here to for you didn’t allow that kind of thing. We’re, we’re seeing garbage now, in an effort to protect the corrupt that everybody says everybody in the country knows that. This This government is not worthy of our people. And I can say that definitively. I’m with you, man. That’s just again, yeah, more and more and more frustration. Well, you were the uniform and I’m jonesing to bounce this off of you because it came out. I guess if we did this Friday, Xi Jinping had a gathering with his military members. And, and it’s if you can find this video shown, you’ve got to find it because it’s, it’s wicked scary. It’s kind of like a whole bunch of those wind up monkeys with the symbols. That’s what their military is all in unison. All clapping at the same time. In unison. It’s it’s a freak show. Watching communists. Anyway, so they’re counting remember the you remember the 20? Or not 20 I don’t know what Olympiad it was. But the one that was held in Beijing? Yeah, I remember. And on the opening ceremonies, they handle those people with drones. The same thing? Yeah. In total unison. I mean, like it was aI driven, you know, but it’s very, very frightening. Yeah. Just just visually, just you know, is scary. When you see that kind of stuff. With such precision, right? And knowing that it’s here comes dear leader, I am instructed to clap in unison with everybody come in as communist. So he gets there and he says, Hey, you all need to prepare for war. And then back here at home, Beijing Biden is is conditioning our military not only driving recruitment down, but now our military is a social experimentation petri dish where our our fighting men are worried about what lipstick to wear with their with their fatigues. It’s just what what a contrast and what they’re doing to our military and our readiness. Yeah, it’s fine. Trains people in the military. I don’t. I don’t necessarily care. Because if you’re in the military, you have raised your hand and taking the oath to die for this country. No, it’s the it’s the emphasis from the regime that I’m talking about. It’s this, it just Oh, absolutely. We’re not focusing on the valatie. Yes, we’re not focusing on unit cohesion. We’re not focused on effectively defending the country. We’re all about diversity, inclusion, equity, we’re all about this. It’s, it is not what the military is supposed to be focused on. Right? I don’t care whether you’re gay or straight, as long as you shoot straight. And as long I don’t care if there’s a battalion of gay men or a battalion of lesbians, as long as they kick ass is all I really care about. But that’s not the emphasis of this administration. Know what’s even scarier though, Chris is the The fact that I think I saw a stat this weekend and some news story about 80% of the military age men in America aren’t eligible for the military because of obesity and because of drug use, and men, they don’t meet the physical and mental requirements. And so the military is putting on a boot camp to get you ready for boot camp. Yeah, and I mean, that should terrify everyone that if you if you’re not terrified by that, get ready for the draft because that D word has been kicked around already. Shoot, shit hit the fan. And we have to go to war on multiple fronts that we don’t have the people. Well, we don’t have the ammo. I was just talking with Colonel Schaefer on on Newsmax on Friday. And he outlines and this is all documented 41 draws on our munitions. We have nothing left. It’s all in Ukraine. And we’re not replacing it. We can’t replace it fast enough. The arms quartermaster in where’s it at? Georgia, Alabama, one of the southern states is where it’s at. He says, I can’t fulfill the orders fast enough, because we’re just sending it over to Ukraine. And so if we, if we do have to defend ourselves, What the hell are we going to do it with? Yeah, it’s very, very scary. So I don’t know, man, that that whole part of it’s very, just terrifying. Did you see Maureen, this is more of this evidence that you had mentioned before, of the left turning, I guess Obama has told all of them, hey, you can go against Biden. Now. You know, George Soros says you can go that’s Biden now. Well, the New York Times Maureen Dowd. As you know, one of the biggest apologists for leftists, she penned an article and opinion piece saying it’s seven grandkids, Mr. President, because he won’t acknowledge his granddaughter that that Hunter Biden created out of wedlock because he’s a, because he’s a degenerate. And now they won’t even acknowledge that grad child exists. Nothing says family man from Scranton, like, I don’t want to acknowledge my grandchild right here. Oh, Grandpa Joe, there you go. Well, said that the big story over the weekend is Hollywood is seething over over Indiana Jones getting beaten by sound of freedom at the box office. And of course, if you don’t know about Angel studios, it’s an upstart studio. It’s not one of the majors. And they’re putting out you know, Christian based films. The chosen is one of their is one of their big series, Sean. And they put out sound of freedom, which is based on a true story about child trafficking. And the left is losing their minds, because it beat out Indiana Jones. on Fourth of July. Wow. I well didn’t get my money. And to tell you the truth, it’s not going to what do you say? I can’t do stuff like that. I know. It’s true. And I know it’s terrible and tragic. But I can’t I just can’t watch it man and stay mentally healthy. I just can’t do it. You’re not alone. And my wife says, I know it’s a problem. I know. We’ve got to do something about it. I know. I know that it’s there. But I can’t see it in my face because it’s just it’s it’s one of those things that some people that and that’s what this guy goes through. He’s this story centers around an agent who wants to go after these kids and say these kids in the American government won’t let him so he goes off on his personal crusade and heads down to a foreign country think it was Colombia or Brazil or something like that. And he he rescues these 1000s of kids who are enslaved and a lot of people can’t process that kind of evil and and I guess you’re one of them. Yeah, so you can go to that and your wife will go see Barbie or something like that. Well, no, but see, no wait a minute Barbie, Barbie now is in controversy Believe it or not, you know about the controversy there? Yes, that they’re selling as well. So they’ll get their movie played over there. Yeah, they’ve already banned Barbie from I know. Because they’re, they’re ignorant folks. What you got to know is is that Vietnam and the other the other countries inside of the South Pacific the the what is that geographic walls are China Sea? Yeah, the South China Sea. That’s the word I was looking for the South China Sea. They they are. They are acknowledging in the film. The illegal maps that China lays claim to all their land, so they get their stupid Barbie movie can play In Communist China, it’s like, Dude, seriously, come on, man. I mean, it’s a billion people I guess if you if you want to make some money, I guess that’s the way to do it. yourself. But I guess that’s what you got to do. You’re gonna see, you’re going to see Walt Disney’s I heard. I heard it was just just a one woke, lousy storyline after another Indiana Jones. I kind of like to see it just to finish it out. I mean, when when did the first one come out? Oh, wow. Okay, I was gonna say 25. But maybe Maybe you’re right. It was right after Harrison Ford Star Wars. So it must have been nice to know. So Nike nasal over four years ago. Yeah. And I was a huge fan of the first two at least the third one not so much. The fourth one? Definitely not. You need to watch the South Park episode on Harrison. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Yeah, it’s because it’s hilarious. It’s hilarious. Yeah, so didn’t didn’t like that at all. But, you know, to finish out the story. I think I’ve kind of liked to see it. I’ve heard good things about it. But then I’ve heard terrible things saying the thing I heard about is that they made it all about the woman. They made Indiana Jones who you and I grew up sharing for as being the man right? They make him a bumbling buffoon. And they make the female the strong character. And he’s constantly trip. I mean, just what we wanted to see a bumbling fumbling old Harrison Ford. Not is at and then. So you know, I mean, I don’t know how bumbling he is really, really kickin ass acting wise. He’s got that series on Apple TV, and he’s got this and, you know, it’s really, really pretty incredible. The career that he’s continues to he was good. He was good in 19. What is it? 1942 or 1930? What is it? 1990? Yet? It’s 1923? Over Sheridan. Yes. Yellowstone. Yeah, he’s good in 1923 with Helen Mirren. Yeah, so yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, he’s got that. And then what’s shrinking, I think is what it’s called. But so anyway, yeah, I’d like to see the I’d like to see the ending of it. And just like Star Wars, and, you know, there, you got to have female director who is bent on. That’s not on highlighting female. I don’t really care. I will watch Daisy Ridley all day long. Well, that’s different. She’s totes adorbs. But I guess it’s the same formula that just, you know, putting a dark haired woman in the role to take over from? Well, I’m the legend, we’ll see. I think I’ll wait till I can see it for free. I don’t think I want to pay for it. But, you know, like, what I heard was, and you know, I’ve been on this this kick, that there’s been an effort in this country and in the culture to denigrate masculinity, and I’m just not into it, and I won’t be into it. So that’s what I think this is a continuation of. Alright, man. Hey, look. So there’s your movie advice, folks, and make sure you check out? Well, if you want to check out a great film that’s getting all kinds of critical acclaim, you can go in and check out the sound of freedom. And then if you want to take take a gamble, and go, go spend some money on Walt Disney then go watch the latest Indiana Jones in the dial of destiny. I heard somebody making fun of it the dial of depends or something like that, because he’s so Alright, Shawn. Hey, buddy, thank you very much. Appreciate it as always. All right. That’s gonna do it for this edition to the Salcedo storm podcast. 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