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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Congressman Chip Roy Make a Run For the Border

Congressman Chip Roy is the effective conservative who represents the 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas. He serves on the House Judiciary, Rules, and Budget Committees and is the Policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus.

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You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say, he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did. He still struggles for podcasts. The oldest set of crises imposed on our nation by Beijing Biden, and his Marxist regime, of course, is the border with Mexico. And this has caused a humanitarian crisis. This is caused a public health crisis. This has caused a national security crisis, the likes of which this country has never seen. I know that President Trump says that a lot as a rhetorical flourish. This happens to be true. We have never, ever seen this kind of mass illegal immigration sanctioned and supported by the federal government, in my lifetime or in this country’s history. They’re not even pretending anymore, my friends. So I want to bring something to your attention. I caught up with Chip Roy late last week, and I had a discussion with him. He was heading down to the border to highlight it’s still an open wound. He was meeting Governor Ron DeSantis. Down there, he was unveiling his border plan. And then over the weekend, of course, this this comes to light on a holiday weekend, Bill molygen. Over there at Fox News reporting the following video from a source in Eagle Pass shows the US Border Patrol cutting through razor wire. Now the razor wire was placed there by the state of Texas. And the Border Patrol was cutting through this razor wire to allow illegal aliens to enter and to be processed after crossing into the United States illegally. So it’s US territory. They’re doing this Texas DPS told Bill molygen. This is the first time that they know of something like this happening, and it’s being looked into for a potential destruction of Texas Property. Listen to this. The federal government is destroying the property of the state of Texas in an effort to facilitate illegal immigration molygen continued. The federal government’s position is that once the illegal aliens are on US soil under US law, they need to be processed and cannot be repelled or turned away. Texas is taking taking a much different approach and has been physically blocking illegal aliens. under orders from Governor Greg Abbott. Texas, DPS is telling Bill molygen The location in the video in question was shot on private property. Let me stop there. So in case you’re keeping track at home, the federal government under Beijing Biden is violating several laws not only enabling illegal immigration, but also also they are damaging Texas property which is illegal. And then they’re illegally trespassing without a warrant on private land, to cut down barriers erected on private land with the permission of the state of Texas, sorry, with the permission of landowners to the state of Texas and the federal government’s going on people’s lands and just allowing rampant uncontrolled illegal immigration and breaking several laws in doing so. My question to all of you is why is it the federal government being held accountable? Texas DPS tells me this is Bill molygen. Again, the location the video was shot at a private property at private property, and that they have permission from the owner to lay down the razor wire and arrest illegal aliens for criminal trespass. The border patrol agent is likely just doing what he’s being told. But this will likely lead to more friction between Texas and the feds who have drastically different approaches at the border here are drastically different approaches. The State of Texas believes in the rule of law and orderly legal immigration. The federal government is full of a bunch of lawless, anti American Marxists who are trying to remake the United States of America by changing our population from people who don’t know what the Constitution is, don’t know what their rights are. And every single time a Democrat tells them, hey, you go ahead and vote for the Democrat and when we take away your rights and we make you an indentured servant. A VHS in the United States. That’s just the way it is. You’re gonna have to accept that you don’t have any rights here. That’s that’s the game. Folks I, I have been reaching out over the weekend to to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his office. I think this is beyond the pale. I think this needs to be holy hell needs to be raised about this. All of the illegality must stop and I would ask the government of Texas, why we are adhering to these old principles and these old rules if the federal government’s just gonna break them up my interview with Texas Congressman chip Roy up next on the Salcedo story podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust that where you get your news is accurate and pro citizen? Well, Texas scorecard has you covered. We give you real news for real Texas. Go to Texas Today, Congressman chip Roy is the effective conservative who represents the 21st congressional district in the great state of Texas serves on the House Judiciary rules and budget committees, and is the policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman, welcome back. How are you doing? Chris doing? Great, sir. i You’re heading down to the border today, as is Governor Ron DeSantis. Tell us why you’re heading down the other day. Well, I tried to get out of the border as often as I can. And I wanted to be able to join with the people that I’ve been getting to know and talk to over the last, you know, five, six years, the ranchers in particular the moms and families that have been decimated from fentanyl pouring into our communities, the sheriff’s throughout South Texas, all the people being impacted all the Texans being impacted. And so I’m going to visit with a lot of those folks, I’d text with them and talk to them and get updates from them all the time. And so it’ll be nice to do that again down in Eagle Pass, get an update from DPS and from some of our friends and border patrol and otherwise about what’s happening and and then hook up with Governor DeSantis he’s been so helpful sending the National Guard sending some others of their law enforcement obviously shipping some folks to Sacramento and Martha’s Vineyard. They just pass great legislation in Florida in terms of E verify in terms of, you know, increased penalties for human trafficking and you know, otherwise clamping down as best as they can in Florida. Yeah. And you know what, I really wish Texas would would quit dawdling and quit electing these these Republicans in name only to run the Texas House. There should be no reason why e verify isn’t part of Texas law either to be honest with you, but a congress and actually this takes me where I wanted to go, Congressman, because I’m going somewhere with this. Like the House GOP saved. Adam Schiff, John Cornyn voted to fully fund illegal immigration by prohibiting any money be used for enforcement. You know, all the money that’s going out of the border now is only used for processing illegal aliens, which we’re up to what 6 million illegal aliens streaming into the country. Since Beijing Biden took over. You should any Texas lawmaker who claims to love the state of Texas be voting for legislation that directly harms Texas the way that 1.7 trillion Dollar omnibus did? Well, there’s no question and I’ve been very public about my frustration with the omnibus spending bill in December, which took it out of the hands of the House of Representatives, about 1.7 trillion, had restrictions on our ability to secure the border, blew the lid off of funding for all these massive agencies. That’s why we had the debt ceiling fight, it was actually central to how we had the speaker’s fight. We did a lot of great things this spring and the Republican led house, while we were all working together towards the end, and towards the agreement we had reached to include more of the representation of the body. Unfortunately, the debt ceiling deal was another swamp deal. $4 trillion in debt, for very little changes, basically a two year freeze in spending. So we’re having ongoing fights and debates right now within the Republican Party about what we do in the appropriations fight. I’m not all that interested in providing more funding for the federal government. That’s a war with the American people refusing to secure the border, empowering an FBI that’s going after Americans and try to label them domestic terrorists as weaponized against them. So I’m going to keep fighting that, you know, I’m one 430/5 of one half of 1/3 of that beast. But we’re going to have to keep working hard look, there are there are signs of hope. You boarded out the ship thing. The only reason we had a vote on the floor of the House on ship was because Freedom Caucus members forced to vote. The first one went down, the second one passed, obviously, there was a change, but we were able to at least center Adam Schiff. Now, nobody will say well, what good is that? Well, not as far as I want to go in terms of changing the place. But at least we got to vote and we got him censured. And now we’ll keep plowing ahead. The few of us out there who are trying to, you know, make the swamp respond to the American people. Amen to that. And you know, as well as I do that, as these Democrats continue to weaponize government against our people weaponize government against the Republican Party, and they suffer no consequences for it. That means they’re going to continue to do it. Adam Schiff will continue to weaponize our nation’s intelligence against this country and because he just got a slap on the wrist. Let me by the way, he took me wherever I want to go again. This is chip Roy, folks. He is the effective conservative who represents the 21st congressional district here in Texas. He’s down at the border. I have I have heard a lot of folks floating the idea of the betrayal, the Democrat Party and Joe Biden’s betrayal of this nation on the border the lawlessness of the border as a predicate for impeachment. Where are you on that? Well, this last week, I led the rule debate on the floor of the House, which Lauren Bovard, my colleague from Colorado introduced an Article of Impeachment for Joe Biden based on the lawlessness at the border in his culpability, along with 100 My organs in terms of their failure to enforce the laws of the United States and the resulting lawlessness and endangerment of the American people. We had a strong debate about it has been now referred to the Homeland Security Committee, which is an additional step beyond the normal reference to the judiciary committee so that we can get more insight in that now obviously, in the last week, we’ve had the IRS whistleblowers come forward, about how the it’s seeming abuse of power that we’re seeing within the Department of Justice, and all of the issues involving Hunter Biden, which are obviously separate from the border, there’s no shortage of things to be focused on. But within the consequences, the border, we are looking at both my orcas and Biden, are their failure to uphold the laws of the United States. We should we should be, more importantly, using the power of the purse to try to force change in Washington, I’m going to keep trying to do it. Unfortunately, we have too many Republicans who are willing to at the last minute, cut a deal and back down. At some point, I you know, I’m unwilling to do that. At some point, we got to start being very clear. Why should I vote for any funding of government, while my state the people that I represent, are being attacked, assaulted, put in danger, empowering cartels, and a narco terrorist state in Mexico? We got to change it, and it’s coming upon Republicans in Congress to do that. Amen to that and being and by the way, Matt, may I add, again, the aforementioned John Cornyn, our state’s being sold out by our very own senator, which is, which is beyond the pale for me, folks, we’re talking to chip Roy and serve. You mentioned the fact that that a resolution for impeachment did go to the judiciary and homeland security committees. But here’s what DC Drano on Twitter, this is his evaluation, which is the only one I can find. And I want to turn it by you to see if he’s onto something here. Here’s what most won’t say. He says in his tweet, this is a stalling technique. GOP leadership doesn’t want to actually impeach Joe Biden. And that’s a problem. Is he right? Is this a stalling tech tactic by so called leadership in the GOP? So I’m going to answer it this way. There are there are some members of the Republican conference who if I’m being generous, I would say they have strong reservations about high crimes and misdemeanors and whether they apply in this case, right, they get wrapped around the axle about terms like maladministration and so forth. I think it is patently obvious. Although there are some conservative lawyers who would say, Well, this is not a high crime and misdemeanor, I believe it is a blatant and violent, you know, breaking of the public trust, right, a violation of the public trust, you’re supposed to carry out your duty, you’re supposed to secure the homeland, even ignoring the laws endangering Americans, you have a duty to enforce the laws. We have a Secure Fence Act, which requires having operational control over my organs lied to me when he said they have operational control under oath in the House Judiciary Committee. These are real consequences. I believe these are impeachable offenses. There is some debate about that, among our Republican colleagues, and what I would say, to answer your question very bluntly, Republicans have got to recognize that the other side are at war with us in terms of maintaining our country. And we’ve got to recognize that and stop, basically, you know, chasing our tails, and saying, Well, you know, we’re gonna be better than that. It’s like, No, we know exactly what they’re doing. We know what impeachment is for. And impeachment is precisely for the balance of power for the Congress to stop and out of control, reckless tyrannical presidency and administration. They’re endangering us. So that’s my position. I say it respectfully to some of my colleagues who have disagreements about it. And I think leadership needs to call the question and if Republicans want to go over their voters and explain why they don’t believe we should be impeaching at least my office, that’s step one. Then you go explain that to your voters. Yeah, I’m right there with you. And you know what, there’s, by the way, there is another impeachment effort. With the in light of the FD 1020 threes that have come out about Joe Biden’s the allegations of Joe Biden’s corruption and the latest revelation from Hunter Biden over the weekend, which I want to get into with you as well, Congressman chip Roy. But I will say I will say this, about all there’s an avalanche, an avalanche of coverage of the man who sits in the Oval Office that is being ignored by the biased press in favor of this weak tea. That has been nothing but weak tea. These allegations thrown at President Trump, Hunter Biden Congressman wrote off payments to prostitutes as part of this investigation, through his tax these tax investigations, yet we live in he gets nothing by the way for that he he actually wrote off the cost of prostitutes, yet we get 87,000 armed IRS agents unleashed on us as as the people of the United States. That doesn’t seem at all fair, does it? Okay, Chris, you don’t you don’t write off prostitutes on your taxes. No, no, you know, I somehow i A don’t don’t frequent prostitutes be don’t don’t think I would even get away with it. Nor would I even try. I mean, but but this is exactly the level of corruption that Democrats in their voters except they love it, in fact. Well, I mean, what I think is really important, that’s the most salacious part and the obvious part that’s problematic, I think, also, you know, cutting a deal for a weapons charge, which would put virtually every other human being in this country, looking at actual significant long time behind bars, because he was a user in possession. I used to prosecute those cases, Chris, right after a little bit north of in McKinney, and Plano, Sherman northern Dallas, I prosecuted this cases in the US Attorney’s Office, where you have felons in possession drug users in possession, other violations of law, you’re possessing a weapon brandishing a weapon. That’s something that will put you behind bars for a long time. There were numerous ways to go after Hunter Biden they cut a sweetheart deal. But all of that aside, the biggest problem is you got the universe, the United States Attorney from Delaware, who we now believe is was saying, Hey, guys, I need to have a special counsels appointment. Why? Because he didn’t think he had the ability to go pursue charges. Now you’ve got the Attorney General, saying, oh, yeah, no, we didn’t block that or stand in the way of that. And I think there’s some real questions here about whether or not the higher ups were blocking the ability for them to be able to go in and go out down that road and pursue the, you know, illegal activity that that was being, you know, investigated. Now you’re down at the border. And the last question I have for you is there is a tie in with Communist China, as you know, they are pumping fentanyl into this country. They’re getting rich, they’re killing over 100,000 Americans every single year with this poison. And the Democrat Party is ushering in all of that poison so that Americans can inject it into their veins. So there’s there’s one tie into where you’re at, but then the other impeachment revelations from the ft 1020 threes and the whistleblower shows that Hunter Biden on the wats app was pressuring an agent of Communist China and I love how the press Congressman chip Roy, refers to him as a businessman and you and I both know in a communist country, there are no such thing as businessmen everybody’s a member of the Communist Party, because the commies run everything. So you’ve got, you’ve got Joe Biden allegedly in the room why this deal is going down to make sure that that whatever this deal was, gets fulfilled by the Communist Party of China? Was this revelation on WhatsApp? Was it? Was it everything that a lot of us believe that it is? Or do we need more more proof in that regard before we can act on that, and irrelevant? pietschmann? Well, let me speak politically, obviously, it’s highly concerning that there’s this allegation that that is a representation of the communication, I got enough of my lawyer hat as a former prosecutor on to make sure it’s authenticated, and that it’s real, that that screenshot, you know, reflects exactly what was going on. But it would not surprise any of us, you know, based on everything we know about Hunter, and about how they were enriching themselves, every indication that we’re now getting what we’re seeing from Jamie comer in the Oversight Committee, the Biden crime family and and how much money has been flowing into the Biden family, through hunters, quote, unquote, business dealings, and not like real business dealings right there leverage. So I’ll wait to see how the evidence is authenticated. But clearly that screenshot is highly troubling if it’s accurate. But But the biggest thing here is we know what’s going on. Right? We know that Hunter Biden was leveraging his dad to enrich himself and perhaps other members of his family, as his evidence continues to be brought in, that there was enormous levels of corruption involved with that. Is there enormous levels of questions being brought about whether it’s vice president or now president who knows about what you know, his role is with respect to, for example, the engagements in Ukraine, right? I mean, there’s endless numbers of questions that are being brought up here. And they’re engaged with the Chinese Communist Party. We’ve got common, you know, China is at war with this, it might be a Cold War, it might elevate into something more, who knows, but they are after us, and we need to have leadership in Washington is willing to call them out and fight fight, what they’re doing to us rather than trying to enrich themselves in the process. Well, amen to that. And maybe maybe Congress can get their hands on those reputed tapes that Chuck Grassley has been talking about. And, by the way, those other ft 1020 threes that whistleblower say are out there, alleging more pay for play, criminal activity by Joe Biden selling out influence and this country to foreign to foreign countries. Congressman chip Roy, everybody of the 21st congressional district. He’s down there at the border. Today, we’ll keep an eye out in the news for you, man. Thank you. Thanks, guys. You take care of that there puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Visit a couple of websites for me, if you will, Texas and Chris Now when you’re a Texas You’re gonna find all kinds of things, opinion, news, great investigative pieces that you’re not going to see anyplace else in Texas or around the country. When you go to Chris You’re gonna find me where to find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on getter in the rumble chats, and you’ll also find out where you can locate the Chris Salcedo show on television on Newsmax TV. Monday through Friday four o’clock Eastern until five. Until we visit again my friends remember this, a societies worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, stay safe out there my friends

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