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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Congressman Jim Jordan On Beijing Biden's Corruption

Congressman Jim Jordan represents the 4th Congressional District in the Great State of Ohio. Mr. Jordan has been an unapologetic conservative, exposing and pushing back on government’s abuse of “we the people.”

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Hey you sexy looking for hot sauce the fun that’ll have you all. Stop censoring me that’s a plant based burger loaded with Vegan Bacon vegan cheese carmelized onion, lettuce, tomato and signature slip sauce. It’s so good. That one was fair get solidified it slightly vegan slutty vegan ATL Thai calm you make USAA insurance for veterans like James when he found out how much USAA was helping members save he said this time the switch will help you find the right coverage at the right price. USAA what you’re made of weren’t made for restrictions apply. You know, the job was dangerous when you took it for him. I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he had more podcasts. Know you go away for a weekend, everything goes to hell in a handbasket. That’s pretty much how it all goes down. Folks are glad you made it back to the Salcedo storm podcast. We have a lot to cover because of what has transpired. In the week that I took off. We’re going to be talking to somebody in charge of bringing accountability to the current regime. And I think that the term regime which I have used in emulation of, of Rush Limbaugh, the great Rush Limbaugh, when he properly identified the Barack Hussein Obama regime, and if we’re being honest, it’s the same regime, the same people that were running the Biden regime, I’m sorry, the Obama regime are now running the Biden regime because they’ve got a meat puppet in there. And Beijing Biden, one of the most corrupt individuals in in our nation’s history, this man has been a boob of a food in his failed up his entire life. And I guess the reason why the Democrats kept them around is because he was just one of these useful idiots. And they, they knew they would never allow him to get any power. Because they knew where all the bones are buried, and they thought they could contain Him with all these threats. But then he lost his marbles. And then the Marxists got in them. They couldn’t control the Marxists. And it’s all coming down around them. Let me assure you that the people who are corrupt inside the Biden regime are the same people who run the DNC are the same people that are now employed in the corrupt Obama regime. Sorry, Biden regime, it’s really easy to get them mixed up. So let me let me go to a press conference, where Admiral and I use the term loosely Admiral John Kirby, was asked directly about the latest revelations by Newsmax correspondent, White House correspondent James Rosen. And it was the latest release from the House Oversight Committee, where whistleblowers are identifying and dishing up evidence that we have the most corrupt, sitting in the Oval Office by the name of Beijing Biden, who doesn’t know what day it is, and is being run by even more corrupt anti American freaks. And folks, I, I don’t say any of this stuff lightly. But I’m angry. And you should be angry too. Here’s Admiral John Kirby dodging. Look, folks, they have no answer. They know they’re caught. They know that this evidence is is bad. They’re just going to hope that their friends in the biased press can run interference enough to where they’ll be able to ignore everything that’s coming out. You should not be ignoring it. And you should be turning off any so called news source that ignores it, because that news source that has ignored all the corruption that is coming to light of the Biden’s and in favor of covering Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, you know exactly what their agenda is. The man who is not serving in office right now is not doing damage to this country, gets all the coverage and the man who was currently dishing up all the all the pain, all the suffering, that is that we’re enduring right now. He gets no coverage whatsoever from the bias press sorry. Sorry, hears this back and forth. It is so good. Because it’s truth. It’s facts and the status being being voiced in Admiral Kirby. Well, they have no answer for truth and facts. Listen, House Ways and Means Committee. Yesterday released documents their authenticity nowhere challenge that included a July 2017, WhatsApp message sent by Hunter Biden to Henri Zhao, a Chinese Communist Party official, which stated in its entirety, and I quote, I am sitting here with my father. And we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled, tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight and see, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than Yu Jiang or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me, and every person he knows, and my ability to forever hold a grudge, that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father, unquote. So just a couple of questions about this. First, does this not undermine the President’s claim during the 2020 campaign? And the reaffirmation of that claim by his two press secretary since then, that he never once discussed his son’s overseas business dealings with him? No, and I’m not going to comment further on this. James James, let me just let me save you some. Let me say, let me see. Let me save you some breath. If you’re going to ask about this. I am not addressing them. I don’t I know you do more than I’d like you to have. I am not going to address this issue from this podium. I’m just not going to do it. Alright. Thanks, guys. Have a great weekend. Father’s house. So here we go. We’ve got corruption. We’ve got a Hunter Biden in his own voice. I think this was on a on Snapchat they have they actually have Hunter Biden, a recording of Hunter Biden making this whole thing as it’s going down. And the east in there. Yeah, the guy the guy who’s sitting right next to me, the big guy, you know, Mr. 10%. And I’m, we’re just not going to address it. You’re implicated in a corruption probe, and you’re not going to address it. They’ll talk about Trump all day long, won’t they? They’ll talk about their political opposition all day long. But, you know, if it wasn’t for James Rosen, at Newsmax, asking this question, I doubt any one of these leftists in the White House press corps would have even asked. And you know, after this, there was a well, why won’t you answer James Rosen’s question? This is about the man sitting in the Oval Office. This is about his family. And this is about hefty allegations of basically what’s tantamount of treason, selling out this nation for foreign cash. Now before a scandal that a town on vacation, I had a discussion with Jim Jordan, he is one of these these watchdogs going after trying to hold accountable the current regime, the Biden regime and expose while he’s doing so the corruption of the press, and also expose the corruption the Democrats won in the same. Our conversation with Jim Jordan up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. If you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you not the government. I liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust that where you get your news is accurate and pro citizen? Well, Texas scorecard has you covered. We give you real news for real Texas. Go to Texas Today, there are very few politicians out there. I can say I trust and here’s one of them. Congressman Jim Jordan represents the Fourth Congressional District in the great state of Ohio. Mr. Jordan has been an unapologetic conservative exposing and pushing back on government’s abuse of We the People. Congressman, welcome back. Good to be with you Chris. I love the love the intro. Love and liberty, Texas of USA God Bless America that was off. Amen, sir. Amen. Look, I want to get your view from 30,000 feet up. I talked with Congressman Nunez yesterday, who now runs Trump media grew up. And he said, You know, one of the observations he made about the Trump indictment was if you look at it, they say classified information, classified information, classified information, but the statute they’re using to prosecute him is a world war one statute that has nothing to do with the mishandling of classified information. True. Yeah, well, and also in the standard is the court case, maybe vegan. unanimous decision. 1988 case Justice Blackmun wrote that wrote the opinion and it says the President’s ability to class try and control access to national security information flows from the Constitution. It’s like he has the authority, end of story. He can he can control how everyone he can classify declassified that is up to him. This idea that there’s some involvement of the the Espionage Act or the Presidential Records Act is baloney. This is the President I state who’s the head of the executive branch. He said he’s declassified this information he can control the act. How about what kind of access people have this information? He wants to store it in a bathroom on a on a stage, he can do that, for goodness sake. That is the standard. But these guys, it’s all political, as you know, and it’s all about trying to get close to Trump. Well, there’s a standard that Joe Biden didn’t meet, and I’m gonna get to that in a minute. But as as you know, President Trump declassified there’s it’s been published now online, he declassified everything concerning crossfire hurricane and implicates Joe Biden and implicates Barack Hussein Obama in place, the DOJ and the CIA. And there are some who are theorizing out there and there’s wanted to see what your thought was on this, that that the rate of Mar a Lago was to get those documents back that it had been declassified, because they were afraid Trump was going to reveal the complicity and illegality of the Democrats and the infiltrators in the FBI and CIA, what are your thoughts? I don’t know if that’s the motive, or just the general motive. They’ve been trying to get this guy since 2016, when they use the fake dossier dossier they knew was false to get a warrant to spy on someone associated with this campaign. And it’s just continued ever since. So I don’t know the motive. But I do know whatever the direct motive is, the overall goal is to get get president so much so that the guy they pick, I mean, this Jack Smith, the guy that picked who garland picked to do the the Special Counsel, I actually was in a deposition with Jack Smith. Not what, nine years ago, May of May of 2014. Because Jack Smith, when he worked at the Justice Department then was looking for way came up in different emails and stuff that we had, he was looking for ways to prosecute the very people who were targeted by Lois Lerner and Brock Obama’s IRS. So that’s the kind of guy pick the run this investigation. If it was a more specific motive, I don’t know. But I knew the general motive is they’ve been able to get President Trump from the start. And here’s nothing, it just I think is so scary, so dangerous. They got his lawyers know, the idea that you can break the attorney client privilege and get access to President Trump’s lawyers and written notes about the case. I mean, that is not how our system works. That is so frightening. Any any American should be concerned about the fact that they did that to any other American, let alone the former president and the guy leading in the polls right now for the 2024 race, unconstitutional and unlawful, which defines our political opponents. Congressman Jim Jordan is our guest right now, folks, and let’s let’s pivot because you know, CNN and MSNBC is in the majority of the biased press, they want to ignore the current occupier, the Oval Office who is accused of selling out this country for foreign cash on multiple occasions, they want to ignore that and they want to pretend the biggest deal is a man who’s not in power not making decisions not harming the country. President Trump, Biden has we’re told by Senator Chuck Grassley in an open floor testimony, there are oligarch tapes out there tape these conversations 15 to them with Hunter Biden, two of them with Joe Biden, is the GOP asking the FBI, if they if they have them? Yes, we want the tapes, and we want the 1023 document we actually want to make public, the American people have should have a right to see that we want to make public in an unredacted form. I didn’t even get to read it in a fully unredacted form. There were redactions in the in the form that as a member of the committee, that that when the when I read it, there were still things redacted. And the thing that jumped out about me is in the report, the competence or human source understands that this is a report that the FBI compiled themselves. So they’re talking to a source of credible sources, they paid for a number of years paid a lot of money to this source is talking to them. The FBI put this report together, they they put in that report, when the source is talking to the foreign national, foreign national, who allegedly has the 17 tapes, the foreign national and the source are talking to sources Hey, you got to stay away from the Biden. President Trump’s won the election used to used to stay away from the store or excuse me, this foreign national then says nothing to worry about. There’s so many different bank accounts. And he also says, We never paid the big guy directly. The big that really stuck out to me, because that’s the second time we’ve seen the reference to the term big guy. The first one was in October 2020. This was though written in June of 2020. So before we ever heard about it in the context of the campaign, from that email, we have this and now we have both this foreign national who’s alleged to have paid the Biden’s the money using the term big guy. And then the other one that we heard about in October 2020 is an email where it’s someone who’s The Business Partner of Hunter Biden. So people on both people receiving the money has referenced the big guy, people paying the money. I’ve referenced the big guy. I think that’s significant. And it sort of raises the fundamental question, Chris. It’s the big guys and Joe Biden. Who is it? Who is it? That was who it is? Exactly? Well, let’s talk about the FBI running interference, because I want to make sure that folks understand this. The Marsha Blackburn, and Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley yesterday in the Senate was was questioning the deputy FBI director and asking him why he redacted the the existence of these recordings, these tapes. Is it true that the FBI tried to hide from Congress the existence of these tapes by redacting their their existence in the ft 2023? Is that true? I don’t know. Because I don’t know what if that’s what’s under the redactions. Here’s what I do know, the documents not classified. Initially, the FBI wouldn’t confirm that the document even exist, then they say, Well, it does exist, but we’re not gonna let you see it. Then they said, Well, we’re gonna let the chairman and the ranking member of the Oversight Committee see it. Then they said, Well, I guess we’ll let the all the committee members see it. But it’s going to be seen in a redacted form. We’re saying no, no, let the whole country see it in an unredacted form, the only thing that should be redacted on that, on that form is the name of the source. Right. Everything else. Let the American people speak. After all, it’s not classified. For goodness sake. That is how this could play out. The fact that it’s not going that way. makes us even more suspicious of an FBI who we already have suspicions about. Yeah, the FBI is mishandling unclassified information. Yeah, exactly. Jim Jordan is our guest right now, folks, Fourth Congressional district in the state of Ohio, this oligarch who you know, I mean, you can blame him because he wanted he was trying to buy his way into the US government. But Allegedly, he had a client, he was able to buy off Joe Biden and his and his cokehead son. Now, many people believe that once this oligarch has identified that he could be a target for those who don’t want this information out there is the GOP taking steps to protect the oligarch Well, we that that name in the in the when I read the report, the 1023 that that is redacted. So yeah, that’s that’s in the report that too, but we don’t want anyone to get hurt, you certainly don’t want a source who has been helpful to our country, you certainly don’t want to have to do anything that would jeopardize his his safety. We understand that. But by the same token, the American people, we the people have a right to know what’s really going on, particularly with the guy who’s the head of our government, because the United States if this stuff is what’s alleged is actually, you know, accurate. That’s that’s that’s huge news. That’s huge concern. That’s a big problem. So that’s why we think this needs to be made public with the appropriate redaction of the sources. Now, and I think it’s disgusting of the conduct of the press, to be honest with you, Congressman, as they focus on a man who is not making decisions in government right now. That’s the main that’s the main story. And they’re willing to ignore the man who is sitting in the Oval Office. And he is, and we’re told it’s the seriousness of the charge. But it’s only the seriousness of the charge when it applies to a Republican when there’s a serious surgical Democrat. They ignore it, and I think they ought to be called out on that. Let me go through this. It’s a laundry list, but you’re going to see where I’m going with this. The DOJ, the FBI, we know that they’ve that even though the FBI had evidence that Hillary Clinton had committed crimes because we had James Comey on tape in that press conference, saying that there was evidence she committed crimes, they use their influence to stop all investigations and all and all prosecution. We know according to the Durham report that the FBI had no evidence of of a crime surrounding Donald Trump yet, they launched crossfire hurricane and an investigation that undermined the first two years of his presidency. We know the FBI has buried in slow walked revelations of the seriousness of the Hunter Biden laptop. We also know the DOJ pressured the IRS to fire the team. There was investigating Hunter Biden’s finances. And we also know that the FBI is refusing to turn over at one point, the unclassified document the ft 1023. And we’re told there are more ft 1020 threes about more influence peddling that outlines criminal influence peddling by the Biden’s for cash foreign cash. So naturally, the corrupt DOJ is targeting Trump. So simply put Hillary guilty. Make sure that we investigate Trump. Biden guilty. Make sure that we because as you know, Joe Biden withheld congressionally withheld funds to Ukraine, unless they fired that prosecutor. They impeached Trump for doing that. And now Biden guilty. He admitted he had classified information since 1974. As Senator and vice president now they’re going to indict Trump. Anybody else see a pattern here? Yeah, no kidding. No. And he had classified of risk for different locations for goodness sake. Yeah. So no, it is not to mention what the Justice depart Government has done to interfere in the election. In 2016, as you pointed out, it was the dossier, the fake dossier that decayed and it was false that they use Biden’s campaign 2018 It was the Mueller investigation. 2020 It was the 51 former Intel official signing the letter saying that the Biden laptop was a bunch of baloney Russian disinformation when it wasn’t false what that letter said they use the title, former head of ODNI former head of CIA, all that, that that in 2022 they raid President Trump’s home 91 days before the midterm election. And now of course, they’ve indicted him 18 months 17 months before the presidential race. So that that is election interference at its worst, and particularly this last one because it says opponent, his administration, His justice department that’s indicting President Trump, who’s beating him in every single poll. Well, and that leads me to my final question, you know, CNN and MSNBC s and that the alphabet letter soup networks, they say that they don’t want to cover the malfeasance because a Democrat is now in power. They don’t want to cover any of that. However, you folks in Congress have a different obligation to actually finding the truth. As we all know, Speaker McCarthy took impeachment of Joe Biden off the table. And that was before these revelations of these ft 1020 threes that allege that Joe Biden has been selling out our nation for a payday from foreign nationals. Do you think that now impeachment is back on the table? As far as the speaker is concerned? Because of these revelations and the seriousness of these allegations? Well, I do think that that’s a decision for the entire conference. If if these allegations are, you know, if the proof becomes so compelling that, you know, even the mainstream press, I think would have to look at it. But we don’t know for sure if these tapes exist, if they do and they say what Senator Grassley has has said that, that he thinks they’re gonna they’re gonna say that I think that’s a different animal. But I do think it’s that impeachment is something we have to look at. But it’s a decision that the entire Congress has to make the entire Republican Conference has to make it bigger, because I know what it was like I was, you know, involved in defending President Trump during impeachment. I remember weeks in the bunker in the basement of the Capitol, when Adam Schiff was doing his ridiculous impeachment, the Democrats are doing their ridiculous impeachment of President Trump, and then in the Intel Committee, the hearings and the hearings in the district, but he then on the floor, it truly consumes Congress, if you go that way. And so look, if it’s warranted, we should do it. But we should first see if it’s warranted. And then make a decision as a conference about the conference. Because you took me someplace I wasn’t anticipating going there are stories out there about the conservative rebellion, shutting things down in retaliation for the debt ceiling deal, which arguably was was terrible. And then and then you have now the the moderate Republicans who are out there bashing the conservative Republicans trying to lash back and of course, the press is delightful. Delighted, rather, I should say, to publish all of this Republican infighting it can you tell me if there is a unified one unifying principle, at least one that unifies every Republican in that conference that would get them to come together on something? Is there anything new right, that’s what we should do? And we should we should remember what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in her response to the State of the Union address when she stood up, she said, I thought she did a tremendous job. But the best line I thought was when she said the divide in America today is normal versus crazy. And what we need to understand is Republicans need need to stay united in fighting the craziness. I mean, it is crazy to want to defund the police. It is crazy to say non citizens who voted just crazy safe boys to compete against girls in sport, it is crazy to say we’re gonna let a Chinese spy balloon fly clear across the country. And then you could just keep you could just keep going on and on. That’s the divide. And what we need to unite on is like saying, we’re against crazy we Republicans gonna unite and stop the crazy radical left from doing to our country weaponizing agencies, attacking our culture, attacking America itself. I mean, that’s what we need to stay unified on. And keep that as the center focus. And if we do that we can do good things for the country. And for the people we get the chance to represent Yeah, and oppose topless Topless events at the White House being hosted. I know that just Yeah, absolutely crazy. Congressman, Jim Jordan, sir. Always appreciate the visit in the conversation. Come back soon. We will take care. Thanks. That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, folks. Visit a couple of websites. Texas, Texas. great journalism going on there. The stories that impact Texas and beyond. Also check out Chris You can find all of our social media hookups there once you make it to Chris and you can also find the Chris Salcedo shows on radio and television. First off am 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast with TNT radio, that is morning talk radio that’s where you can weigh in too. We’ll be getting to hear from you. Also on Newsmax TV every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends at Kroger you can find the highest quality products at a great price in every aisle every day with Kroger brand so you can stock up on your household favorites that are tried tested and loved by you because when you get the products you love a great prices. It feels like winning shop now in store or online Kroger fresh for everyone.

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