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Congressman Matt Gaetz Confronts Joe Biden's Crooked DOJ

Conservative Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz.

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I’m sure by now you’ve all heard that Hunter Biden’s plea deal was struck down because of this blanket immunity deal that was tucked in there that was that was negotiated by the prosecutors and the defense. The blanket immunity deal would have made sure that any and all investigations that could have been predicated on an investigation of of Hunter Biden could never have been traced back to Beijing Biden, the big guy the the brand, as they called it, as Devon Archer called it in his testimony. 

So this idea of blanket immunity was the DOJ, the corrupt DOJ his way of stopping any and all investigations of the Democrats leader and making sure that all of his malfeasance could not be discovered by means of going after his son, which is his lead henchmen and all of the malfeasance that Joe Biden is accused of, of undertaking. So that got a lot of Republicans who saw this thinking, wow, that’s, that’s novel. You’ve got the DOJ out there, trying to figure out ways to cover up cover the tracks of the illegality of Democrats, one of those guys who’s always thinking about ways to give a little back to the leftist that they so richly deserve is a guy by the name of Matt Gaetz. He’s a congressman from Florida, he proffered what some are calling an unusual tactic. He was talking about former President Trump testifying as a whistleblower before any house panel, and that would grant him immunity from the Inquisitor Jack Smith gates floating the idea to Charlie Kirk. Gaetz insisted that Congress, especially the GOP controlled House, has to exert its equities to combat what is believed to be political persecution of President Trump. 

One way to do that, call Trump a witness, quote, you can actually bring President Trump in to give testimony to Congress and in so doing immunize him. Gaetz told Kirk adding, there are layers of immunity, but full immunity would require a supermajority of the house. But if you had a super majority vote of a committee like speaker, Kevin McCarthy could set up a select committee tomorrow, that can bring Trump in and immunize him, Gaetz said, and then we could proceed with a very legitimate investigative work that we’re doing of the Biden’s and the DOJ is corruption. Interesting. 

Gaetz could not give quick examples of how or when this tactic has been used in the past. conceding, it hasn’t been used. Recently, folks, I don’t know if it’s been used at all. But I think it’s, this is indicative of where we are in this country that things are so corrupt, in favor of the left wing, things are so not American, that our people have to go down this road to say, well, you know, what, if we’re going to bastardize the law on one side, we got a we got to stretch the law on the other side, I gotta be honest with you. I was listening to some you know, every once in a while you get on what do you what do you call that? Ah Instagram, get on Instagram, you start scrolling through all these videos and there was this one dude, who came on there, said, you know, none of this is surprising about the indictments of Trump about what’s going on in this country. He says this is what happens with last gasps of, of republics. This is what happens when they’re about ready to fall. And me I’m a pretty upbeat guy normally, you know, I like to see the positive I, I believe in the great greatness of America. But I’ve got to be honest with you, my friends, I am seeing things that I never thought I’d see in the United States of America. 

There was a veteran, a Marine, 78 years old, who was just gunned down by the FBI. He was unarmed at the time according to the reports that I read, and this man, now granted, he had made some threats against Beijing Biden online, but you know, no worse than a threat by Madonna who said she wanted to burn down the White House or Kathy Griffin with Donald Trump’s severed head, no raids on their homes, and certainly not being gunned down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of an unarmed 78 year old man who neighbors According to some accounts that couldn’t he wasn’t very mobile couldn’t even get around very fast. So the idea that the FBI showed up this guy was unarmed, using a walker, and thought that he should be gunned down. I’m waiting for more information to come out about this. But for crying out loud, this type of activity that’s going on in the country where the DOJ is running interference for the illegality of, of Democrats, where we just found out that the FBI, the director of the FBI lied when he said that the targeting of Catholics was only one field office turns out that was a lie a memo revealing that it was several FBI offices that had been set to target Catholics. It just doesn’t feel good at all, folks, we have a conversation about other goings on with the aforementioned Congressman Matt gates, up next on the Salcedo Storm Podcast. 

Let’s get to our guest Congressman Matt Gaetz. He represents the first district in the great conservative state of Florida, where conservative Republicans don’t give chairmanships to Democrats to kill GOP priorities. Gate serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. Congressman, it’s been a while sir. Welcome back. 

Well, thanks so much for having me, Chris. And you know, I’m from the best part of Florida, because it’s the closest to Texas, we’re just down the road. 

Amen to that my brother. I’ve got something to read to you from the chief beta male in this country. His name, of course, is Antony Blinken. He’s the alleged Secretary of State. He says quote, The United States strongly condemns Russia’s conviction of opposition leader Alexey Navalny and politically motivated charges the Kremlin cannot silence the truth. Navalny should be released. Your reaction on the Biden administration condemning a foreign country, politicizing the government and jailing their political opponents. What was your reaction to that?

Well, just the lack of self-awareness, to put out a statement like that, without even a hint of irony, obviously, what’s happening to involve the knee is not good at all. But this is clearly a Putin troll. Right? I mean, everyone can see this troll from across the Atlantic Ocean. Putin is the Biden administration choosing to tangle with Trump, not through the democratic electoral process. Not you know, state by state, not in the public discourse. But with, you know, like the fourth politically charged indictment on its way to kick in the door. And so Putin goes and jacks up a bunch of charges on the ballsy knowing that with the Tony Blinken, Joe Biden foreign policy, paint by numbers approach, that they would be this like, you know, this statement as if it was crafted in response to some essay exam at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, and the result is we look like fools to the world. Putin continues to be able to use the misplays of the Biden administration against us globally. And here we sit, losing that ability to have the moral high ground in the world. And that’s really where a lot of what you’re seeing right now from Biden, Garland is going to have a lasting impact and one reflected on in the history book, that they had to use these improper tools for politics. And it’s a lot like what you see against some of the January six defendants Chris, they’re using these people as props so that they can get the country believing that you have to be afraid of your neighbor that’s got a maga hat on are an American flag. And the reality is, we are kind, warm, patriotic people who want everyone in this country to succeed. And in exchange for that. This is the treatment that our leader gets and then many of our fellow Americans.

Right, and we just want the equal application of law which of course is antithetical to the Democrat way of of existing. Let me let me illustrate that Alina Hiaba, who is the one of the attorneys for President Trump stepped out in the late in the shadow of the latest indictment, which is just absurd. And I’m going to get into that absurdity with you here in a minute. But she she laid out exactly what the country has been seeing. And it seems every single time Hunter Biden gets in trouble, then that’s when all of a sudden the DOJ springs into action to change the subject. Listen to Alina haba. 

Last week. That fact that I am standing here for the third time in five months is not a coincidence. This is the Biden political law fair that we have seen time and time again. It is a deflection from everything that they have done. And if you don’t believe me look at the facts. On March 17, Hunter accidentally admits that it was his laptop from hell. The next day, DA Alvin Bragg, indicts President Trump do you need an FBI document is released showing that the Ukrainians paid the Biden crime family, millions and millions of dollars the next day, the Mara Lago raid and the Mara Lago indictment. Last week, Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal fell through when the judge realized they had blanket immunity the following day, a superseding indictment against Donald Trump. 

So what she’s laying out is every single time Hunter Biden gets in trouble which could lead back to the big guy who you and I know is sitting in the Oval Office, then all of a sudden it’s time to attack Trump and the media and the left wing trolls on Twitter just eat it all up. But I think it’s it doesn’t it speak to the corruption of the Department of injustice. 

Undeniably and in our politics, we’re used to people spasming with some sort of reflex to deflect and attack their opponent whenever they’re under attack. What’s unusual here is they’re literally using they’re blending the American criminal system with that political desire to deflect the way Alina lays it out right there. It’s, it’s so obvious, it almost makes you scratch your head and think, Well, if we weren’t going after Hunter, would they leave Trump alone? And the reality is they wouldn’t. And so we’ve got to do our work. We’ve got to endeavor to lay out. There is an international influence peddling operation, that the Biden’s have drifted off for generations. And it doesn’t come at no consequence. Right? We do a pretty good job laying out the money to enhance the pass throughs. I think in the coming weeks, Republicans have to do a better job laying out what the Biden gave these foreigners in exchange for these bribes. No one pays for pays a bribe, to not get something in return. And whether it was prosecutors fired policy changes. And the one that I that really gets me is we had a specialized unit President Trump set up to go after Chinese influence. It’s called the China initiative at the Department of Justice, Joe Biden, Merrick Garland shut it down their first day, of course, they don’t have time and again, our in our interests are subjugated. 

No, I’m right there with you. It seems anything that leads back to the big guy anything that leads back to Gi Jinping. The Democrats are committed, whether it be through votes in the House of Representatives or 65. Democrats voted to protect Communist China or where you’re seeing the DOJ now running interference for Joe Biden’s influence peddling scams and there are multiple we are told now, there are multiple fm 1020 threes, the one and Ukraine two seems to be the most infamous and maybe the most pricey. We’re talking to Congressman Matt Gaetz everybody first district and the great conservative state of Florida. Chuck Todd over the weekend, Congressman, inexplicably said to Mr. Lauro, one of Trump’s attorneys, that it has been adjudicated on the states that the states and of course, I’m thinking about Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, that it’s been adjudicated, that they did nothing wrong when they operated their elections outside of their existing laws as passed by their legislators in those states, Chuck Todd, out and out lied. And I know we out and out lied, because up in Michigan, for example, a judge up there ruled that the Secretary of State there did in fact violate that state’s election laws. Would you speak to MSN BS and NBC properties? Who are putting out propaganda in an effort to say, oh, everything’s been decided here, everything was on the up and up, when you and I both know that states did not follow their election laws in the last in the 2020 election? 

Well, Chris, they conflate courts choosing to punt the resolution of those questions on jurisdictional grounds with some sort of factual determination on the merits. The reality is in far too many of these cases, the 2020 election was a massive failure of Article Three court, because the few of them chose to exercise that jurisdiction and hold evidentiary hearings. We never really got evidentiary hearings on the activities that were going on at the TCF center in Detroit. We thought evidentiary hearings when you had votes that didn’t match up with the actual voter rolls. And I think, frankly, judges were witnesses in a lot of cases and did not exercise proper jurisdiction. So, you know, we went to the Capitol on January 6, to make an argument to have a debate to present a case, the riot disrupted that much too much to our frustration. And the fight for election integrity continues. You know, for us, that means getting good people elected Attorney General Secretary of State, that means getting our sharp operatives on a lot of these canvassing boards, so that we’re not cheated at the vote, even if we prevail on the ultimate question of the have the election, and put forward a positive vision for the country. 

And I have said, Congressman, that it is possible to hold an election that is representative of the will of the people. If you’re not following your laws, it is possible. But it’s also equally possible that it did not reflect the actual will of the voters. And let me just point to I mentioned Michigan, let’s just point to Pennsylvania, the governor stepped in the Supreme Court there stepped in and created all of these carve outs against the election laws of Pennsylvania, they are not permitted to do so under our Constitution. Contrast that with Nevada, their legislature met and passed the I don’t agree with what they did out there. But they did it the right way. Their legislature passed China virus rules to allow the election to be administered in a different way. They did it the correct way. So the the very idea that it is okay for states like Pennsylvania, to have governors swoop in when they have no constitutional authority to change election laws is vacuous and stupid. And it isn’t an irresponsible of NBC and their properties to put out that fiction. 

I think it’s more irresponsible that we’re not playing with the same playbook the Democrats are to be honest with you, Chris. I mean, why were they why were the Democrats in a position to have the secretary of state you know, As a election official in someplace unilaterally operate outside of the constitutional framework, because they got those people elected, and it was coordinated. It wasn’t one state where this happened. You saw this in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia was a state where they I think there was a lot of bolts of extra constitutional action. And so the battle plan, as I see it, is to go get Republicans in those positions, not to not to tilt anything our way. But just to call balls and strikes fairly. And like, I mean, how was the history books going to look at this because Trump was so good at politics, that it changed the rules of the game, right before the election. And it had a massive impact, and it’s something I think we need to correct. 

I wanted to get your opinion, by the way, Matt Gaetz is our guest right now. There’s some online chatter and I haven’t heard or seen a story that says this is official. But it turns out that Jack Smith, the Inquisitor, Jack Smith, he didn’t include the same way that the unselect committee the January 6 committee didn’t include the statement in the lips by President Trump that they should the people gathered there should peacefully and patriotically going protest what was going on? Jack Smith, on purpose withheld that, and they’re saying that he could be Jack Smith can be indicted, because the judge in the case said provide all exculpatory evidence that the prosecution has, and they neglected to do that. So let me ask you, your professional opinion.

I doubt that Chris, because, you know, he’s gonna say that that’s in the possession custody or control the defendants anyway, because it’s in the public domain. It is something that the Jack Smith indictment reads like some sort of resistance live MSNBC monologue, more than an actual chronicle of events on January 6, and beyond. And it lays bare how nakedly political this is I mean, I’ve seen the January 6 committee members from Danny Thompson to Aguilar, on a crowing that it was their work, that gasp lit this indictment. And it probably was, to be honest with you, it probably was the fact that they got a committee and kicked off any Republican with it with any gumption or guts. And now here, we find ourselves the laughingstock of the world. And, frankly, the only way to correct it is to have a verdict in this election, for President Trump and for all of us. 

Last question, I’m not even going to offer any opinion, I’m just going to get you to react. This is Chris Christie. He’s a presidential candidate. He was on with CNN, and he had this to say about an element of our foreign policy in Ukraine. Listen to this. 

There’s lots of folks over here, I in fact, hundreds of millions of Americans who believe that the Ukrainian causes just and let’s remember this data, Donald Trump said that the person perpetrating these atrocities, torture, murder, and the kidnap of innocent children is brilliant, and an excellent leader. That’s the kind of thing that Donald Trump will bring back to the presidency is that type of attitude towards somebody like Vladimir Putin, I think the American people need to really wonder whether Vladimir Putin is the role model we want for leadership around the world. Hundreds of millions of Americans claims Mr. Christie support the cause in Ukraine. Your reaction, Congressman? 

Yeah, I mean, the the pro Ukraine wing of the Republican Party, I think is going to find themselves at odds with a lot of our voters, if $115 billion authorized isn’t enough to kick in the door and Ukraine. I don’t know precisely what Governor Christie is, is suggesting, you know, you know, what President Trump offered in Ukraine and Europe and the rest of the world deterrence, because he wasn’t predictable. And because Trump was unpredictable, it kept foreign leaders from violating borders and from killing people and the slaughter is what could have been avoided, I think with a more fulsome foreign policy and a more realistic foreign policy, not what we’ve gotten on the Biden administration. But you know, I guess if Ukraine and Chris Christie are such a great match, he can have them and they can have him for all I hear care. 

Yeah peace broke out courtesy of President Trump’s unpredictability and actually let’s just be honest with the team, he put together stability that the United States was not going to tolerate China’s rushes malfeasance around the globe, Congressman Matt Gaetz everybody first district in the great state of Florida. It is always great to catch up and come back soon. 

Absolutely. Thanks, my friend. 

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