Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard
Conservative Leader Awards & Primary Election Challengers
Conservative Leader Award Recipients
  • The Conservative Leader Awards gala took place on Saturday, December 4 in Irving, Texas. The following activists were honored:
  • Ammon Blair, Ashley Brickett, Betty Anderson, Don Dixon, Dorothy Boyett, Hilary Raebler, Joe Murphy, Joy & Terry Putnam, Konner Earnest, Mary Trammel, Michelle Bishop, Rafael Cruz, Sue Evenwel, and Tom Glass.
  • Julie McCarty was awarded the Torch of Freedom Award.
Growing List of State Lawmakers Not Seeking Re-election
  • Republican State Rep. Jeff Cason (Bedford) announced last week he would not be seeking re-election to his House District 92 seat.
  • Republican State Sen. Larry Taylor (Friendswood) announced last week he would not be seeking re-election to his Senate District 11 seat.
  • Republican State Rep. Mayes Middleton (Galveston) filed to run for the seat vacated by Sen. Taylor, thereby creating an open seat for House District 23.
  • There are currently 31 state lawmakers who have announced they are not seeking re-election to their current elected positions.
  • This includes 26 House lawmakers, made up of 15 Republicans and 11 Democrats.
  • This includes 5 Senate lawmakers, made up of four Republicans and one Democrat.
Filing Deadline Approaches
  • Several incumbent lawmakers have already received filed/announced primary and general election challengers.
  • The candidate filing deadline is Monday, December 13 for candidates up and down the ballot.
  • All current statewide elected officials have multiple primary challengers, with the exception of Republican Comptroller Glenn Hegar.
  • Hotly contested races in Texas Senate appear to be for Senate Districts 10, 12, 11, 24, and 31.
  • Liberal Republicans like State Rep. Travis Clardy (Nacogdoches), Kyle Kacal (College Station), and Ernest Bailes (Shepherd) have received multiple primary challengers.
  • You can find the three-part series with an exhaustive listing/explanation here:
  • Part 1: Statewide Races Taking Shape
  • Part 2: Texas Senate Races Taking Shape
  • Part 3: Texas House Races Taking Shape


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