More than 1.1 million people have registered to vote in Texas since November of 2020. That’s more than eight states have in their entire voting populations.

These voters could have a massive impact on the next election.

This week, the Defend Texas Liberty PAC released a new poll of these voters. The data from the poll shows these voters are VERY conservative and plan on voting Republican by a 20 percent margin.

You can find the poll here.

We just had a drag queen show with children present in Roanoke, Texas. This is a city with a Republican sheriff, district attorney, congressman, state senator, and state representative.

Lastly, it was very encouraging to see Pastor Ed Newton speak boldly on gender and sexuality from the pulpit. If you know of any bold pastors in Texas, I would love to meet them. We need to start building up a coalition of pastors willing to stand in the gap, and seeing the pastor of the largest church in San Antonio speak up is very encouraging.

I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast.



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