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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Democrats Choosing The GOP Speaker, IT MUST STOP!

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Jack Reynolds is a military veteran. He’s an educator with a masters degree in economics and a doctorate in educational leadership. He’s running to replace Charlie Geren in HD-99, in North Texas.

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Play a little game, shall we? Good Republican, bad Republican. Just so you know that the ground rules of this game are? If you defend our people against the ravages of socialist Democrats, then you are a good Republican. If you do not, then you are a bad Republican. 

Let’s have the case that he should we go good first or bad. First, let’s illustrate a bad Republican. Here is one this is Mitt Romney folks visiting I guess with NBC. listen. 

“Well, let’s talk about you and your future. Your decision to leave the Senate. You’ve been adamant. You’re not going to run for president. So I won’t ask you that question. But what is next for you, Senator? Well, I came here to ask you whether perhaps a position here at NBC News be available? I don’t have the answer to that. And everybody’s like.” 

Yeah, that doesn’t sound so far fetched. Air quotes, Republicans like Mitt Romney find places like CNN and MSNBC, S and NBC and CBS, the ranks of the so called journalists around this country. They love Republicans who hate conservatives and who facilitate democratic victories over conservatism. They love that. But Mitt Romney continued. 

“You know, I will, I will continue to work to keep America the hope of the earth and the hope of the people in this country.”

That’s not going to be accomplished by facilitating Democrat victory after Democratic victory. It’s it’s just not going to happen. These people are anti free enterprise. They are pro totalitarian government. And, frankly, Mitt Romney, your desire to to stop anyone who vehemently and adamantly opposes them, disqualifies you from being considered an effective for public and remember, the criteria how we judge any Republican should be how well they defend us against the ravages of the Democrat Socialist Party. 

Now, let’s go to a good Republican, shall we? Here’s Senator Rand Paul. He says it’s stupid to borrow money from communist China and then turn that money over to Ukraine so they can quote unquote, defend themselves, listen. 

“But it’s irresponsible to simply borrow more money. To borrow the money from China. Simply descend to Ukraine makes no sense and makes us weaker? Not stronger.” 

Okay. Let’s deal with that premise. sending money overseas to a foreign country, like let’s say, let’s take Ukraine out of it for a minute. How about Israel? How about Israel? Republicans, real ones came up with an idea. And they didn’t attach it attach it to must pass legislation. So it’s not going to go anywhere, which shows you their level of commitment. But here was the agreement, we’ll send money over to our ally, Israel. And because they need our help, no problem. We’re going to offset that money by money that was already allocated to a reviled and despised and irresponsible government agency a failed government agency. 

The name of the Internal Revenue Service, we don’t want them to have 80,000 new IRS agents that are armed to come after us to squeeze more money out of the American people. So we’d rather send that to our friends over in Israel. That’s what they call pay for folks, money is already allocated. So instead of taxing the American people more, adding more to the credit card, we just basically use money that’s already allocated, because at this time, the aid to Israel takes priority over funding, one of the most reviled and ineffective agencies in our federal government, the Internal Revenue Service. 

“But let’s be honest, most of Congress doesn’t seem to care about the debt doesn’t seem to care how much money we shovel out the door and out of the country. Why? Because it’s not their money. Every day, Milton Friedman statement is proven correct, that nobody spend somebody else’s money as wisely as their own. I doubt the big spenders in Congress will ever consider spending any of their own money. But Americans across the land should sit up and notice and attach blame to these profligate spenders.” 

Yes. It’s called holding these people responsible for what they do. And that’s, by the way, folks, we’re having the same fight in the state of Texas. As you may or may not know, the filing deadline passed last week for individuals to file to run and the upcoming election, the primaries coming up in March. 

And the good news is here. A lot of these pro Democrat Republicans have earned primary opponents now that we’ve got to get the word out to as to how these current Republican sitting in office have betrayed us all have betrayed the conservative movement have betrayed the Republican Party in service to socialists. I have a guest who’s going to help me do that. Coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

There is no example of Republicans doing the level of depravity the Democrats do because the sliding scale is courtesy of the Democrats. It’s always courtesy of the Democrats. So tell me the name of the Republican where they found cocaine in the White House. Tell me the name of the Republican that allowed these displays on the on the White House lawn where transvestite males are showing off their fake breasts. Tell me you know the last Republican staffer that was caught shooting porn in the Senate tell me the names. They can’t tell me the Republican organization that is saying we want to destroy the nuclear family. Tell me the names. 

They can’t. All they can say is well what this Republican did 25 years ago or allegedly did two drugs there is no comparison this it is sliding off the rails folks, and direct it tack on the cultural underpinnings that inform how our policies are made. And look, I gotta be honest with you, there are some Republicans out there that look at this depravity from the Democrats and say, I want them in power. 

Charlie Garin, who is as you guys have heard me talk about this guy quite frequently. He’s one of these Republicans. In fact, he’s the only surviving so called Republican who was the architect of the gang 11 coup, that now allows the Democrat party in Texas to choose the Republican Speaker. He’s also anti school choice and anti education, freedom. And Charlie Garin has earned a challenger in the next primary. His name is Jack Reynolds. He’s a military veteran. He’s an educator with a master’s degree in economics and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He’s running to replace Charlie Garin and House District 99 in that race up there in North Texas, sir, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Hi, Chris. Thanks for having me here. 

Pleasures all mine, sir. First off, let’s go down some of these issues here. I guess I might as well ask you to weigh in on your reaction to the cultural decline being sponsored by the people that Charlie Garin wants to put in charge of committees power they didn’t earn at the ballot box. What did you make of that video that came out of a of a Senate staffer inside the Senate, a Senate hearing room, a historic Senate hearing room making pornographic videos? 

Well, obviously, it’s it’s a disgrace and a blight on one of America’s institutions. That’s not certainly not something that I think, you know, would be appropriate by any stretch of the imagination. And I think it speaks volumes. I think the phrase you use, there’s appropriate cultural decline. And that’s what we’re seeing. You know, I tell people, when we talk about the fact that I listen, whatever else we might think our voters have spoken loud and clear, they do not want Democrats in charge of these committees here in Texas. And the when I talk to people about this, I’m not opposed to working with Democrats, generally speaking, but it’s important to understand these are not your parents, Democrats, these are not Tip O’Neill Democrats that Reagan work with. These folks have absolutely gone off the deep end, they have become anti American, anti Christian, anti male, anti capitalist, anti white. I’m a white male, American capitalist, Christian. There’s just no place for me in the modern Democratic Party, and I don’t understand how anybody can be embracing some of the ideals that they have been professing here lately. 

Yeah. Don’t forget the Jew hatred too. And of course, when you when you see all of these debaucherous activities and values demonstrated by the Democrats, your opponent, Charlie Garin says, Oh, I dig that. I gotta have more of that. So he was the sort of the only surviving architect of this gang 11 coup, and I’m gonna get to that in a minute. But let’s talk about some issues here at home. The Ken Paxton falsely predicated impeachment cost the taxpayers and this is just an initial estimate, $4.3 million and counting. And of course, your opponent, Charlie Garen was a full throated supporter of this raking over the coals of the Texas taxpayers. What do you say? 

Well, obviously, this was one of the driving issues for me. One of the questions I get most often is why did I decide to run particularly in this district with someone whose history is such that as my wife says, Charlie, Garen is an ornery Oka. And I think the last elections in 16 and 18 I think we saw just how ornery Charlie Garin can be. But when the hypocrisy required, listen, I’m certainly not condoning any of the allegations. I’ve gone through them. I’ve not seen much there. I don’t know. He used his office to help a friend and a colleague. You’d be hard pressed to convince me that most politicians don’t do that. So the whole thing is, it just smacks of a level of hypocrisy. And the very kind of behavior it’s almost like they just contempt they just picked up where they left off in oh nine, when they when they got rid of Craddick. And they’re just continuing to try to push their own folks into positions that cannot win it at the ballot box. 

Well, let me ask were you concerned at all when you heard about this mountain of evidence that the House said they had? And then what we now know is what they called whistleblowers we now know are co conspirators, when when they were not under oath, they were saying all manner of nasty things about Ken Paxton but when they got under oath, they changed their testimony even one of them admitting Yes, we went to the FBI with no evidence of a crime. Did that give you any pause? Because Charlie Garin knew the score, in my opinion, and he voted for it anyway. 

Of course it did. And I would take it a step farther. You may recall that Charlie Geruin also alleged that general Paxton had started calling members of the House threatening them. Now, whether or not this happened, there was no evidence presented. And it was just it was just plastered in all the headlines and assumed to be part of the truth. It’s the process of tainting that jury pool right now, unfortunately for all of us, it didn’t work. But that’s exactly what they were trying to do. None of those folks that that that testified against General packs, unless my information is wrong. I don’t believe any of that was under oath. They didn’t, there was no threat of the pain. 

No, no, you’re right. Exactly. They they on purpose, let them not under oath to secure the impeachment because they were able to say anything they wanted to. And then boy gave a lot of these members who didn’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground, leeway to vote for the impeachment. Then when they got under oath in front of the Senate, then under the threat of perjury, they had to tell the truth. And that’s the way it all went down. Jack Reynolds is our guest right now folks up military veteran, he is got a doctorate in educational leadership. He’s got a master’s degree in economics, and he’s an educator running to replace a rather uneducated man, in my opinion, a guy by the name of Charlie Garin and hd 99. Let me ask you about school choice, because this is something that you are, I think, pretty much an expert about, I have not yet heard a compelling reason other than we just want government to have unchallenged power as to why Charlie gerund’s defense and a lot of these 21 Republicans who sided against the will of the voters to side with socialists, why you would deny parents choice and children education, freedom? Where do you stand on this? 

Well, I’m absolutely in favor of school choice and empowering parents and given them options. I don’t want it to be the word, the only choice they have is to send their kid to the neighborhood school down the street. I think that I listen, as both an economist and an educator, I have a tendency to trust the markets more than I trust bureaucrats. And I think the markets are will air we’ll work this out and decide for everybody, what are the most effective schools? What are the most effective school policies, because people will start to move their dollars to those schools that have those that are effective, and then have those effective policies? You know, one of the things I point to when I talk to people about this is, I don’t think everybody should fully appreciate just how bad this is. Let me give you one statistic, and this is the one if anybody can explain to me why this is and why this shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be worried about this. I’d love to hear it. But going back to 2016. It’s much worse now. And I’ll explain in a moment why we haven’t gotten any more research than this. But in 2016, a liberal think tank organization put out a research paper showing that our high school graduates are spending over one and a half billion dollars every single year taking remedial courses at college. One and a half billion dollars being spent to take remedial courses at college, what on earth would we be paying our secondary institutions for if it’s not to be sure that they have the basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills necessary to go to the next level and be successful at college? And nobody’s been able to answer that question for me. And for me, that is the decisive factor. When our students are having to go and pay other people to teach them the things we were supposed to teach them, then there’s a problem that has to be addressed. And I think we need major changes in the education system. I think school choice is the beginning of a way of effecting some real positive change in public education. 

Gov Ed that is a failure at their stated mission, which is educating children other their tops, and making our children think that they are number one, the self esteem, yeah, that’s great. But they can’t do basic math at grade level. They can’t read the grade level. And that is a failure of an elected a group of elected officials who say, yeah, just give them just just give them a whole bunch of money from the people, the taxpayers, and we’re not going to check on them. And we want to prohibit the parents from being able to check on these government institutions, which by the way, they’re also lawless. Mr. mantel is I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of ISDS around the state of Texas, they openly defied a lawful order from Governor Abbott, saying you can’t force masks on kids. They did it anyway in violation of the law. So they’re teaching our kids that they get to break the law with impunity, and I think it’s a bad, bad lesson. Jack Reynolds is our guests here, folks, military veteran. He’s in a master’s degree in economics, a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, and he’s running to replace Charlie Garin who has been pushing for gambling. In Texas, you know, he owns businesses that might be able to benefit from gambling, and he just can’t seem to get over the finish line. I heard through the grapevine that he was using this as a condition to get what he wanted on gambling as to whether or not there would The they would allow parents and kids education freedom. I don’t know if you’ve heard the same story, but I think it goes to the level of depravity this man brings to office. 

I’ve heard the same kind of rumors. But I think this issue with with gambling is is deeper than we realized. Recently, Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks sold his majority share to someone named Miriam Adelson, who is the owner of the Las Vegas casino Las Vegas Sands Corp. And they recently purchased land in Irving where the Old Cowboy Stadium used to be. So the speculation is they are planning on building the casino there and maybe even have the Mavericks play there. And I think that’s a little too cozy relationship between sports and sports betting, professional athletics and sports betting for my tastes, but it also begs the question, what is the relationship between Charlie Garin and the owner of this casino company? And part of the issue is, as you know, he got married in 2017, to a one of the biggest lobbyists in the state. And so I would be curious, I’m still digging around, but I would not be surprised to find out that this happens to be one of her clients. There’s a little bit of a history here, where he has supported and even sponsored and written bills that were friendly to her clients. One just a couple years ago, back in about five years ago now was a bill that favored at&t. Wow, they noted a client of hers. 

That sounds an awful lot like what they were accusing Ken Paxton of doing, though, so there’s that hypocrisy, I thought, man. Well, we’ve already established Mr. Reynolds where you where you are on Democrat shares, the voters don’t want it. That the Democrat Party is not your is not your grandparents, Democrats, that it’s a level of depravity, and untrustworthiness that, that only Republicans like Charlie Garin and David feeling can trust. But let me ask you, I don’t know if you’ve heard this. Have you heard about the talk that you get? If you’re successful? And unseating Charlie Garin, you’re going to go up to the Texas House, and you’re going to be sat down by air quotes, Republicans like Dustin burrows, and you’re going to be told Jack, you, I want you to forget everything that you promised the people in HD 99 that those days are over. When you’re here, you can’t go on Chris Salcedo shows anymore. And you can’t talk bad badly about the Democrats and what they’re trying to do to Texas, that you have not joined a governing body, sir, you’ve joined a fraternity, they will tell you, and you’ve got to look out for every now and that the Democrats can call you any man. They can call you a Nazi. They can call you whatever they want. And you can’t respond. But you have got to take the high road because you’re in the majority. And this is a fraternity Sir, it’s not a legislature. It’s not. We don’t have everybody’s lives in our hands making these policy decisions. That’s the talk you’re going to get what is going to be your response? 

Well, my hope is, you know, there’s a whole lot of us who are challenging these incumbent, this situation with the impeachment of general Paxton did not go over well, with the grassroots of the Republican Party. And there’s a whole lot of folks that are going to come out and vote who might not typically vote in the primary. So it’s my sincere hope that this will we don’t have a lot harder time making their argument, when there’s this many freshmen in the house, all of whom were elected as a result of these kinds of this kind of very much just mindset here that says that the house does not belong to the voters of Texas, but it belongs to this fraternity, as you call it, an elected official. 

Oh, no, no, no to play these games, as they call it. They call it a fraternity, I call it government and they’re supposed to be responsible. They think it’s a frat party up there complete with alcohol as as, as you know, Jack Reynolds, everybody, military veteran, an educator with a master’s degree in economics and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. And because we do need, we do need new blood in the Texas House that actually believes the Republican majority ought to be making policy, not the Democrats. If folks want to support you, sir, where can they go? 

Go to my website Jack, the number for Jack, the number for You can take a look at stuff there. Let me know feel free to email me or call me. Let me know what you think and what’s on your mind. One of the big things for me is I think we’ve lost sight of the fact that we are not a democracy. We are a representative Republic. And my job is not to go to Austin and do what I think is best for the voters. My job is to go to Austin and do what my voters tell me they want me to do. Whether I think regardless of my own personal views on these matters, my job is to represent my constituents, period, end of story and short of violating the Constitution. That is my commitment to my constituents. But I will advocate on your behalf, not on the behalf of the lobbyists that have been invaded Austin. 

Well, HD 99 hasn’t had that in an awful long time. It would be refreshing change, sir, thank you very much for the visit. 

Thank you very much for having me, Chris. God bless you. 

And God bless. That puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast do me and yourself a favor visit to websites, Texas For all the latest in these races to bring back the Republican Party in the state of Texas, so it’s no longer a slave to the Democrat Socialist Party. That’s where you’re gonna find all those races at Texas scorecard. Also join me at Chris That’s where you find the Salcedo shows on Newsmax news Max one, Newsmax two and on the voice of Texas am 700k SCV so until we visit again, my friends remember this as society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the people who stay safe out there my friends.

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