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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Democrat's Have A History Of Colluding With Our Enemies

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Retired, Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer is a Newsmax Contributor. And he’s the President of Project Sentinel.
And Brigadier General Blaine Holt is a Newsmax contributor, Air Force veteran, C-17 commander, tech entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Restore Liberty.

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Far back as I can remember, Democrats are in league with America’s enemies. I don’t say that lightly. But I have evidence. I’m not just spouting that off. We all remember Senator Ted Kennedy, the so called Lion of the Senate. 

It was revealed through documents released after the end of the Cold War that Kennedy conspired with the Soviets to undermine President Ronald Reagan actually asking the Soviets to interfere in America’s elections to make sure Ronald Reagan was not reelected. That’s right. Democrats conspired with an enemy of the United States to take out a Republican. That’s how trustworthy they are. It was frankly, not surprising that it was Ted Kennedy, who gave the rubber stamp of approval for Barack Hussein Obama to take over the mantle of the Democrat Party, much to the chagrin of William Jefferson Clinton, who couldn’t believe it member Clinton was quoted as saying, Hey, man, what are you doing to this guy a few years in be getting us coffee, about Obama. 

And Ted Kennedy was so offended by that tea. He backed Barack Hussein Obama turns out, it wasn’t the coffee comment, it was the fact that Ted Kennedy shared a hatred of the United States that was shared by Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, of course, upon getting into the Oval Office, first thing he did was to lift sanctions put in place by the Bush administration against the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran. That’s right. Obama’s one of his first actions was to lift sanctions because he believed that Iran were good guys. He loved the Iranians, their terrorism, their hatred of Christians, their hatred of Jews. 

So Barack Hussein Obama made sure the money flowed. Then after eight years of an unmitigated foreign policy disaster. President Trump took over what did he do? And in an immediate campaign of maximum economic pressure, he brought the Iranians to their knees economically. And what did Beijing Biden do immediately upon entering office, he lifted the sanctions, and all of a sudden the money flowed back into the Iranian coffers. And that resulted in of course, Iran being able to pay for terrorism all over the globe. But you see, Joe Biden did something else. He started taking Iranian proxies off of the terror watchlist took the Houthis off the international terrorist list. Did Beijing Biden. 

And what are the Houthis doing now? They’re firing rockets at American ships. I’m going to play a soundbite this was from the Karl Rove Never Trump Network. This is Senator Dan Sullivan. And he was telling the folks over at the Karl Rove Never Trump Network about the situation that Beijing Biden inherited from President Trump, the situation Iran found themselves in in the world It was a much safer world. Peace was breaking out of the Middle East and Beijing Biden would have none of it. Listen. 

“we should be reimposing sanctions on the oil and gas sector on their ballistic missile sector. Let me give you one statistic and the Trump administration. Iran had about $4 billion in foreign reserves. That’s not a lot. Okay. Biden comes in lift sanctions, they’re they’re exporting oil like crazy, natural gas like crazy. Their foreign reserves right now are north of $70 billion. The Iranians that’s what they’re funding these terrorist proxies, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthi is with, that’s what you need to do for a comprehensive strategic long term. Policy of reestablishing deterrence is not easy. The Trump administration did it. But yeah.”

They did it. Bush did it. But of course, you gotta be pro American to want to do that. Instead, the Biden regime is taking terrorist groups off of terror watch lists, making sure the number one state sponsor of terrorism is flush with cash. And then when those people do what they do kill Americans as they did last week, three Americans are dead because of these policies. 

Three more Americans are dead because of these policies. Now, Joe Biden says oh, we’re gonna start dropping bombs. Oh, really? Yeah. Nikki Haley’s. They’re patting him on the bum bum. Yeah, we’re gonna start dropping bombs, dropping bombs, with no strategy, dropping bombs, with no mechanism to say, hey, wait a minute. Look, we should be doing something to deter this in the future. Oh, no, we can’t have any of that. 

We can’t take out our enemies. We need to have them around. In case we need to bomb them. Or in case we need to make sure they can kill more Americans, folks, it’s a joke. It’s a sad and sick joke. That really isn’t funny. We talk about the foreign policy disaster that has been the Beijing Biden Obama regime. Coming up next on the Saucedo storm podcast. 

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer Newsmax contributor and he is the president of project Sentinel. We also have Brigadier General Blaine Holt, Newsmax contributor Air Force veteran C 17, Commander, and tech entrepreneur and co founder of restored Liberty Gentlemen, welcome. 

So let’s you and I talk about what happened recently with this attack. Another Iranian backed attack that this time kills three Americans wounds, scores of others. Before we get into the how and why this could happen and who’s to blame. Our mutual friend, Colonel John Mills wrote a piece on substack about how he’s mapping out the conflicts at least 11 major inflection points around the globe, and everything is pointing to him to a world at war. War. Colonel, what is your evaluation of that? Because this is probably the biggest fear Americans have is that we’re because of American weakness descending into a world at war. 

I think it’s a lack of clarity across the board, Chris. I mean, look, I tried to look at history for lessons that we can apply to today. And one of the things I’ve noticed before the last World War, is that while we saw what was coming, we we had a fairly clear view of right and wrong. Yeah, FDR tried to keep us out kinda of World War Two. And yeah, but the thing was, though, even though he was trying at least staying, the policy was to not get involved. We were actually arming everybody, that’s a clue. And we were ramping up. One of the things that Blaine and I have gone back and forth over several times is strategy. 

They had, during the interwar years between World War One World War Two come up with what they call the rainbow plans. And no, it has nothing to do with Dei. It had to do with the fact that they gave a color to each threat, and then did a plan. They basically the word called Army War College and navy war college, sat down and did a series of what if, what if this happens, what do we do? And so at least then, Chris, that we were thinking through what would be necessary to achieve victory, if we went to war? 

Now, I can tell you, and blame those people. I don’t want to mention names here on air. But we tried for the Army War College to do this 10 years ago, it’s like, look, we see kind of these war clouds on the horizon, maybe we should be thinking about this. And senior leadership 70 is too hard to do. So the end result is, is like, yeah, it’s like, we see all this chaos. And we understand that there’s things that we may not necessarily be able to control, especially when you got people in the White House who don’t understand how to establish an effective policy. 

At least we had a sense of where we could go and what we had to do in World War Two, we rolled into World War Two prepared right now, we have no policy, we have no preparation, we have no strategy. And that’s why Chris, I think the American people, while they can’t put their finger on it, I think they’re uneasy because they see the chaos, which is before us with nobody in any leadership position, who has a plan to do anything. 

And general, if I can bring it to today, because I think there’s a major difference between what we endured back in the era of World War Two, maybe even World War One in the United States of America and what we’re enduring today, back then we didn’t have an entire political party, and infiltrators in our government that were so numerous, these individuals who have this, this mindset that says, hey, you know, what, maybe our enemies have a point, you know, the anti Americanism, the anti Western ism, that exists inside the American left that has successfully infiltrated I believe, our government, we didn’t have that, to a large degree, back in the day, we are saddled with it today. Is that a fair assessment? 

Oh, I think it’s a very fair assessment, you know, we’ve aborted 30 years ago and wound down civics and history and the teaching of American values in in our schools, and that gets to a place where it’s rampant across our entire education system. And then when you have an administration, that is not about conflict, avoidance, and deterrence, and diplomacy, it’s much more about war Incorporated, and how does the money all work? 

And what we see is those people who are anti American and are aiding and abetting our enemies, will they receive comfort from the administration, because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, when you go into wars, and you put our people at risk with zero strategic interest behind them? You know, I know generals in the Pentagon, they know better than this. And I got to believe that they’re advising the president in very different ways than what we see playing out on on TV. But but but this is the sad part today, we have forces that are at risk, we lost three more soldiers in addition to those two seals, and, and what it’s going to cause is these calls for, well, let’s go bomb the crap out of Iran. 

Okay, that’s what Lindsey Graham wants to do. And what will that bring us? Well, we don’t know. Because we don’t have any strategic thought whatsoever about let’s just dry. Let’s just drop bombs. I mean, what? Nothing ever bad happened from that? 

You’re absolutely right. Nikki Haley is out there. spouting off that kind of nonsense as well, with no strategic plan whatsoever. Where’s your endgame? Well, we have no end game, we’re just gonna be dropping bombs. And by the way, the regime that only gives aid and comfort to those who hate America, within our own country, they give aid and comfort to enemies like Iran to Mother Russia to China, who are a nation states who hate our country. 

So let’s drill down into this if we can gentleman, this attack on a base in Jordan, and a lot of Americans are wondering how the hell does this happen? If our military is focused Colonel on protecting our forces on dotting eyes and crossing T’s, how does a drone from an Iranian backed terror group, make it through our defenses and kill three Americans and injure scores of others? 

So let’s start off with why are they there? And that’s a question that I can’t answer at this point, because President Trump directed they be removed. And there’s some chatter credible, I believe, Chris, if this actually happened in Syria, so I think the administration is trying to play play this Kabuki dance of where they want to, I think they want to get us into a fight, and they don’t know how to actually fight it. It’s a very strange thing that President Trump had ordered had ordered the withdrawal of those troops in that region. 

And of course, I’ll be blunt and the ICANN said, Yeah, screw you, we’re not going to do it. And you know, Esper, and Milley refused to accept those orders. Think about that. This is before the China thing. Now they’re there. And as much as I don’t necessarily agree with the policy of why they’re there, because there is no policy, you need to defend them. The moment you show weakness, you dare not your weakness, in a situation where you have adversaries who will do everything they can to push you. 

So I’m not forced being there. With that said, if we’re there, we need to fight. And we need to be effective in defending our folks. And Chris, you think about this, all these recruitment problems? You see this, you see this inherent inability to defend our equities? Why would people sign up for that? Why would patriotic Americans in the middle of the Midwest, sign up and actually be be cannon fodder? And then to be said, by Korean John, Luke, Pierre, whatever her name is, oh, they’re defending the administration? No. The Office of the American republic, to the Constitution, the American people, not to the Joe Biden administration. 

But you put it all together, and it’s like, No wonder nobody wants to join up, Chris. 

Well, I’m gonna get to Corinne Jean Luc Picard here in a second. But the general, ABC and some other publications are reporting that our forces thought the Iranian drone was an American drone returning back to base, because they were arriving nearly at the same time. Again, the question I asked to the colonel, how does this happen? 

Yeah, well, I mean, they have to be right, on Friend or Foe identifications. 100% of the time, it just takes one. And if you throw enough drones and enough attacks, and we’re up to over 160, so far, gosh, can you blame our soldiers, these were logistics troops at this at this base. And so minimally, descended minimally manned, no rules of engagement to defend themselves. And here’s the thing. 

In hours, I believe, we’re going to now strike and we’re probably going to strike pretty hard. I’m not sure if it’s going to be inside Iran. But I think Iran is going to lose some things. It didn’t have to get to this point. What my worry is, is that if we escalate, and we get bigger, Americans still think that foreign wars happen in foreign countries. But there’s forces here from Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iranian forces IRGC in our country, because our number one security problem is not Iran. It’s actually our southern border where Iran, China and Russia are attacking us in droves because they come in every single day and they’re killing us with their drug. 

You took us right where we needed to go. By the way, folks, we’re talking to Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel, Tony Schaefer and Brigadier General Blaine Holt gentlemen, I want to play a soundbite. This is getting a lot of reportage among those who love America are concerned about America, it’s being suppressed by those who hate America in the press. This is a man who was confronted by a film crew out of California, who was crossing the border illegally. And I just want you guys to hear this man’s his stance, his worldview, have a listen, have a listen to this. 

“If you are smart enough, you will know who I am. But you are really not smart enough to know who I am. But soon you’re going to know who I am. Very, very easy. Entitlement entitlement. I’m much better than that. The entitlement guys.” 

So the entitlement aside, Colonel here we have a man who is a Middle Eastern man, judging by his accent, who is saying that you you you’re not smart enough to know who I am now, but you will know who I am. And this comes in a report that was released by The Daily Caller, saying that there was a guy on the terror watch list that was allowed to roam free here in the United States for over a year because this is how Democrats Protect America your thoughts? 

Well, it’s just you know, tickling the tail of the dragon to use a term of of nuclear physics. You’re you’re basically trying to create some sort of implosion with terrorists because you’re allowing this to happen. And let me be very clear for this. This is why myorkas is about to be impeached. He has decided either by jury election or by his own initiative, which I don’t believe it, I think it’s by direction to essentially compromise the southwest border for purposes of political gain of the left, the left believes wrongly, badly wrongly, I believe that they by bringing all these illegal immigrants in, they will create dominance. And in the number of people in different areas to benefit them politically regarding the census, they want to have enough people to justify that’s why they fought so hard for Trump against Trump did not because Trump wanted to not permit illegal aliens from being counted. 

And that’s why they fought him on this and they want, they want to have representation numbers that will overwhelm our system. They want to have a permanent underclass that serves them. And they believe that all of these are the things that we’re saying. It’s like, yeah, it’s not, not only do we oppose you on that is a policy, we oppose your method, which is allowing an open border for this to happen because of this, the very thing you just mentioned in the show, we have left open the border for all sorts of operatives and intelligence collection of folks to come across. And inevitably, eventually we’re going to have a catastrophic event where a 911 type attack happened. We know this. And yet, again, even our side is reluctant to actually jump in with the bigger it should to stop this. 

Yeah. Well, general, it seems that the Republicans are hell bent at least in the Senate, on making sure that illegal immigration continues unabated. They are actually debating the leaked details of this immigration bill. They want to allow 5000 illegal aliens to come into the country every single day, which is to which then that’s a republican idea. We’re saying, you know, we’re going to solve the illegal immigration transmitted by by make Whoa, well, but by making illegal immigration legal, and I think I think you’re very pointed by saying anybody floating that idea as a trader? I am, you know, these are time for tough words. Because I think, Chris, I think we’re on the eve of a significant loss of life here in our nation’s right now, the UN International Organization of Migration, run by Amy Pope, who used to be in the Obama administration out of New York has a major headquarters on our base on our army base in Panama. 

And they’re led by they have 240 NGOs that are coming together, while our State Department watches, managing these refugees and caravans and you’re giving them $2,200 A month, the average Social Security check in this nation is $1,400 a month. Now, here’s what happens. In a couple of months, these people are going to start seeing those funds get cut off. What do we think these people are going to do in our nation when they are penniless, homeless, and they’re looking at us, and they come and get our stuff and hurt our people? It’s happening. It’s already started in New York, the Roosevelt Hotel has started expelling people. 

New York is kicking the illegals out of homeless shelters. Okay, fine. What’s going to happen next? Well, I can tell you what’s going to happen next, it’s going to end in a disaster. And then add on the terror threat and then add on the PLA who are here as political stability units to create other problems with cyber with grid, all those other things. But I think we’re just months away from seeing that in this country. And so when I hear anybody talking about oh, well, maybe we can compromise on 5000 Illegal unchecked people a day. 

That’s just not serious statesmanship. And Mitch McConnell’s not any kind of opposition to this government at all. Yeah, he’s he’s a disgrace. And by the way, 90% of these people coming across do not qualify for asylum. They don’t even fit the definition of refugee. Okay, so I got about 30 seconds for you guys to react to I think arguably, the worst press secretary, the most unqualified press secretary this this country has ever been burdened with. 

Here is Corinne, John Luke Picard, listen to this. What I will say our deepest, obviously, our deepest condolences go out and our heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost three, three brave, three brave three brave of three folks who are who are military folks who are brave, who are always fighting who are fighting on behalf and of this administration of Yeah, yeah, they’re fighting on behalf of the regime, a colonel. Look, first off this disrespectful that she would not be clear that these folks signed up to protect the United States and the Constitution, just say it, but they can’t say those words. For us. It’s like, holy water to a vampire to admit that, you know, people are patriotic. Yeah, so that’s my view. Well, and in general, at least she didn’t check her watch. Yeah, I mean, this is the thing, anything that’s got an American value to it patriotism. We can stand up for our forces. We can mourn there. Last, they won’t have it. They won’t have it and saying that these people are fighting for a named administration. That was the truth. That was their truth. They believe that there is no constitutional oath. 

They believe that agencies swear an oath to an administration. And that my that is the absolute Crux or the root ball of the problem. So maybe, Kareem let the quiet part come out loud. Right? Well, I’ve got to say I’ve been saying it for years now, Democrats no longer wish to be Americans. And I think this regime demonstrates that Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer and Brigadier General Blaine Holt gentlemen, appreciate the time and service that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast to me and yourself a favor, visit to websites, Texas That’s big news in Texas, whether it be political or big news stories impacting Texas, you’re going to find it there. Also check out Chris That’s where you’re gonna find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast with rumble and get her in Newsmax to also check out television in the afternoon on Newsmax one, four o’clock in the afternoon until five, Monday through Friday, till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay vigilant out there, my friends. 

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