Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne represent the 24th Congressional district in the great state of Texas. Beth served in the Trump administration and is the former mayor of Irving.

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What they are saying is is that President Trump, knowingly, knowingly went out there and fed disinformation to the to the public, knowing that all of his accusations about the election being stolen, were fabricated. And because he did this, because he went out there and said the elections were illegitimate. He is somehow guilty of a crime. Now, first off, he’s president he gets to he gets to say these things as president or any political candidate could say this. So that’s number one. It’s protected speech. If you think the the election is rigged, and you have every right to say it, but they want to change the rules saying, well, Trump doesn’t have those rights. Only one teensy weensy little problem, actually, it’s a significant problem. There have been folks that have compiled lists that are 10 minutes long that are 24 minutes long of Democrats doing the same exact thing. Listen, right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election, constantly shifting vote, tallies in Ohio, and malfunctioning. Epsilon electronic machines, which may not have paper receipts have led to additional loss of confidence by the public. There has been a dramatic discrepancy in the way absentee ballots are both allocated and counted across the 159 counties. And so yes, there was a deliberate and intentional disinvestment. And I think destruction of the administration of elections in the state of Georgia without voter suppression. Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia. Andrew Gillum, is the governor of Florida. Democratic judiciary committee staff report clearly establishes that the state of Ohio has not met his obligation to conduct a fair election. I have an objection because 10 of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified. Yeah, that guy right there. Jamie Raskin, he’s been on record saying anybody who denies elections shouldn’t be able to run inlet for elected office ever again. And there he is challenging elections. This is this is craziness, absolute nothingness. So what the Democrats were doing there, even though they were bat guano crazy, it’s protected speech, nobody thought of prosecuting them for for saying those things. But now since it’s Trump saying those things, and there’s actually some evidence out there that, by the way, it is a fact that there was fraud in this last election. Now, whether whether it was enough to to sway the election, we don’t know because an extensive, thorough audit has not been conducted. And here’s something else we know, we know that four states violated their election laws. And there has not been there has been actually one ruling up in Michigan that said that the Secretary of State up there did violate her state’s election laws, but nothing’s going to be done about it. So about the case, Christina Bob, who is an attorney I jumped on my buddy grant Stinchfield program and had this to say about this this lawsuit and how convenient it is. For those who want to have another look at the 2020 election and grant Stinchfield had some pretty good points here to listen to the Christina last night on this program. I call this the greatest indictment to ever come down against President Trump and I call it that for this reason. This is basically a disinformation indictment. I mean, it’s all you know, President Trump said this did that it’s a First Amendment speech. But Jack Smith raises voting irregularities in Michigan, he talks about what happened in Nevada, he raises the issues in Georgia that to me have never still been proven false. Any of these allegations, he talks about Detroit, Michigan, you can now go on the offensive, you can make a witness list and subpoena every single executive, every single secretary of state, every single election worker, every single person has signed an affidavit, you can now start hauling all of these people into court, you can now try to prove the case that the election actually was stolen. Thank you, Jack Smith. Yeah, he finally gave us the venue that no other Federal Court was willing to give us and gave us national subpoena power. So thank you. But also, just to add to your point, not only does he raise all of these different issues with the state, but he doesn’t even limit it to President Trump’s time in office between November 3 and January 6. He raises issues about the Arizona audit and the Michigan investigation from the Michigan Senate, which all came later in 2021. And beyond Yeah, beyond so it could have Jack Smith. If Trump’s attorneys play this right. Jack Smith could have opened up a Pandora’s box that would allow us to examine through now the lens of two and a half years of a very unpopular occupier of the Oval Office. And now more and more Americans are willing to listen, because a lot of them want the pain that Beijing Biden and his regime is dishing out they want the pain to stop. They want the anti Americanism to stop. So now Americans might go Hmm, let’s see what they have to say about what the states did in their so called elections. We got more on this the indictment and the legal woes of Beijing Biden coming up on a Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. 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And there’s an added bonus you’ll also be supporting me your liberty loving Latino, every single person who goes to patriot and makes the switch you support the Salcedo storm podcast keeping my voice independent? Hey, I worked for a company that changed the rules in the middle of the game. I couldn’t talk about the issues important to you. It was then I realized my voice needed to be independent. I think Tucker Carlson is discovering that to head to patriot Make the switch today use my promo code storm get free activation and stop funding the woke crowd call 972 Patriot or go to patriot Why get your news from people who don’t share your values. Get new stories from Texas scorecard. We provide real news for real Texas, go to Texas Today Congresswoman Beth Van Dyne representing the 24th congressional district here in the great state of Texas. Beth served in the Trump administration and the former mayor of Irving, Texas. Congresswoman, welcome back. Hey, good morning. How are you doing? Very well. Nice to have you back. I wanted to get your take on Devon Archer’s testimony behind closed doors which I asked our friend Pat Fallon yesterday, you know what, why behind closed doors, he reminded me that it’s, you know, whether he’s under oath or not, it’s still against the law to lie to Congress. But I would have loved to have seen this all out in the open so we wouldn’t have to rely on people’s interpretations like Dan Gould. Men, here’s one of the impeachment stooges. Who says that? What all we learned is that is the Devon Archer, and other of Hunter Biden’s business associates. Were talking with Joe Biden, about the weather. Congresswoman, what do you think? What do you think about that? Yeah, I know, I saw that through and I would have loved to have been able to see the testimony firsthand. And hopefully, you’re gonna see some of the transcripts come out publicly sooner rather than later. But, look, we know right now that Joe lied about not talking to hunters, business partners, and they continue to spin and try to change what was originally said we we know that he will help us aid to Ukraine, right until a prosecutor that was investigating hunters company Burisma was fired. We know that because he publicly bragged about it in a public setting. We know that Joe met was Wait a min before you go on. Congresswoman, I’ve got that. I’ve got that on tape. Do you want to hear that? Yeah, I can’t play this enough. Because frankly, Trump was impeached for doing what Joe Biden admitted he was doing let me just play this for the folks, just in case you left wingers out there want to accuse the congresswoman of making something up here is Joe Biden, in his own words, listen. They walked out the press kind of said nice, and I’m not gonna we’re not gonna give you the billion dollars. They said you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said I said call him. I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m gonna be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I look guys, I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of got fired. There you go. So yeah, so continue. He’s been lying to us this entire time. And everybody thinks that’s so funny, but don’t say that, that Trump got impeached for the same thing. Because while Biden said that what was also going on, Trump wanted to be investigated. What what Biden did was his son was getting paid millions of dollars from the company that that the prosecutor was prosecuting. Yep. So I mean, there was an exchange of millions of dollars to the Biden’s so Trump is not accused of that at all. He got impeached, just wanting to have it investigated. But, you know, we also know that Biden taking the Biden family was accused right now as potentially $50 million under 20 shell companies. And at 1010 Different Biden, family members have gotten money. And here’s the problem. And you and I, you and I have had this conversation for years. Now. You know, Biden’s mental capacities are not there. To everybody keeps asking, you know, who is running the country? Right. And, you know, let’s face it, follow the money. Follow the money. Who is paying millions and millions of dollars to the blood? I mean, no, it’s the shelf companies. shell companies, China. Yeah. How exactly Russia? Exactly. I go when you start thinking about our policies or energy policies, who was a benefiting? I mean, where are we buying the solar panels from, for all these Evie vehicles that we’re talking about coming down, where all those of those equipment coming from? It’s all from China? We are we are killing our US companies. We are we are, you know, making them have an arm behind their back through EPA policies or energy policies, everything else? I mean, we look at, you know, that the Biden was selling the strategic petroleum reserves, assets to China. He laughed off the Bible. And as if it was no big deal. He hasn’t held China accountable for COVID hasn’t even tried to investigate it. And there’s so many other issues, and you just start thinking to yourself why? And I would again, say follow the money. Right. And you know what, not that I don’t want to make everything about President Trump that the Democrats do enough of that already. I think I think I saw a stat morning, Joe, amidst all the corruption that’s going on with the current person sitting in the Oval Office. Morning, Joe mentioned Trump 70 times and never mentioned Biden once because there’s nothing good to say about Joe Biden, but I want to talk about this, this idea of a shiny object. Well, shiny, it’s a distraction. Yeah, exactly. The shiny object is the distraction. But you know, by this time, the Democrats had already impeached president Trump in his in his presidency was working on the second fake impeachment that you and I are alluding to, and as a matter of fact, Nancy Pelosi was was on CNN saying the quiet part out loud that the minute that that Trump said that might be a good idea to investigate the malfeasance of Democrats being on the take selling out our country to foreign nationals, Nancy Pelosi, and here’s the soundbite Nancy Pelosi says that’s when we decided to impeach Trump to protect the Democrat Brand listen to Nancy Pelosi on CNN. I was very careful about bringing any impeachment forward. But when the President made that phone call in terms of Ukraine, there was no choice. We had no choice. He must be impeached. There it is, we he must be impeached. So I guess there’s this debate now between Republicans, you know, you’ve got the, the pro Democrat Republicans like Cornyn and, and Mitt Romney versus the conservatives who say, look, we’ve got to provide some sort of disincentive to these to these Democrats are they’re gonna continue to run roughshod over us and our voters from now until the cows come home, what’s your take on impeaching Biden for what he’s what he’s done for what he’s earned? I think, you know, Devon Archer’s testimony yesterday, I think we don’t just have a smoking gun. I think we’ve got a smoking cannon. You know, I think it’s definitely time to open an impeachment inquiry. It’s not saying that he’s been found guilty of everything. He’s been accused of what what it’s saying is on the progress picture, evidence that that has been presented. And if pietschmann is like a grand jury, there’s enough information to be able to investigate, to be able to do further discovery to be able to prove that he did, what he’s been accused of. And again, you know, with all the things that I had just listed we know of, and it feels as if we were with the Trump administration, they were pushing for impeachment, they were looking for smoke, we have found smoke, but what we have found was there’s the possibility of our federal law enforcement has been compromised. Oh, I would argue that it’s already proven that Biden has been compromised. But you know, it’s the MO of the Chinese, the Chinese oligarchy to be able to pay off federal officials, government officials. So I would I would say that, you know, there’s there’s questions whether or not it’s not just the crimes that have been, he’s been accused of, but it’s also the compromising position that he finds himself in, that is putting our economy or national security at work. Yeah. What was not just Biden, I would argue, it’s also the number of the bureaucrats and the federal officials underneath them. What did that do to Blackrock say that this higher up at Blackrock that was caught by Project Veritas saying I can buy a Senator for $10,000? Yeah, yeah. I mean, you’ve got the SPI. You got the DOJ, you got the IRS, and we are having to force them to do their job by uncovering all of the abuse that we have seen over the last several years just divided. And it’s this transparency, it’s having to have these these public hearings, it’s having to have, you know, transcripts released to the public that they can read. And the the most horrifying thing is all of this information is out there right now. And you don’t see the media except for a small handful of you actually talking about it. And this is compromising, oh, again, our economy, our foreign relations, our national security, and you’re hearing crickets from the mass media. Congresswoman Beth Van Dyne is our guest right now the 24, district free fourth district here in the great state of Texas. And Congresswoman, you took me right where I wanted to go about the what some are calling permanent Washington, what others like the late great rush limbaugh called the deep state. This is a compromised DOJ a compromised FBI, intentionally dragging their feet and intentionally covering up revelations of these ft 1020. threes. We, it’s my understanding, we have at least three of these FD 1020 threes, that outline Biden’s criminal bribery. And according to reporting out of the Federalist that sources inside the bureau have said that a lot of these elements in the current most the one that’s getting the most attention, which is the one about Burisma, the $10 million to the Biden’s for the firing of Victor Shokin that many elements of that FD 2020 1023 have been corroborated before the 2020 election by that same compromised FBI, and they covered it up. That is a huge problem. Why am I why are you as a taxpayer being forced to fund an organization that is now no longer an American organization? It’s a Democrat organization. Why? Well, I mean, that’s a great question. I can’t answer. But I will tell you, it’s not just again, a covering up of of an investigation. It’s what they were doing under the previous administration before Trump ever even got there. They were talking about illegal wiretapping. You were talking about the FISA court warrant. You were talking about fake dossiers that were being paid for by Democratic Party and all of those things. The FBI again, was searching for smoke. And we never saw any of that when we would Biden when we found out the when we had our meeting a couple A couple of weeks ago, in ways and means were reading the IRS transcripts. It’s obvious that they were pushing dividends aside that they weren’t investigating that they were not pushing forward with questioning of certain witnesses because it would have been embarrassing to Vice President Biden. Unfortunately, what’s happened is those investigations not only went cold, but because they didn’t pursue them the statute of limitations both criminally and civilly have expired. Yes, yeah. So the most egregious of those, as you mentioned with Burisma happened, and now they’re outside of the statutory period that we can do anything about it. Hunter Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, the same press that said that that was Russian disinformation, which was a lie. Is the same press saying today there’s no evidence against Joe Biden, there’s no evidence for a an impeachment, which, as you and I both know, Congresswoman is a political maneuver, the Democrats prove that in the last administration, not not a legal one. Before I mean, nobody’s arguing by the way, nobody’s arguing that that’s not his laptop. Nobody’s arguing that those were not taken. Nobody’s arguing that there was direct messages, where he’s saying, hey, my dad sitting next to me, you better cough up, you know, money. Nobody’s arguing knows what they’re saying. It’s always unfair. What happened to the laptop? That’s his laptop? We know it, we can see the pictures of their own. I know, I always arguing that. But again, it’s the shiny object. It’s the distraction, don’t look at the information that we have, because it’s damning. I’ve got one more issue because I got it. I gotta get to some of the economic concerns that I know that you’re very focused on because you’re focused on your constituents. Unlike some other Republicans, I know. The Capitol Hill police have said they’re going to open up satellite offices in the various states, including including Texas. Now, I want to know, is this a precursor to a federalized police force? And is it and under what authority is the US Capitol? Police extending its tentacles into the states? I’d like to know that Do you know? Well, I actually looked at look this up because I had just found out about this the other day, but the actually the US Capitol Police has authority to enforce the laws, the United States in any area that as states and has the power to affect warrantless arrests for any offense against the United States committed in their presence or any felony cognisable under the laws of the United States. And it’s also considered kind of sister agency and formerly of the United States Secret Service. There were the secret services responsibilities for the protection of the president. Capitol Police is responsible for protection of House members and senators. So do they have authority? Yes, because they’re federal law enforcement. Does that mean that we need to extend it into all the states with offices? I don’t know enough information, I can tell you the people that I have worked with and interacted with. On on the Capitol Police Force had been completely professional. They come down, we have some of our coattails. They are on there to protect us. When we have events in the district where we have gotten threats. They are there on but whether or not this is going to become a extension of a federal police force in our state. I have not heard that. On and again, I think more questions need to be asked and well in quite honestly, I’m going to be I’m going to be brutally pragmatic. I’m wondering what the budget is on that. Well, then there’s Yeah, who I mean, Texas Police Department, I’ve worked with every police department and I will tell you right now I trust my buddy stole them. So it well, I’m just Texas is already paying for border security with the federal government’s not doing I mean, we can’t really shoulder any more of that the federal government’s job that we’re being asked to do. Look, I want to focus on the economy before I get to gas prices. I want to talk about this job fair because you this is something that you’ve done over the over your time in Congress, you’ve never lost sight that you’re out there serving the constituents. And because our government is on purpose, trying to drive unemployment higher, to stop government’s inflation, leftwing massive and spending and it’s caused inflation. You’re focusing on job fairs to hook people up with with who are finding themselves out of work all of a sudden, where’s this happening? And how’s that going? Well, it’s going great on scope, right? We did this two years ago, because we have been around the district we have taught small business owners, we have talked to various groups, and every one of them told us the same thing, that they were having a hard time finding people. And now on top of the two years later, will you look at what’s happened with inflation. When you look at what’s happened with some of the capital, access to capital that has dried up and nice. Companies are in really dire dire position, but still are people who were looking for jobs. to two years ago. We did this we only had a few weeks to be able to plan that we had 250 businesses that came in out, we had between four and 5000 people who came out and look for a job. Now, we’ve had a few more weeks to plan. We’ve had one of them under our belt, but it’s doing something pragmatic, again in the district. I don’t have to ask Mother May I have anybody from DC but we’re doing this on August 7, over at the Oregon Convention Center from 11 to three, and get this. We have over 340 businesses now that are participating. We’ve got the airport, American Airlines, at&t, Bell, Textron, and even the Texas Rangers. We’ve got police departments, US Border Patrol, by the way, they’ve got 2000 available spots, if anybody’s interested in helping on the border, they, they’re looking for a job we’d love to have on the Marshal Service. Because that health care providers, hospitals, banks, financial services, energy providers, and so many others. But again, we’ve got over 340 businesses signed up today. And we would love people to come and it’s going to be August 7 at the Oregon Convention Center start at 11. And if they want more information or to RSVP, urge them to go to my n TX, North Texas, my n TX For more information and to RSVP, my n TX Okay, so folks, those of you and by the way, there’s over 11,000 job offering. Wow, that this job fair right now 11,000? Well, this is this is for those folks who live in North Texas who listen to the Chris Salcedo show those who might be in the Houston area who might be thinking about relocating to North Texas and those outside of the state of Texas. Maybe you folks in the People’s Republic of California and Illinois or New York who want to come to the state of prosperity and economic freedom. There, there’s a possibility for you to find some work at this job. Fair last thing $3.75 A gallon, that’s where we sit with gas prices, they have skyrocketed over 20 cents in the last and under a month. This is the fastest pace since last year of increased gas prices. And we know what happened that Beijing Biden was responsible for the highest price for gasoline ever recorded in United States history because of his anti energy policies. And because of the reduction in production from the OPEC nations. This is going to hurt the American people the most the people that were out of work the most. What do we do? Well, you keep pushing back. I mean, what we did in the house is we passed, you know, HR one, which is our energy bill to unleash American energy production. We cannot continue to have these regulatory sores or authorities, these agencies demonize our American businesses. And it affects not just the energy industry directly. But think about every one of us, who I don’t know, II wears clothes, buys anything, our dependence on the energy industry freedom can boost product effects or inflation to such a degree, I have heard criticism that well, you know, the rest of the world is in the same place and we may be better off the fact is, is that we have such an amazingly large economy. And we are such consumers of worldly goods, that when our economy gets hit, obviously, we’re affecting the rest of the world. So what can we do as House members finally, in the majority, this session, we passed the bill. We’re waiting on the Senate to act. So you know, what can you do, you know, help get people elected, that are actually going to fight for your best interest. And they’re going to recognize that American companies are good for they are good for for opportunities, especially for working families, and get them back into a position where they’re able to succeed and be able to offer people those success options to be able to grow and be independent. Sure. And also recognize, folks, this isn’t some plague born on the wind. It isn’t the the greedy oil companies fault. This is exactly the fault of governments, the OPEC nations reducing production. And Joe Biden and the Democrat Party making sure we’re vulnerable to those reductions in production by not by killing American energy projects. And if you’re paying more at the pump, you can think just like Hillary Clinton wanted to thank a Republican for the hot weather which they had nothing to do with. You can actually credibly thank every Democrat, you know, for paying 375 or greater in certain parts of the country for gasoline, Congresswoman Beth Van Dyne 24th district in the great state of Texas, always appreciate the visit. Thank you very much, Chris. It’s great. Great to hear. It’s pretty individual and I look forward to doing again soon. That’s it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor a couple of websites you should make part of your regular visitation process online when you’re surfing online, head on over to Texas Texas Even if you’re outside the great state of Texas, chances are if we’re battling it here, you’re battling it where you are or maybe if you’re like in California you’ve lost the battle already. They also check out Chris That’s where you find all of our social media hookups in the Chris Saucedo shows on KSC V and on Newsmax TV. Until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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