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Democrat's Open Border Is Enslaving & Killing Children

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Congressman Brian Babin.

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Beijing Biden’s congressionally caused border crisis is one of the things that I’m sorry continues to rub me the wrong way because it is a problem that we’ve been dealing with for over half century. 

And it has been I call it a congressionally caused crisis. It’s because Republicans and Democrats have here too for never done anything to ensure that illegal immigration is not permissible into the United States. In fact, they’ve done just the opposite. They have passed laws that have made it possible no matter what the will of the American people is on this subject, that they will be able to continue illegal immigration at will. 

They don’t care that we don’t want it. They want to continue it. And I mean by they, the majority in the Congress for the past 50 years. Now, there are some very vocal individuals, mostly conservatives who say, No, I don’t want illegal immigration. I’m going to do everything I can to stop illegal immigration. I’m going to stop the current invasion. Yeah, but nothing’s getting stopped. 

And it’s because our laws are so stupid. Our laws are so draconian, and ultimately self defeating. Let me give an example of some of the stories that are out there from the New York Post. Beijing Biden regime, selling off quietly, border wall parts to thwart the GOP efforts to use them. I imagine in states like Texas, they’re going to sell off all that steel so you can use it to build your Texas border wall. 

Since April. Gov planet and online auction house specializing in military surplus has sold anyone lots of steel square structural tubes, intended it to be used for the vertical bollards and the border barriers, 30 foot tall panels, hauling in about $2 million dollars, we paid a premium for them. And now we’re selling them selling them for pennies on the dollar. And the American people get shafted in more ways than one fiscally and of course, thwarting the border barrier from ever being built. So Republicans and Democrats can ensure that illegal aliens continue to stream into this country. That’s Story number one. 

Hear Story number two, from the Washington Times struggling to fill the ranks of their police officers, some blue state politicians are turning to an unusual option. Illegal aliens. Just let that sink in for a minute. 

Illegal aliens will now be in charge in some blue cities that have run their regular police officers Americans out there are going to tap illegal aliens to come in and enforce laws on American citizens, because of the Democrats defund the police movement and their pro criminal policies. Folks, I’m sorry, it’s right there in the Washington Times. 

California law that took effect earlier this year will allow non citizens including some illegal aliens to sign up to be protected from deportation. I kid you not absolutely insane. And that leads us back home to Texas with a headline like this. Now I want to caution all of you if you have kids listening to the podcast you might want to push pause here and listen to this story a little bit later. 

Teen illegal alien military age illegal alien nabbed In a sexual assault, strangling of a Texas year old girl whose body was found under her bed and want the Molen illegal alien has been nabbed and charged with sexually assaulting and fatally strangling an 11 year old Texas girl then stuffing her body into a laundry bag under her bed. Juan Carlos Garcia Rodriguez Ajay teen was on the lam for nearly a week after the horrifying August 12 assault on little Maria Gonzalez in Pasadena before cops caught up with him in Louisiana on Saturday, and he confessed. 

The Democrats did this to us. The Democrat Socialist Party is responsible for every heinous act that these illegal aliens perpetrate on our people who they should never have been here in the country to begin with to perpetrate those acts. These despicable and disgraceful acts and I’ve got to add something, folks. Not only is this an indictment, this military age male coming in to the border and killing a little girl in Texas. 

Not only is that on the Democrats, but it’s also on Republicans like John Cornyn, who voted to fully fund all of this crap. We talked to another lawmaker and actual conservative up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today, folks, last week before the debate I had a chance to sit down with Congressman Brian Babin. And here is how our conversation went. 

Folks as you know I am your liberty loving Latino Do not confuse me with loudmouth leftists Latinos out there. I actually love my country. The United States of America love my state, the great state of Texas and we are being harmed greatly in Texas by the current regime in power in Washington. Somebody who’s been in our corner trying to fight this fight is Congressman Brian Babin. He serves the people of Texas in the 36th congressional district. He serves on the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee, how science space and technology committees. Congressman, welcome back. 

Baby. Chris. I’m in Texas as I speak, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. When you say that the heat is bad down here. 

And indeed it is, sir. Now let me talk to you. I’m gonna give you some headlines. And I’m gonna get your unvarnished reactions to these headlines because these are a consequence of having Democrats in power anywhere I want you to listen. blue states look to hire illegal aliens to enforce laws on Americans. Biden quietly sells off border wall parts to thwart GOP push to use them. 18 year old illegal alien nabbed in sexual assault and strangling of Houston Texas girl age 11 whose body was found under her bed. Now, those are all a consequence Congressman of rampant, uncontrolled, unfettered, lawless illegal immigration sponsored by the Democrat Socialist Party. Your reaction, sir. 

My reaction is just sickening outrage. That little 11 year old girl was in Pasadena, Texas, which I represent. This was someone who shouldn’t have been here this murder this 18 year old. These atrocities keep happening to Americans and to illegal women and children every day if you’ve seen the movie sound of freedom, and I hope everybody does. The fact one of the fastest growing enterprises in the world today is child sex, and enabling and allowing illegal immigration. Absolutely, it has led to these type of tragic consequences. And it’s all because of the radical left open border agenda. It’s not only inhumane, Chris, it is immoral. And the number of illegals who’ve entered this nation illegally under Joe Biden has now surpassed the population of 30 different US states, suspected terrorists deadly drugs 100,000 Plus Americans each year dying from overdoses. And Biden New Yorkers simply do not do anything but quietly sell off, as you’ve mentioned, our excess wall materials. And I don’t know whether you know this or not, but I’m sure you do. The federal government under Biden is suing Texas because we’re floating marine barrier down here. Yep, guess what? It works. The Marine barrier is working. And after years of ignoring the pollution, the dumping of garbage by the little tons of illegals coming across our borders down there. Now they’re cynically as if the administration bringing up the endangerment of the Mexican fawns foot muscle a clam was the witch they’re saying that the marine barriers endangering. And you just it’s incredible to think of the cynicism of this administration endangering having people literally be murdered, killed, right? Their property destroyed, all because of an intentional opening of our border, so they can get more votes and continue to be in power. 

Well, that’s Democrat values for you, Congressman, that’s what their voters value and it’s what their politicians value. And I want to expand on the 18 year old man, how he got into the United States back in January or February. I remember reading in the article, he simply walked up. And he turned himself in. He said here I want to come to America, I’m going to say the magic a word not that a word asylum. He’s going to say a word and he gets in. As over 7 million illegal aliens have gotten in and 2 million plus known Got aways ran the other way to this corrupt system. Anyway, so he gets in. And then he’s able to turn himself in no vetting. And he goes in he rapes and kills an 11 year old girl in your district congressman, no, look, you only shoot straight with me. So I want to ask, I want to ask you, because for all of the every single time the Democrats in the minority, they get busy on using every parliamentary trick or maneuver they can to thwart the Republican agenda. And we have for all of the Republicans, protestations for all the Republicans, and you’re right, you’re right, this is sick, it’s disgusting, it’s lawless. It’s anti American. But for all the rhetoric coming from the Republican side of the ledger, not one illegal alien has been stopped coming across that border by Republicans in the national level. In fact, it’s been Governor Greg Abbott, who has only been able to create a bottleneck with the deployment of those border barriers, who is having any impact on the rate at which illegal aliens are coming into this country? So my question to you is, why are Republicans not doing like for example, what Tommy Tuberville is doing, he will not put up any nominees until he gets a certain concession out of the Democrats. Why is that not being done on illegal immigration? 

Well, mainly because the house cannot stop nominee. This is a tactic that can be used over the United States Senate. Unfortunately, we don’t get to pass on these Biden nominations. And I’ll tell you one power that we have there, that can be wielded and wielded efficiently is the power of the purse. And we I have signed on to a letter which will deny giving any appropriations money until I The the tactics that the Democrats are using down at the border aren’t defunded, we need to use the Holman route. We should defund individuals, pensions and at different individuals salaries. We’ve got to turn the screws up and the heat. This The only thing we have is the power of the purse over in the House of Representatives. I wish we could do what Tommy Tuberville was doing. But what we can do is just like I’ve signed on to my fellow Texans letter, Chip rolling a turn not fund these, these programs in these appropriations bills that are coming up. 

Well, I’m wondering, I’m wondering why. I mean, I know they’re I mean, allegedly they’re supposed to be Republicans over in the United States Senate. I wonder why more of them aren’t, aren’t taking seriously. What’s happening and we know why John Cornyn doesn’t take it seriously because he supports everything. He voted in support of Joe Biden’s to fund Joe Biden’s illegal immigration push. But I’m wondering why with the death and the destruction not only of our own citizens, but also the death of illegal aliens and the sex slave trade and everything you mentioned, Congressman, why folks over in the Senate aren’t taking this this invasion more seriously. 

Well, I’ll just say this. I think you’ve said we’ve passed some great bills since January, Chris. Unfortunately, those bills go over to the Senate and die. They die on the vine. What is the cause of that? Well, number one, the Democrats still have a one seat majority in the Senate. So I know they’re having a problem over there not not being in the majority. But do I want more courageous senators over there? Absolutely. The Senate historically has not been near as conservative. And I think that it could certainly would make me happy to see people do more of what you just mentioned.

Congressman, Congressman Brian Babin is our guest right now, folks, 36 districts here in the great state of Texas and you brought up sir, the defunding one Republican has brought up a measure in the house, to defund Jack Smith, the Inquisitor Jack Smith, because and now we’ve got Weiss, we’ve got this, this this garland and Biden devotee, who it has been revealed, had no intention of ever charging Hunter Biden, he took a five month investigation, dragged it out to a five year investigation and then tried to pass that sweetheart deal. So let me ask you, do you think that Weiss should be defunded as well, so he won’t be able to get in the way of congressional investigations, trying to reveal the malfeasance, the illegality and the criminal bribery that I believe has been undertaken by Joe Biden in his family setting. 

I think exactly as you said, why should never have been appointed a special prosecutor. Everybody kind of thought it was a great deal at first. But as we find out why he has been, he’s been going hurdles in the way the entire time he’s got a Federal Relations, he had a special relationship with Beau Biden, the other son, the deceased son of President Biden. He has no business being and I think even some Democrats, so Mr. Dershowitz has come out and said that, and Jonathan Turley said that this is not a proper appointment. For Mr. Weiss, because he has a conflict of interest there. The man should not be the special prosecutor. He should he should be removed. We should have a independent, an independent prosecutor and Weiss has shown himself to be anything but independent. We have over and over again if it wasn’t for whistleblowers coming forward. And Jamie comer and Jim Jordan doing their due diligence and with their committee members. We would know anything about this truth. So I think you’re exactly why the DOJ went out of its way to quash the Hunter Biden scandal and protect him from justice. We know that that’s clear, because of the whistleblower testimony, and otherwise, under Biden would have gotten his sweetheart deal. So now the liberal media has done its best to sweep this scandal under the rug. But House Republicans are not going to let that happen. The President and his son must be held accountable as we have seen the witch hunt for years and years on former President Trump and just ignoring it totally ignoring of this piling I have evidence that shows it by did have a lot to do with his son’s business was present in a lot of these meetings was on the on the speakerphone with some of these people who are, who are giving money. Ted was involved in the creation of the Biden family 19 or 20 shell companies that were doing nothing except money to what looks so much like money laundering that is not even funny. And the rest of the media is totally ignored. Only about 5% of the media has stories on this. And they should be a major story. We’ve got a big debate coming up tomorrow night in Milwaukee. And I think that the American people need to hear this from CNN and MSNBC and NBC and all the rest of the mainstream. 

That’s not gonna happen. You and I, you and I both know that that won’t happen. They are pro Democrat. They’re anti American, and many of those networks and those who call themselves journalists or anything, but, you know, Congressman, what you and I have been talking about the funding of this government and the power that the Republicans do have the power of the purse, I interviewed chip Roy last week on this program. And there’s been floating this idea of a continuing resolution to, to solidify for the next couple of months, the Democrats unacceptable level of spending, their destructive level of spending, their lawless level of spending. And Chip Roy says that any talk of a continuing resolution is a non starter. And then he told me this listen: 

“I stand with all Americans across this country who are not just ashamed, but are afraid of a Department of Justice that is politicized, that is up ending the rule of law as we speak, and we have a duty to do something about it. And that is my message to House Republicans get off your ass and use the power of the purse to stop funding a radicalized tyrannized government that is at war with the American people.” 

And a continuing resolution doesn’t do that. So where are you on even the prospect? Because Chuck Schumer is out there saying he’s got to deal with with Speaker McCarthy. Where are you in a continuing resolution? 

Well, Republicans hold the majority crashed in the House of Representatives, there’s no need to pass a continuing resolution we we ought to be passing the 12 appropriations bills on time. That was our goal. Amen. And the American people don’t want to see the House of Representatives continue to delay addressing appropriations and the enormous overspending like Pelosi and the Democrats have done over the last few years. We have to do our job. If the House passes the bills, and the Senate refuses to take them up. That’s gonna be on Chuck Schumer’s, but that’s what I say. 

Hey, look, you brought up you brought up the debate. And I mean, I’ve only got about a minute and a half here left, but I wanted to ask you to put your political hat on because this is quite an interesting dynamic. You’ve got Fox News, the Never Trump Network, hosting this debate, and it’s it’s likely going to be a Trump bash Fest in Milwaukee. Meanwhile, President Trump who is way, way, way ahead, and all the primary polls and shows very promise and poised to defeating Joe Biden because as you and I have articulated, sir, Joe Biden is a waste of space as far as being pro American is concerned. So what do you as a Republican do when you’ve got the all these Republicans quote unquote, alleged Republicans on stage at a Never Trump Network on Fox, and you’ve got President Trump over talking to Tucker Carlson, what do you do? 

What do you mean, what do I do? I mean, I can understand why President Trump is not going to be at the debate. He’s going to be, you know, roundly criticized, and he’s already almost 50%. And quite frankly, I mean, my district is a big district for President Trump. I can tell you that his silence has never been taken down. All the last two and a half years. You know, I think it’s going to be an interesting dynamic. We’re living through some really interesting times, unfortunately, very perilous. I have 17 grandchildren, and quite frankly, the open borders, the overspending the crime waves that are going around across this country. These are things that worried me and I serve because I’m serving for my children and grandchildren and their future. And quite frankly, we have to do. We’ve got to do our duty and we cannot Allow the the, you know, an out of control radical Democrat Party, even though we have a narrow majority in the House to dupe us to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to, to funding and what what what goes on and as we’ve seen and so quite frankly I am total agreement with what you said was was what Chip Roy said just a second ago and his his quote, we’ve got to stand up for the American people. 

Yeah, the Constitution that that little thing called a constitution and, Congressman, it is. We have seen this in so many civilizations in the past where the dictators take over the totalitarians and it can’t be allowed to happen here and that wouldn’t while men have good conscience are serving like you, sir. Congressman Brian Babin, 36th congressional district, always appreciate the visit. 

You too, Chris, keep up the good work because as we said, if you’re not doing this, I’m very few are getting the real truth out there. So thank you. 

And with that comes an end to this Salcedo storm podcast, my friends, a couple of websites you should visit if you want to be informed, especially if you’re a Texan, Texas head there. For great enterprising journalism. Check out the documentary The Texas heist if you want to understand Texas politics, that’s the one to watch. Also, head to Chris There you can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV. Also check out our social media hookups on the brand new Chris Until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends 

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