The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Democrats, the Greatest Threat To America's National Security

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Carl Higbie is a former Navy Seal. He is the Host of Carl Higbie Frontline, 5 PM Eastern on Newsmax.

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I gotta read something to you. You know that I am no fan of Senator John Cornyn for his many betrayals against conservatives, our rights, our liberties and freedoms all in an effort to deliver for his good friends. The Democrat socialists Well, Senator John Cornyn is added again and is getting the attention of the National Association for gun rights. 

And this tweet put out by the National Association for gun rights, actually, it’s a series of them. I want to go through them because I think it’s instructive and how our senior senator has been systematically betraying Texans in particular when it comes to our constitutional God given rights. 

The first tweet, it was published on November 28. Of this year, after taking the bare minimum stance about the Second Amendment, John Cornyn once again shows his true colors and says his gun control bill from last year was a quote, good start. Now, let me remind you folks, John Cornyn tripped all over himself to find socialist Democrats to partner with using the tragedy of the ivaldi shooting as a springboard as a mechanism to take away law abiding American citizens rights. 

And part of the the real defining efforts of his collaboration with socialists on gun on gun grabbing and gun control was this aspect of red flag laws. The people of Texas were forced to fund through our taxpayer dollars, the suppression of of rights of our fellow citizens, the rights of due process, if they’re going to have their guns taken from them. And John Cornyn was one of the main perpetrators of this, and he has been lit up for that plus, since then, he’s voted for a cancerous omnibus, which prohibited border security and border walls going up. 

He facilitated more money for the importation of illegal aliens, but actually voted for a provision that expressly forbid the building of border barriers and knowing he did so knowing how illegal immigration was ruinous to many Latino communities here in the state of Texas. The tweet continues from the National Association for gun rights. 

John Cornyn just can’t help himself from selling out our gun owners and buddying up to Democrats. The next post, John Cornyn is either blissfully ignorant, or just completely stupid. If he thinks the so called Safer Communities Act isn’t an infringement on the Second Amendment. Every gun rights group in the country has told him it’s an infringement. 

So he’s just lying to everyone which, you know, Democrat, enablers. Socialist Democrats do as you all know, it’s a Salcedo show axiom. leftists lie they always lie and so do their enablers in the Republican Party. Why do Democrats when talking about needing gun control sites Chicago and Detroit, my brother in Christ, the Democrats put the gun control in place in those cities, guns are not cars they are not comparable to driving. 

Driving is not a constitutional right, writes the National Association for gun rights. If a gun control advocate is thanking you for your gun record, you need to seriously self reflect John Cornyn. And by the way, gun control advocates are thanking John Cornyn for his record of gun grabbing his turning of his back to the US Constitution and our rights and liberties. And I’m gonna say this. 

What’s worse? I’ve put out this rhetorical question several times what is worse, a political party known as the Democrat Socialist Party, willing to attack our fundamental rights and freedoms and liberties enshrined in the Constitution or the Republicans who turn their back and refuse to defend us from those Democrats. 

One such Republican is John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Adam crying Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, that ilk Mitt Romney. Yeah, yes. Mitt Romney. Now, we all remember what Mitt Romney said, if he had a choice between Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy, you know, conservatives, or those who have a track record of putting America first who he would choose, listen. 

“Who do you like in the Republican field? Anybody? You know, I would be happy to support virtually any one of the Republicans, maybe not Vivec. But, but the others that are running would would be acceptable to me and I’d be happy to vote for them. I’d be happy to vote for a number of the Democrats to I mean, would be an upgrade from, in my opinion from Donald Trump.”

And yeah, some people love their country more than they hate Donald Trump. Mitt Romney, you are not one of those people, sir. Now, folks, the threat posed to this nation by the Democrat Socialist Party. I recognize it, many of you recognize it. But I don’t think guys like John Cornyn do or if they do, they just don’t care what the Democrats due to you because these Republicans, they’ve already got it made in the shade or so they think just before we hit Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to sit down with a buddy of mine from Newsmax, Carl Higbie to talk about this very real threat posed to our country by the Democrat Socialist Party, and you’ll hear that conversation up next to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Let’s bring in our guest Carl Higbie he is a former Navy SEAL and he is the host of the Carl Higbie frontline show 5pm Eastern on Newsmax. Mr. Higby welcome. Hey, Chris, thanks for me on pleasures all mine, sir. You know, I think the Democrat Party and I’ve said this, the Democrat Party is, in my view, the worst? Well, not only the worst, but the greatest domestic threat to our nation’s security. What am I going wrong There?

100% I mean, you just you want a perfect example. But we’ve funded border walls and Pakistan, Jordan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Lebanon. But yet we the Democratic Party refuses to put a border on our southern border, which is leaking in a fentanyl every year to kill every single man, woman and child sometimes over so you’re not wrong? 

Right And because it seems through, as you as you know, the open border, the what they’ve done to the United States military, what I’ll get to here in a minute, that the Democrat Party has always, at least in my experience, been a raid at understanding our enemies, they just want to understand our enemies, and that’s devolved into supporting our enemies. And no greater example of this than you see, there’s up there’s a political story out today that the White House was concerned about this ceasefire. And in Gaza, between Gaza and the those who populate Gaza, and an Israel, because Western journalists may be able to go in there and see the devastation. This is their words, not mine. That was caused by Israel as they were going after Hamas after they endured their while, 10 times greater than 911 attack. So there seems to be a sympathy in the left, for those who hate Western civilization, those who hate America. Fair? 

Yeah. And it’s so dumb is really so stupid. I don’t know, like, of course, I’ve been to war, wars, bad, like people die, things get broken. But the way you win that war is by breaking and killing more of your enemies than they do of you. So it’s like you have these problems over and over again, where people just don’t understand how bad this is, like you had people trained and prepared by Iran parachuted into a music festival and killed hundreds of people in Israel. There’s the two sides are not equal here, you know, and the way I always say to people is, look, if Hamas stopped by Israel, stop firing rockets today, and stop this offensive today, Hamas would continue to attack Israel. If Hamas stopped firing rockets, there would be people almost wants to see spark. They had a ceasefire until like a month and a half ago until they decided to mess around and find out. And now they don’t like the fact that Israel is turning half their country, or half the Gaza strip into a parking lot. And you know what, I’m here for it, man. I think Israel should finish the job. 

Right Because as as we know, if they don’t go in and take care of business right now, there’s just going to be another attack, you know, as Iran resupplies and their terrorist proxies, again to wipe out Jews. And I want to point to that there’s a lot of folks here in in the West, led by dumb Democrats like Rashida to leave and Ilhan Omar and AOC and the squad. They say, Well, all of the innocent Palestinians Well, a poll recently taken of those in the Gaza Strip Palestinians, not only did they vote for the current government, which is a terrorist government for Hamas. Today, the poll taken today nearly 75% of those who occupy the Gaza Strip, not only support Hamas, and their their agenda to wipe out Israel, they also support the bloody attack that you referenced on October 7, which featured of course the burning of of bodies in the decapitating a baby’s heads from their bodies. So tell me tell me where the innocent folks are in the Gaza Strip?

It’s pretty insane and you know, Chris, I covered this obviously I come right after you so so thankfully over on Newsmax you know, in the in the hour after you but the issue that I don’t understand is why we as a country and why there’s the brain trust or lack thereof in the White House now has failed to really understand this enemy, in the same sense of like, look, there was a study actually having maybe like 10 years ago, that study the average IQ in the Gaza Strip, and it was put a 67 Okay, here in America and Western country, we consider anything below like a 75 to be mentally handicapped. So, you know, these people there are some smart people at the top of the the Palestinian in the the Hamas push that are controlling these people, not only because of a lack of intelligence, but also because a lack of resources there. They everything that Israel that Israel has built that hospital that Hamas built, I was wondering, Israel was providing power and water and infrastructure and all these services to Palestine and when it gets cut off because they just rocketed Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Hamas, the elected form of government, as you pointed out, turn around and run a PR campaign on their own people, putting them in that country sometimes at gunpoint, blaming it all on Israel, and that’s people just believe it. 

Folks, we’re talking to Carl Higbie he is the host of Carl Higbie frontline is the show right after the Chris Salcedo show on on Newsmax. Saucedo shows a four Higby as at five, and he always puts on a great program and he’s a great resource to because he still has a lot of folks who are who are in the United States military, you can give us the 411 about the state of the military, which I’m very worried about, about our forces about our ability to not only defend the United States dates but our ability to project power around the globe. From from what your understanding is what is the state of the US military, from recruitment onto our ability to fight and defend our country? Where are we? 

I mean, the US, US military right now, Joe Biden has turned into a soup sandwich. It is horrible. There was a young man yesterday who was made quite viral on Twitter. He was a US Army. I believe he was a sergeant. He was ordered in Afghanistan during the withdrawal to leave all of the gear behind. And because they didn’t have room on the planes, because there was some of the last one out off the tarmac, they were like, Hey, we don’t have we can’t put this much weight on the plane. We don’t have this much room. Just leave it here. No big deal. Well, they get back and now he’s getting out of the military in the military is charging $3,000 for all the equipment that he was ordered to leave behind. And he has no recourse. On top of that our men and women who go over there and fight. They don’t they don’t believe that the President and the White House and the the upper echelon of the military with Lloyd Austin and his facemask are going to have their back. That is the biggest problem we have. When you send people over to kill bad guys and break their stuff. You have to have their back politically and legally enter the military chain of command. And these people will throw our own soldiers who are willing to die for this country under the bus for political convenience. 

Absolutely insane. Lets you and I pivot to politics. Because if we had an honest press if we had a Republican Party. I know I know. It’s laughable if if if we had a Republican Party that that because you look over the Democrat side, and it’s a dumpster fire, what they’ve done to the country is an absolute dumpster fire the Republicans instead of saying, Hey, we should really rise above and show that we’re much better. The Republicans under under Mitch McConnell, under under John Cornyn, they say you know what, we’ve got to lower ourselves. So we can give the people no other choice that what the House of Representatives has been doing for the first part of this year for the first 10 and a half months of this year, just basically rubber stamping every Democrat spending measure. Are you seeing the same thing that the Republicans fearing that this illusion of a two party system will be destroyed? Whenever the Democrats go off a cliff, the Republican leadership says that they’ve got to jump to right after them. 

And this was the thing with getting giving parties a booth all we want as Republicans like I’m an Army conservative, I’ve mostly exited libertarian, but I’ll go with the Conservative Party on this one. I think all we want is for Republicans to actually be Republicans noble concepts. But like Mike Johnson, for instance, Kevin McCarthy had, what 9, 10 months to release in January 6 tapes. He didn’t. And Mike Johnson gets in there. He does it in his first like two weeks in power. It’s like, why? The question is, why didn’t they do that? And why would like why are we not willing to shut down like, I don’t care if we shut down the government, right? That means it’s not growing. That means it’s not spending new money on stupid things that don’t work like Shrek running on treadmills for $3 million. All I want is to get rid of the Department of Education, maybe slashing the IRS to like six or seven people cut to 200 billion off the Defense Department. You know, maybe curb entitlement programs. I don’t know I mean, these are not hard things well and Republican runs on this isn’t gonna get an office. They don’t do it. 

Dude, FCC right now Joe Biden is trying to put the disinformation board that failed DHS he’s now trying to implement it. Just in time for an election. The FCC is saying well, if we’re gonna rig we’re gonna regulate the internet. With the DIE program diversity inclusion equity, gee, what can go wrong with that in a censorship 2.0. And then you’ve got Joe Biden out there, using his wartime Powers Act, to to use taxpayer resources to increase the production of these heat pumps, which are inefficient electric heat pumps, which are inefficient and will put human lives at risk. He’s doing this with our money, and we’re asking the Republicans, hey, excuse me. Can you defund this, please? And that the last thing I want to make before I get to your Thanksgiving reflections, Carl, is Rhonda McDaniel. Ronna McDaniel runs the RNC here she is first two debates. She goes to the Never Trump Network because you know, the RNC is fair and impartial. So naturally, you go to to Never Trump networks to have your first two debates. Then the third debate is with a complete left wing biased NBC and then she wants credit and she wants she wonders why the Republicans are losing support hand over fist. This is a no brainer, isn’t it? 

It is this to me, it’s like Rhonda McDaniels gotta go this woman has been a disaster from day one. She’s lost and Vivec Ramaswamy most beautifully some of the stuff but that’s really where he was like, Yeah, I’m sitting here on your stage but your state Just based on hating Trump losing and not having a backbone, it looks like people are saying, Oh, she’s raised a ton of money. It’s like you put anybody in there, they will raise a ton of money. Why? Because people don’t like the Republicans don’t like Democrats, and you’ve got enough people who are willing to write checks to stop that agenda. However, we’re not stopping it right now. People are writing the checks, and we’re turning around and spending it on, you know, what did she spend $100,000 on hair and makeup last year? Just for her? Are you kidding me? That’s on your own dime, lady. 

I knew. Now I’m not gonna go there. I’m just not going to do it. Okay, so, Carl, first off reflections on Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? And give us a preview of what’s coming up in the big show this afternoon. 

Oh, yeah, man, so I’m always thankful for family. Even though I do have liberal in laws, which is the topic of tonight’s show. We’re gonna give you all the tools to compete on the battlefield of ideas. With your liberal inlaws at the table over Thanksgiving dinner is going to be fantastic. Hot damn can hardly wait Carl Higbie frontline. That’s the name of the show folks. Five o’clock, Eastern on Newsmax, right after the Salcedo show, buddy. Thanks very much, man. Appreciate it. All right, Christine, a few hours that’s going to put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, folks. Visit Texas That’s website number one. That’s where you find all of the information on where we’re going to be able to take out what some of you would call rhinos. Others would call like me pro Democrat Republicans because frankly, we have no use for them. If you’re if you like Democrats, you’re gonna vote for a Democrat. What do you need a Republican for to vote Democrat issues I just don’t see the point. Also pay a visit to Chris That’s where you find me. The Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas on Newsmax one on Newsmax two simulcast on getter and rumble we’re there. Also check out all of our social media hookups. Once you’re at Chris Julie visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government that is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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