All of you have watched Ron Desantis go from championing a strong parental rights bill that simply said teachers can’t discuss things of a sexual nature with K-3 children, to fighting nearly every pillar of society who attacked him as a bigot, to getting threatened by one of the largest employers in his state, to going on the offensive and removing special government protections for Disney.

This evolution revealed, yet again, just why Desantis has become the expected frontrunner of any 2024 presidential election without Donald Trump.

DeSantis’ approach has riled some Republicans who aren’t used to our leaders fighting for us.

Following this corporate conflict, Exxon Mobile, a major Texas corporation, announced that they will not let the official gay pride flag fly at their corporate buildings. This angered the left, but it should show the right just how much an aggressive approach against leftist corporations could shift the landscape of corporate behavior.

Take note, Texans. These changes are really important for our state.


Democrat Chairs Obstruct Policy Work

Nate Schatzline, Brian Harrison and Steve Toth are all trying to get Democrat chairs to take vital action in important Texas policies this interim. Dade Phelan’s fundraising is struggling and a Democrat congress woman tried to remove Trump’s secret service detail before the assassination attempt.

Phelan’s Team Is Leaving Him

Today, we look at just how radical some of the democrats are who are being empowered by Dade Phelan. Briscoe Cain has come out and not only said he believes Phelan will lose, but that it’s time to reform the Texas House and David Luther is calling the transgendering of kids a constitutional right.

Texas Implications to Biden’s Downfall

Biden is plummeting, two illegals murdered a young Texas girl and grassroots are uniting against incumbents like Giovanni Capriglione who are refusing to oppose Democrats.

Texas Rangers & The 10 Commandments

The Texas rangers are making Texans proud, in a good way. The 10 commandments are winning Louisiana and Brian Harrison is leading a strong fight to protect children and punish child abusers.