Texas Tomorrow
Texas Tomorrow
Do You Know What Your School Districts Are Spending On?



School districts across the state are spending big with little oversight. Big and small districts alike need monitoring and with as many districts as we have in Texas, it’s up to you to hold them accountable.


Who Controls Your Property Values?

  For the first time you’ll get the opportunity vote on who sits on your appraisal district board of directions.  Make sure you research the candidates and don’t miss the […]

Corruption Isn't Just for Big Cities

Across the state local governments big and small are plagued with corruption. It’s up to you to monitor them and ask questions when something doesn’t smell right.

Don't Ignore Texas' Local Debt

Local debt is burdening Texans as it exceeds $300 billion. While we often talk about our federal debt, we need to focus on local debt because that's what has an immediate impact.