The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast

Erin Anderson, Senior reporter for the Texas Scorecard.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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It really is, folks, there is an axiom out there that and this and the left wingers follow this as part of their, their demented Bible. If you say a lie often enough, it becomes truth. And they believe that and they practice that over on the other side of the aisle. They don’t traffic in truth, they traffic in what they desire to be true. And then they say if you just say a lie often enough, it becomes true. And it’s exactly the modus operandi of, of the leftists whether they be here in the United States or around the globe. I may have not told this story here on the podcast. I know I’ve told it on on radio, and I think I’ve even told it on television. There was a story that was out here a couple of years back about a young woman who had escaped North Korea, Kim Jong owns North Korea. And this was actually when it was Kim Jong Il’s North Korea. She escaped she had to go through this treacherous land route. I mean, it was it was fraught with peril. But she went all the way around ultimately ended back in South Korea. And that’s where they started to deprogram her. And over the the weeks and the months, as they were trying to she knew she wanted to go into freedom. She knew that there was something more. But the things that she actually believed in, she had to be shown the truth, because she had been indoctrinated with lies all of her life. That became her new truth, the communist lies. And one of the big lies out there was that Kim Jong OGN and his family are gods. Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Hoon are gods. So when the old man croaked, she even though having undergone weeks and weeks and weeks of deprogramming from all of that indoctrination from the north, she still wept. She cried, even though she she knew that he wasn’t a god. She couldn’t help but cry because in her heart and her mind, she thought he was a god, because that’s what she had been told. Since the time she was a child is what it’s what makes the biased press and their efforts to normalize the deviancy of Democrats, so dangerous, and it’s what makes gov Ed so dangerous in this country. Let me give an example. Over on CBS, The Daily Caller wrote about this CBS News guest repeatedly calls women, men Streeters when discussing periods. Now I’m gonna play the clip for you and I probably shouldn’t put you on you want to hear it just so you don’t think it’s Salcedo me lying to you can hear it for yourself and then I’ll give you my thoughts on the other side of this because back then it was not discussed and you don’t want girls to have to go through what many of us went through? Why? I mean, because periods make human life possible. Yeah, potentially one of the most natural biological processes of life. And yet history and society has built up the stigma that makes men Streeters feel so ashamed. Yeah. It makes us feel like there’s something wrong with our bodies. Were taught that period blood is this contaminant evil, like, disgusting. And I think that it always breaks my heart to hear so many stories every day of young men traitors who get their period and have never heard about it. Right? Because suddenly you think you’re bleeding out. A lot of people think that they pooped themselves, because yeah, that can be brown, and they don’t know that. Okay, so here’s, here’s my take on this. First off, you notice the language, she doesn’t want to offend the the new trans, the new trans protected class, the new politically protected class of trans people, which by the way, an actual transgendered person, somebody who suffers from gender dysphoria is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of 1%. The rest the rest of the deviance that we see out there are just transvestites who are or they’re just freak shows. But this is the new political norm of the left and the latest divisive effort to the left. So she has to call women who you and I would call women and girls, she has to call them men Streeters and talk about insulting talk about denigrating talk about demeaning reducing women to the to a biological function. Like menstruation. Men Striders you’ve got you’ve got to be out of your mind. But folks, this is the this is the change in language. It used to be subtle now this is right in your face slap in your face. This this change in language the left traffics in. Oh no, you can’t call them women anymore. You know, we can’t, we should call them baby factories or you can’t even say that anymore. Now they’re saying men can have babies. I know that we have to call them men’s traitors. This while the CDC claims that men can breastfeed Are you kidding me? All that even call it breastfeeding anymore? They call it chest feeding, you see? And this kind of crap gets disseminated in media, this kind of crap gets disseminated inside of Gov Ed. And then pretty soon, you got people thinking, Oh, left wingers are gods. We can’t talk about the real God in school. We can’t talk about the real God on television. And now all of it then all of a sudden you’ve got this Kim Jong Il style of propaganda out there and then then all of a sudden, you’ve got you’ve got this this bastardization, bastardization of the language, and nobody can communicate. It’s just, it’s just sickening. So I mentioned gov ed a couple of times and well, the fight to restore parental school choice education freedom continues in the state of Texas, trying to get Texas to join the civilized states, and leave the company of a knuckle dragging states that deny this fundamental basic right of parents. Be right back on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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Aaron, welcome back. Thanks for having me, Chris. Always good to talk with you. Although that’s a less than great subject to talk about. I think it’s an important one and one that parents need to know about, I got into a conversation and I’m not going to tell you who with but it’s a it’s a lawmaker who heretofore has been considered a conservative, who told me the big problem with getting reforms in gov Ed, are these air quotes Republicans in rural areas? who say, well, the GOV ed school system is my main employer in my town. And they’re the main source of entertainment in my town, to which I say, and then this whole laundry list of stuff that the GOV ed system means for these towns, and you know, in this whole laundry list that they roll out, the kids are never even mentioned. Do you have you tackled that at all, and you’re reporting? Well, you know, indirectly that’s that’s what we’re seeing, because we see that the, the initial instinct of a lot of the school district administrators is to protect the district, from bad publicity, rather than to inform the parents so that they can better protect their children. And I get it, it’s not wrong to say that these school districts represent often the largest employers, even in non rural areas, there’s tons of money going through these school districts, your school districts drive your property development. So the district administrators are extremely invested in maintaining the, you know, stellar reputation of their district. That’s what drives more people to move there. And then that also drives more growth, which is great for the the school construction industry who also has a vested interest in maintaining, you know, the reputation of the districts and nothing drives people away from wanting to send their their precious children into your schools, then hearing that there’s, you know, perverts roaming the halls sexually assaulting children. Well, you know, what there’s been story after story after story of those who are teachers, administrators, those who have access to children with COVID, and being arrested for inappropriate relationships with children. And I know that you’ve covered quite a few of them from all over the state of Texas. And my view is, these school districts have grown so fat, so unaccustomed to accountability, because they get our money. without any oversight from the Texas legislature, the Texas legislature passes all of this money to the school districts. And then it’s like ho hum, we don’t want to do a damn thing about it. And they don’t, they don’t. And then when they do pass laws restricting what these school districts districts can do, they don’t put any penalties for violations of those laws. So they’re really meaningless. So tell me some of the stories you’ve been talking about. That that parents are really alarmed at inside of Texas. Gov Ed. Oh dear, so many wild I will hearken back to how I started on this very particular beat so to speak, is last year when prosper Independent School District up here in Collin County, again, a very growing very high end area and school district, it was discovered that a bus driver had been sexually molesting two elementary school girls on his bus often when parked right out in front of the school for months on end. And nobody you know, nobody really checked into it. Nobody was looking at the bus surveillance video. But the girl finally made an outcry to the family at the end of the school year. And guess what the guy got arrested and there was there was that side of the story but not a peep to the parents. That’s when all summer school started back again in August still not a peep and the parents of those young girls finally sued the school district. And that is when the story broke. This is the first parents were here. saying that their young children had been riding on a bus with a known child molester. And they weren’t, they weren’t surprised. This is months later, there was outrage. And I’m sad to say still nothing has been done. But that’s when I started sort of noticing these stories a little more. That’s like, oh, look, here’s another one that I’m like, Oh, here’s another one. So here’s two more, here’s five more, here’s 10 More, and it became a just, you just cascade it. I just, it was it was out there. And I just I wasn’t paying attention that much unless parents aren’t. And they, a lot of the stories don’t even if they get out at all, they don’t get beyond the local school district. Right. It’s just a local story. And so parents weren’t seeing that this was a growing problem. And I think for a number of reasons, and I tell people, they’re like, why are why are there so many more? I will say one reason I think we are hearing about it more in Texas, though, is because the legislature did pass some laws requiring more reporting. So that, you know, there was a past the trash laws, you’re probably that sounds familiar to you, right. So to keep these teachers from just being fired, and, and moved along, they, they did pass a law a few years back, that requires the school administrators, if they get wind of this, they have to report it to the state to the Texas Education Agency, and then the state has to follow up. And a lot of times they get their teaching certificates. withdrawn, or they get on the do not hire registry, but the parents don’t always hear about it. Right. So that’s a problem because the other parents, you know, they might like to ask their kids, Hey, did you have this teacher did anything you know, was anything and this there. And then of course, the other thing that the big driver, not just here in Texas, but across the nation is social media, it’s making it so much easier for so many of these, these perverts in the schools to interact with the kids, or you know, away from their parents size to basically groom them into a sexual relationship by starting with like flirty, little texts. And then there’s before you know that they’re sending nude selfies on Instagram and Snapchat, and then boom, it’s, you know, they’re having, you know, they’re having, you know, sexual interactions with these kids, which by the way, is a crime. It’s a second degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison. Yeah, well, here’s the here’s the headline. Pflugerville ISD. Police Officer, this is the inside the this is gov ads police accused of soliciting sex with a 13 year old student via Snapchat. Yeah, Snapchat and Instagram are becoming a continuing theme in my articles. I noticed that’s what they’re using. This one had the twist of having a police district police officer just just a couple of weeks ago, there was one in Frisco ISD identified. They use local police as you know what they call Student Resource Officers. But these are these are sworn police officers serving on school campuses. And he was he was busted for it what they call inappropriate relationship. That means illegal sex. Yep, with a 14 year old. So this is this is happening and this Pflugerville guy, he’d been on the job for 14 years, you think this is the first time he’s ever since you know, made inappropriate contact with these young girls at this middle school? Good, highly unlikely, highly unlikely. Same thing with the other. So you’ve got that now, I was surprised to find that there’s actually a number of female teachers kidding caught in this, who I guess are just some sort of, you know, maladjusted adults that feel they have to, you know, they can’t have a normal relationship with an adult, right? They’re, they’re interacting with these, these young boys, who are, in some cases, these poor boys, when we told the police that he was dating his teacher, you know, and this young kids mind, that’s what’s happening, right? Well, but of course, the adult knows better. She’s, you know, she’s sexually assaulting a minor and taking advantage of her position of authority within the school. Right. And then, of course, that is called Of course, it’s it’s pedophilia, let’s let’s, let’s also call it what it is. It’s pedophilia, and it’s 100% illegal, but it’s happening inside of government schools. Aaron Anderson is our guest right now, folks, she’s a senior reporter for the Texas scorecard but she has been focusing lately, a lot on the malfeasance going on inside of Gov Ed. Parents are seen as the outsiders. In gov. Ed, you’re seeing this, maybe not so much advertised in the state of Texas, but it’s happening in other states where parents are being kept in the dark about the LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism agenda where kids are being encouraged to transition and then having that kept secret from their parents. And there’s actually a judges now that are ruling that these school districts are way over Stepping, what have you discovered about what’s happening here in Texas in that regard? Well, that’s definitely a concern here. We actually have some school districts that have elected a more conservative or a pro Family School Board majority. And they are adjusting their policies to try to guard against this national push to have all this in the schools. And, you know, make no mistake, there’s, regardless of what they will say they’re a big part of this is a sexual angle, right? You’re it’s like, oh, yeah, it’s the other, the other sex the other gender. But, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s part of a bigger thing to, to make kids to focus young children on, you know, things regarding around sex, you know, that there have been districts like Keller ISD, just recently, they adopted a new policy that just simply said, you know, you go to the bathroom of, you know, the Secretary resigns, so we don’t have any of this nonsense. And again, kids can always ask for special exceptions. And you know, they will, they will accommodate that, but your accommodation is not boys get to go and girls bathrooms, girls are terrified of this, this is gross. Now, again, the ACLU threatens you’re going to sue over this or whatnot. But you do see some districts putting in these defensive measures, which you wouldn’t think you’d need. Right? That used to be the common sense, you know, default setting. Now you have to pass a special policy just to say that it’s not going to happen, to try to avoid the problems that we’ve seen, you know, in other states where you do actually have, you know, girls coming forward saying that they were sexually assaulted in their bathroom by, you know, a boy, you know, dressing as a girl or claiming that he had the right to use that facility, right? It’s a real problem in Loudoun County member Loudoun County not only to the school district after a little girl was sexually assaulted, she was raped by a young man who was pretending as we would find out in court testimony later, the young man was pretending that he was a female just so we could get access to his victims. He raped one little girl, the district kept quiet. They transferred him talking about passing the trash. They transferred him to another school district where he raped another girl. And yeah, that’s actually that’s not an isolated incident. There have been several in other states and people’s Well, it’s not here in Texas. I mean, the word is yet right. So Frisco ISD of your North Texas. They recently, some months back, they were addressing the same policy issues. Are you tired of hiding your smile? 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It was just how the administrators decided to and quietly handle it. So that was just, you know, a powder keg waiting to happen. So we see that and again, it’s like you said that the bigger picture is is the parents, you know, the parents being disrespected. And then in this case, this is just student safety and the kids young kids, they can’t they’re there to learn and if that’s the law requires them to be there, right? It’s the adults in the room that are that are charged with the safety of these kids. So cool. And they’re in there and they’re falling down and you want to say because I get criticism from this why you pick on teachers, elephant young This is a small percentage of the total amount of teachers fall into this group. But it’s important to note it I think for for a few reasons. And we kind of touched on I mean, number one, these are government employees, and they are paid for with our tax dollars. So we have the right to hold, you know, hold this system and these people and these individuals accountable in a way that is it equally horrible when people in a in a in a some other setting are pedophiles molesting children, yes, it’s all horrible. But from a public policy standpoint, and an accountability standpoint, these are government employees on the job with our money, you know, attacking our kids, we have a right to, you know, to demand answers to demand transparency, and to demand safety. The state, the state requires you to send your kids to school, this is a mandate. Now you can private school or homeschool, but otherwise, your kid is supposed to be going through that, you know, government school every day are their truant. So your your state says you must send your kids here. So, you know, there should be an obligation in return, because they’re suspending also, you know, several hours a day, five days a week, in the setting. It’s not like oh, they occasionally go to this, you know, this place or that place here there all day, every day giving, you know, just so these people have access, you know, mandatory access to your children day in and day out in this trusted position. And clearly, it’s not a lot and I say it’s a small percentage, but I bet until recently, most Texas parents thought that percentage was zero. So this is the this is the point I need them to know that that our, our our system of screening teachers and doing background checks is not sufficient. And that the social media is it’s so dangerous, even because these these people inside the schools are using it even though that’s against that’s against the teachers code of ethics to use to interact with kids on social media for this very reason. Right. Exactly. Exactly. And you know, put a cap on this particular section of our conversation. One of your pieces out a detailing of former Amarillo ISD substitute teacher is Wanda now for sexual assault of a student Crimestoppers is looking for 20 year old Lucio Antonio Maria, is there any update on that story? They still haven’t found him yet. There is good news. Crimestoppers found them he turned himself in. So he was the criminal of the week. And so the word got out. And he had nowhere to hide. And this kid has I call him a kid like he’s 20 This is the other thing. Look, school districts are hiring. He was 19 and they hired him. I got another one from another school district. You know, a couple of weeks ago, a 19 year old arrested for distributing child porn. So that’s another big thing that’s happening and they’re using the social media. Now this kid, I think he was probably a victim of sextortion which is why you should keep your kids off social media. Yep, he’s 19 he’s he’s working in a he’s been entrusted with children to work in a school just like that 20 year old and he he was caught. He actually made the video this is this is really horrifying. But he made the video of himself abusing a very young child and then transported it via via Snapchat to some other perverts who was going to purchase them distributed. So this this is what’s going on. There’s a lot we I’ve had several stories that involve child pornography. Let me tell you this horrifying one. Christmas was one of the worst ones I was digging in on a guy that got fired. The parents, the moms, they they’re so great because they tell me what’s going on in their school because you never know otherwise. Right? Sometimes the kid comes home, it’s like, Oh, mom, something happened. Other times this a very small group of parents will get the letter, you know, when it’s their kids teacher, right? Because you’re like, Oh, why is there a new teacher, but the community won’t know. So a mom had tipped me off about a guy in their district that got fired. And they were trying to get they’ve got they’ve done a public information request to get the details. Well, in addition to this guy, they got information on a Belton ISD middle school orchestra teacher, who, in 2020, went to prison for distribution of child pornography of children, very young children under the age of 14. So this is like a particularly heinous form. And these people have never heard this story. And they only got this record because T EA they got the letter of TAS notice to her in prison saying oh, we see you’ve been incarcerated. This invalidates your your Texas teacher certificate, the advice you’re not allowed to teach anymore because of that, and so that’s how they found out I got that I was able to get because I now knew her name. I was able to get the the affidavit you know documenting, you know from the arrest, they get the statements and all as horrifying Chris horrifying. It is. And these parents had no idea their children have been in contact with this person he was part of this just child pornography ring. Just horrifying, good grief. And you know, just recently the sound of freedom came out from Angel Studios, which is just blowing up the box office. And it’s it’s a $20 million in advanced sales. But it’s expected to do a lot more than that. And it’s an incredible bombshell for an a shot across the bow for the studios because Americans are hungry to see this type of quality entertainment that isn’t promoting degenerate activities. And and the fact that this kind of stuff is happening in our schools that we’re seeing examples of this, on the international human trafficking trade this the sex slave trade is disgusting that it’s happening here in Texas. Aaron Anderson is our guest, senior reporter at Texas scorecard. Let’s transition if we can to, aside from the sexual abuse of our children, the abuse of these of these individuals inside of Gov ed, and pushing these this criteria. That is political that is left wing that is Marxist that is that is divisive. This is not one of yours, but it’s from the Texas scorecard. A Texas family is suing Capelle Independent School District for allegedly discriminating against their son’s gender and race, as well as teaching critical race theory. Now, Aaron, you and I both know, critical race theory is forbidden verboten against the law in the state of Texas. But as we both know, the Texas Legislature passed a law forbidding it, but didn’t put any punishments in the law. So guess what? Gov Ed is still teaching critical race theory, your thoughts? Right? Well, of course, remember when this first came up, they claimed this wasn’t even happening at all? Oh, no, nobody’s nobody’s that’s some college level theory course this isn’t being taught. But it’s, of course, it was not only being taught, is being implemented, right. So it’s one thing to say here, kids, here’s a lesson on describing critical race theory. It’s another thing to implement policies based on critical race theory. And they’re doing both. And yeah, so this is what happened and what happens. It’s not just in in education, but it’s very marked in education. Parents have been complaining about this quite a bit. That even with rules there, like you said, there’s no there’s no penalty and no enforcement, because the only the only the enforcer for school districts ultimately is the Texas Education Agency. And fears are tell me they’re there. They’re useless. But before that, when you have a when you have a what they call, they call it a grievance in the in that system. There’s a law for example, which there is that says you may not teach critical race theory. And your kid comes home with a with their school, it’s like, look at this, and you’re like, This is critical race theory, I got a problem with this. Well, of course, you can call up the teacher. When you want to go to the district and get them to do something about it, you file what’s called a grievance. And Texas school districts have this three level process that you start with the local principal, and they listen to you and say, basically, to that, then you get to go to the superintendent, they listen to you, you and say well to you that then you get to go to the school board. And they say, Oh, thank you, we really appreciate you coming to us. But to that we’re supporting our super and our principal. So after all that process, which takes quite some time, then you get to appeal to the the T EA the Texas Education Agency, after which they say, well, we can’t really do anything about it. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for stopping. So it’s, it’s infuriating for parents and in fact, this whole session, there was a whole group of parents that were pushing for reforms that within the system there like forget school choice, that’s a whole separate fight for all of us that are in this current system as it is now. We need a better way. We need better laws, and then we need some way to enforce them to get some, you know, to get some resolution of these issues, and they spent all session and almost none of it happened. I mean, they got that HB 900 the redirect to put some some rules on the on the library books and that, you know, the books that are, you know, a lot of basically pornographic but it actually it puts the penalty on the book vendors. The only reason that law passed, by the way is because there’s nowhere in that is there a penalty for teachers, librarians or school and their school system would not have would not have allowed it had they been held liable here they’re not liable. Only vendors are liable. No, no enforcement mechanism to as you were pointing out, so yeah, all the other things to put to put stricter rules and more enforcement fell by the wayside and did not get past this session. You up and well, the people you talk to an interview, what is their reaction about the inaction and frankly, the betrayal of 23 Republicans who voted to stop funding for all school choice programs, there’s still a special session going on and praise God. Those people will be defeated. But 23 air quotes, Republicans went on record to stab every parent and child in the back in the state of Texas. What when parents that you’re interviewing, who are trying to get justice inside of Gov Ed, when they hear about what those air quotes Republicans did? What is their reaction? Well, I’ll say the reactions are a little bit vary depending how long they’ve been at this. And I don’t mean to be cynical, Chris, but I think you and I both know, you know, how, you know how responsive or unresponsive lawmakers can be, I actually there was good, there was this great group that affiliated Texas education 911 A lot of parents educators, and a lot of people kind of their first time into the session, and they are still, they’re still trying to keep a positive attitude that they can keep bringing pressure to bear and get get some response. But they’re pretty, you know, they were, they’re pretty let down, to say the least. And some are pretty angry. I know one mom, that she said she she was an attorney by trade. And she’s been doing a lot of this activism within the schools and trying to get these things change. She recently left her regular law firm and went out on her own and she is specializing in representing parents in their school district grievances and fighting back against this, that’s where she’s like, look, this, you know, she’s she’s done with trying to make the lawmakers you know, help her she’s like, Uncle, you know, I’m going to battle in the courts, because this is where it seems to be. So every you know, there’s there’s people are having their different reactions, how they’re trying to, you know, move forward in either disappointment or disbelief or, you know, some righteous anger. And it is righteous, because, again, we pour so much money. I know, people say, Oh, the schools are unfunded. Look at the dollar amounts. It’s not we’re not intended, we’re not underfunded, or it’s miss the money’s misspent. We’re sending them tons of money. And, and our children, they want our children because that’s how they get their dollars. And is it a tough job? Yeah. But they asked for it. And that’s, you know, they’re expected to live up to it. So these lawmakers again, like, like the school districts themselves, they see it in a different light. And that’s why I tried to tell the parents they’re sure some of them are also parents, but their constituency is not the parents and the children so much as the education establishment. Right. So that’s a completely different goals. Their their responses do not surprise me because I understand who they feel they work for love and believe they should work for them. And they’re right. Exactly. Gov Ed exists to perpetuate itself. Parents exists for the benefit of their children, you know, so that’s, that’s, that’s the difference. The last thing I wanted to go over with you was something that you wrote about, about killer. Now, it seems amidst all this sea of bad news, and bureaucrats who are putting the institution of Gov Ed first, over learning over children, their safety, and no and otherwise, it looks like Keller has taken a turn saying, you know, what, I think we’re going to do some common sense. policy changes here. And let’s give credit where credit is due. Keller Independent School District came up with a safety and privacy policies that seemed to reflect common sense go through them. Yes, they are two new policies in particular, which, again, is a credit to the community, which over the past three local election cycles in the past three years, has slowly and steadily elected again, more, you know, family friendly, you know, common sense conservative school board members, who were then in place to put these policies in which the which the community wanted and the two in this case are to, to require what they call, you know, sex separated, personal spaces, the bathrooms, the locker rooms, etc. will be by, you know, by individual sex, male and female biological Yeah. We have here Yes, yes. So, so there’ll be a boy’s room in a girl’s room again, if somebody has an issue, just as they always have been able to, you know, they may, they may, they may seek an accommodation. But we’re not having we’re not having this and mixing it up and all this other stuff. You because that’s again, that’s confusing, and it’s frightening for the majority of the kids who are girls, and particularly girls. Yeah, so yes. Although I’ve had students in districts say, a mom said other son came home, and was freaked out, when a girl came in dressed as a boy, and I can’t even describe the whole, there’s a there’s a thing they do. So they can use the urinals, Oh, dear God, boy here, but this boy was freaked out. So don’t it’s not. But yes, the girls are fearful. And, you know, they don’t want to see that that’s, you know, they’re not they shouldn’t have to, it’s a girl’s room that, you know, it’s, it’s a private space. And so that thing, very common sense. And the other was that they’re not going to, you know, force anyone to use some particular pronoun, you know, that somebody claims they prefer, you know, if somebody you know, if you if you want to, if your friends want to call you that, if everybody’s okay with it, no problem. It’s voluntary. You can’t force say, a teacher or a whole classroom to refer to it as she or somebody is a day and then try to claim they’re bullying you if you know, they didn’t use the right one, right? This is just This is protecting everyone, all the students, all the staff, you know, no one’s forced to, you know, compelled to speak and, you know, say two plus two is five. Right. Um, but people certainly, you know, made it doesn’t prohibit somebody because, you know, it was like, Well, what if i What if I want to, because I think it’s polite. Well then do that. Yeah. Well, young can’t be compelled to use Yeah, that’s Yeah, you can’t be compelled to go against science. And that’s, that’s actually, you know, the English language. That’s, that is that is key. Aaron Anderson, if folks want to keep in touch with you, and maybe give you tips on what they’re seeing inside of there. Gov Ed, because you know what, I know a lot of a lot of you journalists do rely on the public to turn you on to big stories, where can they go? Yes, as the public is my best sources, I’m telling you. Of course, I’m in Texas For all my news. My email, which is long as E. Anderson, at Texas, I’m on Facebook and Twitter have quite a bit. Facebook, just as is where I’ve, over the years built a network of people that are local, and it continues to work. If anybody’s on Facebook Messenger. I know people say they hate it, but I’m there, you can message me. You can, you can tweet me, you can email me, you can call me. I’d love to hear from from the public again, because they do have the best stories. And again, that’s how I you know, I know what to write about, right? Because the people will tell me, this is what we’re interested in hearing about, these are the things that are important to us. So rather than me guessing, I wonder what people want to read about. I know because they tell me and believe me this, all things having to do with school is hot, because like you said it involves people’s children. And that’s their, that’s, that’s parents number one priority. So anything that involves their children, that’s tops, and this is the intersection of children. And the government, which is you know, which is what we do at scorecard we focus on, you know, helping people be self governing take control, you know, their lives and of the political world rather than the political world, you know, trampling on them. And so any anything that we can do in our information that we can share that helps. That helps the people and especially again, parents is a is a big, a big soft spot for me. We’re here and we want to hear from from y’all as well. Great work. Aaron, thanks very much for the time. Thanks for having me, Chris, always great to talk with you. The most important thing we can do is defeat the unit party on GOV Ed, the most important thing we could do is reclaim our children. They don’t belong to the government. The government doesn’t get to determine how to best educate our children. We the parents do. And you know what this will go a long way into rescuing our society as well. We won’t allow these left wing nut jobs, whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats to disadvantage our children and indoctrinate them in values that are not American in values that are not our own. The parents own folks visit a couple of websites for me if you will, Texas. That’s, that’s number one. Texas All the big news that is big in Texas go there, including the fight to restore parental authority and the values of our society. Also check out folks. Chris Chris When you’re there, you can check out all of our social media hookups, drop me an email, drop me a voicemail, and there’s even information there and on how you get booked me for a speech to come and speak to your particular group. Until we visit again, my friends, remember this a society’s will We don’t measure that worth by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. Instead, we measure a society’s worth by how much power is reserved for we, the people stay safe out there, my friends, my brother in law died suddenly. And now my sister and her kids have to sell their home. That’s why I told my husband, we could not put off getting life insurance any longer. An agent offered us a 10 year $500,000 policy for nearly $50 a month. Then we called select, quote, select, quote found us identical coverage for only $19 a month, a savings of $369 a year. 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