Today is Election Day in a Republican runoff that has continued to get more heated as Austin elites have poured a mountain of money into attempts to buy concentrated power against the grassroots.

Sydnie Henry just published a piece about how Joe Straus is joining the fight to try and drag these liberal Republicans across the finish line. It’s important to remember that this is largely a fight to build a coalition of RINOs big enough to thwart Dan Patrick’s more conservative agenda in 2023.

Here is the most important thing to remember about today: It’s the most important election of your lifetime, until the next one comes along.

The part about elections that I kind of hate is the fact that we are fighting a battle that never ends. House District 73 is one of the best examples of this, and I break down the last 16 years of history in that community to give you a picture of just how neverending this conflict is.

Today’s message is that your decision to engage in this battle must be founded on a realistic understanding that the conflicts you engage in will be guaranteed to last for the entirety of your engagement. The question is, how long will you last?

Have a blessed week.



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