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Fake Republicans Need To Be Outed & Sent Packing

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Scott Hommel is the Chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party. And he is a candidate for District one in the Texas house to replace the left-winger, Gary Van Deaver.

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The objectives of the left have changed. Remember the good old days when we used to value bipartisanship? I mean, even if I at one point would value bipartisanship? Because, you know, it was this discussion of well, the Republicans have one idea on how to get to this American objective. The Democrats have another idea and how to get to this. This objective we met, we may disagree. But the American objective was always the focal point, right? 

That’s all changed. That’s why I no longer wish to cooperate or collude with Democrats because their agenda is decidedly anti American. It’s decidedly anti prosperity, anti security, anti constitutional, and they’re up there with their propaganda and their lies, trying to tell us that they’re on the side of the angels, when really they’re doing Satan’s work, wherever where you turn. 

And if you’re doing work for the Democrats, you are doing Satan’s work. I’m sorry. That’s just the way it is the very same political party that has now entrenched in the FBI that is targeting Catholics everywhere, the same, so called injustice system that puts up a Lutheran priest, and books him for some sort of violation supporting Donald Trump was was what he was guilty of, in Fulton County, Georgia. And then he shows up, and he’s dressed as a man of the cloth. 

And then the morons of the New York Post decide to blast him for it. Oh, you show up in your religious scarves? Well, what the hell is he supposed to show up as a regular guy, he’s not a regular guy. He’s being targeted, like so many other people out there are for standing against left wing extremists. So look, I used to enjoy bipartisanship when it was well, as long as we’re getting to the same goal. We all agree we want to protect our borders. 

No, the Democrats don’t agree anymore. So you shouldn’t keep them in positions of power and authority, as 50 Republicans in the State House just voted to do? Yes. They voted to keep Democrats the party that doesn’t believe in border security. The party that is responsible for the growing sex slave trade into the United States. They want to put them in charge of border security on some committee and fit the Republicans said no, no, no, we got to keep them there. I don’t want them there. 

They are absolutely against what is best for the people of Texas against what’s best for our people. Those same Republicans caved into Democrats crossed the aisle 60 of them to join 61 Democrats socialists to impeach Ken Paxton. And they said, Well, you know what, we’re gonna basically spring this on everybody with two days notice past impeachments weren’t conducted like that. They say you’re going to accept it. You’re just gonna we tell you what to do. 

See this strain to the Republican Party, the dictator strain, they’re adopting too much from the Democrats. So I don’t want them to collude with Democrats. I don’t want them to team up with these sensibilities that are anti democratic, that are anti will of the people of Texas, the people of Texas decided on Ken Paxton. They saw the allegations against them, they weighed it and said, No, they’re not real. And they’re not from all the information I’ve been given and the information I’ve seen. They’re not credible. 

So now the people of Texas are starting to rise up For example, Bandera County, the Republican Party and Bandera County has just censured representative Andrew mer. He’s one of these individuals who are primarily responsible for railroading and RAM rotting this impeachment through in the 11th hour at the end of the legislative session. So the people said, Oh, you’re full of crap. So thank you, Representative Andrew mer, for letting us know that you’re really an agent of the Democrat Party, and we’re going to censure you and we’re going to torpedo your chance of getting reelected, unless you want to run as a Democrat. 

And of course, you don’t feel free to try that in that area of Bandera County. So, Andrew mer has been censured for his role. I’m gonna expand more on that here in a minute. But there’s some other stories out there a Houston teacher accused of recording sex acts with his student. I mean, this is the status of Gov Ed. But those same Republicans 24 Republicans teamed up with socialists to deny parental school choice. 

If the parents of that sex abuse victim wanted to take their kids out of that school. They couldn’t, because Republicans colluded and conspired with socialist Marxist Democrats to deny our people that choice Republicans like Charlie Garin. Now, what about the Marxist and Communist China? What about the enemies of America in Mother Russia? What about the enemies of America in the People’s Republic of Iran? 

Well, certain Republicans made sure that that those countries could continue to buy land in the state of Texas. And I’m not sure why. I think it’s a rather traitorous act, that you would enable foreign enemies to get a foothold in America to spy on our military installations in compromise our food supply. I think it’s a traitorous act. But you know what, Todd Hunter never had to explain himself. Dustin burrows never had had to explain himself and Dadeville and never had to explain himself. 

Why did you kill that? We just did. We just did. We never allowed Lois, we never allowed Lois Kolkhorst. It’s common sense bill to come up from the Senate and get voted on because we knew it would pass. If it was up before the house. Nobody in good conscience could say nope, we’ve got to keep Communist China buying land in Texas. Nobody would have voted that way. Even socialist Democrats would have been hard pressed to vote against that. So they pressured their speaker date feeling and they killed it. 

And in so doing, they left us vulnerable, which I cannot support. And I do not support those Republicans who place Democrats and getting along with Democrats and Democrats power over the fidelity to their own voters. I can’t sanction it. We talk more about this coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Not every Republican wants to appease Democrats It’s there are conservatives who don’t want to appease Democrats however, however, non conservatives who are in the Republican Party always seek to please Democrats over the will of their own voters. And we have a serious problem with several of this kind of Republican in name only a rhino for short. Many you would know that vernacular, what I, what I would call them is just Democrats, Democrats and Republican disguise fake Republicans. In other words, let me talk about these individuals with Scott Hummel. He is the chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party and he is a candidate for district one in the Texas State House to replace the left winger Gary Van De Vere van Deaver. 

Hey, man. Hey, how you doing, Chris? Good morning. Thanks for having me on doing well his name always. I always struggle. It’s I always want to say I want to Vancouver but no, it’s van dever. 

Look, it’s van dever but I refer to him as van Democrat. 

Yeah. Because that’s how the guy votes. And that’s how the guy that’s how the guy runs his. That’s that’s a level of trust he has, if you’re voting for a Republican in district one, you’re you’re actually voting for a Democrat who delivers for Democrats, who does his level best to thwart conservative agenda items. And I want to talk about that. Let’s zero in Scott, you and I on the MER censure. So Maria has been censured by by his county, because his county Republicans because he he did a bad thing. He went after Ken Paxton, in the most shady and irresponsible way, as many are saying it’s illegal. So Bandera county says okay, man, you want to behave like a Democrat, we’re going to censure you and try to try our best to ruin your chance to get reelected. What’s your take on this? 

Well, it’s absolutely 100% correct what they’re doing in that county. If you look at the impeachment against Ken Paxton, does not by any stretch of the imagination, follow the Texas Constitution. And it’s an absolute shame that we have trans publicans, Republicans in name only rhinos wherever you want to call them. Working this system against arguably the hardest fighting Attorney General in the United States of America. If you look back, you know, Ken Paxton is the most successful attorney general suing Joe Biden and all his baloney stuff that he’s tried to pull. But the fact that they did not follow our Texas Constitution is very, very scary. 

Well, and then also consider this, there is an effort out there now, to put pressure by these these left wing groups to put pressure on Republican Secretaries of State to kick President Trump off the ballot. Now, who would be the lead guy in Texas stopping that from happening? That would be Attorney General Ken Paxton. But now he’s been sidelined by all of this. 

Right, exactly. And, in fact, just posted yesterday, the Attorney General of the State of New Hampshire is the first one he’s really trying to leave that cause and I’m like, Okay, that’s about as constitutional as it can possibly get. But here in Texas, the fact that we had so many Republicans vote for the impeachment process, when they knew it was 100% unconstitutional. There’s just so many angles about it. And if you follow Texas code 665 point 001 where it begins, then you get all the way down to Texas code. 665 point 081. It literally the problem is, Chris is that what they’re accusing him of a they don’t have the evidence, he was never allowed to present his case back forth. But everything that they’re accusing him of, was known prior to the 2022 election to where he received more votes basically, in Texas than anybody. So they’re basically telling the Texas voters we don’t care what you think, even as quoted by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, this is not a criminal. case here, it’s literally 100% political, and Texans need to be aware of this. Like I’ve said before, in our private conversations, it’s looked at that red onion is I peel this red onion back, I realize it’s not so red on the inside. 

Yeah, absolutely true. And you know, I’m hearing that this is because as you know, the Speaker of the Texas House is elected by a Faustian bargain with bought off so called Republicans and an overwhelming number of Democrats elect this speaker so that the Democrats have told him that they want Ken Paxton scalp for his challenge to the 2020 election pointing out that Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan did not follow their election laws for that sin for pointing out that they did not follow their laws. They want him gone. Scott Hummel is our guest folks. He’s chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party. I want to talk about this rash of centers that we’re seeing across the state that they centered Tony Gonzalez. They’ve centered several counties have centered Dade feeling. Last cycle, we had Chris Patti, who had his local Republicans censure him and that led to him going into becoming a lobbyist. So I’m sensing a seismic shift from we the people who say, Oh, if you’re a Republican, you want to get up there and kiss the nearest butt cheek of a Democrat. That’s all well and good, but you’re going to be centered and we’re going to throw you out because we don’t want that agenda. Are you sensing and seeing the same thing? 

Absolutely. 100% people in this state are really waking up to what’s going on. And I think what really got the ball rolling, rolling, is when people realize that here we are the state of Texas with a with a in our house is controlled by Republicans. Yet the term after term, our speaker of the house, Dave Phelan feeling failing or failing, was appointing Democrat chairs to our subcommittee. Yeah. And people have to remember it. And let’s not just look at this past legislative process where so many bills just got held up, thrown away, tossed out didn’t even get looked at. Let’s go back during the COVID situation when those Democrat chairs decided to hop on an airplane, fly to Washington and literally shut Texas down. In our legislative process. Yep. What was going on? And that’s what it was. Women were putting Democrat chairs in our subcommittees and these people were voting for this and, and yeah, David Phelan, he raises a ton of money, I know and he goes, and he donates a ton of money to people he wants their vote. 

Had speaker had speaker feeling been a conservative, they response to Democrats and socialists and Marxists who fled, who fled Texas would have been a punishment. You don’t get to abandon your post, and then get rewarded when you come back. And I think that the consensus is in that speaker, date, feelings, punishment of the Democrats, what they had one Democrat who lost his his pro tem chairmanship, and then they went from 13, Democrat chairs to nine, that was their punishment. And frankly, I found that to be very weak tea you? 

Oh, absolutely. I mean, it’s, you know, his way of saying, Oh, we have to appease the true Republicans in the state. So I’ll cut down the amount of chairs that we have allocated to our Democrat friends. And here’s another thing that’s kind of gotten under the radar here, Chris. There is a southern border Advisory Council, the state of Texas. Gary van Deaver, my opponents, as well as many others, recently voted to keep Democrats on our border security advisory council. You know, Democrats are all about open borders. Why do we have them on our Border Security Council? 

Now, it wasn’t just Gary van Deaver, who did this 49 other Republicans voted to make sure the Democrats who believe and open borders who believe in facilitating illegal aliens to come in here and rape 11 year old little girls and then kill them, then stuffed them under their own bed that the the Democrat party that wants that stands for that illegality and butchery to our own people that 50 Republicans voted to keep them on this committee. And it just It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? 

Yeah, it makes no sense. And also, when you go back to that, let’s go back to the guy that that did all that bad stuff. Now or even mass murderers. A bunch of our Republicans voted against keeping the death penalty for mass murderers in Texas. It’s amazing. It’s amazing to watch these people are not doing the will of of the people of Texas, they’re doing the will of the Democrat Party. And that’s I believe disqualifies them as Republicans and I’m gratified to see the grassroots you know, coming up centering through these Republican Party chairs and and they’re these these chapters, guys like Charlie Garin guys like Dustin burrows or Todd Hunter, or in this case, Mr. mer. But look, if you were one of the the first, I think the first County Chairman in Texas, after John Cornyn omnibus vote that basically left our borders wide open and facilitated us our taxpayer dollars facilitating more illegal immigration. Yes, I was the first County Chairman to write a letter of demand of his resignation immediately to which other counties followed suit with but John Cornyn, back in back to the days of 2012, or whatever he may have been a big tax may have been Big John, his voting record back then is completely different than it is now. And here’s the sad part about John Cornyn right now, with everything’s going on in our border here in Texas. He’s dead silent with everything that’s going on with with with Ken Paxton and how it’s just going literally against the Texas Constitution dead silent. Just you know when you talk about my arrogance and everybody else that has to do with the border. Again John Cornyn is silent you know i have i I’ve mastered the Where’s Waldo game but I’m telling you, Chris I have not been able to find John Cornyn where John Cornyn 

See now look now you are a party chairman who comes on the on the radio and talks like this about those who have stabbed our people in the back of John Cornyn has betrayed every one Democrat, Republican independent in Texas with his voting record. Now. Look, my question to you is why aren’t County Chairman? What Why aren’t they like you? Why don’t why don’t I have to go searching I’ve got to knock on the door of the Houston Republican Party. I’ve got a knock on the door of the Dallas and Tarrant County Republican Party. So guys, you’ve got a Republican Party, you’ve got plants you’re supposed to live up to these cats aren’t living up to them. Why were you so proactive? And all the rest of them are just, you know, getting their cocktail party invitations and abandoning we the people. What is responsible for that? 

Lack of I personally think is I go back to that onion. Yes, there there are county chairs that are Republicans. And I don’t necessarily think all of them really follow what their their their job description is. Now we don’t get paid. And that’s not why I do it. Because it is what it is I do it because I’m passionate about the state of Texas and protecting us and making sure that we stay a conservative Christian based state. But some of these Republican county chairs, they just don’t really care. And I look and I see how they act. And I’ve been in meetings with a bunch of different ones and zoom calls and stuff. And there’s a lot of complicit establishment type, I don’t want to, you know, shake the I don’t want to boil the water and let it boil over type kind of Republican chairs that just want to sit back and say that I’m the county chair, but not get involved and do their their job, you know, and that is to encourage and enhance our Republican Party to make sure that as Republicans, you know, Christmas and white, why is it that the Republican Party convention we have a legislative priorities and a platform and rule if we have elected officials that we as County Chairman, leaders of our Republican Party in our own counties can’t hold these elected officials accountable? We’re not doing our job to our voters? 

Yeah, no, I think that’s that see, and that is from from the county chair level, to everybody who calls themselves a Republican. There is something that’s supposed to go with that Republican is supposed to mean something it doesn’t anymore, because when you have Ted Cruz who can be a Republican and John Cornyn, you can also be a Republican. The name Republican is meaningless because those two individuals are diametrically opposed. One John Cornyn delivers for Democrats, the other one opposes Democrats. So I guess I want you to speak to that. And the last question here, Scott is the importance of the Republican Party at all levels. And I think we have a good Sherman and Matt Rinaldi, who was trying to, to make sure that the name Republican means something again, and to your point, that the grassroots show up to these conventions, and they put in these platforms and these planks, and then guys like David feeling, and guys, like the 24 individual, so called Republicans who joined with Marxist to kill parental school choice, they do, they do their own thing. They don’t really they despise and hate us. So there’s got to be a standard you have to live up to or else you’re out. You’re out of the party, and you’re and you’re no longer you’re censured and your persona non grata. How important is it that the Republican Party mean something again, in the future? 

It means a lot. I mean, a whole lot. Here’s when you look at the grassroots organizations we have in this state. Some are a little bit more to the right than others. But here’s the bottom line. I love grassroots organizations I think they do a tremendous job and getting the word out and especially know what their what their what they stand for and everything. But at the end of the day, some of these grassroots organizations have to realize they have to start working with the Republican Party because the Democrats love watching us with our what we call internal divide. We’re were some of these grassroots organizations aren’t necessarily in favor of what Republicans do. But they call it out afterwards. We have to try to get these grassroots organizations to work with the Republican Party if not we’re going to be behind the eight ball here pretty quick. 

Well, my opinion as these these grassroots organizations have to take over their local Republican parties. That’s us their infrastructure. vote them out vote vote, these Democrat But kissers out, and then you get these conservative individuals in charge of the Republican party apparatus in the state of Texas. And then all of a sudden, Karl Rove goes away. All of a sudden George W. Bush and his family goes away. All of a sudden John Cornyn goes away when being a Republican means something again. 

Yeah, right. And then, like you said, that’s perfect. Whereas the grassroots organizations are trying to push things at a state level. If they really want to start making a change, like you said, and they got to come in and they they’ve got to find people they can run for county chairs that are definitely a Chris, I’m not I’m a Republican. I’m a registered Republican, but I’m actually a conservative, who votes Republican. So these grassroots organizations, that’s where they can make the most impact getting involved at the local level first, and that pushes everything up. Okay? It’s just politics are just the opposite of taxes. If you lower it for the rich and trickle down on a we have to trickle it up and push it up. And that’s where it really works. 

Scott Hall, everybody’s chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party, and he is a candidate for district one in the Texas House to replace the left wing or Gary van dever and you know what Mr. Van Deaver, you’re more than welcome to come on this program and discuss your race. I doubt I mean, Speaker David feeling has put the kibosh on coming onto this program and answering for what he has done. So I imagine his left wing lieutenants are also going to not are going to boycott this program, but that’s okay. Scott, thank you very much for your time. 

Thank you for having me on today, Chris. God bless you. 

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