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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
FBI Corruption & China's Threat

Retired Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer is a CIA trained former senior intelligence officer and a New York Times bestselling author. He is a Newsmax Contributor. And he’s the President of Project Sentinel.

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If you look at the polls, the majority of Americans believe that Beijing Biden has been compromised by Communist China. And there’s plenty of evidence that backs up that supposition the opinion of the majority of the American people of which I am one that Beijing Biden has been paid off by our foreign enemies and adversaries. As you all know, the ft 1023 that the FBI under threat of contempt of Congress for Christopher rea finally released the ft 1023. That reveals that Joe Biden is under investigation for taking $5 million and massive influence peddling from the oligarchs of Burisma the company that employed his worthless crackhead son for 50 grand a popper, what was it 80 grand a month or something like that I have all the numbers that these Biden’s have been trafficking in they kind of blur after a time. But we also come to find out that there are more FD 1020 threes unclassified documents detailing influence peddling by Beijing Biden. And we know that one of the countries that Joe Biden has been selling us out to for cash is Communist China. Don’t forget it was communist China, who built a building that they shared with Hunter Biden, these office spaces. And then Hunter Biden was paid $50,000 a month to rent space in these buildings. Hunter Biden then paid his daddy $50,000 a month, ironically, the same amount of money to rent their house in Delaware. How it’s a nice house, but it’s not worth $50,000 a month. that’s for darn sure. Then we get this story confirmed over the weekend. Communist China has been using a spy base in Cuba to electronically track signals from the United States military installations since at least 2019. According to a Biden administration official. So since Beijing, Biden has taken over He’s done nothing about this. The official who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Politico and other outlets that the spy base was an issue that had been inherited from the previous Trump administration. Ah, 2019 it gets founded, so we probably don’t find out about it until the 2020 presidential election. And then before Trump can do anything about it, he’s out of office. Beijing. Biden has known about it since he’s been in office and has done nothing to stop it. Nothing to stop it. Because, well, among other things, Beijing Biden has been allowing Communist China to spy on our country with balloons and such. I asked Congressman Tim Burchett on the crystal sailor show on Newsmax, I said, you know, Kevin McCarthy, laughingly took impeachment of Joe Biden off the table with these revelations of influence peddling that Beijing Biden is accused of doing not just with Burisma, but others that we don’t know and haven’t seen yet. Is impeachment back on the table, sir. I think it is. And I don’t think it should ever been taken off the table. This is ridiculous. This is how much barbers is going on. We know of the $10 million that these Chinese corporations pumped into the Biden’s you wonder why a Chinese balloon of 1800s technology could fly over the entire continental United States and and be able to view our missile sites or sacred sites Oak Ridge National Laboratory at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and then we Like, because of safety to knock it down off the coast of Myrtle Beach. Ecuador was in Montana, they should have knocked it down. It should have knocked it down Aleutian Islands, you’re more likely to hit some guy with a mullet haircut and a tie dyed muscle shirt off the coast of Myrtle Beach then you already hit anybody in the Aleutian Islands or in Montana. You know, we’re we’re corrected from top to bottom folks better realize rather, they better realize Washington DC is a trash can. And everybody wants to pick and choose man. We need to turn this thing upside down with a dead gun Firehose and clean it out top to bottom from our military to our listening Institute. For our Justice Department. It’s just top to bottom. We’ve been corrupted, and we are losing our cutting the bad thing is we’re not they’re not taking it. We’re giving it to him when 20 million folks. Yes, sir. declined to go to the polls and vote. This is what happens. Yes, sir. And, you know, we might want to explore where you started this conversation, sir. We shouldn’t be funding our own destruction. We should American taxpayers should not be funding the destruction of the American Constitution. Congressman Tim Berger, thank you very much, sir. We appreciate your time. So that’s how the conversation went. Yeah, impeachment back on the table. And it’s time to get rid of pro Communist China, politicians 65 Democrats who voted to protect China and the House of Representatives, the Democrats in the city of of Houston, that are pro China, the Democrats and the Republicans in the Texas State House, who are pro China, who voted who prevented a vote on a piece of legislation that would have prohibited Communist China from getting a foothold in our country by being able to buy land in this country, folks, to bring it full circle. Beijing Biden, since he took over the Oval Office has known that Communist China has been spying on us 90 miles away from our shores in communist Cuba. But members of the Texas House who call themselves Republicans, the Republican leadership wanted to make sure they could buy land right here in Texas to do it to us in Texas. The dangers of Communist China and the dangers of the Democrats, and so called Republicans who enable them to harm this country comes your way next, on The Salcedo storm podcast. 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You can go to Texas To learn more and get real news for real Texans retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer. He’s CIA trained former senior intelligence officer and a New York Times best selling author. He’s a Newsmax contributor and he’s the president of project Sentinel. Colonel, welcome back. Good morning, Chris. Always great to be with you, especially when you have a challenging day. Yes. And that’s that seems to be more more often than not look I wanted to ask you about about what’s going on with these revelations now, about the FBI you serve in government. You’re CIA trained, and you’re used to a federal government. I’m used to a federal government that is not arrayed against our people. Christopher Wray, the FBI Director shows up yesterday brings the documentation that is in question this ft 1023 unclassified documents showing Joe Biden was involved in a criminal bribery scheme. He shows it to comer and Rascon only, it’s a highly credible informant who is the source of this material, somebody that the FBI is used over and over and over again. But now, the FBI director Christopher rea says I’m not going to leave this for the committee to continue your investigation. I’m still going to keep it under wraps. And that means Christopher right now is still under threat of contempt of Congress. Give us your evaluation. Well, you should be under contempt. And, you know, he’s a public servant. I don’t care what rank he is. Chris. He is still a public service. That is right. And the oversight responsibility of Congress’s is crystal clear on this. So a little bit of history. I think. Full disclosure, you know, I have worked undercover with the FBI on three separate occasions on joint operations. And that’s, you know, I have to put my, my belief in the fact that me Many folks who do serve sign up for the same reasons I did, because you know, there was a need to protect the country, there’s no doubt that we course you know, we have enemies who don’t like us. And I think we have to have a strong federal investigative capability to especially focus on international threats, those exist. And I’ve worked with them. But if something happened, something really derail the FBI in the 90s, and I really do trace it back to the Clinton administration where Clinton prepared a plan to in place at low levels, political operatives who would work their way through this system and become senior. So that’s what we’re seeing now. We’re seeing the investment made by the Clintons in pure evil. You have individuals who are now in leadership positions, starting primarily after the Louis free era, Louis, I believe was mostly honest, I say that because he’s written some things ever favorable to me. And my team regarding April danger. I think he is a former FBI agent was the last honest Director of the FBI from then on, it was all politicized. And I think that’s what we’re living with. Now. The inevitable outcome of a politicized FBI is criminal behavior. that benefits the political party of their choosing, which is the Democrats. Well, so that’s why we’re seeing this and that’s so you have an FBI, which is essentially become an American Gestapo, which is subservient to the Democrat party. Yeah, that’s why that’s what we’re seeing the American KGB that’s exactly what I think is going on here. So let me ask you, Colonel, because we’ve gotten it we have now proved that this FBI, according to Durham, had evidence of wrongdoing had evidence of law breaking by Hillary Clinton but chose not to investigate and not to further up the chain. We now know they fabricated a case against President Trump. On on zero evidence, according to the Durham report, we know they buried the Hunter Biden laptop, we know that 50 intelligence officials, some many of them from the FBI, some of them from other agencies, authored this this this disgraceful document saying that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. And the Federalist is coming to this conclusion. I’m asking you what you think about the conclusion if you agree that the FBI and other agencies have partaken in American election interference by doing what they’ve done? Absolutely, I actually have met and spoke with two former attorney generals United States on this very issue. I don’t want to get into names at this point. But I can tell you that former attorney generals are noticing exactly what you said. And unfortunately, the predicate for the legal pursuit of charges against those identified in the Durham report are not clear. I mean, it’s one thing to violate your oath of office and be held accountable by internal administrative functions. It’s something else entirely Chris two have engaged in a criminal conspiracy designed to benefit one political party over the other which we know happen. We know happen. So the question becomes, how can you get from knowing something happened to proving it? And that’s where we’re at a challenge right now, because we open the conversation. You’re not going to be able to get the documents you need to do a prosecution because they’re held by the FBI. Right? Well, where Durham, Durham, I think conclusively proved these allegations. I think that the Durham report, with his team investigators sourced all and of course, he waited, he waited until the statute of limitations was over, so that nobody would go to jail. But he documented everything that we should that we would have to show that at the very least, the FBI and several other alphabet agencies have been compromised colonel, and the GOP responded by saying, Hey, we got a great idea. All this malfeasance, you’re targeting us, you’re trying to destroy the Republican Party, and you’re trying to let the Democrats get away with criminality, hey, let’s, let’s give you more money. And that’s what the debt ceiling deal did. So we don’t have a lot of faith, that there’s there’s any help for it, we the people in the Republican Party. So what do we do to tear down these institutions? And how can we get there to rebuild them, so that the safeguards for our people are put back in place? So the one thing that you and I spoken about on the air several times on this and your other show is the fact that Trump never got control of the federal bureaucracy. And one of the key tools of controlling the bureaucracy is budgetary constraints. And to your point, you just said, industry rewarded bad behavior. The, you know, the definitely the budgetary process. So you got to stop that. You got to get control of it. You got to defund the FBI. And what I would do is take their missions and split it off into two other organizations. I would take their counterintelligence mission and split it between partner the fence, which by the way, the Department of fence does have a counterintelligence capability. That was is the primary counterintelligence element up until the FBI kind of eclipsed it in the 70s and 80s? It doesn’t the CIA do that? Don’t we already have a CIA that works in counterintelligence? See, I cannot do domestic stuff. And for right, Brian frost request, I know CIA, you don’t want CIA doing domestic stuff? No, no, no, I’m not suggesting that. But when you when you say that we want them doing counterintelligence. We don’t want them doing counterintelligence on the American people. We want them doing counterintelligence on our enemies. Well, they do it overseas. Yes, and that’s a good point. But for domestic law, if you’re talking about the FBI only you got to take their mission and give it to DOD and Homeland Security. And I know a lot of the folks over at Homeland Security now. And I trust them far more than the FBI at this point, although I have my doubts about them at times as well. And then you take their criminal mission, the criminal investigative mission, and you split that between Homeland Security and the US Marshals and I actually met with several US Marshals in this recent, they are the oldest federal law enforcement agency. And trust me, I think they’ve done everything they can to stay out of this and be an honest investigative organization, you know, and then you take the counterterrorism mission to do the same thing. You split it up between DOD, the Pentagon and, and homeland security. But you basically have to accept the fact at this point, Chris, that the FBI leadership is corrupt. And you may be able to salvage those agents at the operational level. But you’d have to be very discerning on how you do it. But I just don’t see any saving the FBI at this point based on the the wholesale corruption and subservience to the Democratic Party. No, as we alert you, the FBI is now the KGB and it’s no longer of use to the American people. And Christopher Ray has shown us that and I played a soundbite before I brought you on where Ted Cruz was basically saying Christopher Ray’s a company guy he he would basically burned down the country to save the FBI because he believes so much in the FBI, which does us no good he’s he’s he’s worthless to the freedoms and liberties of the American people. And and as is the FBI now, in the way it’s currently constituted, folks, we’re having a conversation with retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer, CIA trained former senior intelligence officer and a New York Times bestselling author, he is the president of project Sentinel. Let’s pivot to Communist China that you have have I know you’ve seen this latest incident at sea. It’s really damning video that shows the Communist Chinese a cutting off one of our warships as we were doing joint exercises in the Taiwan Strait with a Canadian vessel. And it was it was something the US government said was unsafe, quote, unsafe, what you and I know it as is a direct provocation and a and a strategy of complete lack of respect Am I Am I miss characterizing it. So this the lack of respect comes and is enhanced by the lack of belief that Joe Biden has any ability to do anything. I mean, Chris, the bottom line here is that as much as anything we learned during the Cold War, that playing the man over the country was very effective. And you know, Kennedy did it with Khrushchev. Johnson did it with some of the Russian leaders. Obviously, Carter tried to do it didn’t do very well, just saying, and then Reagan comes in, was able to play the game and play the game of bluff and poker and when Biden is the same as being played against us now, where you know, the Chinese know that that Biden is an empty suit. And literally this out there, your audience is hidden in plain sight. The reason Putin invaded Ukraine when he did, Chris, why the invasion looks so haphazard, and and ill conceived is because it was, Putin saw the opportunity because of Joe Biden’s lack of leadership to just launch an invasion, kind of on the fly. So that’s why it looks so bad. And, and because Biden’s weakness, so the same thing is being internalized by the Chinese. Now, that’s why you saw days before the ship, encouraging the ship provocation, you had a near miss of a PCCP airplane against one of our KC or RC 135 Right in the air just today. So this is becoming more and more prevalent and obvious. And so there’s no doubt at this point, that the Chinese a piece of the CCP are going to insinuate themselves into the South China Sea, they’re going to take more possession of more sea and islands. And Taiwan is very definitely something and you know, you and I talked to Gordon Chang all the time, I think the Chinese are up against a hot top of having to do something regarding Taiwan before 2030 Because of economic population and other factors which are going to limit their ability after 2030 and they’re never going to have a better chance they’re never gonna have a better chance of success. The world’s dictators and the world’s despots. They can’t conceive America ever being so stupid as to elect the village idiot like Joe Biden ever again so that they know if they’re if they’re gonna see each territory and hold on to it. And then I bet you Jinping is going, Man, I can’t believe my luck. I get Barack Obama who allowed me to militarize the South China Sea. And then I get Joe Biden another term later, who allows me to just run roughshod and actually lay the foundations for the fall of the United States. I mean, the communists have got to be just thanking their lucky stars, that that Democrats are so stupid. And they’re running and they’re running the board against us right now. Yes, absolutely. Lincoln. Lincoln is, you know, I gotta tell you, I’ve never met them. And I’ve known a number of Secretary states, but I can tell you, this guy is an empty suit, who lives literally in some Ultimate Universe, the universe. I know, if I didn’t know your Secretary of State, I’d recommend him for a psychological evaluation because of his detachment from reality. And I’m not joking. No, I know. I know. You are. I know you’re not. But I mean, I think he should be referred anyway. I don’t care what his position is. I think the man is Certifiably nuts. And his in his it’s just like Christopher Wray, the FBI. Oh, well, I so love the FBI burn the country down. So too, with with this beta male, the nation’s number one beta male Antony Blinken, who, who lives in this fantasy world of Kumbaya, and everybody getting together under left wing communism and being happy and prosperous, and he has no clue how the real world works. Yeah, well, let me ask you about this case. Because I think it’s fascinating. And I’m not even sure what to make of it. You know, that F six teams were scrambled over the nation’s capital over the weekend, right? They they were they created a sonic boom and went after this private jet. And we don’t know exactly what was going on inside that private jet, whether there was a medical emergency with the pilot, but it was, some people have indicated that it was on autopilot, and wasn’t responding. And it turns out that the two people on board are the people on board, were the daughter and, and granddaughter of a big GOP donor. And it crashed. And the US government is denying it had anything to do with the crash. But I guess what the juxtaposition I want to make is, so let me get this straight. This this private jet, and non responsive causes f 16 is to scramble yet over the nation’s capital, creating a sonic boom, yet a communist China balloon goes over our nuclear silos goes over our sensitive military bases. And we allow it to float up there for seven days before shooting it down over water making sure we can’t recover it. What’s wrong with that picture? Well, it’s it’s the I’m doing an editorial on this right now is my fact. Oh, wait, hold on. And it’s the woke, woke goes to war. Chris. I mean, this is this is woke policy permeating every aspect of our national security apparatus to include things like response. Look, I do believe based on my knowledge of general aviation of private aircraft, yeah, it sounds like to me that something happened to compromise the oxygen system while in flight. And those you know, those aircraft are designed to do certain things on autopilot. And it sounded like to me something happened and it’s tragic, and I feel terrible. But the fact is, they respond to the North America. Defense Network responded to that and did something and tried to intercept the aircraft is that the other? The fact that they allowed the balloon to kind of just meander over and they knew it wasn’t a reconnaissance aircraft. Chris, they knew it was a persistent surveillance platform. Long before it got to the United States. They knew it. They knew it. And it was brief. And, you know, it’s been made fun of by several folks on the internet, and I appreciated their humor. They point you know, we had lasers, you know, freaking lasers to quote Dr. Evil, I lost her evil. I want some freaking lasers on the sharp side. Yeah, exactly. That could have that could have been put into the air there experimental but they were they would go through and burn through the fabric of balloons really easy. Just say it, Chris, this is not this is not rocket science. Get it? It could have taken it down softly without blowing it to hell, pretty much anywhere over the clock. So this was a political decision to not do that. Well, Joe Biden, Joe Biden did Hey, Joe Biden did Communist China favorite because he’s owned by Communist China. He wanted to make sure that his friend’s assets couldn’t be recorded. And of course it would be or couldn’t be recovered. And he also knew it was going to be an indictment on him because this tired old communist named Joe Biden allowed the Communist Chinese to do this. Right. He allowed it so yeah, so that’s why you see these really stark differences in response. All right. Last question. Last question. I have look Ukraine. Yeah. Okay. I understand. I understand. I understand we have to protect we must First protect the the high grade gas neon gas there that we use in ship manufacturing. I understand that, that it’s, it’s crucial for the United States. But is there a point where we’re seeing diminishing returns? And how do you see Putin’s war? So this is, again, this goes back to Blinken, who did a speech a couple of days ago talking about the failure of the Russian military, like they’re winning. And the fact that Lincoln can’t admit that, again, just illustrates the complete detachment from reality, as much as anything. And again, you know, I mean, for Oxford, remind your audience, which I always have to do, everybody’s Come on, I’m not I, I’m not a fan of Putin, I’m not pro Russian, my job is to call balls and strikes. And so in this case, the fact is that the Ukrainians by just the numbers on the board are not going to win, they didn’t want a back move, they’re not going to win this defensive. It’s all a numbers game at this point, you know, and by the way, we united states have won most of our big wars, by the fact that we understood the numbers and how to get ahead of them, and use our strength to win. At this point, none of the strengths that we are trying to help Ukrainians with are going to help them win piecemeal elements showing up on the battlefield, a couple of tanks here and there, that does not make for a good strategy or an effective way to win. So as much as anyone I understand the need for the Ukrainians to defend themselves, I’m not against that. But at the same time, I’m witnessing poor strategy result in the the complete destruction of the fabric of Ukrainian society. So anyone who has a heart understand you don’t want to see the pain and suffering being inflicted by the on the people of Ukraine. And what and Biden’s trying to win, we ain’t gonna win. And that’s why I’m saying it’s because of his woke philosophy, the woke the failure of woke is obvious by the fact that you cannot win a war, because you have politically compromised yourself to a belief structure that does not have any connection to reality. And not only. And not only that, the wokeness prevents them that they say they need to win the war, and they’re gonna dedicate all this money. They don’t have a proper strategy to win a war. They’re not in it to wakley my point. Yeah, exactly. Well, Colonel Schaefer, I wish you and I could have talked about better news, but I think the I think the American people just know, the American people just know that we’ve got to do something about the lackluster leadership, whether it be in the FBI, or whether it be or whether it be inside of the White House, Colonel Tony Schaefer, Project Sentinel, if folks want to help you out, where can they go? Or just go check us out? Look at what we’re doing. I always appreciate the time we have together to talk about stuff. But obviously we’re you know, we’re trying to build this organization to focus on returning the Republic to constitutional governance to include the military and things like we’re talking about today. So people can support us by supporting this by going and contributing and doing other things to help us out. So of course, always great. The only thanks for having me. Always appreciate the time, Colonel. Thank you. All right, that’s gonna do it, everybody for this Salcedo storm podcast. Visit Chris Visit Texas That’s where you find enterprising journalism and personal is where you find me and all of our social media hookups. Alright my friends until we visit again, remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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