The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
For The Third Time, Conservatives Defeat Democrat's Racism
Devin Nunes is a former conservative congressman from California. He is the C.E.O. of “Trump Media & Technology Group,” the creators of Truth Social.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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Last week, there were some major rulings that came down that will have an impact on our society, which will thwart the left’s attempt to further divide us. One of the big rulings came down about well along ideological lines a six to three vote, and what was the name of that company 303. Creative, I think it’s what it was, yeah. 303 Creative versus a Lennis. And this was a another one of these stories about forcing people as a condition of being in business to violate their deeply held religious beliefs, or in this particular case, violate their rights. This was an attempt by a gay couple, to force a web designer to put something down and create something that they didn’t believe in, which was, this is rain along with the the baker, the Colorado Baker, and it’s a lot of the stuff is coming out of the state of Colorado, these challenges. And the laws of the state of Colorado are being determined to be unconstitutional, folks, you shouldn’t be forced to, to say something you don’t believe, to comply as a condition of being in business to comply with these draconian laws. And people have a First Amendment right to not have to say they support the gay lifestyle doesn’t mean that you hate anybody, it just like you just, if that’s not something you believe in, you should not be forced to do it. It’s like, it’s like forcing somebody in the gay community to say, to make a website that says, you know, what, the only real marriage and the only real coupling is between heterosexual couples. Now, it’d be silly to force a gay web designer to put something like that on on a website. Nobody’s suggesting that you have to agree with somebody, but you can’t have the force of law forcing you to agree with somebody. And that’s what these this case, in particular dealt with. It was a First Amendment right not only religious right, but free speech, right. You cannot be compelled by government to say something you don’t believe is true. And that was reaffirmed. Now there was another case that came down last week. That was pretty significant. Beijing Biden’s student loan program. Now, Beijing Biden wanted to pretend that he had the power of the purse, and the ability to forgive adults who entered into an adult contract and didn’t want to pay back their money. And he wanted to pass on for all of you folks out there who didn’t enter into a contract and debt to pay for college. He wanted you to pay for other people who did. And again, I have to stress this. These are legal contracts entered into by adults and Beijing Biden wanted to use power and authority he didn’t have as a chief executive to do that. Even you know what, Chief Chief Roberts Chief Justice Roberts I, I have to give him some kudos here. He used Nancy Pelosi his own words and his majority opinion, saying that even Nancy Pelosi said that the executive can delay can defer can slow down payments, but he cannot he doesn’t have the power under the Constitution to forgive that debt. So they just codified that into law. And you know what, I’m sorry, forcing those who are responsible to fund those who are irresponsible in is an American, it’s anti American, and that this was the right decision. The other big big case was affirmative action. And this was brought by, by Asian Americans. And I think I think some white Americans were co defendants challenging the affirmative action criteria and admissions to colleges and universities. And the High Court said, You cannot discriminate based on race, that is racist, and that is illegal. And that’s exactly what affirmative action was it discriminated against by giving racial preferences to blacks, discriminated against Asians discriminate against whites, and that you’re not allowed to discriminate based on race in the United States of America. That’s precisely what affirmative action was. And there’s a it’s not a Salcedo show axiom yet, but I’m thinking about making it one. The first thing you got to do when you’re battling racism is to stop being a racist. And that’s what affirmative action was, it was defeated. And thank goodness. And folks, this marks the third time conservatives have risen up to thwart left wing racism. The first time, Abraham Lincoln led his party, to abolishing slavery led by the Democrat run south, the second time a greater percentage of Republicans voted in the affirmative for the Civil Rights Act, and thus giving a whole bunch of equality to our fellow Americans. And then now this President Donald J. Trump, putting up conservative constitutional conservative justices who said, Well, we cannot allow you to discriminate based on race and in universities. And by the way, this will have far ranging implications down the chain throughout our society. If universities can’t discriminate. Nobody else can, either. So it was it was very, a very good week for the Constitution and for conservatism at the Supreme Court. We talk about this with Congressman Devin Nunez. He runs the company that runs truth social. That’s all coming up on his Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. 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We bring you real news for real Texas with no paywalls ever go to Texas Today, folks, if you have been watchers of the Newsmax show, you’ve you’ve noticed that we have regular guests and one of the regular guests who I I’m proud to say I’ve developed a friendship with over over the past couple of years, is a former congressman from my former home state, the state of California Devin Nunez former conservative Congressman there from the People’s Republic of California. He is the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group the creators of truth social congressman, welcome back. Chris. It’s great to be with you and I always forget I think if you have a Texas as a Texas man You seem like you’re fully integrated in Texas now. I am fully integrated as a Texan I got here as I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got out here as fast as I, as fast as I could. Look, I wanted you to weigh in and a lot of things on a national import. We’ve got we’ve got the racist affirmative action program being struck down by the Supreme Court, finally fulfilling Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of a colorblind America. What are your thoughts on what’s a good day for America? Good start, we’re gonna really need the courts to step up. And I think that’s been the biggest challenge with a lot of the bad things that have happened over the last 20 years, especially in the last five to 10 years. Is the courts have been completely, you know, I’d say almost a point of being corrupt in some cases. So it’s nice to see a good win, I think is the bottom line. Chris, this is something that rather bizarre. I mean, it really dealt with the core of the case was it was brought by Asian Americans who were could not get into these Ivy League schools. And so, you know, you take the whole affirmative action, and racial profiling and all of a sudden will analysis depends on you know, not just if you happen to be a minority, it depends on what type of minority you are. So it was going nowhere fast. It’s destroying the country destroying the schools. If you if you follow Victor Davis Hanson, who’s from California is actually my neighbor, professor at Stanford Hoover’s institution. He’s been talking about this for a long time, just the how how the time, the 20 years that he’s been at Stanford, how it’s just gone downhill in terms of the level of students that they’re bringing in. I think it bears pointing out to that for what it was, I’m losing count, maybe major victories for conservatives, the third time in American history where we have defeated where conservatives and Republicans have defeated the Democrats racism. And I think it’s, it’s noteworthy from Abraham Lincoln to the Civil Rights Act. And now that the defeat of another discriminatory racist Democrat policy, affirmative action goes by the wayside courtesy of conservatives and Republicans. I think it’s fair to point out the New York Times Congressman confirming that Merrick Garland, lied under oath when he claimed David Weiss would have the freedom to conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden, the IRS investigation, the DOJ blocked investigations into serious charges against hunter that were being that he wanted Special Counsel status when he was filing these cases in DC and in California, but he was blocked. So and Merrick Garland under oath said that he would not be interfered with. So what shouldn’t shouldn’t this be an automatic trigger for impeachment when the chief law enforcement officer of the land lies under oath? Yeah, so the way I looked at garlin is, is he’s a scoring man. He’s a guy who wanted to be on the on the Supreme Court. The Republicans didn’t want him on the Supreme Court because they, they didn’t think he was up to the job. So since then, he’s turned into just a political hack. And, and underneath him are people that are even worse, that are definitely political operatives. So he’s this figurehead that they put in and he, you know, if you remember even the MAR a Lago, I always go back to that, Chris, we talked about it on your Newsmax show at the time. You know, remember, they raid Mar a Lago? They don’t find anything. It takes like four days. I mean, here you have a raid of a foreign president’s home, never been done before in history. And he comes out four days later, looks like he just got the crap beat out of him and gives this three minute press conference and walks off the stage. So he’s being pushed to do these things. And look, one lie. They’ve been another lie. They’ve been another lie. Yeah. And the question here is it gets back to your earlier point the court, what are the courts is going to step in, because so far, the courts really are not stepping in on a lot of this craziness that that garden is doing. So what can the Republicans do in Congress? You know, I think what I’ve what I’ve read at least is they have I know about a dozen witnesses, people that they need to bring in and do depositions on. I think they’re going to do that here over the course of the next couple of weeks. And I think that’s really critical. They need to bring whites in they need to bring a lot of these guys in and then that’s just dealing with this situation with Hunter Biden. What about the situation where you have these the Mara Lago documents hoax braids, and you have an indictment and in Florida against the former president, everyone’s assuming there’s going to be more indictments that they’re that Jack Smith is going to bring in Washington, DC So this doesn’t, it’s just not ending. And we’re in a situation of about Banana Republic where the one thing the United States always had on our side is that we always were cautious. The law the law seemed to work in the long run. As always, it wasn’t perfect. But we were kind of the beacon of light for the rest of the world. That is gone. We’ve passed the Rubicon. Now, there’s no turning back. We’d look like a joke. We’d look like a this is what they do in Banana Republic. Yep. dictatorships fascist resent regime. Badly. That’s where we are today. We have lost the imprimatur of of being the grownup in the room, because we have we have turned over too much of his country, to Marxists to leftists. I think that’s true. And you know what, on the failed Supreme Court nominee, though, Merrick Garland? I’ve got a I’ve got to ask the question, because here we have, we have the Republicans who are saying, Oh, we’ve got to investigate more, we’ve got to call more witnesses. The Democrats didn’t go through all of this foundational laying of of, of a case. And they achieved two impeachments against President Trump, which were falsely predicated, and we all know it. They just continue to railroad they don’t follow the rules. Yet all we hear from Republican land congressmen is, well, we got to call more people in we got to do more investigating. And I think that the and maybe this is a design, maybe the Democrats rely on this inaction of the Republican Party, because the Republican base is quickly becoming disenchanted with with Republicans effectiveness and holding Democrats accountable for their malfeasance. It’s it’s a legitimate concern, isn’t it? Yeah, but I’m going to push back on you a little bit. You know, you and I, we always we pretty much agree on everything. I think we agree on this. The only point that I’m making that is important for them to do is is these dozen witnesses are very important. Because we don’t know what else we’re going to find because garland like I told you, he’s a figurehead. He’s a weak, weak beaten man. There are really bad people below him. That are that are the operators that are the plumbers are the ones that are really doing the dirty work that had deep ties to Obama and Biden, much deeper than garlin house. So, you know, as, as the guy who ran the Russia hoax investigation and done this, I, if I was running this investigation, before I’m going to impeach garland, I definitely want to bring in those dozen people, because I know there’s at least three or four, maybe as many as 10, bad apples at the higher levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI garlands, not the only one that should be impeached, by the way. I mean, across DOJ and FBI, the whole place well, actually former congressman from Texas, John Radcliffe, who’s my friend, former director of national intelligence under Trump. I’m going to paraphrase what he said. But the only way to fix DOJ and FBI is to basically dump it upside down and pour them all out at the top Damn straight and this is so corrupt. You might by interviewing these dozen people, you might begin to find some of the really right there at DOJ and FBI. Devin Nunez is a former conservative congressman from California folks. He is the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, the creators of truth social, which we are proud to be on. So to that end, how much longer do you think Americans should be forced to fund a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI? Because that that turning upside down that Mr. Ratcliffe is recommending is absolutely needed. And it dovetails into the Chris Salcedo show axiom that says they can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money. Isn’t it time that the Republicans got serious about utilizing the power of the purse? Why they still while they still can? Well, the challenge here is though, Chris, that that, yes, that power is vested to him in the Constitution. But you still have to have the Senate go along with that. So the house just doesn’t get to cut the money off. I mean, they can vote and cut the money off. And I think you’re gonna see a lot of that that done here during the so called appropriations process that will take place over the next few months. But at the end of the day, that the Senate’s run by the Democrats, so you’ll end up in a standoff. So we’re not where you know, you’ll just end up with a continuing resolution. So yes, they should they should defund. But I’m looking for action. What action can they take now? There are, there’s probably at least, you know, we know about the dozen that they need to interrupt people that they need to interview. I think there’s probably maybe 24 to 36 people within DOJ and FBI that they need to interview and this gets to the government of the Use a committee that Jim Jordan is chairing, yep, the biggest thing they can do right now is we’ve had, we’ve had brave whistleblowers come forward and bring this information, they need to have 110% support. And you may find by finally bringing these people under oath in for deposition, you may be able to shine a bunch of light and expose the corruption and the most important thing that they can do, right, and those whistleblowers need to know they’re going to be protected. And so that the Republicans have to exhibit strength to notice it, because try to convince some rank and file, DOJ personnel or FBI personnel that they’re going to they’re going to do the right thing and come out and expose this corruption. And when you’ve got guys like Mitch McConnell, who are and John Cornyn, who are turning they’re turning a blind eye and turning their backs on these brave people, it’s how many guys and gals are going to be willing to risk their livelihood risk their pensions risk their family just risk their careers, when the Republicans went back them. Congressman, Joe Biden implicated in massive influence peddling scheme. Several of them actually, were told there are multiple ft 1023 is out there. Comer is saying Congressman comer is saying that the Biden’s raked in an estimated $40 million in foreign cash for changes in American policy. Is is uncovering all of this enough? Or do you think there needs to be one more step after this stuff is revealed? Well, I think that way, you have to look at this. There’s not a bigger scandal, corruption scandal in US history. No, I mean, this is not there’s nothing that is even close to this. I think I said this on your show the other day, but you can give the Clinton credit for one thing. They were willing, you know, they set up a legal framework using a foundation to take money from foreigners. And it was wrong. It shouldn’t have been done. Ultimately, it was shut down. But they did it out in the open just brazenly and said, Hey, we can legally do this, which, you know, look at it was the challenges eventually, you know, they couldn’t raise any money. And then I think it was shut down on that there’s a core left there at all. But but this is something totally different. I mean, this is hiding money moving money through multiple accounts. I mean, it is. It’s beyond. I think what any of us could even think that anyone would even do. And there’s so many laws that have been broken here. There’s it’s not just the drugs and the gun charge. And in the tax evasion. I mean, you’ve got everything else. I mean, you have a conspiracy here. I know. You all it’s a it’s like it’s like a Clancy novel. I mean, really, it is it’s you can’t make this stuff up. The last thing I have, the only thing I would say too, is if we had been I know this is silly for me to say I think most people are starting to figure this out. But this used to be the role of the press. Right? And now what you have is you have shows like your Yep, and and you know, the whatever 5% of the media that might be center, right, that’s covering this every day. And you have 95% of the media that’s still totally ignoring this, which it I mean, it shows you how the the mainstream media, it’s not mainstream media. It is the propaganda arm of the Marxist regime that running this country. It’s criminal. It’s criminal. Look, I’ve only got about 30 seconds left. But I look you don’t know this story very well, because you’re in California. But let me just tell you here in Texas, it has come to light that the speaker, the Republican Speaker of the Texas House, hired as a parliamentarian, you know how powerful a parliamentarian is hired as the parliamentarian, a known left wing Obama lawyer. And this and throughout this last legislative session, this Obama lawyer was instrumental in killing conservative legislation in the Texas House. Do you think it’s wise for a Republican to hire a known Marxist Obama lawyer to advise them on legal issues? Well, I don’t know all the players involved. But But I could I can tell you that, that where we are in this country today, I just mentioned the example of the of the press is the Marxist or Marxist, they’re all on the same team in the media, from the media to the to the to the state officials, the Democrats all the way across the country. I mean, they fall in line. So you know, look, I’m not in a position to advise the Texas State Legislators but but kind of a place that I was started. Don’t hire Marxist. Don’t don’t hire Marxists. Don’t hire Obama officials. If you are a Republican, and then Joe Biden is out there saying that there are good Republicans out there that meet his seal of approval, like Mitt Romney. So that’s that’s the kiss of death as far as conservatives are concerned. Congressman Devin Nunez everybody, truth social, the Trump technology and media group. Appreciate the time, sir. Chris, it’s always a pleasure to be with you and have a great Fourth of July you to my friend, thank you. And that puts a wrap on this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast visit a couple of websites Texas That’s number one. That’s where you find enterprising journalism, and what’s big in Texas and impacting this state, and also the states beyond also pay a visit to Chris And once you’re there, you can check out our social media hookups. We are everywhere on truth, social, we’re on getter, we’re on rumble. We’re on me, we I know I’m missing one or two. We’re on Gab, Twitter. Yes, we’re back on Twitter. So check it all out and also drop me an email or voicemail. If you get the gumption until we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, you stay safe out there, my friends

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