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God-fearing vs The Godless

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Roger Wheelock is President of Greater Than I Ministries, a non-profit corporation established for the purpose of providing creative Biblical Worldview teaching materials for individuals, churches, families, and home-schools in America. His passion is to challenge the Church to take back the education system we built at America’s founding and teach our families once again to apply the brilliance of the Word of God everywhere in life.

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Parents let me ask you a question. Are you about done? Are you about finished with what is going on inside of Gov? Ed? Are you Are you tired? Are you sick and tired? Of of 24 Republicans siding with socialists saying you know what you parents don’t deserve the right to determine where the money that is set aside for your child should go for your child’s education. 

In other words, you your parents are immaterial to the discussion government’s now taking over your kids lives. Are you sick and tired of that? Me too. Me too. Let’s let’s do a little review, shall we? There are a couple of soundbites I’ve gathered over the years of Gov Ed and their perversion. Here’s a government teacher saying parents and conservatives are ruining the woke indoctrination of Gov Ed and this teacher says it’s not worth it anymore. 

She wants to leave. Because, frankly, you conservative parents, you Democrat parents, however many of you are left out there that love your children more than gov Ed and big government and totalitarianism. Those of you who love your family more, it’s not worth it to this teacher anymore, to put up with all of your nonsense all of your claims that you actually should control your children’s education. 

And keep in mind, this is how all left wingers regard you people who stand against the way they think things ought to be. This same school board member is currently going around right now trying to well, along with, you know, the whole what DeSantis is doing trying to get rid of all basically diversity elements out of schools completely like they’re trying to strip individuality and diversity to fit one common agenda. And it’s ruining everything. It’s not what America stands for diversity, who told you it was your job to teach diversity? 

Your job was to teach reading, writing, arithmetic and the sciences. You’re supposed to educate our kids not indoctrinate our kids. You see, I think having a single unified purpose. For a nation, a set of common set of values is what’s uniting this whole idea of diversity. This person thinks that having sexual relations with kids is okay. So we must accept them, you know, out of this, this idiocy of diversity. I mean, no, no. How about some some common ground from which we all agree we will operate? Diversity is in our strength. As a matter of fact, diversity is the recipe for defeat. That’s division. Diversity and division are derivatives of the same root word and no House Divided can stand and of course these leftists know it but they’re teaching division inside of Gov Ed. 

Now here is a gov ed teacher claims that she’s been making her gay sex reality known loud and proud to her students, and since then, their her students have come out to her and admitted that they these grade schoolers are gay too. Yes, I have had multiple students come out to me not just with their sexuality, but also with their gender identity. It’s one of the reasons I think it’s so important to be out and loud and proud. So that people feel comfortable coming to me and talking to me, because I don’t know how much different my life would have been if I had had somebody to come talk to you about this kind of stuff. My hope is that every student will have somebody that they can talk to about this. 

Yeah, yeah. Loud and Proud. So folks, there is a dynamic, you know, children tend to want to please adults. Again, who told you it you are supposed to be parading your sexuality inside of Gov it? I mean, what if? Would you accept it if a heterosexual guy is like, yeah, you know, what I really proud about going home and, and having intimate relations with my wife, or a woman out there. Yeah, I’m really happy when I happy when I go have intimate relations with my husband. No, none of that is part of teaching none of that as part of a curriculum. 

And nobody gave you deviance, the permission to teach children this stuff and not deviance because of your sexuality, deviance, because you want to impose your sexuality on kids. It’s not appropriate for heterosexuals to do it. And it’s not appropriate for homosexuals to do it. 

Here’s another guv ed teacher admitting to taxpayer funded child abuse. I just read this book to grade one class, and one of the students came out as trans staff knew she was trans. And we talked to her parents last night about me coming in. And they’ve given it the Go ahead. And it was such beautiful proof that kids of any age are absolutely capable of accepting anything that they are taught with love. 

Oh, my gosh, this is child abuse. This, I read this book about trans and this child came on. So that’s me, that’s me, or let’s call the parents, let’s start chopping off body parts and start them on hormones hormone blockers, before they’re even adult enough to understand the ramifications of what they’re saying. It’s a wonderful child’s book indoctrinating children into thinking that all this perversion is somehow normal, and it’s not. And in a sane world, and a sane gov ed system that was actually public education, the teacher would never have been allowed to read such sexually suggestive books in the first place. 

And then have a child come up and say, Look, I’m a little confused about whether I’m a boy or girl. You know what, Johnny or Susie? Let’s call Mom and Dad. Let’s let them let them talk it out with you. This is something you got to work out at home with loving parents who care about your well being this is not my job as a gov ed teacher. This is something that you should be talking over with your parents. And your parents should be maybe getting a counselor if they don’t feel equipped to handle this. 

Oh, no. Gov Ed through through agendized people like this. This idiot is taking it upon themselves. This these responsibilities that they were never intended to have, because her class didn’t bat an eyelid. Didn’t matter an eyelid at me not being a man, woman both or neither. See, I’m not a man or woman both or neither. That is scientifically silly. That is scientifically untrue. It’s a bastardization of science, of course, you are a female, anybody can see you are a female, anybody can hear you are a female. 

But again, because you don’t know what you are, you want to pass on this same confusion to children, and you’re sick and twisted for wanting to do so. And if you parents stand up, and you say that this is inappropriate, this has no place inside of Gov Ed, that I’m forced to send my child to that I’m forced to fund. If you stand up, then you get other of these teachers who tell you that you’re just stupid. Listen to this. 

“I have a master’s degree because when I got certified, I was told I had to have a master’s degree to be an Arizona certified teacher. We all have advanced degrees. What do the parents have? Are we vetting the backgrounds of our parents? Are we allowing the parents to choose the curriculum and the books that our children are going to read? I think that it’s a mistake. I’m just speaking from the heart. The one line that I love is, we must remember that the purpose of public education is not to teach only what parents want their children to be taught. It isn’t teach them what society needs them to be taught.”

Yeah. And if society needs them to be taught communism, despite what the parents wishes are, then that’s what society needs. There all of our children, what society wants to teach the children, they’re no longer your children. They’re ours. What a degenerate piece of crap. This woman is, and what degrees do parents have what a parents have? There are children, madam, they’re our children. They’re not yours. And if you don’t want to teach them reading, writing and arithmetic, if you want to force this smut in his garbage, this pornography in front of them, instead of teaching them about literature and teaching about Shakespeare and the fine arts, that’s your problem. That should not be the parents problem. 

This woman for having a master’s degree this woman is colossally stupid, and she shows it in spades with comments, public comments like that. We’re going to expand on this conversation coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Well, let’s bring in our guest Roger Wheelock. He is president of greater than eye ministries, a nonprofit cooperation established for the purpose of providing creative biblical worldview teaching materials for individuals, churches, families, and homeschools. In America, his passion is to challenge the church to take back the education system that built America’s founding principles, teach our families once again to apply the brilliance of the Word of God everywhere in our life, including in education. Mr. Wheelock Welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you. It’s a really it’s a pleasure to be on. Thank you, sir. 

I want to share something with you because it’s going to really inform our conversation, a recent post from the Democrats. Now, this is highly regarded as the godless party as the anti faith party, and they show it with this post. Now there’s a theme that goes around the Internet called Dark Brandon, which originated, frankly, from the Republicans and the conservatives. But the Democrats have adopted it. And the headline is just one simple phrase I’m bringing back or I’m bringing row back says this picture of Joe Biden with satanic glowing red eyes, and it’s being put out there by the Democrat Party. And so I responded to this, this post from the Democrats, socialists and I said, fake Catholic I am a practicing Catholic and I know a fake Catholic when I see one. And Joe Biden is a fake Catholic. Well, one of his disciples, whatever he is, whatever he’s into anemia needs jack to UNEF the referee and I’m cleaning that up, responded and wasn’t very complimentary. This this is the cultural battle I think that we are fighting That is informing our policies. No. 

Oh, absolutely. I mean, our ministry is all based around one particular scripture. Hosea four six, says, my people perish from lack of knowledge. You’re that? 


Okay. Yeah. I mean, we because we are, we’ve been dumbed down for four generations, gradually, but surely, to the point where people don’t know how to think. And I think that’s the biggest problem that we’re dealing with. They don’t know how to compare and contrast ideas. They don’t know how to critically think they’ve been taught that way in the public school system. Very much, an offshoot of how Marxism works. I mean, their whole position on propaganda is that they only give you a one sided story. And they jam that into your head all the time. And then if they don’t allow you to have any opposing thoughts, or conversation on anything that opposes their ideas, and they cancel you, they demean you, they put you in a corner, they put you on a pedestal in front of the school and make you feel like an idiot. 

Your government or government calls you a terrorist, you know, just because you’re an idiot, and you’re stupid if you if you believe in heaven forbid, Christianity. 

No, I read through it with you and I, and since since you went to Gov ed, and it hasn’t been public education, I think you would concede for an awful long time because, again, when the public raises concerns, the government apparatchiks do what you’re describing, they marginalize you. They’re they’re all too happy to confiscate your money from you. But they don’t want your input. And in fact, they’re claiming our children. I want to bring up a headline from from here in Texas. McKinney, ISD trustees fight against school districts sexualization of the students. Trustee by the name of Chad Green says hyper sexualized the material provided by that board and administrators to minors is an issue that needs to be addressed. If I was to do what these school boards are doing to a child, show them this smut, this pornography that they’re calling art inside of schools, if I was to do that I would be arrested. But they get to do it as part of a school board and call it education or art. Isn’t that wrong? 

Well, absolutely. I mean, they’re just taking a loophole out of a Supreme Court decision. I think it was made in the late 1900s, maybe the early part of the first decade. And they’re just jumping through. And then of course, we have judges that aren’t studied in the Constitution, who allow things like this to just pass through that loophole. Fortunately, Texas, just kind of went to bat on that. And now in McKinney, we’re trying to, well, we’ve actually got some plans in place on what we’re going to do to ensure that the legislation, I think it was HB 900, that was passed through that basically puts penalties on the publishers of those textbooks. If those textbooks are found, I think after January 1 2024, in the schools, then those publishers will lose their privilege of being able to sell books to the state of Texas forever. So we’re trying to, you know, muster the forces to stand up at the school board meetings, and make it very, very clear to them that we are watching, we’re looking, we’re making sure that that they’re taking all these books out, and we’re keeping better track of those books than they are, frankly. 

Well, I’ve got to be honest with you it sometimes I think the better part of valor, because of the way the GOV ed system is arrayed, that if we restored the power of the purse, to where it belongs to the to the to the parents of the children, that they are the consumer, they are the customer if your will. And if your particular school district decides they want to push smut and pornography and critical race theory and LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism, if they want to push that fine, you’ll take your tax dollars and your child and go to a school that’s not pushing that perversion. And then those school districts have a choice to make. Either they can change their ways or not or go belly up. And this is I think, what are not so well meaning left wing friends don’t want to have happen. They want to be able to have control over our children and control over their minds. without us having a say Isn’t that what is behind this effort to defeat parental school choice and and educate Should freedom and places like Texas? 

Absolutely. Oh, no, they know they know the game. And they’ve been feeling it already. I mean, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the stats, but ever since COVID, homeschooling is like increased anywhere from three to fourfold. Interestingly, in the black community, they increased like seven times. In other words, they’ve grown in people taking their kids out of the schools, and they’re homeschooling in those black communities, seven times more than what they were before. So there’s definitely a powerful movement going on. The people are waking up. And they’re recognizing that they have options. And I think, you know, Chris, I think it’s kind of one of those things where the what the enemy means for evil, God means for good. You know, they’re shining a bright light on who they really are. And I’m noticing a lot of people are recognizing exactly what’s happening. I will add one thing, and I know, it’s, it’s not part of the normal narrative, but it’s because I’m so deeply embedded in the homeschool movement. And I’ve been that way along for a long time, as one group that I’m involved with Public School Exit. And they believe very strongly that school choice needs to be threaded very, very, very carefully. Because everywhere in school choice has been implemented. It only took a few years in other countries, where before the government started putting all kinds of requirements upon those that were actually doing their homeschooling and not being bothered by anybody. And all of a sudden, that money comes with strings attached. It always does. Which shekels comes shackles, that’s what we’re finding. 

Well, so it’s possible going Yeah, no, Mr. Way. Like, I think that’s a cautionary tale. And as we’ve been debating education savings accounts or vouchers in the state of Texas, so that would that the state of Texas can join the other 27 civilized states who recognize education freedom, that is a definite concern. I have ensured assurances from those from Governor Abbott, down to the proponents of this that provisions will be made that homeschoolers that private schools will not be subject to the whims of government control, that the money will go to the parents and will be determined, the parents will determine where that where that money is spent. And the government will be out of it. Once it is deposited into a qualified account. The government is out of it. And that’s their assurance, folks, we’re talking to Roger Wheelock. He’s the president of greater than eye ministries, and they provide services and and materials to individuals, churches, and families, and homeschools in America, and I want to focus on that. Because, as you know, being as ingrained in the homeschool community as you are, it can be a daunting task for those parents who love their kids more than they love government. But they don’t know where to begin, they don’t know how to start that type of instruction. So maybe you can give them some words of encouragement, number one, number two, tell them what kind of materials and prep that you can provide them. 

Okay, I’d love to do that cheese sauce should never ask. First, I will mention again, public school It’s an organization, some national organization that I’m affiliated with, I we have calls every single week and we talk about what’s going on. But there is no website that I’m aware of, that has more of those answers, for questioning parents, for parents that are looking for even crying out for instruction, and tools and methods to do what they’re doing. I’ll just tell you this, I have three kids, and they’re all They’re all grown. We have a number of we have 10 grandkids now, and all of our being homeschooled, and just FYI, my daughter had no clue she was never trained as a teacher in any way, shape, or form. That’s it. For Tanya rolls. I’m teaching her 10 year old and a 13 year old as well as her. We get together once a week. And we’re going through these thinking like your Christian classes, and we divide into 12 areas of life and then each one we look at, well what does the Bible say and what are the opposing ideas that are coming against us? And then we weighed them, you know, through history and statistics and common sense and logic, but the main point here It is we want to get everybody talking the whole family talking together about reality, and going to the standard of Scripture to decide what’s true and what’s not true. And then also using the comparatives of history. Well, my 10 year old granddaughter just published her first book on Amazon. 

Wow, that’s incredible. 

And it’s going to be a series. It’s, I think it’s called the, the epic of the wolf islands. Yeah, that’s what it’s called, you can find it on, on Amazon. But it’s, it’s this is not abnormal. In the homeschool world, we don’t need to have quote unquote, professionals, teaching our kids, we are made by God to be able to educate our children. Now, of course, we can’t teach them calculus, we don’t have a backup, right. But that’s where the church is supposed to be involved. We all work together as a team, and we can help one another. I have a good friend of mine who was still in California. And he retired fireman, and he went to some woodworking classes, because he really loves working with wood. And he got involved in actually being an assistant at the local high school around the corner. So he is dedicating his time as the retired fireman to teach these kids how to use wood, how to work with it, but he’s also mentoring them. And there many of them are without fathers in their homes. I mean, this is just a simple example of what the church can do when we rally around this principle. So anyway, I’ve got a little bit gotten off the track, but it’s not rocket science. God made us to love our children more than any teacher in the world, we know our kids much better. Our job is just to help them learn how to read, learn how to write, learn how to do basic maths, learn how to understand the fundamentals, basically, of science, and then let God work through them to pull out their natural gifts, and give them I mean, the average school homeschooling parent, dedicates maybe four and a half hours a day, to teaching their kids. And the rest of the time they are out in nature, they’re out experiencing, experiencing the world. They’re learning the things that they love to do, and they’re getting an opportunity to be themselves, rather than in the public schools, whether they’re taught to be just like everybody else. So it’s really wide open. And we provide materials GTI m i We do provide those things. We, our materials are made for ages eight through 88. And they’re meant again, to to get the family discussing real world issues. And looking at them from not the issue point of view that the enemies of us why not convinced ourselves, but from another side from a God who loves us? And really it was it was the God of the Bible that created the Constitution. Well, you did great in America. 

The Judeo Christian ethic is is one that was revolutionary, that was the fourth the foundational basis of the greatest document that man has ever created, which is, which is the Constitution of the United States a document that was recognition that only the only legitimate government out there is one that protects God given rights. And that is the constitution and that’s why which was it makes it so revolutionary. So if there a website where folks can go if they want to check out what greater than administrators can do if they’re contemplating homeschooling, or making that switch out of Gov Ed. 

Sure, sure. I mentioned a little bit before but I think it’s slow. It’s greater than I ministries, but in short, the website is g t i m i So stands for greater than I ministries, but all abbreviated, g t i m i All right. I’m here in Texas, and I know that you’re you’re advertising to people in Texas. 

Yeah, yeah. Well, this is this is very much our our center now I noticed you had I’m not going to tell what your phone number is. But just like mine, I kept my I kept my phone number from the People’s Republic of California when I escaped there. And, and came out here to Texas to the to the Promised Land, land of milk and honey. What do you think about what’s going on in our former home state? I mean, Sodom and Gomorrah come to mind, don’t they? 

Well, gosh, absolutely. I mean, it’s it’s yes. really bad. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I mean, I just sent an article out, it’s going to be going out through another group that involved in their so called SALT and LIGHT COUNCIL, and they’re out of California. And they send out a newsletter to churches about some 200 churches across America. And this article I just wrote, was, is all about how they found there’s one organization that has actually found 1100 school districts across America that have made a policy to not inform the parents when their child wants to change their gender transitioning. Yes, yes. That affects some 18,000 schools. And over 3 million, no, yes. Something like that. So it looks something like that’s the 3 million or 15 million children. That’s what it is. And, and half of those are in California. 


So we need to be very aware of what they’re doing in our kids schools, and our grandkids schools, whatever. Right? Absolutely is. I call it insanity on steroids. And that it is Roger Wheelock is He’s the president of greater than I ministry, sir. It’s great to meet you. Great to meet you. Thank you again for giving me the time. And that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor visit Chris and Texas There at those websites you will find Chris You find me you find everything that is about me and our newly revamped website. Hope you like some of the changes we’ve been making to that that website it looks really cool, lots of moving parts. I mean that literally that website moves, check it out. Chris Also at Texas You can find great news and information that impacts Texas and beyond. So until we visit again, my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, you stay safe out there, my friends. 

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