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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Government Insider, K.T. McFarland, Reveals How Deep Government's Corruption Goes

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K.T. McFarland is the former Deputy National Security Advisor under President Trump. She is the author of the book, Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People”.

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I’m not sure if this is a sign as to how devoid of morality our political enemies are or if it’s a sign of how successful gov Ed has been at dumbing these people down. But I actually had one of these left wingers approached me on I can’t remember his social media was an email I can’t remember which. But they were up in my face, saying, What is your problem with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden making money off foreign governments? 

I thought I thought you, you Republicans, he ‘s silly enough to think I’m a Republican. I thought you Republicans believed in making money. And I’m thinking I’m thinking to myself, nobody could be this jaw droppingly stupid, but they are, again, I am the jury’s out as to whether or not it’s gov EDS fault, or whether this person honestly truly just because of their left wing ideology, is that mind numbingly stupid, but I guess I have to explain why this is such an issue. 

Why so many conservatives, maybe not so many Republicans because Mitch McConnell is out there. Creek he calls himself a Republican Mitch McConnell is out there saying well, I don’t care what Joe Biden’s done. No impeachment, no impeachment Like, seriously, dude, because this is the problem. And Nancy, mais she is not the sharpest conservative in the shed. She’s a Republican. But even she recognizes exactly what’s going on here. And why this is such a huge problem. Here is Nancy talking with I believe it was CNN 

“Are not allowed to share the suspicious activity reports. But I’ve seen suspicious activity reports that make me believe the amount of money that the Biden’s family was paid off is north of $50 million. And it’s not just Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, his brother, their grandchildren that receive money from communist China, for example. I mean, we’ve seen it, but we also since we’re not allowed to show those reports because they’re confidential, we then now have to connect the dots and show bank records, we have to have testimony from eyewitnesses. So it’s an amount I believe the evidence will come forward. But it doesn’t doesn’t happen overnight.” 

And I know that by the way, that was Fox Business. $50 million, 50 million. Now, some of you might be asking, not your Democrats out there because Democrats are like, hey, nine year olds, you know, teenage Biden’s they deserve to make millions and millions of dollars from communist China. That’s capitalism, right? Well, no, no. Because see, this is where the Conservatives the common sense, conservatives come in, and maybe even some of you independents out there. They’re like, Well, wait a minute, don’t you have to do something to earn that money? 

And what maybe with the first sign of a cogent thought, and by the way, that’s how I responded to this person or reached out to me. I said, what did they do to earn that money? And no response, of course, but maybe with a first sign of a cogent thought these people like, oh, that’s the problem. Yeah, that’s the problem. It’s because the commodity as we found out from Devon Archer, the brand was Beijing Biden in his access to America’s government. And by the way, I our tax dollars. 

So here they are selling out American foreign policy for foreign cash. And that foreign policy wasn’t necessarily in our best interest. So the policy of the United States being sold for the benefit exclusively of the crackhead son of Joe Biden, the delinquent brother of Joe Biden, and Joe Biden’s family members, and Joe Biden, that being sold, does you and me no good. The only problem is, that’s why our politicians are supposed to be there. 

They’re supposed to be there to do good for we the people. That’s why we elect them. That’s the American system. So no, you’re not supposed to sell your office, to a foreign adversary, or a foreign ally, really doesn’t matter. Anybody that’s foreign. You’re not supposed to be selling your office, because it’s what we call a conflict of interest. 

And it’s not a legitimate use of quote, unquote, talent. There’s no talent involved. Now, some of you Democrats might be saying, well, these democrats lie and they calm themselves into positions of power and authority. So that’s a gift. Okay, so that’s a gift. So that means that they get to make millions of dollars from foreign enemies selling you and me out. That’s what that means. I’m sorry, folks. This malfeasance the level of depravity that is on display, and I’m not going to allege that only Democrats do this. They I think that the lion’s share. 

But not only Democrats do this, but the reason why we’re seeing President Trump under attack right now is to stop me from having conversations with wayward Democrats like that. The person who reached out to me and actually making them think about what is actually really transpiring here, more on this coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

You know what else I hear from Democrats and leftists is, gee, What crime has Joe Biden committed? Tell us what crime he’s committed? Well, bribery is articulated in the Constitution as being an impeachable offense, a high crime, or misdemeanor, if you will, folks, I want to bring on Katie McFarland, former deputy national security adviser under President Trump, she’s the author of the book, revolution, Trump, Washington, and we the people, lady, it’s great to have you back. 

It’s great to be with you. And thank you so much for what you’re doing to talk about these issues that other media outlets just want to push under the rug. And, and I just think it’s so important to keep talking about it because it is bribery. And the only missing element now is to tie the bribe to the policy change. And I think that will be abundant. As they get further into this investigation. You can start getting your calendar out and you can see when was the money paid? When was the policy towards China changed? When was the money paid? When did we start getting more involved in the Ukraine more? So I do think that there will be real evidence, bank records, policy statements that you can try The two together. 

Yeah. And what about the evidence that we have on tape? As as you know, the Republicans have uncovered an alleged transfer of $5 million apiece to Joe Biden and his and his crackhead son from an oligarch who says he has 17 of these recordings by the way, two of them from VP Biden, then VP Biden and his and his son Hunter Biden putting together this deal. And Katie here, here is the payoff. Listen: 

They walked out to Prescott said nice, and I’m not gonna we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said I said call him. I said, I’m telling you not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion I’m gonna be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I look guys, I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of fired. 

Yeah. So Trump was impeached, by the way for allegedly doing what you didn’t do withholding, threatening to withhold money from Ukraine, which Joe Biden just admitted he did. 

I was at that meeting, when Joe Biden made those statements. It was the Council on Foreign Relations media. And I was in the audience and heard him say that, and I thought, too, that you’re interfering in the domestic affairs of Ukraine, that he presented it as if he got the bad guy fired. You got the bad guy fired. The crook fired. The corrupt guy fired. In fact, it was just the opposite. But with Joe Biden just blithely saying, we enter we told them which guys to hire which guys to fire, and then all the senior sort of who boss of the foreign policy establishment Republican Democrat in the audience kind of twittering and laughing and oh, this is so great. Really? I just heard me alarm bells went off at the time. 

Yeah, I can imagine because you, you, you have something that Joe Biden has not encumbered with what’s most Democrats are uncovered with ethics. And that brings me, Katie, to this all of government approach to protect one of the, I believe one of the biggest degenerates among us, the Biden family and Joe Biden. What do you make of this, that you’ve got FBI, DOJ, IRS, everybody turning themselves into pretzels, breaking the law, violating the law, ignoring the law, to protect this family and the knowledge that these people have on this family? 

Well, what’s happened is that they’re the United States, through Congress, largely, but also the executive, the Chief Executive Officer, they’ve turned over a lot of our governance functions, to these alphabet agencies, you know, IRS, CIA, FBI. And when we had, you know, 2030 years ago, these agencies would never have dared to do it never dared to basically be in your face, we’re gonna prosecute this guy, we’re gonna cover up for that guy. But now it’s in your face. And they’re not getting a whisper of criticism for most of the media, the media is going along with it. And that to me gets how they look at themselves in the face, when they’re overlooking what’s clearly bribes. What is clearly corrupt activity, and they’re not even investigating it. You can put aside what they think about President Trump or not, but as Ted Cruz said, these are a numerated. The Constitution says bribery. That’s one of the reasons you impeach a president bribery. That’s pretty obvious reason. That’s pretty obvious. And yet, the media won’t touch it. They look the other way. And they say, Well, what about Trump, and then the agencies, which I think got in really in, during the really after the war on terror began, but they’re in a 2016 election when we’re now if we look back, it was the FBI, and the Department of Justice who got in and influenced that election by saying, oh, Donald Trump’s a Russian agent. And then in 2000, and they had no consequence for it. They were never, nobody was ever No government official was ever hauled before Congress, before the courts, they got away with it. And so then, when President Trump was elected, they tried to interfere with his election by continuing the Russia investigation. And you know, Trump’s a Russian agent, Russia, Russia, Russia, and then in 2020, the CIA got in the way. And that’s when the 51 former intelligence officials, almost all of whom I know, they came out and said, Oh, the Hunter Biden laptop, which just became public, that’s not really that’s all question is just information. So what they were doing was again, interfering. They’re saying us disinformation campaign to the American people. And so again, no consequence for these guys, no consequence for any of them. So I think they just keep doing it. Right. And at a certain point, and here’s the kicker is that now because of the congressional investigations, there is documentary evidence. There are text messages, emails, WhatsApp, they’ve got the goods. There are a lot of whistleblowers. So I think that the agencies, those alphabet agencies, they’re gonna have to work overtime in 2024. Because they’re terrified that it’s not just they’re gonna protect Biden anymore. They got to protect themselves right around his feelings. 

See, I think you’re onto something right there. And I think that’s why it’s an the all of government approach to protect Biden is not only to protect Biden but to protect themselves. And that, that goes right into my next question, because as you know, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate is has said that he does not favor impeachment of his good friend, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, who’s a Republican who has a lot of questionable dealings with the same country that Joe Biden has a lot of questionable dealings with Communist China. How, if you were what is your gut tell you about the level of complicity of Republicans who may have been tempted to put their hands in that, in that Democrat cookie jar of selling influence or being deferential to foreign enemies and adversaries, was pretty well known to 

China’s all over this, right? China’s maybe not directly contributed to campaigns, but indirectly, I mean, the Chinese government paid for the pan Biden standard where all the Obama senior officials went to Park during the Trump administration and then now in senior positions in the Biden administration, so their salaries will pay my time that I think that the senior leadership in Washington Republican Democrat, there is really two parties in the United States as the incumbent party, Republican Democrat in Congress, and then the rest of the country and they’re representing themselves they’re not representing the rest of the country, which is why you continue to see these backlashes against Washington. 

The name of the book is revolution Trump, Washington, and we the people Katie McFarland is the is the author, President Trump said on Eric bowlings program last week, that he believed that we have a Manchurian Candidate in Joe Biden, the polling out there from the American people, shows that they believe that this this current occupant of the Oval Office is compromised. So I think our people get it, I think President Trump gets it. Is that the game now to stop the confirmation of said individual being revealed as being compromised? Is that what we’re experiencing right now? 

Yeah, and you’re seeing a lot of pushback, even by some Republicans are saying, well, we don’t really want to look too closely. Now we do. We need to find out what went on. Now we can it’s putting the cart before the horse to say we’re going to impeach him. We’re going to indict him. Who knows. But let’s just find out what happened. Because if we do have senior officials of the United States government, who were taking, in effect bribes to alter policy towards other countries that in fact, endanger American national security. Just about as bad. as it is, and we gotta find out, we’ve got to find out because otherwise I could keep doing, 

Congressman, Greg’s dubious already. I just filed as of last Friday, I believe, the Articles of Impeachment for Joe Biden. So maybe there’s already a predicate being laid for that, because of the announcement of this, this special counsel which ever ever, they’re trying to protect by no one side and they’re now they’re going for broke on the other side trying to expose him. I wanted to talk to you about the BRICS nations because this worries me on many, many fronts. As you know, economic liaisons, tend to blossom into millet military liaisons and can be a threat to those who are not part of this, of this alliance. And the BRICS alliance is an Economic Alliance designed to take down the American dollar as the reserve currency of the world. And we saw something of that military cooperation when Russian and Chinese ships teamed up to challenge the Aleutian Islands just outside of Alaska’s territorial waters. And were met by for us destroyers. How concerned are you that the other side sees America is weak, and they’re and they’re pushing the advantage? 

Oh, I think that’s what they’re they’re counting on is that these countries, whether it’s Iran or Korea, Russia, China, and you might add a few other countries in with that as lesser junior partners, but they want to take down the international system has kept the peace since the end of World War Two. And they want to replace as you say, they want to replace the US Dollar as the prime currency, but they want to replace the whole system. And so some people would say, well, was that matter to us? What matters a lot to us? Because all of a sudden the things that we take for granted freedom of navigation of the season, and how to countries trade, they put stuff on boats, and they send the boats around the world. If we’re not, we don’t have freedom of the seas and free navigation and free timers. Then how does our trade work? What if you have China controlling the western part of the Pacific What if you have a Ron controlling the Strait of Hormuz, that means that the goods that normally travel from one country to another in a global economy are given preference? So maybe, you know, maybe they say, well, American ships, you know, we’re gonna we’re not gonna let you through more. We’re gonna let you certificate to the back of the queue. It’ll have a real economic impact on on the way we conduct our lives, not to mention the national security implications. 

Yeah. And speaking of which, Taiwan and Ukraine now you and I both know and understand the semiconductor, the microchip, elements of what’s behind Ukraine and Taiwan. Now, I have begun to question and as a matter of fact, somebody you and I know very well hasn’t been on the show since but I had a conversation scheduled Michael McCaul when the chips Act was being debated, because this was going to be my question, and I might as well put it to you, because I know that you’re honest enough to answer. Look, whose bright idea was it to put such a vital production of such a vital resource, these microchips he semiconductors, and countries that border enemies, you know, Russia and China, whose bright idea was that the chips act was to make up for this, this stupidity in my mind of putting our vital infrastructure over there and charge the American people billions of more dollars. Michael McCaul didn’t want to talk to me about that. So they canceled the interview, because they didn’t want to have any, any detriment and didn’t want to explain themselves on the chips act. But this move to keep our production overseas was quite silly and quite stupid. And, and maybe it may spell the doom for both these countries Ukraine and Taiwan, break down the how you see this geopolitically. 

Alright, so the reason this stuff was shipped out, I mean, manufactured overseas, whether it’s tennis shoes, or, or cars, or pharmaceuticals, or, you know, high level electronics, this is because it’s cheaper, the labor is cheaper in China, the labor is cheaper overseas. And we as a country, because we’ve promoted a global economy we have for the last 30 or 30 years, we thought, well, that’s okay. It’s free trade, it’s going to be made cheaper there, it’s going to be it brings cheaper products to the people’s United States. And that’s a nice idea, as long as everybody plays by the rules, but they’re not playing by the rules. And so what we now have seen is, for example, in 2020, when I mean 2020, early days of 2020. And, as COVID, started sweeping the world, the Chinese President Trump said call it the Wuhan virus. He had a whole lot of names. But yeah, I won’t go into all those names. But the Chinese basically said to the White House, like you better stop denigrating China, you better not call this the whoo flu or the China virus, because we make all your promise neuticle. And we can just cut off acetaminophen and antibiotics. We’re not going to send you have any amoxicillin next year. Now, in the geostrategic geo economics, basically, China would never do that. Why would they do this be so bad to their economy, they need a market. Yeah, but they want the political power more than they care about the economic power for their own people. So that kind of a threat they can do with a lot of things, not just pharmaceuticals, they can do it with things that support the electric grid, they can do it with any of our high electronics. And we are very vulnerable to that. And that’s why I think it’s important to have economic consequences to countries that still want to do business with China, and have our critical infrastructure made in China. It needs to be made in the United States were made by a friendly nation, and it may cost a little more, but in the long run, it’s safer. I mean, how much you gonna pay for amoxicillin if you can’t get it? 

Right, exactly. Exactly. The last question I have for you is the greatest threat to national security as you see it that nobody’s talking about. It’s tough. It’s the domestic threat. And we if we get our act together, we can do anything. It’s the domestic that is the Democrats who want to crucify Republicans. It’s the people in Washington who don’t care about the American people. It’s the media that makes money off the backs of division. We get back together as we start acting as a nation again, Alex Bryan and political differences, but not assassinations, not political assassinations, which is what’s happened in the last eight years. You get away from that and you start trying to find a way to work together and move forward. We can solve all this stuff, but we’ll never solve it if we’re at each other’s throats. 

Former deputy national security adviser Katie McFarland name of the book is revolution Trump, Washington and we the people, it is always great to catch up, come back soon. 

honor and pleasure. 

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