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Texas Tomorrow
Harris County Launches Guaranteed Income Program


Harris County is the latest jurisdiction to launch a guaranteed basic income program. Uplift Harris will provide qualified individuals with $500 a month for 18 months and local officials are expected to extend and expand it using local dollars once the pilot period is over and federal funds run out.


Financial State of Texas Cities

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZWq0TBQS8o   Texas Cities, like all others, are facing significant fiscal challenges and taxpayers are on the hook for them. Truth in Accounting gave us the rundown of who has […]

Do You Live In One of Texas' Fastest Growing Cities?

https://youtu.be/aYl6Yu9bNBI The US Census Bureau released its list of fast-growing cities and Texas cities’ top list. Low taxes, regulation, and affordability were the primary drivers and for Texas to remain […]

Homeownership Out of Reach?

  Things in and out of our control are driving up the cost of housing and shutting young people out of the market. Zoning and other regulations are something we […]