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Has The Day Of Reckoning Come For His Eminence, Dr. Fauci?
Dr. Peter McCullough has a long and storied career in medicine as an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist. He’s the author of “Courage to Face Covid-19”.

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You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did. He still struggles for podcasts my friends, I think his Eminence Dr. Fauci, Dr. Anthony Fauci is in heat, big do do. And I’m going to tell you why. We touched base on this, on the show behind the show with Sean Chasteen, at the beginning of the week, and this story has only gotten worse for Dr. Fauci as an avalanche of just bad and bad news for him and good information comes out for us out of the Republicans committee on the China virus. So let me start with a little bit of a recap from The Daily Caller, email shows Fauci privately acknowledged gain of function research at the Wuhan lab. Now he was, he was in private, acknowledging the fact that there was a gain of function research happening in communist China in particular in Wuhan, while he was on Capitol Hill, saying completely different things. And now we know when he was saying these things, he was perjuring himself. Let me give an example. Here’s his eminence, Dr. Fauci speaking to Senator Kennedy, about the Communist Chinese, giving him assurances that they were not doing gain of function research. How do you know they didn’t lie to you and use the money for gain of function research anyway? Well, we’ve seen the results of the experiments that were done and that were published, and that the viruses that they studied are on public databases now. So none of that was gain of function. So how do you know they didn’t do the research and not put it on their website, there’s no way of guaranteeing that. But in our experience with grantees, including Chinese grantees, which we’ve had interactions with for a very long period of time, they’re very competent, trustworthy scientists. I’m not talking about anything else in China, I’m talking about the scientists, that you would expect that they would abide by the conditions of the grant, which they’ve done for the years that we’ve had interactions. So you don’t think the Chinese would lie to you? When you say the Chinese the Chinese are a rather broad group. I know the scientists that we’ve dealt with have been trustworthy. You think all the scientists have told the truth in terms of the origin Wuhan virus and not been influenced by the Communist Party of China? I don’t have enough insight into the Communist Party in China to know the interactions between them and the scientists are, yes. So why would you give them money if you don’t have enough knowledge? And then you heard him several times, saying he trust the scientists, they have shown him that they can be trustworthy. But it turns out according to the email, His Eminence Dr. Fauci knew they weren’t trustworthy quote, this suspicion was heightened by the fact that scientists in Wuhan University are known to have been working on gain of function experiments to determine the molecular mechanisms associated with bat viruses adapting to human infection. And the outbreak originated in Wuhan. So his eminence, Dr. Fauci knew he knew that they were doing gain of function research. He knew that these scientists were not trustworthy, but he gets up in front of Congress, because he approved funding for these communist scientist, these mad scientists in communist China he approved knowing what they were up to. So this is his Eminence Dr. Fauci trying to protect himself by speaking glowingly of communists that he knew that he knew he improperly funded. And the story just gets worse. From there. Fauci health officials accused of illegal approving illegally approving $26 billion in grants of taxpayer dollars following a letter sent out July 7, members of the Energy and Commerce Committee held a news conference last week on what they said was Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Becerra is failure to lawfully reappoint 14 National Institutes of Health officials, including Dr. Fauci following a bipartisan law passed in 2016. The 21st Century Cures Act, the Secretary Memory of the HHS had to appoint NIH institute and center for center directors every five years starting with those whose terms would expire in December of 2021. There has been a complete breakdown of accountability at the agency that has lost the trust of the American people, especially during the COVID 19. Emergency Energy and Commerce chair Cathy McMorris Rogers, Republican from Washington said at a news conference, 14 nih officials including Dr. Fauci held unlawful positions and exercise authority they didn’t have, which included approving $26 billion in grants because Democrats don’t obey the law. They don’t believe the laws apply to them if it’s politically inconvenient, folks, we’ll talk to an individual who has been calling out these mad scientists ever since the pandemic his name Dr. Peter McCullough, up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. 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And then there’s this when you make the switch to Patriot mobile by going to patriot. patriot you support me you keep my voice independent, making sure the woke crowd can’t touch me. So if you prize your values if you like good value, and you want to keep your liberty loving Latino, conservative, strong and unafraid go to patriot use my promo code storm get free activation or call 972 patriot 972 Patriot take a stand against the woke at patriot Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust that where you get your news is accurate and pro citizen. Well, Texas scorecard has you covered. We give you real news for real Texas. Go to Texas Today, Dr. Peter McCullough he has a long and storied career in medicine as an internist cardiologist and epidemiologist. He’s an author of courage to face COVID-19 where he’s a great resource for this show and the state of Texas. Dr. McCulloh. Welcome back, Chris. Great to be here. I’m going to read an email that was sent by this guy by the name of Dr. And I’m using the term loosely, Dr. Andrew Rabat. I believe the reason why I say I’m going to be cautious about calling him a doctor because he sounds more like a politician to me, and I’m going to get your opinion, quote, given the s show. That would happen if anyone’s serious accused the Chinese of even accidental release of the China virus he’s talking about. My feeling is we should say that given there is no evidence of a specifically engineered virus, we cannot possibly distinguish between the natural evolution and escape. So we are content with ascribing it to natural processes, again, written by Dr. Andrew Rabat. And you tell me Dr. McCulloh, is that a political statement or a medical one? To make matters worse, it’s a political statement but Rambo it’s an author on the first paper that was commissioned by Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Jeremy Farrar at the Wellcome Trust Peter Datsik. Edwin Holmes, Christian Anderson, this is all in the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus pandemic report by Chairman Brad wenstrup. It was released on July 11. Chris What happened was early in January of 2020, Fauci called the Zoom conference. And these scientists were figuring out that listen to viruses on natural is coming out of the Chinese lab, and they orchestrated a cover up to deceive the world for the next three years. They published 12 fraudulent papers, and they kept up a narrative that the virus came out of nature and not out of the Chinese lab, indeed, and they did so in my opinion, and we have Dr. Fauci, I’m gonna play the soundbite for you. His love for communists is is frightening. But let me just ask you do we have now documented proof scientific documented proof that there were markers on the wild type version of the China virus that indicate that it was bioengineered to undoubtedly and Ralph Berek memorialize this in his 2015 papers. And in those papers in nature, communications precedes the National Academy of Sciences. They say they’ve created the chimeric virus. They have engineered the spike protein used to be a benign human Coronavirus. They engineered the spike protein off of that Coronavirus, got it on the human virus and got the human virus to invade the body. That was the basically primordial prototype. SARS cov. Two and in this report, Chris, I just tweeted this out if you go on my Twitter feed, this is absolutely stunning. What is said? This is Christian Anderson from Scripps, you know responding to this Fauci meeting. He goes on to say when they’re talking, it says Dr. Anderson also found a paper written by Ralph barrack and doctors Shenzhen li chi, the Barrick sheep paper that purported to have inserted a fear of fear and cleavage joints in the stars, as recounted by Farrar, who was at the Wellcome Trust. He’s now the Chief Scientist, by the way, who this paper was, quote, a how to manual for building the Wuhan Coronavirus in the laboratory, unquote. And that’s reference to for our good great Dr. Holmes. Dr. Thompson. Sydney responded, quote, and I don’t try to cuss Christmassy here it says this is bad. And oh my god, what worse words than that? So they all knew they all knew in January 2020. Well, I want to Yeah, I want to ask about that. And folks just to translate that the bad China virus Coronavirus, was taught by the Communist Chinese in the Wuhan lab funded by the NIH and Dr. Fauci to jump from bats into humans. They trained it, they bio engineered it to do that. So that’s what what Dr. McCulloh so eloquently articulated there. So that that leads me to my next question. What could Dr. Fauci have possibly said to these established scientists and doctors, to get them to abandon science to get them to abandon their knowledge base, and also their duty to the people of this country? What could he have possibly said to them to get them to do that? You know, he may have held out inducements with NIH funding, you know, other types of attractions to keep them in line. It was clear that they were all expressing prior to meeting they were expressing the concerns the scheme came out of the lab. And Fauci and Collins had this call, and literally got everyone in line got and they they published fraudulent paper after fraudulent paper in the literature saying, don’t look in the lab. He came out of the fish market or out of nature in China. Good grief. Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest right now, folks on the Chris Salcedo show. So Dr. McCulloh, I’m going to play a soundbite for you. And this is Anthony Fauci, His Eminence, Dr. Fauci and he is talking to Senator Kennedy. And Senator Kennedy, I think, gets Dr. Fauci to reveal some things about Fauci his worldview. So I want you to have a listen. And then I want to get your response, have a listen to this? How do you know they didn’t lie to you and use the money for gain of function research anyway? Well, we’ve seen the results of the experiments that were done and that were published, and that the viruses that they studied are on public databases now. So none of that was gain of function. So how do you know they didn’t do the research and not put it on their website? There’s no way of guaranteeing that. But in our experience with grantees, including Chinese grantees, which we’ve had interactions with for a very long period of time, they’re very competent, trustworthy scientists. I’m not talking about anything else in China, I’m talking about the scientists, that you would expect that they would abide by the conditions of the grant, which they’ve done for the years that we’ve had interactions, so you don’t think the Chinese would lie to you. When you say the Chinese the Chinese are a rather broad group. I know the scientists that we’ve dealt with have been trustworthy. So he trusts communist scientists, Dr. McCulloh, who are bought and paid for by the communists in the government as a an American and I’m Linux, I know you are an American. I have my doubts about Dr. Fauci. But you as an American doctor, when you hear another doctor talking about this trust and admiration of Chinese scientists, just give me your honest evaluation. What goes through your mind? Right in the welfare papers, Chris, we don’t have to conjecture it’s in the peer reviewed literature. This is in P and as it says right here under biosafety and biosecurity. This is Fauci funded this paper they thank the NIH. It says these studies were initiated before the US government deliberative process research funding, paws on selected gain of function research involving influenza MERS, and SARS viruses. And the current paper has been reviewed by the funding agency, the National Institutes of Health continuation of these studies, has been requested and approved by the NIH. It’s right here in the peer reviewed literature for the world to see that they continue to gain a function and they outsource it to China. Right? And again, would you as an American physician, would you trust funding? Would you trust this type of research? To come in a scientist? Do you find communist scientists to be trustworthy? As Dr. Fauci does? No, I’ve been to China five times, Chris. I’ve had lots of interactions lectured in Chinese universities. They’re not trustable. And we know that because in 2019, now Chinese scientists, Shao cow has come out in February 2019. He said he was given four strains of the virus by his boss. He previously worked at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He’s in Wuhan. He’s given four strains. And he was told find the most infectious and deadly strain. That’s in February of 2019. So the Chinese had already taken American products or a line of American products, these manmade viruses, and then they were now trying to find which one was going to do the most damage. Wow, Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest right now, folks, long and storied career, the name of the book courage to face COVID-19 is a matter of history that Barack Hussein Obama put a prohibition on gain of function research in the United States. And that’s when it is theorized that Dr. Fauci thinking he knew more than maybe he does, knows more than Barack Hussein Obama decided to find ways around this. We don’t know whether it was with Obama’s blessings in the prohibition was for window dressing just so that he wouldn’t have any fingerprints on it, we just don’t know. But is it fair for me to assume that with the prohibition in the United States that Dr. Fauci sought, a less reputable source to continue his, for lack of a better term mad scientist type research into prohibit prohibited gain of function research, and so the perfect place to do it was communist China. That’s exactly what happened, Chris, and that’s written right there. Berek Railsback at UNC Chapel Hill is working 2012 up to 2015 gain of function 2014 The prohibition comes in and they say right there, this is gonna function research we’re going to grandfathered on, and now transferred to Wuhan, China. It’s exactly what happens. It’s in the peer review papers. 2015 militaries, the first author receives the National Academy of Sciences in nature communication, so it’s all in writing for the for the world to see. Right. And one wonders why the biased press and why congressional leaders don’t have a look at that writing. Well, actually, one does. His name is Senator Rand Paul, I spoke with him on the Newsmax show. Let me just play a snippet of that and get you to react. Dr. Mercola. Listen, I think the million Americans who died in their families would say to Dr. Fauci No, the research was not worth the risk. And the thing is, does he hold responsibility for that? Yeah, I think it’s particularly galling that he tells RFK that RFK is opinion on vaccines or whatever is somehow dangerous. And yet, Fauci support of research that led to the deaths of millions of people worldwide is somehow not equally dangerous or more dangerous. So no, I think it’s quite hypocritical of Fauci to be criticizing others. And I think he needs to be held to task and we plan on it. I plan on exposing every last bit of the cover up that he was involved with. So there’s Dr. Paul, a doctor and Senator Rand Paul Fauci attacked Kennedy because Kennedy called into question, not only is his track record, but but Fauci said that his point of view to be skeptical of these mRNA vaccines was was dangerous was dangerous. So of course, Kennedy responded, what are your thoughts on all that? These are brand new RNA vaccines. Of course, we should be skeptical. They turned out not to be safe not to be effective. Ralph Barrick and UNC Chapel Hill, he has material transfer agreement with Maderna This is All memorialized prior to release of the virus from the lab so and Fauci and the IH co owned a patent with Maderna. So the triangle between the NIH Maderna and the UC North Carolina Chapel Hill is waves. It’s actually a web that’s complete now. So Fauci needs to be called backup bands, LM needs to be called up. Barrick, the NIH program officers, they all need to get the barracks papers in 2015 need to go up on the screen and everybody needs to look at him. Right now. The House Select Committee is still going around the edges that used to go right for the center. All this was under development in 2015. I mean, clearly published in 2015. And by the way, Peter Hotez in Houston. He’s in on it. He has Nia ID grants in 2015, for SARS, cov, two receptor binding domain vaccines as bio defense articles with the Chinese. Yeah, Hotez doesn’t want to talk to anybody. All of a sudden he’s got he’s got undercover journalists showing up at his home asking him about his positions and all of a sudden he wants to clam up after he jumps on MSN BS and trashes those who are actual scientists. And that brings me full circle. Dr. McCulloh. As we just outlined, Dr. Fauci actually took time out to attack. A presidential candidate RFK Jr. said, said that he was dangerous. Can we now stop treating Dr. Fauci as some sort of medical professional and start treating him as the man he has demonstrated he is, he’s a political figure, not a trusted medical figure. Is that fair? It’s fair. He’s an operative in the biopharmaceutical complex, as we’ve outlined in our book, he’s part of this syndicate now. And they are all taking care of each other. They’re all moving around the Syndicate, Jeremy Farrar, who was at the Wellcome Trust, who was part of this cover up. He’s now the chief scientist who, Steven Hahn, who blocked the drugs that could help patients and actually advanced all these products. He’s now at the flagship venture capital firm from Maderna. They are all taking care of each other within this complex. Good grief. Well, last question I have for you then. What is the what is the next storyline that conservatives in those who are pro American and believe that politics has no place in science or medicine? What’s the next big story we ought to be keeping an eye on? You know, I think the next big story is going to be what’s coming next now, Fauci Hotez, Tedros, and Bill Gates are all part of this biopharmaceutical complex. They say another pandemic is coming. And they say it with great enthusiasm. It’s going to be worse than COVID. We got to keep our eyes on this, you know, Peter Datsik. At the Eco Health Alliance, he was shuttling the plans from the US to the Chinese. He got another round of NIH funding, they released it to him. Now he’s taking it over to Duke University in Singapore. We Odyssey a complete prohibition of funding leaving the United States to do back Coronavirus research than a disaster was coming. There’ll be a more dangerous strain on mitigated disaster now, actually, I lied. I have one more question because you just sparked another another one. There is there is tape out there of a gentleman I don’t even know what his credentials are. He says he has absolute confirmation that research is being done to genetically modify mosquitoes through their saliva to administer quote unquote vaccines to large populations. Are you aware of any of that? I’m not Chris. But this sounds diabolical. You know, there are now papers trying to use every different delivery mechanism possible to vaccines. I think people have had enough of this. And our USDA, the US FDA, the NIH, they all need to be reined in right now on vaccines. Things are going bad. Well, we’ve got we’ve got gates on tape saying that he believes that vaccines are the solution to world overcrowding to overpopulation as he put it, and that that tape is well known and we play it quite often. Dr. Peter McCullough, everybody long and storied career in medicine as an internist cardiologist and epidemiologist, the name of the book, courage to face COVID-19 Always appreciate the visit, sir. Thank you. That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast visit to websites Texas and Chris, the latest in Texas and the latest with me, Chris Salcedo on the Chris Saucedo shows on que se v and Newsmax and until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We The people stay safe out there my friends

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