I have great news. Dustin Burrows has reversed his position on a controversial pro-life amendment that Jonathan Stickland passed in 2019. Today we bring you an interview with Jonathan Stickland, along with footage from the Texas House floor, to explain just how hard House Leadership worked to kill an amendment that they later decided was a good idea.

Conservatives must learn a huge lesson from this. House leadership for at least a decade has had little to no vision, and have pursued unity with Democrats over substantive conservative policy wins for Republicans.

Today you will hear a play by play account of how we came up with this pro-life amendment, and how hard House leadership, including Craig Goldman, Dustin Burrows, and Dennis Bonnen worked to thwart that pro-life victory.

Why is this relevant now?

Lubbock is now going to have a special election to consider outlawing abortion in their city.



This is a huge win and the result of an effort lead by pro-life leaders and activists, along with Senator Charles Perry, John Frullo, and Dustin Burrows.

This is an election that will have huge implications and we are praying for its success. If you are a conservative in West Texas you should consider involving yourself in their efforts.

Today, we are going to discuss just how much of a culture problem we have in the Texas Legislature regarding the issue of abortion. Until we recognize that we are sick, we won’t be able to fix the disease.

God Bless,



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