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How Politicians Keep Secrets - Part 1

The Liberty Café 23:

Politicians love power. However, most of them understand that “Power to the Politician” is not a very good campaign slogan. This week on Episode 23 of the Liberty Café, we talk with local government expert and liberty lover James Quintero with the Texas Public Policy Foundation about how politicians keep secrets and what can done to get information—and power—back to the people.


Is Trump Becoming a RINO?

Donald Trump had one of the most successful, conservative administrations in U.S. history. On this week’s Liberty Cafe, Bill will discuss some signs that suggest a second Trump administration may not be as conservative.

Renewable Energy Generated the Texas Grid Emergency

Last week, Texas experienced its first electric grid emergency since Winter Storm Uri. On this week’s Liberty Cafe, Bill explains why the emergency would have never occurred on a grid without renewable energy.

Breaking Down the Ken Paxton Trial

On this week's Liberty Cafe, Bill talks with Julie McCarty and Fran Rhodes of the True Texas Project about the first day of Ken Paxton's Senate trial and why the impeachment and trial pose a threat to the liberty of Texans. 

How the Texas Legislature Busted the Constitutional Tax Spending Limit

Texas politicians had a problem this year: they had more money than they could legally spend. On this week’s Liberty Cafe, Bill explains how the Texas Legislature skirted an important constitutional spending limit without having to explain to anyone what they did.