The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
How You Can Legally Vote More Than Once in Texas!

There is a way you can legally vote more than once in Texas.

Voter fraud is bad, but this formula is very good. In today’s podcast, we go through a step-by-step process to impact the races you care about in a massive way.

Some of the steps are listed below:

– Research and make your list. (Endorse down the ballot, Court of Criminal Appeals, Supreme Court, etc.)

– Vote EARLY!

– Post on all of your social accounts that you voted and researched the candidates. Offer to provide a list (you will get requests).

– Text your list to patriots you know, and encourage them to vote.

– Send a letter to 100 voters in your neighborhood.

– Walk your neighborhood with your list.

This is NOT rocket science. I hope you enjoy today’s episode.




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