Roy Boyd is the Sheriff of Goliad County Texas. Brent smith is the county attorney for Kinney County Texas.

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Get started at Beale local Or click the banner to learn more. Discover the hero inside you brought to you by Tarrant County Public Health. You know the job was dangerous when you took it for him. I have a question. Be respectful of me. One might even go so far as a mediocre, I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he got a score podcast. had the opportunity to talk with Chip Roy conservative congressman from the great state of Texas, we were talking about debt ceiling we were talking about the accountability of the deep state we were talking about his choice for President of the United States. Let me put to bed one of the issues because he and I are going to be talking about philosophy and not to mention reality. But as you all know, the debt ceiling deal has been done. And the debt ceiling deal screwed over conservatives, anybody who thought this government was spending way too much money, which is everybody. Anybody who thought that piling trillions and trillions and trillions of unpayable debt on future generations was irresponsible. You got nothing. You got zero, you’ve got you got less than nothing out of this debt ceiling deal because because not only does the Republican Party put his rubber stamp on, no cuts, not even a reduction in the rate of overspending. They put their seal of approval on increases. That’s right. Over the next two years, the government will continue to spend more money year to year. And, frankly, folks oh, by the way, the two years. They did it for two years. So this will take it past the presidential election if you thought that it might be a good campaign issue, to run on the fact that our government is spending, like irresponsible drunken sailors with all apologies to drunken sailors. If you thought that that could be a potent issue. The House Republicans just took that issue off the table. And so it is also fair to point out that here we are the middle of the first year of the Republicans taking over the house and no impeachments we have had nobody gone to jail because of known malfeasance. In fact, the stall tactics are on that not even stole it’s like it’s the big middle finger. If you says the the FBI Oh, you want to see stuff for your investigation? No, we’re not going to turn it over. We’re just going to tell you to go stick it with the sun don’t shine the Republicans go okay. Well, let me write you that check now. And there’s a video out there folks, you guys can check this out. I did I bought I put this I think I put it on Twitter at sea Salcedo show. The ATF is wandering around this country, illegally confiscating firearms and illegally confiscating certain triggers for firearms based on no law. They’re just doing it on rule changes. And there is there is no mechanism by which our people should be forced to comply with this. But guess what? ATF is going to be fully funded. It’s a huge problem, folks. And I think that where we have good stalwart solid conservative individuals in in the state house, and also on Capitol Hill, I don’t think we have near enough. And I think that’s our that’s our bed. That’s the the voting public’s bad. So we’ve got to do something to correct that don’t we? my conversation with Chip Roy? Yes, even though the debt ceiling is done, and even though we are screwed again, for another full two years, total of four years by Democrats and Republicans, Hope springs eternal, that our people will wake up and smell the corruption of the unit party this this illusion that we actually have to robust and diet diametrically opposed political parties. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we’re all going to pay a mighty price for buying in to that fiction. More to come Congressman chip Roy and the Salcedo store podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. 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We bring you real news for real Texas with no paywalls ever go to Texas Today, let me bring on Congressman chip Roy. He is an effective conservative, who represents the 21st congressional district here in the great state of Texas. He serves on the House Judiciary rules and budget committees, and is the policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus. Congressman, welcome back. It’s great to be on. I hope you’re doing well. Sir. I hope you are as well. The debt ceiling debate is going on right now. I want to lead off with that because it’s the next emergency the unnecessary emergency that Democrats have have teed up for us. I what I’ve been focused on and I don’t know how much you have been. But let me just ask. Just because the nation hits the debt ceiling doesn’t mean we have to default. If we have grownups in charge, we won’t default will pay our bills that are required under the law. But we’re not going to be able to pay for every jot and tittle of every wish list that the federal government claims we need. Isn’t that true? Yeah, that is correct. I mean, you know, the the country takes in cash from tax receipts, and we have dollars that we can manage the debt burden and paying off the interest on our bonds. That is something that we can do. You know, the Janet Yellen has not come forward and laid out the case for how that she’s going to be short on our ability to be able to cover interest payments. And, you know, we think she owes us that you want to come down and say, Well, you know, we literally going to have a cash flow problem on that tell us, and then we could go sweep some of the obligated COVID dollars, you could go take the 80 billion sitting there to expand the IRS. There’s tons of dollars sitting around that have been wasted by this administration, that we could go grab if there was in fact a crisis. We don’t believe that that’s true. We’ve been demanding that that we, you know, be told. And we think it’s brinksmanship. We think it’s a manufactured crisis. We need to you know, sort this out. But we put forward a plan to do that that’s actually going to be something that would give us fiscal responsibility. The debt markets don’t like our lack of fiscal responsibility as much or more than they don’t like, you know, what’s going on right now, with respect to this debate over the debt ceiling, they recognize that we’re undermining the dollar undermining our own credit rating by borrowing and spending recklessly to fund programs and frankly, aren’t doing anything to advance this country forward. So absolutely. That’s what this fight is really about. Yeah. And you know what those programs the aforementioned programs are only doing things to steal people’s rights and degrees palms of, of politically connected people. But you’re absolutely right. This is a manufactured crisis, because the house got to work back starting in February, and they put together a proposal debate of the proposal refine the proposal voted on the proposal and passed it. So the house has been doing the work while the Senate sat on their collective rear ends, while Joe Biden diddled and sat on his collective rear end and did nothing. So I think it is it is fair to say the only people working in Washington right now are House Republicans fair. Well, that’s certainly the truth based on every indication we have our Democratic colleagues in the Senate have done nothing. They’re not even in town this week. I mean, can you believe that? They literally are on recess this week, we prior to Memorial Day, and we pass legislation. And that legislation, by the way, I mean, I put out a memo yesterday, that went through how it was purposeful. It was purposeful in reducing the overall bureaucratic spending, to make sure that we’re no longer funding, and you know, all of these woke bureaucrats, and that were constraining spending the same three and a half $4 trillion, over 10 years, we pull back on the student loans to pick winners and losers, and, you know, are forcing the 87% of Americans who don’t have student loans to go Fund, the 13%, who do 56% of whom have graduate degrees, right, we pull back on the expansive tax credits last summer that were given to wealthy elite liberals making you know, in billion dollar corporations or EVs that go to people that make well over 100,000, individually, or 300,000, as a couple. Were trying to pull back on that to stand up for hardworking American families who can’t afford the power bills that they’re going to get under this administration pursuing this fantasy unicorn energy. And so these are all common sense things to stand up for hardworking families. And oh, by the way, help us at least take a step towards balancing the budget. The Democrats don’t want to have them in order that I think that’s a fair point. Because even as good as the Republican proposal is, folks, it’s not a cut. I wish it were it’s not a cut. This is a this is a reduction in the rate of increase. Since I’ve been alive. The federal government has not cut a budget. I keep on waiting as a conservative for that to happen. Last thing on the on the debt ceiling, Congressman, Joe Biden, his Democrats anyway are pushing him to use the 14th amendment and a claim that the 14th Amendment overrides Article One of the US Constitution. Isn’t that kind of stupid? Yeah, it’s total garbage. There’s no basis for it. The 14th amendment essentially says, yeah, you’ve got to honor and prioritize debt payments for the executive branch. I mean, you’ve got to, you know, try to make sure that we’re going to, you know, honor our commitments and pay our interest on our bond. Sure. But it doesn’t say that, that the executive branch can just manufacture money. We’re the congress are the ones who then lay out and, you know, produce the budget and the power of the person the appropriations process. We put forward the the way that we generate our revenue and that we produce the revenue that the executive branch can use. That bit, nothing more. It’s completely false made up unlawful, unconstitutional nonsense that the President can use 14th amendment to go do this. It’s just it’s just, it’s just a lot. Yeah, even Barack Hussein Obama said that the use of the 14th amendment to get around the debt ceiling law was pie in the sky stuff, folks. We’re talking to Congressman chip Roy 21st congressional district here in the great state of Texas. Let me just lay out a couple of stories for you because and I know that you’re not on oversight. But I want you just to comment on this broadly, because you’re a conservative and you love freedom. And you’re very leery I know of of totalitarians in government. So you’ve got James Comey, your colleagues saying that Christopher Rea, is in what may be held in contempt of Congress if he refuses to turn over an unclassified document that is alleged to reveal that Joe Biden was part of a cash for foreign policy changes scheme and he illegal scheme? And the FBI says no, I don’t think we’re gonna give that to you. And then you’ve got the FBI that according to a FISA court, Revelation 278,000 times 278,000 times in 2021, alone, violated Americans rights in any illegal use of the FISA warrant application process. It seems to me congressman, the FBI and what some would call permanent Washington, that’s what I call it, but others would call the deep state feel enabled and emboldened to tell you folks in Congress who have oversight to go pound sand, they’re gonna do whatever the hell they want. Do they really have the power? Are they the ones really in charge of this country? Unfortunately, yes, you’ve got a congress, even now with everything we’ve been trying to achieve, that refuses to use its full powers. We have not yet impeached my orcas. That’s a disgrace. We have not done what we should do with the power of the purse to constrain these guys. We’re about to say sure, you know, $4 trillion. keep borrowing money, keep doing your out of control, executive action, your unlawful student loan programs, keep doing your FBI garbage, where, you know, we’re gonna allow you to have your FBI headquarters. Go ahead, keep ignoring what we’re saying in the Judiciary Committee. Why? Because you got a bunch of frickin defense hawks in this town, who go around saying, well, we need more money for defense. So screw liberty and screw freedom. And look, that’s actually what’s going on. And you want to know why this dead feeling fight matters. You For this reason, we’ve got to stop throwing money at this god forsaking, you know, swamp that is in direct conflict with our freedoms. And so I keep bringing it back to this fight. This fight spending fight, that’s the only fight. That’s the fight. Amen. don’t constrain these guys. They are never going to listen to you on oversight, no more blank checks for the deep state as far as I’m concerned. Now, look, Congressman, we’ve got this, your colleague, Ralph Norman, and a guy that Frank Gaffney trying to lead the charge on this and trying to basically say, look, Joe Biden is trying to give away our sovereignty to the One World Government to the cloud Schwab’s to the Communist Chinese, to the who. And they’re trying to use pandemics and our health to do it, trying to give away our sovereignty to the World Health Organization, giving them the power to come into the United States of America, when they declare a health emergency and start usurping our rights from vaccine mandates, which by the way, the Texas House failed, again, to protect us from these mandates. And I won’t get into that with you. But again, there are some conservative, some conservatives up there on Capitol Hill. Congressmen are trying to protect us from turning over our sovereignty to an international organization. What are your thoughts on that? Well, first of all, my friend Rob Norman’s doing a good job of that he had a press conference earlier this week or late last week, I don’t even remember anymore, but I wasn’t able to join side of conflict dealing with the debt ceiling stuff, but But I introduced legislation myself two years ago to defund the World Health Organization. But these are just basic things. I can go back to my point like, why are we giving these clowns money? I just don’t understand it. We don’t have any $30 trillion in debt. The World Health Organization is acting in direct odds with our sovereignty, our national security, if there’s some program we want to go fund because meritorious, to go help with, I don’t know, polio around the world. Great. Let’s go do that as Americans, we don’t need some godforsaken international organization organization being run by a bunch of leftist being funded with our dollars, who do nothing but interfere with our sovereignty, go support the chai cons over us. You know, you have the UN you got all these groups out there helping to try to fund all the people coming to our border funding the NGOs that are facilitating the human trafficking chain, undermining our national security, undermining the health and well being of American killing Americans and fentanyl, allowing migrants to get abused by the cartels. Why do we keep giving all this money to people? I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why Republicans do it. They say it’s for national security. But we’re losing our country. I don’t know what purpose there is to having a strong national defense. If you no longer have a country. If damned right, you are damned right, folks, we’re talking to Congressman chip Roy, a staunch conservative you can hear that he is. Now I think I read somewhere that you are getting involved in the presidential sweepstakes. I am not endorsing. I think that I want to see every Republican everywhere, duke it out and because we’re going to need the strongest one to emerge in the end to try to get this country back on track. The DeSantis announcement yesterday, your take on all of this. Well, yeah, look, the governor is good friend. I’ve known him for a decade. He’s done an exceptional job in Florida. The governor buddy generally knows that. But I mean, specifically, right. I mean, it is now a net in migration state number one, number one and, and, you know what they’re doing with economic growth. They’re number one in parental rights and what they’re doing to give parents freedom, you know, universal school choice. They’ve been, you know, strong border security efforts, sending folks to Martha’s Vineyard. Pat the Verify he won by a million and a half votes. He won Hispanics by 62%. He won women with 50% and single women single women with 50% of the vote. He took on Disney. He’s unafraid. He’s courageous. He’s a good man. He served in the Navy. He’s got a great family, three kids. Great guy. The announcement, you know, a little clunky on the on the rollout with Twitter. But you know what, once he got in, it was a great conversation. It was policy oriented. He’s really strong. You laid that out. And I think it generated a lot of enthusiasm. I know a lot of people who are supporting him and I think you’re gonna see good things on board here in the coming weeks. Look, I gotta tell you, Governor DeSantis passing e verify with the help of his legislature over there, Texas. Texas refuses to do that because we are we are handicapped by a bunch of leftists who call themselves Republicans in the leadership in the Texas House. And look, look at what happened. You had illegal aliens leaving Florida in droves because they because Governor DeSantis in his legislature dried up that magnet. They are now the leading conservative state, the law abiding state in this country. And as a Texan that really hurts me to say but it happens to be the truth. Congressman chip Roy, if folks want to help you in your efforts, where can they go you guys have a website set up or you just want them to follow you on social media? Yeah, sure. I mean, my Twitter account is chip Roy ch IP ROYTX. Chip boy, TX. That’s my personal account. My campaign is Chip You can find on the official side. You know, look, oh, you can use support you bought here and there anybody wants to go on, I appreciate it. The main thing is, is pray for this country. Pray for those of us who are trying to hold the line, pray for wisdom. Pray that we nominate someone that’s that strong next year. Get out, get engaged, get involved in your local races, get involved with the state legislature. And, you know, make your voice be heard over the next couple of years, you know, pivotable pivotal two years for our country coming up. Amen to that brother, Congressman, Chip Roy, appreciate your time as always keeping the fight. Thanks, guys. God bless it sad kids. It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. We people in the great state of Texas don’t deserve to have Republicans who deliver for Democrats we don’t deserve as a state of conservatives to have our values betrayed in service to those who do not value who do not seek to uphold our American way of life. And I’m afraid that Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, just sent a message that speaker David feeling of the Texas House sent which is hey, if you’re a Democrat, our priorities are your priorities. And we are the leadership of the Republican Party. Joe Biden sat on his his moldy ass for 90 days and didn’t do a dang thing on the debt ceiling. And now here comes the Republican Party. Let’s reward his laziness said and unfortunate. I pray that we get an opposition party sometime in the near future before the country has completely lost an opposition party to the unit party, the Republican Democrat unit party. That’s gonna do it, everybody for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit a couple of websites. The first one is a Texas Texas get great news there meaning great news coverage. It’s not always great news. But it’s great news coverage. And you’ll get a perspective that is not covered in the rest of the biased press. Because it’s actually fair and actually evaluates honestly what Democrats do and frankly, what Republicans are doing. Also visit Chris That’s where you go to find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on TNT radio around the globe. Also the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock in the afternoon until five until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, you stay safe out there, my friends

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