The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
It's The Texas Majority vs The Pro-Democrat GOP House Leadership

Matt Rinaldi is the conservative Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He’s a Former Texas Representative, who spent four years in the Texas legislature.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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I am pleased that you make us part of your regular download regimen. I think when you take the Salcedo storm podcast, the Chris Salcedo show on Radio and the Chris Salcedo show on television in Toto. I think we have done one of the best jobs of covering what has transpired in the Texas legislature in the last legislative session. It has been absolutely abhorrent. It has been abysmal. The fact that what two out of the eight Republican priorities were even addressed by the Texas House, even got to the floor for a vote, rest of it died in calendars and were killed by the Obama lawyer hired by Speaker David feeling to kill legislation from conservatives. They would have helped Texans they would have kept us more free and safe. It was up to this parliamentarian and Obama lawyer to kill all of this good legislation. So they conspired that the Texas House leadership conspired against conservatives, Matt Rinaldi, who we’re going to talk to, in this podcast matter Manoli told me in the past, that it seems the Texas House leadership despises their own voters and they do they do I have come I have come to that conclusion as well, only by their actions, and this legislative session was a disgrace as compared certainly to previous legislative sessions when conservatives got a heck of a lot more done. Let me give you an example and past sessions, the state of Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, they took a stand for life stopping the slaughter of innocent children by putting limits on abortion that’s led to 10,000 more births in the state of Texas. According to one analysis, more babies alive and that’s led to desperation, deviancy and debauchery from this Democrat organization. Texas Planned Parenthood offers sex ed hosts puberty parties, as Texas parents search for summer programs. Planned Parenthood is offering teach kids as young as fourth grade about puberty, sexuality and sex. The organization known for providing transgender hormone therapy, giving teens advice on contraception, and being the nation’s largest baby slaughter is advertising their free summer education series. The courses range from virtual sessions and sex ed camps to period parties. Planned Parenthood for greater Texas is puberty and periods parties are held for fourth graders and fifth graders To discuss physical puberty changes, menstruation and menstrual products, okay? Isn’t that mom and dad’s job. But you see in sessions passed, the Texas Legislature stood up against these left wing extremists who are targeting our children, literally and figuratively, this legislative session, not so much. There was a bill being debated that would have created a Texas border patrol, because as you all know, Beijing Biden and the left wing Democrats, the people that the Texas House leadership serves not conservatives, the Republican, Texas leadership serves these left wing extremists who are working to make us all less safe. They killed the creation of a Texas border patrol, they just out and out killed it. And what’s the result? illegal alien busted in Houston for trafficking guns and drugs, to cartels. He was found with a rocket launcher to rocket propelled grenades, heroin, and lots and lots of cash. Of course, this this is the idea of getting along with Democrats that is so beloved and so cherished by Texas Republican leadership, that they’d be willing to make sure that folks with rocket propelled grenades are released into your neighborhoods, just so they could say, look at how we’re getting along with socialist Democrats, as so called Republican leaders in the Texas House. Of course, you all know about so called Republicans in the Texas House, stabbing every parent and child in the back by denying parental school choice and education freedom. You also know that air quotes, Republicans inside of the Texas House fought like hell to make sure that Communist China could still buy land in the state of Texas, that the People’s Republic of Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, could still buy land and Texas, that Mother Russia could continue to buy land in the state of Texas, don’t get me started on having Democrat shares in charge of a Republican controlled House, don’t get me started on this impasse with the Senate not being able to come to an agreement, you know, on property taxes. You know what they should do? They should just say, You know what, we’ve got this massive billions and billions and billions of dollars surplus like it’s $32 billion is somewhere in the neighborhood. We’ve got this massive dollar amount that we took more than we should have from the people of Texas. We have enough money to implement both the Texas House and the Texas Senate programs together and give back the people of Texas what they’ve earned their own money. The conduct of these so called Republicans and their hatred for their own voters is starting to earn them the proper response from we the people from the Texas scorecard Brandon Hall enters race to challenge Glenn Rodgers challenger Brandon Hall says the Texas Legislature is plagued with crony politicians. He would be right then you have conservative activist Dale holes. Six Texas House seat hoses challenging state rep. Gary van Deaver in the Republican primary for house district one and my understanding is folks, Gary because of his citing with left wing Republicans defeating conservative measures. Not to mention the Paxton vote, the absurd, outlandish impeachment of Ken Paxton. So it looks like these what some would call rhinos I know you I don’t like that term. Because in this day and age, the term Republican doesn’t mean anything to call somebody or Republican in name only suggest that the word Republican means something. It doesn’t. And it should, again, a man who might be able to help us get there. The chairman, the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Matt Rinaldi, coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor, does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. If you’re paying too much for your own health insurance, call American medical plans you deserve better. 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I think Tucker Carlson is discovering that to head to patriot. Make the switch today use my promo code storm get free activation and stop funding the woke crowd call 972 Patriot I’ll go to patriot a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo, join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. Why get your news from people who don’t share your values? Get new stories from Texas scorecard. We provide real news for real Texas, go to Texas Today, let me bring on somebody who shares my frustration with government at all levels. He is Matt Rinaldi the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He’s a former Texas representative who spent four years in that Texas House God love him. Mr. Renaldi welcome back. Thank you. So cocaine found at the at the White House. Now, there are people out there who say, Well, this is this is no big deal. I just nothing to see here. What are your thoughts? I just think it’s indicative of the administration that’s being run? I mean, it was found in the library, I believe. I don’t know if it was a work area where I heard from one report saying it was the library. I don’t know it was Hunter there recently. Yes. Yes, he was. And I’m hearing differing reports as well. Some are were sent hearing it’s a workstation in the West Wing. I’ve heard the library report. I’ve heard the Secret Service found it. And it was an area where Hunter Biden was working so that the foreign press is reporting more, shall we say accurately on what’s been going on and what they’ve been hearing from sources, in particular inside the Secret Service than the American press as which of course we’ve we’ve come to expect the American press believes in keeping our people in the dark about the antics of Democrats we’ve grown used to that. But again, just from just from 30,000 feet up the headline screaming on Independence Day, cocaine found at the White House. That’s not a good look, is it? No, nothing in this administration’s Good luck? It doesn’t look good luck. Would you have cocaine at the White House? Isn’t it good luck, when you have a country in disarray, that cities are burning isn’t a good luck when the guy in charge of it all can put together a coherent sentence. Now, it’s very true and that there are those inside the Republican Party who say we must get along with and accommodate and make up the difference for for those deficiencies rather than defeating those deficiencies. And that brings me to the state of Texas. You know, as we’re looking at cocaine found at the White House, I’m reminded of the episodes that marked this last legislative session where we had video evidence of various legislators who call themselves Republicans, Mr. Chairman, in various states of impairment on the on the House floor, you want to connect the dots on that reflect on that. Right only seen the video of the speakers slurring his speech and being presumably visibly impaired, certainly looked like it from the video. But you know, there’s a problem in Texas we have we have a very united Republican Party that I am privileged to lead, where our congressional delegation or Texas Senate, in virtually all of our statewide officials, if not all of our state officials are on the same page and united to fight this threat from the left. And then you have the Texas House, sitting over by itself in the corner sharing power with Democrats and trying to stop us every time we make progress. And it’s it’s a problem and the problem stems from the fact that we are the only state in the country and the text is the only body that shares leadership with Democrats voluntarily that needs to stop. No Amen to that. And as a matter of fact, there was a censure measure of for Speaker feeling. The man who mentioned who you saw the video, but although we have video evidence of other Republican members, my my, I’m told that Charlie Garin has also been seen in various states of impairment on video at the Texas Capitol alleged states of impairment we’re not exactly sure he may have not slept at at a at a motel that was of his liking. or it could have been something else. We’re just not, we can’t verify because nobody seems to want to talk about the seedy underbelly of the Texas House. But there was a man who is is challenging speaker feeling by the name of David Covey. He is from Orange County, Texas. And there was something that happened in that Republican Party, that local chapter, that County Chapter, they had all of the precinct chairs ready to vote to censure Dade feeling. But the chairman there refused to allow the vote he just did. He basically broke all the rules and refuse to allow the vote. Isn’t that a problem? Yeah, it is. And it shows the shows the corruption that goes on in that area. I mean, it’s clearly pressure from the speaker that the speaker’s weigh in on, I mean, he’s threatening to cut off his donations if he lets his vote go forward. So he’s silencing the will of his precinct chairs. And the precinct chairs were overwhelming, overwhelmingly ready to rebuke the speaker. And you’re talking about Orange County, which is the strongest Republican area in the Speaker’s district was ready to censure him. And the county chair put a stop to it. It’s ridiculous. Well, he broke all the bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order and all he broke every rule in the book to protect a speaker who protects and make sure Democrat priorities are met in the state of Texas. Yeah, we need to, we need to follow the rules. It’s clear that they have the vote. So I do hope that if, if there was I mean, if there was something legitimate with the rules, I do hope that they they come back and do it. Next meeting, but we shall see. You know, speaking about the speaker’s opponent, David Covey, great opponent, actually, he was my strongest challenger. When I ran for state GOP chair. That’s one of those rare instances where, you know, you come out with very high admiration for the person you were running again, but I certainly do with him. Very capable, very great candidates. very intelligent, very conservative. Yeah, by the way, folks, we’re talking with Matt Rinaldi. He is the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, I on the Salcedo stone podcast, I interviewed Mr. Covey, I found him to be quite impressive and right minded meaning he believes he’s a Republican, he believes that that has you have to live up to being a Republican, and you have to deliver for your constituents. And that seems to be a rare concept with the leadership, the current leadership in the Texas House that has prompted Sid Miller, the Agricultural Commissioner to go on a quote, Rhino hunt. Now he points out that he had more votes in the general election than did the governor, the lieutenant governor, and Ken Paxton. And he says you don’t want me showing up into your district. And, and prime marrying you if you’re one of these recalcitrant Republicans that are standing in the way of good conservative priorities, like school choice of getting tax reform done, and other conservative issues. And Sid Miller, by the way, I gotta tell you, Mr. Renaldi, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, he was thrown off of Twitter. He was thrown up on Twitter for saying he was going to go on a rhino hunt. So do you think Mr. Miller is on the right track here? Yeah. I mean, I actually defended him on that on Twitter. I did see that. Now. I mean, Sid, has the I mean, sit as the view that a lot of us do right now as Republicans. It’s like we are, we are on the cusp of losing our country, and Republicans are united. And there’s this one branch of government. Just the leadership. I mean, there are five conservatives in the house that the leadership of one branch of government, in the most important red state in the country is effectively rogue and hating Democrats. And so many of the Republican voters don’t know that. So you’ve got the Attorney General, you’ve got Sid Miller, you’ve got the Texas GOP, our county parties, you know, the Texas Senate are all ready to to shine the light on what’s going on here in the state of Texas. And to be honest, if I was a House member was falling in with leadership, I’d feel a little uneasy going into that March. And that leads me to my question is, what is the strategy when you have, as you rightly pointed out, you got the tenant governor’s office, you’ve got the governor, prioritizing a lot of conservative priorities. You’ve got the Senate, you’ve got the party. You’ve got the people all pushing in one direction. But you have the leadership of the Texas House, not the entire Texas house, just the leadership of the Texas House that is committed to leftist Marxist agenda items. How do you how do we defeat that? Is it is it a simple matter of identifying the individual liberals who are part of that leadership and then prime marrying them. And but I looked at this last session, Mr. Manoli, I saw 2323 Republicans who voted to stab parents and children in the back by denying parental school choice. I mean, is it just leadership? Or do we have a bigger problem in that Texas house? I mean, once you change the leadership, you change everything, there are so many politicians that will go along with the leadership thinking that leadership will protect them politically. And then when you get bad leadership, like we currently have in the Texas House, the speaker has made him take that vote, it’s going to be votes that are going to hurt him. And when they see that, and when they see that the speaker isn’t protecting him or doing things that are honest, honestly, just bizarre. I mean, just bizarre political maneuvers like impeaching the attorney general, when session was still was still in. And we still had so many of these priorities on the table, just bizarre political moves that would hurt the people following when they realize he’s not protecting. I mean, it’s hurting him. He’s, he’s, he’s going to be in trouble when he runs for speaker again. Well, now speaking of the impeachment, because we saw the committee these these Republicans, so called leaders, they consulted with an Obama attorney. That’s been reported in the Texan and other sources. And we also have come to find out that speaker David feelings right hand guy, the parliamentarian is also a former Obama lawyer. So he was the Marxist in charge of defeating all of these conservative bills on what many of us would consider technicalities. Oh, you didn’t put the E in the word the that’s the entire bill goes back to committee and is defeated. Can you can you tell me any legitimate excuse for a so called Republican Speaker to hire a Marxist leftist attorney that was an Obama attorney as the parliamentarian? Is there any other excuse other than to defeat conservative measures that you can think of? No, there’s absolutely no legitimate rationale for it as a conservative Republican, appointed, like you said, he appointed the Democrat parliamentarian, he appoints the appointed, I think it was eight Democrat committee chairs, eight or nine Democrat committee chairs. He he routinely elevates Democrat bills in bills that passed with a majority of Republicans against the bill, which the Senate doesn’t do, which Congress doesn’t do. And he impeach the Attorney General, relying completely on the word of investigator who was associated with Ann Johnson, a Democrat on the committee. I mean, that was basically the injunction show. The impeachment was a Democrat from the Houston area. So yeah, Democrats are running the show in the house. It’s bad and we need to make a change. Well, I can tell you in the media landscape, Chairman Rhinology, that, that there are most of of conservative talk radio is with you and trying to hold the Texas House accountable for what they’ve done the Texas House leadership accountable for what they’ve done. There are some major radio stations in the state of Texas, who have forgotten politics, that they call themselves conservative talk radio, but they won’t talk about the issues that impact the people of Texas, they forbade lawmakers from appearing on their radio stations. So those who are in the fight aside from that, what can the people do to help you in your efforts to bring accountability? And what does that look like? What is the plan look like? Are you still formulating that? No. I mean, the plan looks like first of all, I tell them to go to Texas Sign up for our email blasts, just to so you can get informed as to what’s going on. And then once you are, please stay up to date. Let your neighbors know call your legislators tell them what you would like to see them do and just get active and involved because that’s the only way we’re going to change. I floated something earlier. And I want to see what you think about this because I’m not sure about the logistics and maybe there are some pitfalls. I suggested that the majority of the chairman or in the in the counties around Texas are sitting on their Duff’s and doing nothing. They won’t censor the speaker. As we already pointed out, they want Senator John Cornyn for betraying the planks that the alleged planks for the Republican Party of Texas. So I have suggested that we no longer donate to those local chapters that they they send you the money directly to you in the in the state party. And then those those do nothing Chairman can go to you for any any funding that they might need. And then you can ask them, What have you done to bring accountable Woody and to live up to the Republican Party platform, is that a good strategy as well to defund some of these? Do nothing chairman in the local level? Well, I mean, I think most of the chairman at the local level are really great. You know, we work with him really well. And they’re, they’re, they’re great partners in what we do. There’s just a few. There’s a few sprinkled around the state that are issues. So what I always tell everybody to do is support your local party and ask your SR ease member. That’s the state Republican executive committee, we have to purse and district. You know, that’s for the state Republican Party. If you perceive that there’s a problem. But no, I would say you know, support your local parties support the state party. If you perceive there’s an issue going on, like an Orange County, there’s clearly an issue or Jefferson County, you know, asker srbc member, am I right here, and then they’ll let you know, well, if there isn’t, then give your support to the state party. But but you’re also not going to turn down donations to the state party or you know, very good Matt Rinaldi everybody, conservative chairman for the Republican Party of Texas, give the website one more time folks want to get involved. That’s Texas. And it’s in join the grassroots club. If you can, that’s like $8 a month. We do need the funding. Because when you’re actually speaking the truth, you don’t get those establishment donations that usually come to the party, when they’re when you have an establishment chair and understood. Thank you, Mr. Manoli. Appreciate the visit. Thank you. That puts a wrap on this Saucedo storm podcast visit to websites Texas That’s Texas. And Chris CHR is Sal When you go to Texas scorecard, you’re gonna get news you to get commentary, you’re gonna get everything that’s big in Texas that impacts our state and beyond. And when you go to Chris You’ll get me how to track down the Chris Salcedo radio shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on rumble and getter, and also on television on Newsmax TV, Monday through Friday four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people who stay safe out there my friends, what could be more perfect than the perfect ratio of sizzling sausage to freshly cracked egg to melty cheese sandwich together in a perfectly toasted McDonald’s much muffin. 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