John Cornyn Moves to Sell Out Gun Owners - Episode 170 - Texas Scorecard

John Cornyn is trying to take full advantage of the Uvalde crisis to pass gun control legislation supported by national Democrats.

What happened in Uvalde is truly heartbreaking. The details that have come out following this travesty are even more angering and work as a reminder of just how often the government will fail to protect you and your family.

While politicians like Greg Abbott and Dade Phelan try to distance themselves from gun owners, public servants like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump attended the NRA convention in Texas and spoke bold words that will anger those on the left, the ones currently working with John Cornyn to try to pass gun control legislation.

Many of us in Texas are tired of watching our politicians betray our values and principles. If you’re a law-abiding gun owner in Texas, you should be concerned that Joe Biden is looking to John Cornyn to help deliver a gun control policy victory.