Over the weekend, Dade Phelan announced he would likely be working with Democrats in the legislature to make some abortions legal in Texas.

Senator Robert Nichols announced he would support allowing the abortion of rape victims’ unborn children.

Karl Rove called Texas’ pro-life laws “too extreme.”

These Republicans are working to divide the party heading into midterm elections for a reason. Why? We’ll discuss on this week’s episode.


Transcribed by Otter.ai:

Luke Macias 0:22
Well, welcome to the Luke Misia show. We have a bunch of Republicans who have recently decided to come out and divide our party going into November. And this is something that often conservatives get blamed with, I get told all the time, Luke, why don’t you realize it’s November you’re supposed to unite, we’re supposed to all be on the same team. And the interesting thing is all the same people that complain to me about this don’t seem to be very loud. While Robert Nichols, Karl Rove and speaker David feelin have decided to come out and divide our party leading into November. Over the weekend, the Texas Tribune hosted a their trip fest, their annual trip fest. And again, this event is attended by 90% Democrats, most of the people interviewing these lawmakers are very liberal journalists, some of having their pronouns in their bios and all this different stuff. But the interesting thing is

that attending this leftist convention, David feeling decides to sit down and let all of the liberals in the crowd know that he believes that the Texas House probably will try to revisit and revise the pro life laws that we have in our state. So I need you to understand that one of the things that we have constantly complained about when I say we, I mean, the universal we as conservative Texans have complained about is that we have a lot of Republicans that don’t actually actively push Republican priorities. Okay, we have a bunch of Republican policies that we could pass, and we don’t pass them. Now, when we do pass them, which we’ve passed a lot over the last several sessions, it’s usually in spite of the lawmakers and they’re doing it kicking and screaming all along the way until it passes and they all act really excited that it did pass, because you’re not going to tell your voters that you didn’t want to pass the thing that they wanted to pass.

So our speaker of the house now comes out and says the thing that Texas should be most proud about, which is that we now have laws that respect all human life. For the most part, there’s some there’s really a couple different loopholes that we might see getting exercised. So there’s a chance that there’s a self induced there really is a self induced abortion loophole where you can end the life of your own child and not be responsible for it. That is one loophole that exists. The other is that you can order medication from across state lines and get it mailed in to you. That’s another loophole that you can get. And so that person can’t be prosecuted because they’re out of the state. I’m not an expert, but I’m telling you, there’s a handful of loopholes that will likely be exercised.

That being said,

currently, we have some of the strongest pro life laws in the nation, and we should be really proud of it. But our Republican Speaker of the Texas House, the second most powerful statewide elected official in Texas, the most is Lieutenant Governor, the second most of the speaker. The third is the governor. A lot of people don’t remember that. But we have a very weak Governor state as a whole. So the Republican Speaker of the House has come out and said, You know what, there are some children who can’t be killed, that we think should be able to get killed. That is what he said. It says that he physicians have told me that this is complicating medical care for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. The Texas Republican Party Texas right to life a bunch of groups have all come out and said, Don’t believe the liberal media’s spin they all keep telling you that this is affecting miscarriage care and it’s not and then a couple of liberal doctors, Ben date feelings ear and say no, really it is. And this guy comes out and says, You know what, we’ve got some pro choice policy we want to pass next session, we’re gonna be revisiting our pro life laws.

What Democrat speaker of any house in any blue state has come out and said, you know, we’re really going to be revisiting these Democrat policies. We’re thinking about passing some GOP priorities next session. Hasn’t happened. Never would.

But in Texas, this is what we have.

And this is what a lot of Republicans are doing. Robert Nichols senator from East Texas comes out and says, I think we need rape and incest exceptions, this guy voted for a clean ban. And this is what tells you how hypocritical these people are. First of all, you have to understand that a lot of Republicans voted to ban abortion last session because they never thought Roe v Wade would actually be overturned. And this is a lot of your public officials. They’re voting for things because they’re like, Well, good thing is abortions will still continue but I can tell everybody I voted to ban it. And a lot of them think in those terms. And then all of a sudden Roe v Wade was overturned praise the Lord. And now they’re gone. Well, golly, that means none of these kids can get killed. Ah, man, we got to revisit this situation.

Maybe there are some that shouldn’t be able to have their life ended.

Karl Rove, this is the guy. So if you’re wondering why many in the Republican Party say the entire Bush era was unhelpful to the GOP, if you’re wondering why so many of us worked very hard to make sure that George P Bush did not win the Attorney General runoff.

It’s because Karl Rove just came out and said, You know what, Texas, all these pro life laws they have in Texas, those are way too extreme. Karl Rove is credited for teaching George W. Bush, how to coops the evangelical vote.

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George W. Bush treated evangelicals, like a bloc of voters that he could manipulate. And he and Karl Rove were masterful at it. They organized pastors, and they Georgia which talked about his faith and talked about what the Lord had done. And these things were intentional. It was an intentional marketing effort made in a block of voters that they knew were really, really, really important. But guess what, then when it comes to actually enacting policy that reflect the values of this bloc of voters, Karl Rove comes out and says, This is way too extreme. And you go, Well, what is he saying is too extreme? He is saying that legally, you have to be able to end the life of some unborn children. That just you he can’t even conceive of a world where you say, none of these children’s lives are ended. He does not have that doesn’t register for Karl Rove. So he’s come out and said, This is too extreme. Senator Robert Nichols from East Texas says I’d vote for raping incest exceptions and Dadeville and says, Oh, we’re revisiting, we’re revising, we have a pro choice agenda next session. So not only his date, feeling not coming out and saying he will push Republican priorities. Like he has not said, Hey, any of these Republican priorities need to be addressed? Absolutely not. But he has come out and said, hey, there are some pro choice priorities that we might have to definitely deal with. This is why we are constantly reminding so many of you that you cannot place your trust in the elected officials. The Republican Party is a tool to wield to accomplish policy that is important to allow for human flourishing for the preservation of individual rights. For the protection of the innocent, this is what you use the Republican Party for. And here’s what’s interesting. When I say that somebody say Oh, so you’re not loyal to the party. I’m more loyal to the party than date feel. And Robert Nichols and Karl Rove these would be seen as party guys. No, they’re not. They are against the party when the party starts actually accomplishing what the what platform, our platform has said we want to accomplish. When we actually start getting our way in winning. These are the ones that come out and divide the party. They’re divisive. While conservatives are uniting. The SRE see the state Republican executive committee. So for those of you who don’t know the SRC is the statewide Governing Board of the Republican Party. There’s one man and one woman from every single senatorial district. This is the Board of Directors of the entire Texas GOP, and they voted on whether we should be giving Democrats chairmanships, Texas is one of the only Republican states where we give 40% of our chairmanships away to Democrats and those chairmanships if you’re a chair, you are the God King of your policy area, you can kill any bill, you want to kill his chairman, and we hand 40% of those to Democrats. We can’t find another red state that even does this. But hey, gotta keep Texas special. The SRC takes a vote and an issue that wasn’t even being talked about two years ago, got unanimous support 64 to zero 64 to zero. They said we have to have Republicans chair committees, period. That’s what they said. Carrie Cheshire tweeted out by a vote of 64 to zero the Texas GOP SRC adopts a resolution asking the tech sides to stop appointing Democrat committee chairs. The resolution is titled quote Republican majority means Republican control and quote

This sums up the difference between the current activist and Republican Party’s the leaders of the Republican Party. US elected officials that want to fight and Karl Rove date feel and Robert Nichols they do not believe that Republican majority means Republican control. Democrats believe this understand when Democrats get a majority they use the majority to wield their control to accomplish their mission. They We believe and here’s the thing like, I disagree with a Democrat saying that universal health care will be better for people I fundamentally disagree with that I actually think it will lead to less health care for those people who need it. Okay, but I actually believe that there are quite a few Democrats, that they do not actually believe that the policies they’re pushing are going to lead to massive rationed health care, some might, but not all of them. There’s a lot of them that just believe if we make health care universal, more people will get it, they really do believe that. Have they thought through it well enough? Probably not. Do they understand economics? Probably not. But it doesn’t mean that they actually want in most cases, to lead to the destruction of society, I would argue differently for people who want to like sexualize children, and put porn in schools and have drag shows in front of two year olds, and sex change little boys to little girls, little girls a little boy. And that’s a whole nother different deal. But you have to understand that when Democrats get elected, they really do believe in the mission that they have. And they try to accomplish it as much as possible. And this doesn’t is not been emblematic of the Republican Party in the past. And so as the GOP has shifted, over the last eight to 10 years, you now have a party that is very much focused on enacting its priorities and policy, give us wins on the board. And you are going to see more and more of these moderate Republicans come out and fight tooth and nail and you’re going to realize that they are not united. They are not united with the party. They are united against us accomplishing our priorities, which is what we’ve said for a long time. We’ve said these people that are saying they’re Republicans are not, and they are united with Democrats to keep us from accomplishing Republican policy. And you know what, I’m grateful that day feeling a Robert Nichols and Karl Rove have reminded us very publicly that that is the case. So don’t give me any crap. For not uniting in November. I’m uniting with people. I’m saying, let’s give Republicans as many as much power as possible in the legislature. Because the more power they have, the more power we will have to be able to accomplish what we need to accomplish. But you have to understand that they don’t even want that. A lot of them. Not all of them, but a lot of them. And for Dadeville and Robert Nichols, Karl Rove. That’s what they’ve made clear this week. And that is absolutely in sane. Speaker Straus came out. So Speaker Straus, remember, a lot of us interesting, I was sitting down with somebody who’s very in Texas politics now, okay, and protect their name. But this is somebody who’s very involved in Texas politics now. And we’ll be somebody very involved for a while, right. And we were sitting down having coffee. And I just brought up Joe Straus. And it was so funny, because there was just the look on his face. And I said, Well, you know, how Strauss was elected. Right? And he was like, No. And it was so funny to me. I feel like talking to young people who like don’t remember 911, or why we went to war in the Middle East. And I it made me feel kind of old, which is weird, because I’m 32. But I’ve been in Texas politics since I was 16. And so I have this like historical perspective at times that even people who have been involved for a while don’t even see. And it’s not, because they’re not competent, just because they literally weren’t even in politics at the time, right. So in 2008, with the Obama wave of getting elected, we had a two seat majority in the Texas House 76 Republicans and 74 Democrats and the Democrats basically said, Look, if we just vote for a Republican, and he gets a couple friends, like we can name whoever we want to the Speaker’s position. And so they go and get Joe Straus to be their speaker. And he gets elected as the Democrats choice. His wife had served on the board of Planned Parenthood, he was very clearly not a Republican. And this is what we argued for a very long time. He was part of the Karl Rove George W. Bush faction. He was to the left of them on these issues, but he was kept in power. Even in 2010, when Republicans took back a near supermajority of the Texas House, they kept Joe Straus as their speaker. Why? Because that is the culture of the Texas House.

You have to obey the hierarchy. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to cost you dozens or hundreds of Republican policies. You don’t get to decide. Once somebody is in power, he gives enough lieutenants enough power and then they keep everybody else in line. And then they give enough little crumbs of rewards to keep those people complacent until they decide they don’t want their power anymore. And then when they pass it on, they pass it on to somebody they want. And year after year after year, Joe Straus kept his power credit to him. He’s a very smart politician. He governed a state that was far more conservative than he was for a very long time and kept all these Republicans supporting him and for Talk to him. Now that he’s not the speaker, he comes out. And here’s what he said. He said that passing the heartbeat bill, the trigger ban on abortion was a horrendous mistake. He said it’s a huge mess, a self inflicted wound a members of my party, and he still considers himself a Republican. And the reason he does even though he voted for Joe Biden, he voted for Hillary Clinton. He says he’s a Republican, and the media propped him up as a Republican. Why? Because they want to destroy this party. So these are people that are Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden supporters that have spouses on the board of Planned Parenthood, that do not reflect in any way Republican values, but they will say my party in reference to the Republican Party, why? Because they want to wield this party for their end. This is what we’re fighting over. He says it’s a huge mess. It’s a self inflicted wound on members of my party who should have paid better attention, and didn’t think of the consequences that God didn’t think the consequences will be difficult for them. Time will tell. He said basically, these people are short sighted, they didn’t realize that there’s gonna be consequences. You want to know, the type of Republican we need. We need Republicans in office that are like the Democrats who passed Obamacare. And last, Democrats had a path to passing Obamacare, but it would require a bunch of Democrats to vote to pass that policy that would lose their elections after they voted for it, and they did it anyways. And they lost the majority. Why? Well, is Obamacare gone? Did Republicans immediately take over and say, Screw y’all, we’re going back to more free market health care that gives more more people and doesn’t have these premiums completely skyrocket? No, they didn’t. Because they knew once I get once I get that little bit. Once I get that when Republicans they don’t have the stomach to go back. And so they did it. Those democratic congressmen some of them ran again, they won later. Some of them did other things. Some of them stayed in government. Some of them probably just went back and made a ton of money. But they got done what they wanted to get done. And we live in this mentality and people like Joe Straus tried to give our politicians this fear mindset like this. This could be unpopular in some of your districts. Okay? Go tell your districts why you did it. Go explain to people why life matters. Go tell them that there’s been a long time in human history where supporting human rights, basic human rights and human dignity for people cost you politically, and you do it anyways. And then you go and actually earn their support. That’s what you need to do. And that’s what we need to do. And that’s what each and every one these politicians, he’s going to say being scared and taking their cue cards from Joe Straus, who is a Democrat, period. He’s not a Democrat, supporting Republican, he’s a Democrat. But he gets to claim a Republican Party. I do appreciate Joe Straus, he was way more honest than most Republicans, he constantly told people like I’m pretty moderate. And here’s where I am on these different issues. And then Republicans kept giving him the power. But he was more honest than most of the politicians in the Texas House, because most of them will tell you, Oh, I’m really conservative. And then all these bills will just die. And they’ll act like they weren’t in a position to prevent that from happening. So that is what is happening in Texas. And that’s what you need to be aware of. Don’t let people tell you that you as a conservative are the reason the party is not united, you are not the reason we’re not united. There are moderates in this part of that are hell bent on keeping us divided all the way through into November, don’t fall for it, get your friends rallied up, make your decisions, and don’t accept the premise that you’re dividing the party, you’re not you are the Republican Party, if you’re a conservative Republican, that’s what these defend Texas Liberty pack, polls continue to show. The Republican Party are the Conservatives and the people that are out of lockstep with them. They’re dividing us because they realize that the party is no longer theirs. And this is the way they throw a fit.

Anyways, I’m gonna go to a conversation with Michael Quinn Sullivan, who is a friend of mine here at Texas scorecard and somebody who I’ve, of course, been in politics with a long time, all of you probably know him. If there’s any of you who don’t, it just means that you’re so new to Texas politics that you’re just plugging in. But I’m gonna bring Michael on to talk about some of the other things that Texas scorecard is doing with its new exposed season exposed is something we’ve talked about here before. So with that, let’s go to Michael. Mr. Sullivan, thank you for coming on. I have followed the exposed season. I know this is something that scorecard brought out a couple years ago, and I guess it’s what a couple seasons ago is that one year ago. And so this is the third season. Right? And we are talking about China. We had a conversation with Mr. Montoya about a lot of the investigations they were doing, as the season has kind of come out. I just wanted you to come on and update our listeners as to some of the things that I guess, for lack of a better term are being exposed through this podcast and kind of the timeframe of how they can follow along.

Michael Sullivan 19:55
Yeah, so what the whole thing began months ago and folks heard was spurring about land purchases and other things just seems kind of sketchy. But you really know. And what Robert Montoya and his team found was that the situation in Texas is is worse than we could have imagined. And so between the articles they wrote over the course of about a month 1415 articles, and then our exposed podcast season that is kind of built around those articles. What we found is that the situation in Texas is scarier than we could have imagined. Whether you’re talking about the infiltration into our public universities, talking about infiltration into our K 12 schools, looking at the way local governments are handing taxpayer money to CCP affiliated businesses and enterprises and organizations. All of it just screams out for a solution. Unfortunately, our folks like Kyle bass, a businessman from Dallas, there’s our Ag Commissioner, Sid Miller, a former state rep James White, who have all been trying to bring forward solutions to this, whether it’s transparency enforcement, maybe even outright prohibition, of allowing the CCP to have no ownership of land or to get handouts from from Texas taxpayers. But yet, there is a great wall, if you will, of opposition. They’re coming from Republicans and Democrats who want to stop any kind of effort to rein in this infiltration to block this infiltration of the of the Chinese Communist Party where the turnout Jean Wu, on the one hand, a Democrat from Houston, who, you know, is always quick to go on to Twitter and other places to apologize or to make nice with the Chinese government, or even Neil Bush, the son of former US president George HW Bush, who’s out constantly peddling all things CCP, we as citizens need to be speaking out loudly about this. And I would suggest that the 2023 legislative session, lawmakers need to put some bandwidth to this. You’re seeing in other states, Ron DeSantis. In Florida right after our season came out. A Ron DeSantis put out a push around things in Florida, we’ve got six other states that have already banned the Chinese Communist government and its related entities from owning land in their in their states. So you know, Texas wouldn’t be trotting any new ground here. But it’s ground that Texas needs to needs to jump onto quickly.

Luke Macias 22:49
Often, the reporting that scorecard brings to light are things that seem very obvious to Texans need to be done. And that likely means that there are probably a couple of Republican states who have already done it. It’s just something we’ve become kind of accustomed to, sadly, that should happen. Well, there’s probably a couple of people that have already done it. Which also means that there’s even less excuse, this hasn’t led to some major housing crash or anything like that. Even if you told the average Texan, hey, the Chinese Communist Party, not being able or their affiliate entities not being able to purchase land in our state is going to even cause your property to go down. I don’t even think they would have a problem, then, let alone just the reality that what I think we’re seeing in both the reporting and the expose series is, again, to help open people’s eyes to the fact that when the CCP does something, they’re pretty smart about doing it, they don’t literally show up and wave a flag and go this is the CCP here to buy this lake exempt from the schools, except for the schools are no more obvious. But it’s like we’ve talked about Adam Goldman last session with DJI DJI the drone company that all the sudden was going to have access to all sorts through legislation that was being pushed. We have a Chinese Communist Party affiliated company that goes and hires lobbyists, no surprise, hires Adam Goldman, whose brother is the chairman of the Energy Resources Committee. This is a Republican who everybody sees us, oh, he’s one of the Republican lobbyists. We have a lot of Democrat lobbyists, even that are powerful. But they’re like, No, this guy’s the Republican, he’s just telling me that this free market bill on drones is good. And all of a sudden, you go wait a second, this is going to give a company that gives all of the data that their drones collect right directly to the Chinese Communist Party, and we’re gonna have their drones flying all around Texas, taking videos and pictures of our infrastructure of our grid of all this stuff. Luckily, in 2021, when Tony Tinder hold at the time brought this to the floor. All these lawmakers are going oh my gosh, of course, I’m not going to vote directly with CCP, but CCP knows that which is why they don’t actually come out and say everything we’re doing is Chinese Communist Party Direct. The UN which is why we’re bringing this to light, because if it’s brought to light, it’s very hard for people to stand on the right side.

Michael Sullivan 25:06
And and what we found repeatedly in this in our various discussions with folks is that the CCP is, is just fine with using our system and in some ways our sense of economic morals and economic fair play against us. L ance Gooden a US Representative from East Texas described them as that they don’t play fair. Yeah, you know, and that, you know, in in the news, very exasperated by it, and he was had a little bit of a chuckle shot, because, you know, but it is true that the tournament does not care about breaking our rules that they have a goal to undermine our so therefore they will come in, they will lie, they will cheat, they’ll do a whole lot of things. And we go through a number of these instances in the podcast and also in the reporting. And folks in final that a Texas scorecard.com/china. But what we find repeatedly is that, you know, the opposition to stuff feels very free market economics, right? You know, where you talk about putting restrictions on who land can be sold to I talked to a fella been his family has been a friend of mine for a long time saying But Michael, I don’t know how I want to get the best price my land, I don’t care who’s buying it. Okay, well, what if it’s going to be a staging area for the try comps, or they’re gonna be tying into our infrastructure? Well, the government needs to stop them. Well, you are the government? You know, I think look, that’s the harms, is each one of us have to remember that the government isn’t something else in our country, we are supposed to be in charge of the citizens. That doesn’t just mean oh, I’m gonna go vote for the president and put up state reps yard sign in my yard? No, it means that I’m going to take some bit of ownership in protecting life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and all that stuff. Yeah, that’s what we’re supposed to do as citizens. And we can’t be outsourcing it to you know, do we really think that Beijing Biden is going to protect us? Do we really think that Jing Wu is going to protect us? Do you think Neil Bush is going to protect us? No, it’s up to each one of us as citizens, each one of us has Texans to start make asking these fundamental questions about what what we can do as individuals, and what we can do working together and what we can force our legislature to do to protect Texas,

Luke Macias 27:20
I feel like you’re recognized, it’s interesting to kind of hone in on the fact that China knows that Texas has this idea of a free market. Right? And that Texans generally like the free market. Now China could care less about the free market, they have no concern. They don’t believe that this is the best way to distribute goods and lead to prosperity for people. No, but they are smart enough to go like, Hey, we’re gonna when we go to America, we’re going to do everything under the guise of free market. And I it seems like the citizens have shifted faster on that issue than the elected officials. Were you citizens seem a little easier to go along with the idea that says, No, I know, we’ve pulled this several times. But like the polling in the last year has moved rapidly. Yes. I mean, it was one in five saying, oh, yeah, don’t sell land to China to like seven and 10. Now saying, like, look, I don’t want China to own my neighbor’s property. The farm, I don’t care that I’m telling the farmer across the street. And then you go, Well, when you go into the actual halls of the state House of Congress and other stuff, you hear a lot of Republicans saying, Hey, I’m trying to get traction on this issue. But a lot of people are uncomfortable with

Michael Sullivan 28:30
Yeah, and I feel like a lot of this kind of boils down to, you know, getting Sid Miller or yesterday tag commissioner on something. He said, If you’ve ever heard Sid Miller’s voice, you know, it kind of echoes in your head, you can’t hear his name without hearing his voice. It’s I hear Sid Miller’s words echo my head. And he said, we’d become so greedy, that we put profits ahead of patriotism. Yeah. And, and that has really stuck with me since since I first heard him say that back and back in I guess it was July, that, you know, each one of us have to be thinking through this. And I think that even as we confront the legislators, I think there are a lot of these cats Luke, I know, we’re not supposed to talk about this. We’re not supposed to bring this up. But there are a lot of them who look at the cushy deals that that Nancy Pelosi and her husband get with a lot of relationships around China, you can look at Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, and all the money they make from a shipping company that that Elaine child’s family owns that is a CCP authorized business and and so you’ve got a lot of these guys who get enticed hey we’ll look can we can make an investment in this company here. You’re sure to make a lot of money into a lot of legislators are worried about, you know, they want that same those same kind of deals available to them that they see available to other maybe more entrenched politicians of both parties. And until they find out that their citizens are not that interested in their ill gotten gains that they’re going to keep but they’re gonna keep pushing shooting for that. And again, that’s where each one of us doesn’t have to say, not anymore, Bubba.

Luke Macias 30:04
Thanks for coming on Michael. And again, if you are a listener, and you want to either read the stories or follow along with the expose series, you can go to Texas scorecard.com Ford slash China, you can plug into everything being put out, it is a really interesting reality that we have to face where China has come in and realized that there are certain aspects of our society that are quite greed. And I think Michael has done a good job. Sid Miller has done a good job of bringing that to light. And it’s something we can all evaluate in our hearts, we know that we can tend towards greed, each and every one of us. And so it’s really quite sobering to realize that the country that probably hates us the most also recognizes that weakness, and they’ve figured out a way to come in and start to play in play toward that either with their economic activity with their government activity with their activity in our school systems, activity or universities. I hope that each and every one of y’all are more up to date on what is going on here. Because in 2023, Republicans are going to have to be very intentional about facing this threat. This is not just a threat at Congress, it’s a threat in your school board. It is a threat in the statehouse is a threat in your county. And each and every one of these levels of Republicans is a threat at our statewide elected offices that can take action here and make sure that we are not going to allow this type of influence to rain in the Lone Star State. And hopefully we can accomplish what other Republican states have done and then go further and actually start to be an example that other Republican states can say, Now we could follow in the footsteps of Texas. So I hope that each and every one of y’all go in and collect more of that information, gather more of it, share it with your friends, Texas scorecard.com, forward slash China. Well, I’m grateful that Michael came on. And again, I want you all to all continue to be as engaged and educated on these issues, I will tell you that if many of you go, one of the things I’ve encouraged many of you to do is actually schedule a meeting with your county commissioner with your county judge with your state representative and bring this information to them, I will tell you that they start to get real nervous, the more educated their populace is, because it tells them that they can’t just get away with passing a handful of bills that sound really good, and then telling you about them when they get reelected. So that’s the reason I bring on Michael and other people like that to bring you this information so that you can do something with it. It doesn’t do us any good. If all you do is hear this information and go now I’m more educated, you actually have to go that next step. Guys. I hope that your other takeaway from this episode in general is that we have a lot of moderate Republicans, Robert Nichols, Karl Rove, Dadeville, and they are throwing a fit, and they’re throwing a fit, because they’ve lost control of the Republican party, the Republican Party is actually passing its own policy priorities. And they don’t like it. They don’t like the ramifications of it. And they’re now trying to completely change the tone. Six weeks out from an election, we’re constantly told that we’re dividing the party, we’re not doing that right now they are and they’re doing it, because they have for a long time oppose these type of policies. And when the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, they were not ready for it. None of them supported Donald Trump, none of a lot of them didn’t even support him in 2020, after he put all these conservative judges on the bench. And now they’re coming out saying, Hey, we do have an agenda next session. And it’s actually to team up with Democrats, and pass these policies, none of these rape or incest exceptions, some children right at the heart, they’re saying there are a couple of kids that can’t get killed today that we’d like to be able to get killed starting in September of 2023. That’s inhumane, and they can’t accomplish it without the complete support of the Democratic caucus. That’s what they would have to do. And we’ve seen this time and again, so this is why they’re throwing the fit. Do not accept anybody’s premise, if they tell you that you as a conservative are the ones dividing the party going into November, the moderates, they’re one doing it, they’re going to do it every single week, you’re going to see it more and more and more. And they’re doing it because they don’t actually want us to have a strong majority going into 2023. The bigger a majority we have, the harder it is for them to control that majority and to kill Republican policies. They want it to be a tight state. They wouldn’t mind if Ken Paxton loses the Attorney General race, that’s fine for them. These are the things you need to be aware of, and then you need to decide what to do. The other great news is that the SRC unanimously passed a resolution saying stop giving Democrats power every single one of the SRC members said that why? Because the Republican Party is uniting more every day, and the moderates in our party are throwing a fit over it. Thank you. Have a great week. God bless you and God bless Texas.

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