On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Kerri Kingsbery is a successful businesswoman, wife, mother, grandmother, who has worked to keep Texas red for over 20 years. Her passion is helping people succeed, from mentoring teen mothers to being a court-appointed children’s advocate to starting a business that allows people to develop their skills and prosper.

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What’s your mood like these days? I’m not in a very good mood generally only because only because of what’s happening to our country what’s happening to our world? The the left wing courtesy of Joe Biden courtesy of Democrats and yes courtesy of individuals who call themselves Republicans. The left wing has been making huge advances, huge strides. 

And I have been I was just talking with the missus about this the other day. I said, Can you believe that the swiftness that Western civilization has been attacked, and are some of our norms and principles that have been swept away. The the idea now that that religion is openly mocked, I mean, the current speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States House of Representatives is a man of God. And he’s being ridiculed and mocked openly by members of the press and by members of the Democrat Party.

They are openly mocking people of faith. You’ve got the FBI, out there targeting Catholics, because Catholics have been stalwart in living their faith and supporting politicians who frankly, don’t believe in what left wing Democrats believe in IE slaughtering babies in the womb, ie religious, oppressing religious liberties and rights. You’ve got members of the Democrat Socialist Party who are out there, echoing the sentiments of Hamas. I mean, it’s, it’s incredible what we’ve seen the advances of the left wing extremists in our society, even in the state of Texas, supposed to be a conservative state supposed to be a Republican state, yet they continue to advance what they’ve done to Gov Ed, what they’ve done to the Texas Legislature. 

You guys may have heard that Kay Granger is out. For those of you who don’t know, Kay Granger has become known as the Joe Biden of Texas. She has been bringing home the bacon kids. She brings home federal taxpayer dollars and then uses those taxpayer dollars to line the pockets of her family. 

You guys have probably heard of the Fort Worth. Panther Island Project. And it just so happens that the guy who was running the project after Kay Granger securities, millions and millions of dollars to basically create a river walk situation, San Antonio style in Fort Worth. Guess who was in charge of the project for Oh, so many years. That’s right. Kay Granger’s son. I’m sure that’s just a coinkidink right. 

Anyway, this level of corruption is paled next to K Granger’s affinity for left wingers. She just doesn’t like conservatives hasn’t been very supportive of of what we have been supportive of constitutional conservatism, rights, liberties, freedoms and prosperity. Now she’s dedicated to prosperity but her own, not her voters. 

So she’s hanging it up. She’s leaving and praise God, that the people in her district will finally get a real staunch conservative to send to Washington DC to represent them. But the K Grangers of Texas are myriad folks. Joe Straus is a Kay Granger type Republican Dennis Bondan his a Kay Granger type Republican Dade Phelan is a Kay Granger type Republican, a pro Democrat Republican who looks at the Democrats and says, Yeah, you know what I kind of like all the large s I kind of like all the, the not having to listen to your constituents, I kind of liked the absolute government power and never have to worry about, you know, elections ever again. 

These people, these people have adopted the Republican brand, have adopted the Republican name, because they couldn’t get elected in the districts that they live in, or they want to run in unless they were Republicans, because a lot of districts around Texas won’t even look at you. If you have a D in front of your name. So a lot of these Democrats have to run as Republicans. And that’s how they get elected. Now, does it change? Do they go oh, I’m magically Republican now. I’m for Republican values. No. And that’s the thing. 

They get up to the Texas State House into the Texas House. And they start to connive and they start to plot to try to figure out how to dupe their voters to saying oh, I’m a good conservative Republican, when in actuality they’ve been working behind the scenes to enable Democrat policies that are harmful to Texas, harmful to our rights, liberties, safety, security and prosperity. And that’s what they do. And that’s why they’ve got to go meet a challenger to one of these fake Republicans coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks want to welcome to the podcast Carrie Kingsbury successful businesswoman, wife mother grandmother, who has worked to keep Texas red for over 20 years. Her passion is helping people succeed from mentoring teen mothers to being court a court appointed a children’s advocate to starting a business that allows people to develop their skills and prosper, Carrie, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you so much for having me. 

Now, why on earth after doing all those good things? Would you want to run for for political office? Because you’re running in a district tell me which district and who you’re running against. 

I’m running in House District 68 against David Spiller. Boy, he really needs a challenger after the way he’s conducted himself. But I guess my my first question stands. What, what compelled you to want to get into Texas politics like this? 

Well, I’ve been politically active. I’ve been following politics and involved. But the reason I decided to jump into this battle and it will be a battle is because I feel it’s time that somebody has to step up. Like you said, David Spiller has to have an opponent, we cannot allow him to walk back into the Texas House. 

Well, I know plenty of reasons why I would say so why do you say so? 

I say so because I cannot ignore what is going on in the Texas Legislature, particularly when I see that our representative in district 68, which is a very rural and conservative district, is he’s not representing us. He’s not representing his constituency. I believe he is representing his own self interest to build wealth and power. He sold out before he was even elected. He accepted nearly 100,000 from Speaker Dade Phelan and over 100,000 from the Texas for lawsuit reform PAC. And then he turned around and supported Dade Phelan and appointing Democrat chairs which we as Republicans, we, as his constituents, overwhelmingly told him, we did not want yet that is what he’s still dead. And then next thing you know, he is pushing for the impeachment of our Attorney General. 

Right. And he was one of the house managers that push that impeachment, he was and it was a falsely predicated impeachment. The so called witnesses, which ended up being co conspirators in the end ended up changing their testimony on the stand when they were under oath, because the testimony they gave to the house managers into the house was not under oath. And it’s amazing. When you put somebody under oath, you tend to get different stories. And, of course, Mr. spiller should have been smart enough to recognize that now you gave me a great list of what is wrong, not only with Mr. spiller but several other of these pro Democrat Republicans. And I’m going to take it one by one, because I’m explaining this to audiences both on radio and on television. And on this podcast, and I am shocked by how many people didn’t know that the Democrat Party actually chooses the Texas Speaker of the House and it’s because of this Charlie Garin, his name is Charlie Garin and his gang of 11. They did a deal with Democrats to oust speaker Cradick Back in the day. And ever since then, it has been a cabal of every democrat and left wing Republicans who have empowered the speakers. And of course, that means the speakers are all left wing, all anti conservative, all anti Texan. Are you shocked at how many people don’t know about the process that I just explained? 

I am absolutely shocked by it. And we have to educate people. They most voters don’t understand what’s happening. They go, Well, why I don’t understand I don’t understand why we send our representative at to Austin, and we are a Republican majority. And none of our priorities are passed. We don’t understand what the problem is. And of course, our representatives come to our districts and they say, oh, you know, it’s just so hard, and we just don’t have enough time. And we really tried and I’m a good conservative. I tried really hard, but that’s not the case. It’s not the way it works, and people need to understand what’s going on. 

Then you also brought up the fact that Mr. spiller took a whole lot of money from Speaker Dade Phelan and that’s how it’s done. The Democrats choose their speaker and then the speaker once he has all these Democrats support, then he goes in and he buys off enough weak willed, non conservative Republicans to buy IKEA speakership for as you articulated a whole bunch of perks and a whole bunch of goodies to sell out their own districts. Do I have it about right? 

Absolutely, absolutely. Right. And let’s, uh, David was a very good choice. You know, he was a registered Democrat until 2010. Wow. So it’s not that surprising that he has partnered with the Democrats now. 

You know, what I’m finding is that a lot of these courses, you know, Texas, turned red. Back in the 1990s. A lot of these folks who were inclined to be Democrats, they changed their party affiliation. So they could get elected. They didn’t change their values. They just changed their party affiliation. And that is why guys like Spiller exist who are really at heart, Democrat, socialist leftists, but can’t get elected. And conservative districts like yours, pretty much how you see it. 

Exactly. Our district votes over 90%. Republican, so he has to call himself a Republican to get in office. And isn’t it convenient that Mr. Phelan atoned him and paid him to do exactly what he wanted to do anyway? 

You know, do you think and I’ve often wondered this, if other people think this. Do you think that these Democrats who call themselves Republicans, how they go into districts like yours, and they can and they BS the electorate, and they go behind closed doors, and they laugh, they laugh their rear ends off? And how silly and stupid and trusting conservatives are. Do you think that happens with guys like spiller? 

I think it absolutely happens. Present spellers, an attorney, he presents himself well, he comes off like a real nice guy. And he does he fools people. 

Well, the other aspect you brought up, not to mention the the left wing, the most left wing session that this this state has had to endure from the Texas House, I think in memory. You also mentioned that the Ken Paxton impeachment. And Mr. spiller again, should have known better as an attorney, that taking statements from people who are not under oath that there’s a danger of them changing their testimony once they are under oath. And under the penalty of perjury. What do you think? What do you think motivated Mr. spiller to go after arguably one of the most popular attorney generals the States has ever seen. 

I think he did it because he was under pressure from our speaker, which he has as much as said that the speaker told him if he didn’t do this, he wouldn’t have a career. 

Goodness that he actually said that and where did he say that? Do you know? Well, that is something that Mr. Speller has told several of his constituencies in several meetings. He has gone on damage control. From the day the impeachment didn’t work. He’s been back in the district. He’s been going around to Republican groups, Republican meetings, doing damage control. And from the very beginning, he said, while there was no pressure, there was no pressure. And then he changed his tune when he got a lot of pressure from the constituents since that, well, I was under pressure. I was told that I wouldn’t have a career if I didn’t do this. 

Carrie Kingsbury is our guest right now on the Salcedo storm podcast. She’s a successful businesswoman who was challenging. David Spiller, a left wing Republican, a pro Democrat Republican who works on betraying conservatives and delivering left wing policies to thwart conservative policies and the Republican majority in the in the state of Texas. Where are you on parental school choice and education freedom because there are an alleged Carry 24 Republicans who have gone on record citing was socialists saying that they will work tirelessly to deny parents to deny children parental school choice, saying that they are going to force our people to remain an underperforming gov Ed, what is your take on school choice? 

I just can’t believe that these people can view that in this way. I absolutely support the right of parents to choose how their children are educated, what they’re taught and where they’re educated. I believe the free market system works and it works even in education. Right and the money should follow the child not the failed government institution. Do we agree on that? 

Absolutely. That money He comes from those children’s parents. 

Absolutely. Well, what are the other issues that you have taken, taken issue with, with Mr. spiller? He has, of course, he is decidedly left wing, he’s decidedly anti conservative. What other things as Mr. Spiller done to earn this reaction from you to run against him to, to supplant him in his seat? 

Well, one of the things he’s done is he voted for lobbyists for taxpayer funded lobbyists, again, to protect the school districts, which he is absolutely trying to protect. He is not looking out for the, the interests of his constituents, as far as this budget that they just passed, which was the largest increase in history, and the tax cut, which was tiny in comparison, and will be completely eaten up because of the huge government spending, which they are continuing to do. 

Well, the last question I have for you, Carrie, is once you get up to Austin, and you’re going to be given something they call the talk. And the talk is a bunch of these pro Democrat Republicans who tell you, you know, Carrie, you’ve joined a fraternity, they will tell you, you have joined a fraternity and you know what, you can’t go on Chris Salcedo shows anymore and you can’t go on Newsmax shows anymore. And you can’t bash Democrats. Now, at the same time, the same Republicans will tell you every single time a Democrat attacks you, you have to let it happen and you can’t respond. When you get this talk that Republicans are given by the establishment freak show up there in the Texas House. What will your response be? 

My response is just say no, absolutely not. I am going to I have scruples and I have a wholeness, and I’m just gonna do what is right. 

Well, and a little Spanish lingo thrown in there. As we end the Salcedo store podcast, Carrie Kingsbury. If folks want to support your effort to get rid of a pro Democrat Republican who was undermined conservative causes in the state of Texas for many years now. Where can they go? 

Please go to carry for texas.com I’m gonna need all the help I can get that is k e r r i for Texas. That’s right. K E R R i for texas.com. 

All right. Carry Kingsbury. Best of luck. Keep in touch with the Salcedo storm podcast. Thanks. 

Thank you so much. Bye, bye. 

That there’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Friends, if you want to keep track of all of the conservatives who are out there rising up to challenge these pro Democrat Republicans these these Democrats who have adopted the Republican name to subvert and undermine conservative causes in the state of Texas. All you got to do is go to Texas scorecard.com They’ve been keeping track of the voting records of these people who claim to be Republicans, but vote and conduct themselves like treacherous Democrats. Also check out Chris saucedo.com That CHR is Sal cedo.com That’s where you’ll find the Chris Salcedo radio show that’s heard on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast with Newsmax two simulcast on rumble and getter, so you can get it all over the country. Also check out the Chris Saucedo show on Newsmax one every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there, my friends. 

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