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The Luke Macias Show
Ken Cuccinelli Calls for Border Solutions

Today, we are joined by Ken Cuccinelli, who lays out exactly why we need a border invasion officially declared and illegals then returned to Mexico. We can do this as a state because the Founders specified when such actions could be taken and empowered states to repel invasions when the federal government was not doing so.

This is something conservatives have called for over the last year, and we have talked about it numerous times on this podcast. Over the last several months, you’ve seen the rhetoric ratcheting up with Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton both saying Texas is being invaded in public media appearances.

But the actions being taken by Texas are still glorified catch-and-release programs, and Abbott has mentioned specific concerns over declaring an “invasion.” Ken, through his work with Center for Renewing America, has recently published a paper directly refuting Abbott’s concerns.

You are really going to enjoy today’s conversation.

We also talk about Cole Hefner’s recent failed attempt to convert Republicans onto his position of Democrat empowerment.

At the time of this recording, the Texas GOP Caucus had not announced their results, but we now know their attempt to bully conservatives while protecting the worst offender, Dustin Burrows, failed.