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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Ken Paxton Defends Texas Voters!
On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: The Attorney General of the State of Texas, Ken Paxton.

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Instead of doing the will of the people of Texas, the Republicans in charge of the Texas House are playing games and They’re playing games with language they are they are working their very best to make sure Democrats have the power to kill conservative priorities in the state of Texas in perpetuity. They want to make sure they’re trying to keep the Democrats in the game instead of dealing them a deathblow and getting them out of Texas politics. So they never have a majority in the state again, when I say Republicans, I mean Dade Phelan.

Dade Phelan in his lieutenants. And so let me tell you about what went down over the weekend. The GOP is executive committee was meeting and they were asked to weigh in on some language that would have barred the party from associating with quote, known Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers. 

This is aimed, of course at this infamous meeting seven hours at a conservative fundraising group called defend Texas liberty. Now my understanding folks through the grapevine is anybody that was associated with arranging this meeting is no longer with defend Texas liberty, and we still don’t know who he met with, we still don’t know why he was there. And there are those in the left wing press. And there are those in the Republican Party who say fundraisers, meeting with known anti semitic sympathizers. That’s just no bueno. 

However, the same so called Republicans and left wingers have no problem with the Democrat party being associated with elected people in government who are known sympathizers with anti Semites. For example, Ilhan Omar Rasheeda mfx to leave Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Cory Bush, Jamaal Bowman, the squad Primula Jaya Paul, all of these people are known anti Semites have been out there with coarse language anti Semitic language, Jew haters, and not the Democrats on the national level nor the Democrats in the Texas State level have decried these people by name. 

What’s worse is speaker Dade Phelan sees the unrepentant Democrat party he sees them not condemning individuals who are anti Semites within their own party in government and what his dead feel and do as a quote unquote, Republican he puts that Democrat anti semitic party in charge of powerful committees and the Texas State House. So many of you might be asking, Well, what’s really going on here? 

Let me tell you what’s really going on here. What’s going on? Is that the illusion that Dade Phelan is a an elected Republican to the speakership of the Texas House is in jeopardy and Democrats and these weak kneed. Republicans in name only are trying to preserve that narrative. So Republican speakers from now in perpetuity can continue to deliver for Democrats and make sure that conservative priorities are killed and this is what they’re doing. They are going after an organization defend Texas liberty, that is going to be fundraising and bankrolling a lot of these races backing conservatives, not anti Semites, but conservatives to challenge all of these weak, left wing promoting Republicans. 

Let me give an example of who I mean, every single Republican who voted against parental school choice and education freedom. That’s what I’m talking about, that the Republicans responsible for killing a common sense bill that came over from the conservative Senate that said, hey, it’s not a good idea for Texas to sell land to foreign enemies, like Communist China, like mo the Russia, or the People’s Republic of Iran. That’s not a good idea. So they can come over here and spy on our people. They can compromise our food supply, they can spy on our military installations. It was Republicans who killed that damn bill, it wasn’t Democrats and Dade Phelan and his left wing lieutenants, who call themselves Republicans, they want to be able to continue to do that. 

They don’t want conservatives actually populating the halls of the Republican majority in the House. So what do they have to do? They’ve got to find that the number one organization that is out there funding conservative challengers to these weak and gutless Republicans. In other words, Dade Phelan in all of his pro Democrat Republicans, they are trying to say to the people of Texas, and with a lot of help from the left wing biased press, they’re trying to save, it is far worse for a fundraising organization to have a seven hour meeting with a disgraceful, disgusting piece of crap by the name of Nick Fuentes. 

That’s far worse than Dade Phelan, putting the anti semitic party in actual positions in government to make decisions over the state of Texas. That’s what they’re saying. And it’s absolute BS. And everybody knows it’s BS. And the Republican Party has been infiltrated by a bunch of these pro Democrat Republicans. And that’s why this language was being proposed out there. It’s, it’s trumped up, it’s manufactured, outright outrage, because these Republicans have no problem with the anti semitic party being in charge in certain committees that they didn’t earn. They didn’t earn that power at the ballot box. It was gifted to them by date feeling in exchange for power. 

They have no problem with that. Oh, but a conservative fundraiser makes a stupid mistake by inviting this degenerate Nick Fuentes into their building for seven hours, and everything melts down. Many of you’re gonna go well, that doesn’t make much sense. Yeah, it does. If it’s if you understand the politics behind this. Let me give you another example. Over the weekend, the Democrat Socialist Party, that would be Dade Phelan’s favorite party. 

Their executive committee was busy making a vote of their own. Texas State Democrats socialists unanimously passed an Israeli Palestinian resolution calling for immediate ceasefire to disadvantage the Jewish state and to stand in solidarity with those who elected Hamas as their government. Those that recent polling shows 85% of them supported the slaughter of Jews on October 7, and that terrible terrorist attack that saw children’s heads ripped off of their bodies by these blood thirsty savages in Hamas, these radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and the Democrat Party has voted to stand in solidarity with those who are opposing Israel. 

And Dade Phelan didn’t condemn them. None of these weak and feckless pro Democrat Republicans condemned the Democrats for standing with Hamas against Israel. Oh, no. But they wanted to have a vote on language on resolution that Republicans can’t associate with anybody who is known anti Semite or a Holocaust denier. Oh, you mean like the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party refuses on the state level and the national level to condemn the anti Semites by name and their party. 

They refuse. And Dade Phelan says, yeah, and because they refuse, because they harbor anti Semites in their party for power. I’m going to put them in power too. But But anybody that is stupid enough to have a meeting with a guy like Nick Fuentes, I’m meeting that well, we must destroy that organization. Folks. The reason why Dade Phelan is on this jihad, this campaign against a conservative fundraising outfit is because the jig is almost up. 

The people of Texas know that it is the Democrats who are choosing the Republican Speaker and the Republican Speaker after turning in one have the most left wing, anti Texan, anti conservative regular sessions in Texas history. Everybody starting to get the clue everybody started to recognize this. So Dade Phelan has to try to preserve all of these pro Democrat Republicans who threw themselves on the sword like Andrew Murr and others. He’s got to try to preserve them so they could continue to deliver for Democrats so he can maintain his power in the Texas House. And that’s the game. Meanwhile, Dade Phelan is sitting on his ass doing absolutely nothing. He is he here we are in the fourth special session. 

And they do no work over in the Texas House because this is the work ethic. The Dade Phelan has and that has earned the ire of somebody who knows how to work for a living and that would be the Lieutenant Governor of the state of Texas and the Texas Senate. And Dan Patrick putting out this statement over the weekend. Speaker Dade Phelan says he doesn’t have a time to pass important Senate bills. That’s nonsense. There are five days left before session ends on Wednesday. He gambled the house and on Friday and then they are standing at ease until Tuesday. What does that mean? It means they gavel in and they take Texas taxpayer money and they don’t do any work, which is the Democrat way, which is of course, Dade Phelan’s way. The Democrat way is Dade Phelan’s way. Lieutenant Governor continued. They did not take any action on bills meaning they didn’t do any work for a living. The house should have worked Friday like we did in the Senate. SB six is the emergency bill that we must pass after six citizens sued the state on all the constitutional amendments that 2 million Texans just approved without SB six, the property tax bill teacher retirement bill and the other 11 amendments would be delayed a year or more because of the lawsuits. Senate Bill six requires the courts to act quickly. 

The Senate also passed SB five to add $800 million for school security Dade needs to pass this bill as well. Dade Phelan can call the house back at any moment. If needed suspend house rules to pass these bills on tuesday if he wants to. His members have already passed the amendments overwhelmingly and will not want to see them delayed a year or more bottom line. The house needs to come back to work called Dade Phelan’s. office this weekend or Monday at 512-463-1000. And leave a message to pass these important bills tell him you want your property tax cut now and it take care of our retired teachers and school security. Contact your local House member as well. 

Yes, all the local House members that many of them cited with Dade and the Democrats over you, you conservative voters, you Republican voters, folks, this type of work ethic cannot be allowed this the fact that the people of Texas have rejected the Democrat work ethic, the majority are quote unquote Republicans and people in Texas in the majority don’t like the pro Hamas, the anti Israel Democrat party and they don’t like lazy Democrats running their government that just use it as a meal ticket. So if this is how your Republicans like Dade Phelan and his lieutenants are behaving, then maybe you want to think about changing your Republican come this March primary. Somebody who is not stabbing GOP voters in the back someone who’s not stabbing conservative voters in the back, Attorney General Ken Paxton visits the Salcedo storm podcast. He’s going to town defending us the way date feel and should That’s next on The Salcedo store podcast. 

It’s sad, but it’s true folks. We have Republicans in Texas who believe in what the Democrats believe in abusive government and and raking our citizens over the coals. It’s sad, but it’s true. One such person like this is a guy by the name of Senator John Cornyn, who is already out there, trying to take away our gun rights again to join Democrats to take away our gun rights again. So that’s what you got to know. And when when those who are out there fighting to protect us make moves in doing so I think they ought to be lauded ought to be talked about. And one such one such individual, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, thanks for being here. 

Hey, Chris, thanks for having back. I love being on your show, sir. 

And it’s a pleasure to have you and I mean, it. It is it is rare these days to find a Republican who isn’t interested like on the federal level. I don’t know if you’ve heard the Republicans in the in the House of Representatives are more interested in kicking one of their own out than they are to voting to impeach myorcas or impeach Joe Biden. It’s the craziest dang thing I’ve ever seen they prioritize hurting their own party over defending us. But that’s not you know, that. 

Chris, I might come at that sort of happened in Texas that the guy I know recently, very similar situation. Although I know this other guy had issues you would think that the this new Republican Speaker would focus on so many other things that that need to be done before they took care of something like that? 

Yeah, absolutely. So I you are you are suing Pfizer for misrepresent misrepresenting the China virus vaccine efficacy and, and conspiring to censor public discourse. So let me take the first part, first, suing Pfizer for misrepresenting the China virus vaccine efficacy. Go ahead. 

So we don’t know everything. Obviously, we’re going to have discovery, so we’ll find out even more. But what it looks like happened is that they they went out and claimed that it had a 95% efficacy race, right. And they relied on an unreliable statistics, the numbers might actually be closer to less than 1%. And yet, they were pitching to America, you got to have this vaccine. It’s almost completely effective, when in reality, it may have been and it looks like it was not effective at all. 

Wow. All right. And then the second component, but if that’s true, Katie bar the door, because it let me ask you because if if Texas, if this all pans out in court, and Texas demonstrates that Pfizer wasn’t honest, and as we all know, the federal government indemnified Big Pharma, from from any liability over their over their vaccines, but they didn’t indemnify them from state action. If Texas is successful, does that open the door for the other states to go after big pharma as well? 

Yeah, actually, other states could do that right now. I mean, it. There’s enough information out there, I think, where most states if they had an interest, and they wanted to have the truth come out about this vaccine, and so their citizens will be prepared next, and also really, just to recover damages. Because, you know, in some of the studies, I’ve seen, the death rate for people who took the vaccine was higher than the death rate. And for people who did not take the vaccine, that’s another thing that Pfizer didn’t tell people about. And truthfully, they didn’t test this vaccine. They just put it out there. And then, you know, the federal government helped them push it by threatening people’s jobs if they didn’t get vaccinated. 

Good grief. All right. So let’s deal with the second component, which is the effort that the state of Texas is alleging that Pfizer underwent to suppress discussion about the efficacy of the vaccines, what evidence we’re able to uncover. 

So we’re through the discovery process, we’ll have the ability I think uncover more, but we have enough information now to believe that that’s what they did that they that they said they instead of backing off when they realized that their vaccine wasn’t working, they started attacking people and using different media sources and we saw it happen. You’re either viewed as like, you know, stupid or crazy or almost criminal, or cut off social media censored by if you dared to question the efficacy or the safety of this vaccine, and that’s just me. That’s just unAmerican, first of all, but it also had negative consequences because a lot of people got the vaccine that maybe shouldn’t have, and probably wouldn’t have if they’d been told the truth. 

Wow. Okay, so that I am so eager to see how this case plays out. And I know you’ll keep us updated every step of the way. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is our guest right now. You also appealed the decision by a federal judge yesterday. Regarding Joe Biden destroying barriers the state of Texas put up that we’re getting in the way of Joe Biden’s and the Democrats illegal immigration campaign, and this is all happening it with the through the lens of a 95 year old veteran and his his fellow assisted living home, occupants being thrown out to make room for any illegal alien facility. So that we know the Democrats priorities Mr. Attorney General, but they’re actually by destroying the barriers Texas puts up. They’re actually trying to facilitate and enable the breaking of US immigration law. Yes. 

Well, it’s not it’s bad enough, just the fact that the cartels get to drop everybody off. Now, if they want to. They’re not, you know, if they don’t have a criminal record or some terrorist activity, they can just be dropped off now. They’re destroying Texas Property, our desire to stop illegal immigration, at least it points that we have some control over. And it’s ridiculous that they can just destroy our property cut down our wire, and we’re the ones that are trying to enforce the law They’re obviously not trying to force it all. They’re doing just the opposite. They’re aiding abetting illegal activity. 

Good grief. Yeah, it is it. This I have said that the Biden regime is the number one partner of the narco terrorists, the number one pusher of illegal activity, and I think this proves it by destroying a Texas his efforts to try to stop illegal immigration. Speaking of illegal, it was revealed by Congressman Loudermilk to I think it was just the news he was talking to it that the videotaped depositions from the January 6, so sham committee, the tape Depositions are gone. Now, Mr. Attorney General, you know, it is a requirement under law that official proceedings of Congress must be preserved. But those Depositions are gone. Don’t you think there is criminal liability for those who serve in the January 6 committee? 

So I’m not as familiar with federal law. But I have no doubt that if, if this if Republicans destroyed testimony, especially something this significant, and being used against people to put them in jail, that we’d end up having? Certainly, if we’re prosecuting Donald Trump for the crazy stuff they’re doing with him. I can’t imagine what would happen to a Republican who destroyed evidence that potentially could expose some very significant issues in our country. 

Good grief. Yeah. And again, folks, just so you know, it is illegal to destroy documents or testimony in an official congressional proceeding. And it looks like that’s what’s been done here. Meantime, Mr. Attorney General, the Inquisitor, Jack Smith, of the Department of injustice, he sought court documents revealed that he sought to make a list, a list of every American who either retweeted Donald Trump on x, or liked one of his posts. Now, given the nature of the Democrat party that they’ve devolved into, I know you understand the gravity of what they would do with a list like this. It opens the door for intimidation, government intimidation, and government coercion. How, what kind of people would do such a thing would make such a request to say, Oh, I’m going to need a list of everybody who liked or retweeted Donald Trump. What’s your opinion of them? 

I don’t. I think there’s no doubt this is completely political, and it’s an abuse of office by Jack Smith, to use the Department of Justice to basically go after him. people that they consider their political minute enemies. This is how is this different than what happens in Russia or China or Venezuela? I don’t see much difference anymore between what the Biden administration does with law enforcement, whether it’s the FBI, the department justice, anybody like me, or like Donald Trump or anybody that they can find that disagrees with their political views, gets prosecuted or harassed or investigated. In the department justice, in my opinion, it’s one of the worst things going on in our country, because it’s designed to shut us up and to end the First Amendment. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, folks, he is unlike some Republicans out there defending us from the extremes of the left wing socialists. I you know what I? I was going to ask you a political question by going to save it. I’m going to save it for later. Look, I know you’re you’re quite busy right now. And I appreciate your carving out the time. 

Hey, thanks a lot. I hope you have a great day. Thanks for having me on. 

Thank you, sir. That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor. My friends visited a couple of websites, Texas That’s where you’re going to go to find the reckoning that is being teed up by Republican voters conservative voters in the state of Texas to the Republicans like John Cornyn like David feeling, who have betrayed our state in service to socialists. Also check out Chris That’s where you go to find me your liberty loving Latino, on radio morning talk radio on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas that simulcast on rumble and getter and on Newsmax too. They we make the jump to television in the afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five on Newsmax for the Christian acedo show on TV show until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there, my friends. 

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