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The Attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton!

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They falsely predicated impeachment of Ken Paxton revealed how crooked and corrupt a Republican Party leadership that is bought and paid for by the Democrat Party, just how much damage they could do to the credibility of the Texas government and how much damage they could do to our people. I have been jonesing to sit down with a victim of speaker David feeling the victim of his cabal of pro Democrat Republicans, Ken Paxton, and in his first radio interview since being acquitted, here’s how the conversation between me your liberty loving Latino and the Attorney General of the great state of Texas, Ken Paxton went. 

A man who has been no stranger to this program, because he’s he’s been with us for four years at the drop of a hat we ever had a legal question. He was always available for us until recently. Then until recently, we couldn’t get a hold of him recently, for obvious reasons. The attorney general of the great state of Texas, Ken Paxton, welcome back. 

Hey, great to be back. been way too long. 

Yes, sir. It has let me just ask you 30,000 feet up. After going through what you’ve just been through just your initial gut reaction to where the dominoes are falling and, and the revelations we’ve all been treated to go ahead? 

Well, first of all, let me just say how grateful I am to my wife, Angela, and my kids who stuck by me and really the grassroots and the people of Texas who really communicated with their, their legislators and who really, really stood by me if it meant the world to me, and I wouldn’t be here but for all those people. So overall, it was a shocking experience for me, I never saw it coming. It was all done in secret, no due process. And just the whole the way the whole thing was set up. I think we I have concerned for the future. Because if that can happen to me, and state law can be completely ignored from swearing in witnesses to following laws related to the voters making the decision as opposed to a bunch of politicians. I think Dan Patrick addressed it at the end of it the end of the trial, and I think he’s right, we need to begin to address this stuff because guys like Dade Phelan have created problems for the state. 

Yes, yes, he has a you know, we played the entirety of that. And also quiet for the last few months has been the lieutenant governor to give to give the proper respect to this process. And thankfully, the truth came out and that’s what I want to talk to you about. Because this is how I see it. You correct me if I’m wrong. The Texas House intentionally operatives inside the Texas House. Nearly every Socialist Democrat and their speaker Dade Phelan along with his lieutenants, they intentionally did not put people under oath. So that those what I call conspirators, co conspirators could lie their butts off about you. So they can misrepresent and sell the notion that you that you were corrupt. And the reason why they needed to sell this is they needed to sell it to a bunch of uninformed other Republican legislators who were aren’t paying attention, as you rightly point out, this was done in secret, not in the full light of day, the cockroaches were all in the dark doing this. So they came out with all this nasty stuff. And they did it, they did not put these people under oath. So they could have the most salacious stuff on the record to convince all of these uninformed not paying attention go along to get along Republican legislators that there was some there there. Do you think my analysis is fair? 

It’s very fair. And the reason they didn’t put her oath was because they wanted them to have the ability one not to be known, like, no one could cross examine them or ask them any questions. And additionally, they could say whatever they wanted to, there’s no consequence to them making stuff up or lying. And then they can also when they get to trial, if they are on the stand, if I don’t resign, which is what they wanted me to do, then they can they can have a different story, because they’ve never been tied down to a story when no one’s ever heard from them. No one ever knew with it, we never had the chance to find out what their real story was. Until that trial. So you hit it exactly. There’s one other piece of this, I think it’s important. And that is I’m convinced the Biden administration went to the House Democrats and people don’t understand this. But this, but our legislature, our house, they feel it is elected by 65 Democrats. And then all he needs is 10. Republicans, those Democrats stick together, they pick the most liberal speaker, they can the ones going to do the most for for them that Dade Phelan. And one of the things that the Biden administrated ministration wanted was me, because of the 48 lawsuits we’d fall into. And if yours, we were causing more havoc to them than any other probably state in the country. And I think that was the that was what they asked for. And you can see what happened four of the of the four house investigating attorneys, two of them worked for the Department of Justice in Washington, DC and that’s no accident. That’s no coincidence. Dade Phelan teamed up with the Biden administration. Of course, groups like Texas for lawsuit reform Dixville SeaDek, weekly piled in with Karl Rove and others to try to take me out. 

Yeah, the pro illegal immigration so called Republicans, the so called business folks, again, we just had another illegal alien kill a Texan and Eagle Pass. And of course, those who are on the call themselves, Republicans like the Wall Street Journal, and others, and they’re perfectly fine with Americans dying so long as their business interests are met. But I want to continue on this line on the legality of what has happened here, because as you rightly point out, and as I suspected, and I think this is what has so many Texans angry, so many senators angry is that that the Texas House under the leadership of the Democrat, let’s call him what he is Dade Phelan. And his leftist lieutenants who dare call themselves Republicans like Charlie Garin, and like Todd Hunter, and Dustin burrows and others, these leftists who are in it for the Democrats, not in it for conservatives and for their own voters. Here’s what they did. They went out there and they falsified an impeachment against you and then they strong armed with 48 hours notice to the people that were voting in the in the house, of course, the Democrats, they hate you, they were gonna they don’t care, you can be jaywalking, and they’re gonna they’re gonna sign the death penalty to you if they could. That’s that’s the level of intellect and and integrity the Democrats have. But then they had to convince those Republicans. So here they come with these lies from these individuals who once they got put under oath. They change their damn stories. And so I asked Busby one of your attorneys he came on on Monday, if there was any criminal liability for those in the Texas House, who knew or should have known that these co conspirators that they were saying stuff that was not under oath, it wasn’t true, who denied you the ability to defend yourself, who hired outside attorneys, and conducted a secret political head attorneys from as you rightly point out from the Obama era, from the DOJ these leftists on the federal level, a predicated on what they knew or should have known was triple hearsay, and no evidence. I asked him Is there any criminal liability for Dade feeling and his lieutenants? You know what he told me? No, there is no law in the state of Texas to punish individuals for knowingly filing in impeach a false and fake impeachment. Doesn’t that need to change Mr. Attorney General? 

It absolutely does. Because there’s no accountability for doing this. Somebody why? Why wouldn’t this happen again, it’s gonna happen again, because they realize there’s no consequences and they can destroy your life. They can do everything they can lie about you. They can take you out of office, and just think I was in a position, I just finished a campaign because I had no money. I get booted out in three days I have no resources. No staff, the comptroller Glenn Hager decides to illegally cut off my salary. I’ve no money. And I’ve got to build a legal team. They’ve already been doing this secretly for three or four months. They have unlimited resources, who knows how much money they spent millions and millions of dollars. And then they leak information to the media because I’ve got a gag or I can’t even defend myself. 

Well, wait, hold on, hold on. That’s a point. I don’t want to let go. Because Dan Patrick is called Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has called for an audit of all of the taxpayer money. The house used to set up this fake impeachment while you had no money, Hagar, Hagar out of the frog marched out of office for this for what he’s done, and leaving you out there with no resources whatsoever. This was a planned hit from the word go. And I think that also needs to needs to be addressed, that our taxpayer dollars were being used to overturn an election. Is that fair? 

That’s exactly fair. And I now even after all of this, I still have legal bills over a million dollars like 1,000,006, the whole thing cost me over $4 million. And how many people could survive that if I hadn’t been blessed with lots of friends helping me? And some legal background? I mean, I don’t know how most people survive as I am, by the grace of God. Still here. Even with all the, you know, practice, I’ve had it doing this, it was still incredibly challenging to put together the team and the resources. And but for the grace of God, I’m not standing here. They were, they would have been? 

Yeah, well, let me ask you because you respected the gag order. The senators respected the gag order. There were members of the Texas House, who leaked like a sieve who violated the order who are in violation of the law. They actually did break a law that was in existence, should they not be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Mr. Attorney General? 

Absolutely. It was a gag order issued by Dan Patrick. And they got away with just leaking information, the media and so I was dealing with story everyday, it stories that weren’t true, I was not allowed to respond. completely unfair that they got away with it. They got away with all kinds of things. They didn’t follow the order where they were supposed to turn over information to me like June 21, this information they’d had for months, they were dumping documents on the up to, you know, even during trial. So we were trying to catch up the whole time. And so far there have been no consequences for the house managers, and the lawyers under their side for not following those orders, and also for violating the gag order every day. 

Well, we’re not going to get that unless we get rid of Dade Phelan and his lieutenants. And that’s I want to transition out of the legal discussion into the political discussion with Attorney General Ken Paxton, folks, the first Texas radio interview since his acquittal, he had to visit with Tucker Carlson over there in Maine, by the way, I just want you to know, Bud Kennedy, as you know, is a left wing writer up there for the Star Telegram when another one of these left wing extremists He’s okay. He has an opinion. I have an opinion. It’s okay to be a left wing extremist. But he is calling into question how you paid for your trip. To go to Maine to go talk with Tucker Carlson. I wonder if it’d be on your radar screen. I know it was all aboveboard. But he’s out there saying that kind of stuff, because they’re not going to give up coming after you because you are effective. I hear you can hear the anger. By the way, not a single not a single taxpayer dollar went into my legal offense for my trip to Maine, unlike what the House did, spending millions of dollars and trying to hide it. So yeah, but Kennedy fails to mention that how much was spent of taxpayer dollars. On the other side, I didn’t spend a dime. 

Well, of course, of course, Bob Kennedy is good to, quote fail to mention that because Bob Kennedy isn’t about justice here. He just wants to see an effective conservative, taken out of public office because anybody who stands in the way of a socialist or Marxist leftist, he wants gone. That’s, that’s exactly the game. So I I understand your takeaways, you understand mine, how angry I am about what has transpired here how we’ve been taken for a ride. What do you politically speaking now? What do you think the 4.2 million voters who who voted for you what should be their take away from what has happened here? 

So first of all, they need to recognize what happened in the Texas House and how for the last over, you know, for decades, other than maybe the exception of one speaker, we have had speakers controlled by the Democrats, and that this is a consequence of that they can’t get what they want through the ballot box. Yet they haven’t committed enough voter fraud to take the state from us. But here we are watching them trying to steal an election four and a half months after I’m elected. So voters need to realize their house member their Republican House member basically is doing the bidding of the Democratic Party under the guise of being told by a Republican Speaker that they have to do this and I know this is Truth. There were people in the house investigating pennies. There’s only five members, three Republicans, it was a member of the House investigating committee didn’t even know what the impeachment was about when they presented it. And he was told, this is a guy that told me I was a great attorney general, the best he’d ever seen. And guess what he did. He voted for because they told him that he would lose his job. He would lose money from Texas for a lawsuit reform, they lose money from the speaker, and he would lose his job if he didn’t vote for them. Well, it is it is a disgrace. 

And I think the voters ought to be angry and not lose that anger. In Texas. We remember the Alamo. I think voters and Texans should remember the ken Paxton impeachment, and the level of crookedness that has been exhibited by those who dare call themselves Republicans and of course, the Marxists in the Democrat party. So I think, look, I put up a voter guide, that depends on what your issues are. If you believe for example, Mr. Attorney General, if you believe that, that foreign enemies like China, Russia, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran shouldn’t be buying land in Texas, if you believe that, then you should be replacing those who stopped that common sense bill from being passed. Their names are Todd Hunter, Dustin burrows and Dade Phelan. So there’s your voting guy, there’s three. However, if you have a broader view, the Texas scorecard and something called the Texas heist put out the dirty dozen Republicans who need to be replaced. I your liberty loving Latino have put out 24 Republicans, those who aided Marxist and Leninists in the Texas House to kill parental school choice and education freedom, or you could go for the gusto. Anybody who voted for the impeachment on the Republican side, 60 of them need to go. So that’s a good voting guide. Which one do you prefer out of those four. 

I say the 60 vote against and here’s why I went to the house speaker. He refused meetings with me all session long. I was trying to get that Court of Criminal Appeals that bill that would allow me to prosecute voter fraud to get it through the house. So I could go back to prosecuting voter fraud. So we don’t lose the state. Guess what I was told by the speaker and his leadership team. I was told we don’t have time for that. I asked him for one thing. Please do this one thing? No, we don’t have time for that. And I never my build the bill to get out of the Senate died in committee never having even a hearing because the Speaker of the House Dade Phelan and his leadership team. All the guys you just mentioned said no to bad voter fraud can be controlled by the Democrats in these big cities. Good luck. 

Well, there you go, folks, there you go. Those who believe that voter fraud isn’t worth their time to pay to pay attention to they should not be returned to the Texas State House. You’ve been very vocal about because I did watch your interview with Tucker. Those who you believe were behind this. You mentioned weekly, you mentioned the pro-illegal alien lobby, which does include the bushes, which does include Karl Rove. But there’s also big tech, there’s also big pharma, what role do you think these individuals played in this political hit that was launched in the in the dark of night? If I can, if I can borrow Ranger Maxwell’s fanciful story that he couldn’t justify under oath. It was an exchange of the dark of night, which five or six people told me about? Uh huh. Yeah, talk about a loss of credibility. What can you tell me about the role those individuals played? 

So the sort of the centerpiece here is a group called Texans for lawsuit reform run by Dick weekly trouble Seattle, Houston. And those guys, you know, they start off good motors many years ago trying to limit the abuses in the in the legal system. And now they’re out of control. They’re very tied into the big tech companies who donate to them. Is that weekly? Is that weekly and weekly homes? Yeah. Yeah, I think I think I think texting should think twice before purchasing weekly homes, knowing that illegal aliens and of course, their role in the past and impeachment. Go ahead, sir. So they organize this whole effort, if you look at the funding for all these health numbers, almost all of them their biggest contributions come from Dade Phelan who is funded by tech since a lawsuit were formed, but they quickly Victreebel see, and, and so are all these health numbers directly from TLR look at their biggest contribution there from Dade Phelan TLR and these guys organize the effort against me and they they denied it the whole time that we’ve got emails that we were able to get even TLR refused to turn over everything over they they were they violated a subpoena that we issued through Dan Patrick, we got him from Karl Rove and guess what they helped. They wrote the op ed that Rick Perry wrote about me from the Wall Street Journal attacking me and they also wrote the helped Karl Rove write his op ed we’ve got it all. They that little group, feel our call wrote the book. CES are absolutely involved. George Bush knew about this before I did. And this group is to try to take me out ever since I got into office. 

Yes, yes, yes, they have you dared to win an election before genuflecting and bending the knee to the bushes. Look, the last thing I want to mention is actually where you started. Senator, all of these from the bushes to rove to Big Pharma to all the CO conspirators. They were attacking you. You’ve been out there in the public eye, but they also, they also attacked Senator Paxton, Angela Paxton, who I’ve known for years, who is frankly, one of the one of the sweetest individuals one of the most dedicated individuals to serving her constituents that I have ever come across. She is the she is the anti-Dade Phelan, and she actually cares and cherishes those who put her into political office, rather than cutting deals with Marxists. And what she had to endure through all of this at the hands of Karl Rove and the conspirators, it angered me. What did it do to you, sir? 

You know what, I have so much respect for her and what she did, because she sat on that for everyday even though they took away your vote, which they did wrongly, I think she had a constitutional right to represent her constituents. Despite the fact that she could not vote, she sat through everything she was allowed to, she was not allowed to meet with the senators with deliberate, she got cut out of a lot of conversations. And yet she sat there for hour after hour. And, and, and listen to that testimony said, I’m going to be here because my vote counts in the end, even though I can’t vote on any motions. And so what she did was, I think heroic, both for me and also for the state of Texas and for her own constituents. Even though she was robbed of that right to represent her, her area. 

Yeah. And the personal toll that these people are trying to get to you by going through her. Like I said, I was pretty angry. 

I was too. I mean, it was the whole thing from what they did to her to what they did to me to what they did to the voters. I mean, that’s really what, in the end, I stuck this out. It was unpleasant every day. But I was like, This is unfair to the voters, the voters made a decision. I have an obligation to fulfill whether they like it or not, I’m gonna say here, I remember I sat down buddy asked me one day in front of all these arrays I have you so the unit quit. They say you’re gonna resign. I said, I want you to look me I am not quitting. I will be here. They’re gonna have to vote me out. Because the voters put me here. And if the politicians want to take me out, I’m gonna make them vote. 

The attorney general of the great state of Texas, Ken Paxton. Yes. Still, the Attorney General of the great state of Texas, sir, I appreciate the time, get back to work. 

Hey, it’s so great to be back and so great to be back on your show. But even better to be back over the people that have a lot to do because we’re behind now. But I promise you that we are we’re not. We’re not going to turn aside from anything that we’re doing. If anything, I’m more motivated than ever. 

Amen to that. Appreciate the visit, sir. That’s gonna do it for this special edition of the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor visit Chris Visit Texas for the latest and the greatest, as Texans demand a reckoning to this fake and false impeachment that was leveled by fake Republicans devoted to socialist Marxist Democrats in the Biden regime. And here in Texas, and remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe my friends. 

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